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How To Draw A Cupcake For Kids

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Learn How To Draw A Cupcake For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

How To Draw Funny Cupcakes

Welcome novice artists and experienced amateurs to a new drawing lesson! In this guide, you will learn how to draw a cupcake for kids. Cupcake is one of the most delicious pastries. The history of the origin of the cake is very interesting: it begins in ancient Rome, where only noble people could enjoy this sweet. Initially, the muffin resembled a barley cake that was filled with dried fruits and nuts. Now the cake has taken on a familiar look: it is a rectangular or round flour product containing cream, berry, or some other filling.

We are sure that drawing a cupcake will give you a lot of positive emotions and a good result. Follow the recommendations from the instructions given, be diligent and accurate and then everything will certainly work out! Interestingly, the cupcake is the most common sweet dish in many parts of the world. Now there are a huge number of recipes for its preparation, and this process is unique in each country. How to draw a cupcake step by step? Follow our instructions. It is also important that you can practice in the image of rounded shapes, curved and straight lines.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Cupcake for Kids

  • Draw the top.

    Start your drawing with a picture of the top of the cupcake. It resembles a mushroom cap. The top of the cake is semi-oval, and the bottom has arched lines.

  • Draw the sprinkles.
  • How To Draw A Simple Cartoon Cupcake For Kids

    Cupcake or cake? Ooof, thats a hard question. Thankfully unlike our health, we dont have to choose here. Check here if you want to draw a slice of cake, then head back here if you want to draw a bright pink cartoon cupcake with a cherry on top. Cupcakes are pretty easy to draw which is great for young kids to practice. Theres a logical structure to them and a lot of them have a strong, simple base shape which makes them a great starter subject for kids to draw. The icing and flavors allow kids to be creative so after a few practice rounds, challenge your kids to put on different toppings, different icings, and flavors!

    And why not check out our collection of free coloring pages for kids! We update our resources library regularly so feel free to check back as we add more and more content. Were currently at over 1000+ coloring pages and creating more how-to-draw stuff art tutorials!

    Note: This tutorial and our many others are suitable for ages 3 to 10

    Draw The Top Of The Frosting

    Now add the top part of the frosting with a pointy tip that is tilted in one direction. Again make this smaller than the previous swirl.

    Once done you should have a nice and smooth transition of the swirls going from top to bottom. Their combined shape should be similar to a cone.

    If your drawing doesnt come out right simply erase the problem part and try again.

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    How To Draw A Realistic Cupcake Step By Step

    Step 1 First we will draw the wrapper of the muffin which is in the shape a stretched U.

    Step 2 Close the U shape by drawing a curved line joining both the ends. Now draw parallel straight lines starting from the top and going nearly upto the bottom but not touching the bottom surface.

    Step 3 For each pair of parallel lines at the top, draw small sharp semicircles as shown.

    Step 4 Draw an egg shaped structure above the muffin wrapper to show the cake such that its size is larger than the semicircle of the wrapper. Now connect the oval with the sides of the wrapper by drawing small arcs.

    Step 5 Draw another egg shaped structure on top of the previous shape to form layers of cake which must be smaller than the previous layer.

    Step 6 Draw a small droplet similar to the shape of water to show the icing at the top to complete your cupcake.

    How To Draw A Cute Cupcake Easy For Kids

    How To Draw A Cupcake

    Step 1 Draw a circular outline for the muffin top. And then draw the top which is same as the top of mushroom as shown.

    Step 2 Draw small oval shaped cute eyes and a mouth with a wavy line. Draw some geometrical small shapes to show the choco-chips.

    Step 3 Draw the bottom of the cupcake which is hidden and placed in the cupcake paper as depicted. Now draw parallel curved lines in it to show the paper. After this you are ready with your muffin. Color it or shade it as your requirement.

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    How To Draw A Cupcake :

    Step 1: Start your drawing with a geometrical base. Draw isosceles trapezium, draw a straight line with 2 angeled lines on both sides enclosed again with a straight line on top, with a perpendicular middle line.

    Step 2: Keeping the top straight line diameter draw an oval, do the same with the bottom line.

    Step 3: Draw a curve inside the last drawn upper curve and extend the sidelines.

    Step 4: On the top draw a small oval, above that draw 2 curves joining each other at a point, it will form the frosting of the cupcake.

    Step 5: Draw random curves in the top conical shape, almost the spiral.

    Step 6: Draw the base of the cupcake, Add straight lines in the cup base enclosed with the triangular zig zags.

    Step 7: Draw sprinkles on the frosting, add random small dots or circles.

    Step 8: Darken the outlines with black color to highlight them.

    Step 9: Contour your cupcake with shading and erase the unnecessary lines.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Cupcake Easy Step By Step For Kids

    December 27, 2019Drawing Tutorial Category: Cakes

    This is a cute cupcake, made into the appearance of a little white rabbit, as if hiding in a paper cup and watching the world curiously. It’s so interesting.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this cartoon cupcake, very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps below to try it out!

    1.Draw the outline of the rabbit’s head, and leave some gaps.

    2. Draw two ears on top, as shown above.

    3.Draw oval black eyes and nose, and then under the nose draw a small mouth.

    4.Draw a paper cup. It’s not hard to finish.

    5.Finally, simply color it, and the lovely cartoon cupcake is done!

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    Draw The Topmost Part Of The Frosting

    Now that you have drawn the tip of the frosting in the previous step, its time to complete the topmost layer of the icing.

    Draw a curved line on either side of the frostings tip to create one layer of frosting. Make sure that the both ends of the line are close to each other, but dont meet.

    When drawing the icing, its important to keep in mind that youre working from top to bottom and not the other way around. That means, the next layers of icing will be drawn right underneath the previous one.

    Next Add A Layer Of Frosting

    How To Draw a Cupcake – EASY – Step By Step

    Below the topmost layer of icing, draw an oval shape directly attached to it. It will be the next layer of frosting swirl. The oval shape shouldnt look too firm, rather it should look as fluffy as a pillow.

    Dont stress over making it even. As a matter of fact, the more uneven your swirls are, the more realistic it would look.

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    How To Draw A Cupcake : Step By Step Guide

    Draw A Cupcake: Cupcakes Yummy!!! Who doesnt love to eat cupcakes? They are so wonderful in taste. Those chocolate cupcakes with vanilla filling inside, just thinking about it makes my mouth watery. But what to do I cant go now to eat a cupcake as I have to teach you guys. Why not fill your stomach by drawing a realistic cupcake instead to going eating it. I know children you all must be loving cupcakes very much. But remember not to eat too many cupcakes as it can cause cavity and its sugar content is very high which can lead to some health problems. So dont eat too many cupcakes everyday. Now I cant stop thinking about, first lets eat a cupcake together.

    Go and get your cupcakes lets have our own small party together. Done eating, now we are ready to go for the drawing. So hurry up before I go and grab another cupcake. Follow my steps carefully.

    Put Sprinkles On The Frosting

    Cupcakes, and any other sweet treats, wouldnt be complete without a hefty amount of sprinkles on top. So, of course, we will be adding sprinkles on this cupcake drawing. You definitely should, too!

    Heres a fun fact: did you know that sprinkles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes? The kind of sprinkles that you see in this illustration is called jimmies, which are tiny sugar strands in short rod shapes.

    There are also sprinkles in the form of spheres, flat circles, and crystals! That gives you a lot of options to choose from when drawing your cupcakes sprinkles on top!

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    Draw The Last Layer Of Frosting

    Now, we will be working on the final layer of frosting. Add another layer of swirl right below the previous layer by drawing a slightly bigger oval shape.

    Make sure that every layer of frosting from top to bottom is a bit bigger than the previous one. Basically, the sizes of the swirls from top to bottom should be the smallest to the biggest, quite similar to how a Christmas tree is formed.

    Interesting Facts About Cupcakes

    How To Draw A Valentine Cupcake
    • The people of England tend to use another name to call cupcakes: fairy cakes! They assume that for a party of fairies to feast on, it is the right size.
    • It is estimated that an average adult living in the United States eats at least one cupcake a day.
    • As television shows began showing them, Cupcake stores became very popular in New York. Thanks to shows like Sugar Rush, Nailed It, and all those pro baking shows, home baking has taken new life in American kitchens.
    • The first bakery ever specifically for cupcakes was launched by Sprinkles Cupcakes in 2005.
    • A new trend at weddings, the Brides love cupcakes so instead of the traditional classic wedding cake, cupcake towers are becoming very popular.
    • Cupcake got its name from the fact that it is actually baked in a cup.
    • There is a record for eating the most cupcakes in 30 seconds. For each cupcake, that is around one second.
    • In the year 2009, the largest cupcake was made. It had two million calories, a height of four feet, a weight of 1224 pounds, and a ten-foot breath.
    • 770,000,000 cupcakes were eaten in the US in a year.
    • 15th of December is national cupcake day, while 18th of October is national chocolate cupcake day, and 9th of November is vanilla cupcake day.

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    How To Draw A Little Cake Easy For Kids

    June 19, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Cakes

    This is a cute little cake, the cream seems to overflow! With a beautiful birthday candle in the middle, you can start singing birthday songs!

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this small cake out, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!

    1.Draw a candle with beautiful stripes.

    2. Draw cream at the bottom, like a cartoon cloud.

    3. Draw a bowl-like shape at the bottom, as shown above.

    4. Finally, simply color it and the cute little cake is done!

    Expand On A Basic How To Draw A Cupcake Lesson By Making Many Of Them Adding Lots Of Bright Colors And Maybe A Shadow Or Highlight Or Both

    How to draw a cupcake for kids. Today Ill show you how to draw a cute cartoon cupcake with a face on it. Then connect them by drawing a horizontal line on both ends. Add more vertical lines in the baker liner with minimal spaces in between.

    Step 3 Draw the bottom of the cupcake which is hidden and placed in the cupcake paper as depicted. Add some small ovals at different points on the top. Start your drawing with a picture of the top of the cupcake.

    This lesson is fun to use your own creativity to change the details and faces. Draw some geometrical small shapes to show the choco-chips. Appetizing Cute Lady Bug Strawberries to top Cupcakes.

    Explore DIY And Crafts. 5Finally simply color it and the lovely cartoon cupcake is done. This adorable style is called Kawaii and kids all over the place love it.

    As mentioned at the start be sure to draw this step in pencil. SUPER CUTE AND EASY CUPCAKE TO DRAW WITH HAPPYDRAWINGS If you want to see more of my videos click here. How to Draw a Cupcake.

    Draw two vertical oblique lines and connect them to. How to draw a Cupcake in easy steps for children kids beginners – YouTube. Now you have the top of the hot pink cake.

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    How To Draw A Cute Cupcake Easy Step By Step For Kids

    How To Draw A Cute Cupcake Monster Folding Surprise

    December 04, 2019Drawing Tutorial Category: Cakes

    This is a lovely cupcake, colorful, bright, and unique in shape. Who will not like the delicious and beautiful cupcakes!

    Step-by-step tutorial on how to draw this cupcake is very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps to try it out!

    1.Draw the shape of a flame. It doesn’t need to be precise.

    2.Draw the cream on top of this cupcake.

    3. Below, draw a rectangular shape with a wavy line.

    4.Draw the cup, and draw some arcs on the cup.

    5.On the left side of the top, draw two straw shapes.

    6.Finally, color it carefully, and the lovely cupcake is done!

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    Heres A Cupcake Drawing Easy Enough For Even Beginner Artists To Take On Lots Of Stacked Ovals Make For Layers Of Pretty Swirled Frosting

    This cupcake drawing is another one of those projects that I could see working for a whole range of students with different levels of experience, which is something that might happen afterschool or in homeschools.

    Beginners will love to learn how to make those simple stacked ovals look like swirls of frosting. Older students that have an eye for cartoon drawing will appreciate the little white spots that look like reflections. And those interested in shadows have some nice, big easy edges to do just that. Oh, and children that just plain love cupcakes could design the one of their dreams. Mine has just one simple heart, but a mass of sprinkles and candies would be so much fun too.

    Happy almost Valentines Day everyone!

    How To Draw A Cupcake

      Cupcakes are small in size, but great in taste. Most of us are fans of the baked wonder wrapped in a cute foil. If they come with icings and a cherry on top, then you know that your taste buds are in for a ride. Being able to sketch it on your own could let you take your first baby steps into the world of art. What better way to start showcasing your talent than the delicious cupcake? Given below are the step by step instructions to help you with your drawing.

      Step 1

      How to Draw a Cupcake Step 1

      Make the bucket-like shape with your pencil as shown in the first picture. This makes the outline of the cupcake wrapper.

      Step 2

      How to Draw a Cupcake Step 2

      Close the 3-sided figure by a semicircle as shown in picture 2. Draw parallel vertical lines along the upper rim starting from the top and proceeding downwards. They should end a little higher than the base of the structure. The folds of the wrapper are done.

      Step 3

      How to Draw a Cupcake Step 3

      Give a serrated upper edging to the semicircle drawn in the previous step.

      Step 4

      How to Draw a Cupcake Step 4

      Make an oval a little above the edging just made. Its diameter should be a little bigger than that of the semicircle. Join the oval to the wrapper with the help of arcs on either side.

      Step 5

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      How To Draw Cupcake Step By Step:

      Drawing a cupcake for us is easy, we eat them in our day to day life and also cook. As a base draw a cup and then frosting with the shape you like. Draw a cherry on top or any other topping, chocolate piece you love to eat. In the end, add other details as sprinkles and color them accordingly. Their color will represent the flavor of the cupcake. These are some basic examples you can follow easily.

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