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How To Draw A Cute Bird

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Make An Easy Bird Drawing

How to Draw a Toucan Bird

Lets learn how to draw a bird! Follow these easy 8 steps and you and your children will be able to draw a bird in a matter of minutes with this printable drawing lesson.

Whether your young one is a beginner or an experienced artist, learning how to draw a simple bird will keep them entertained for a while.

How To Draw A Beautiful Bird Easy Instructions For Kids

May 21, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Birds

This is a beautiful bird, its feathers are bright and colorful, just like wearing gorgeous clothes.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this beautiful bird, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!

1. Draw the mouth first, then the outline of the head.

2. Draw a big round eye on your head. Then draw one of its wings and feathers.

3. Draw the outline of your body. Then draw a curve on the left side as another wing, and draw a slender tail.

4.Draw the bird’s legs and feet at the bottom of the body.

5.At last, color it carefully, the bird with the beautiful feathers is finished.

Your Bird Drawing Is Complete

Your bird drawing is now complete, and we truly hope that this guide on how to draw a bird was helpful and fun for you to use!

It may have seemed like an intimidating task at first, but when breaking it down into the steps in this guide youll be drawing birds with ease in no time.

You could even use this guide to add in details or characteristics from some of your favorite birds for some variations!

Along with your color and art medium choices, you have a lot of room to personalize your bird drawing. The only limit is your imagination!

We really cant wait to see your beautifully drawn and colored bird pictures, and we always love to see your incredible creativity and art skills on display.

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How To Draw A Christmas Penguin

Learn how to draw a cute Christmas penguin! And if you like this penguin, be sure to check out our other cute penguin. Plus, visit our Christmas category for more holiday lessons. Art Supplies marker paper colored pencils yellow red peach pink brown *Learn more about the specific art supplies we used in this lesson.

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art Using Several Cute Examples

How to Draw Color a Bird on a Birdhouse Easy

Sketching a basic bird clip art can be done using a wide variety of simple shapes. In this series dedicated to our flying friends, you will have the opportunity to create tons of birds using multiple shapes like rectangles, triangles, circles and ovals. While most lessons found on this page are accessible to every artist young and old, the last three characters are slightly more challenging to draw.

Birds have a unique anatomy that does require some practice on your quest to the perfect image. The head and the body are often very similar in shape and if the beak is misplaced, then the animal could look strange. The wings and the tails are definitely the most difficult parts to get right. Fortunately, some versions built from basic shapes are easier to achieve.

creating a nice animal from a large rectangle

Let’s start this series by drawing a simple bird made from a large rectangle. The tail is done using a short triangle. Both eyes are large . Notice how both eyes are slightly cropped by the body of the animal. Don’t forget to draw a beak made from a smooth triangle. Feet are made from curved lines while wings are done using straight ones. When you are done, you can add plain colors and enjoy this cute cartoon bird.

Sketching another version using circles

Still made from basic shapes, but slightly more challenging

adding subtle textures and feathers using short lines

Changing the perspective of the animal

another variation: the side view

Same posture, but different shapes

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How To Draw A Bird Step By Step

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The one thing I love to draw the most is birds. Not only are they beautiful creatures, but theyre also overall shape, sizes, and colors are what makes them so interesting to draw as a subject.

Even birds that arent quite that good looking can still make an interesting drawing.

Whichever bird it may be that you really want to draw, this particular one is a good place to start if youve never been able to draw a bird before.

For this step-by-step drawing tutorial, well be focusing mainly on capturing the overall shape of the bird in hopes of creating a likeness.

You can go into detail for this drawing if you would like but for the time being, lets focus on the important areas of drawing a bird.

Learn To Draw Flying Birds

In this Printable PDF Handout we are learning How to Draw Flying Birds. There are actually four different birds in this lesson. We have some sweet Flying birds that people of all ages can learn to doodle! Ive included a Printable PDF that has some space for practicing your doodles right on the page. There is an example of one of the drawings in the top image. Im not sure what kind of birds these all are, but it does look like we have a Swallow and a Bluebird in the mix. Have fun!

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How To Draw A Cute Sparrow Bird Easy Step By Step For Kids

May 22, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Birds

This is a cute sparrow, as if looking for food on the ground and looking around alertly. The sparrow is a bird that likes to live in groups, is very clever and alert, and has a strong memory.

Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this cute sparrow out, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!

1. Draw the eyes and mouth first, and then draw some curves to get the outlines of the head and face.

2.Draw one of the sparrow’s wings on the lower left of the head.

3. From the bottom right, draw a curve to get the body outline. Then draw a curve on the right side of the body as the other wing.

4. Draw its tail and draw a curve on it. Then draw the legs and feet at the bottom of the body.

5. Finally, simply color it and the resting sparrow is done!

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

How to Draw Cute BABY Bird! – Step by Step Tutorial

You can follow the instructions in the video, not too perfect. I hope you will be able to draw a cartoon bird easily

Step 1

First draw a large circle to form the eye, polish the birds eyes.

Step 2

The eye is fixed point to draw the head, the head is larger than the body in the cartoon style. Draw big beak and crest on birds head.

Step 3

Draw the birds body with the oval-shaped wings.

Step 4

The legs are big and the tail has three big hairs.

Step 5

Color your favorite color for the bird is so colorful.

You can also refer to the How to draw a cute dog video tutorial and step by step guide on

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How To Draw A Cartoon Chicken

Have you drawn a baby chick yet? Now you can learn how to draw a cartoon chicken, his momma! This lesson is meant for younger artists, but you can make it more challenging by adding a background. Draw a farm and add more animals, or simply add more chickens! Art Supplies marker paper colored pencils

Draw In The Start Of The Body

In this next step, well be drawing in the start of the birds body. For the birds chest, you can use three slightly curved lines extending down from the bottom of the beak to form the chest.

You can see how this should look for your own bird drawing by referring to the helpful reference picture.

Once you have the chest drawn in, you can draw in the back of the bird using another curved line.

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Now Draw In The Final Details

You set out on this guide with a mission: to learn how to draw a bird. Youre about to accomplish that mission with these next steps!

For this step, youll be adding in more lines to the chest and tail as you can see in the image. Finally, you can draw in lots of little lines into the birds legs for a stripy look.

Detailed Guide To Birds

How to Draw cute Bird Family – Step by Step Tutorial

Sketchbook has a detailed guide on how to draw almost all types of birds. The above is an example of waterfowl but they also go into more detail on how to draw the face, wings, and feet. They cover everything from ostrich-like birds, to parrots and owls. If you are wanting to learn how to draw lifelike birds then this tutorial by Sketchbook is for you.

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Next Draw In The Birds Tail

For step 3, we will be drawing in a nice tail for your bird drawing! The tail will be made up of a combination of straight and curved lines connecting with each other.

For this step, I would highly recommend looking very closely at the picture to see how all of the lines should look and connect with each other.

Please See The Painting Tutorial In The Video Below

Video produced by channel: HTDraw

In this tutorial we will paint a cute cartoon bird. Here is an easy way to paint animals with the use of brushes and watercolor. You can refer to the simple step-by-step painting guide below:

Step 1

We use orange to color the birds beak, this requires you to do it slowly and precisely because the beak is quite small and pointed.

Step 2

Next we draw the head in blue, paying attention to the space for the eyes. You can continue to use navy blue to paint more of the edges of the wings and the tail.

Step 3

Use black to draw the eyeballs for the birds eyes, pay attention to the white dots inside to make the highlight polish.

Step 4

Next use orange to paint the birds legs.

Step 5

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How To Draw A Bird Face

Next you need to start adding in some details for the face of your bird. Start by drawing the eye where the two circles come together. Then draw in his beak.

Again, there are a lot of options with this that will all change how your bird will look when finished. Drawing the eyes big will make your bird look much different than if you drew the eyes really small.

One way to draw the eye is to start with a large circle, then add in a couple of smaller circles for the iris and pupil.

Now start adding in some texture for the feathers. You can draw them as rough or as smooth as you want.

Draw a wing coming out from the side of the body.

And then add in some feathers for the tail. You can also add some wood texture to the branch.

How To Draw An Illustration Of A Bird In Just A Few Steps

How to Draw Cute Bird / Parakeet – Step by Step Tutorial

Work on a cute illustration of a bird created from basic elements and then see how adding different colors can help you create a whole new character! Drawing birds is always a fun experience. These cute animals are easily recognizable with their tiny round bodies, small heads and delicate legs. The sample found on this page can easily be created in a couple of steps using mostly circles and curved lines.

Do you like this illustration? Good news! It can be yours now! Learn how 🙂

As you can see on the illustration above, there are a couple of things you might want to look at before proceeding with this tutorial. Not all birds are similar, but there are several aspects that can be found in most species. Let’s see how this bird was created …

  • The beak is made from an oval shape that is thinner near the end.
  • Some hair are visible on top of the head of the character.
  • You can use a nice circular shape to sketch the head of the animal.
  • The eyes and pupils are made from perfect circles.
  • Wings are large and pointed near the end.
  • The tail is mostly made from long curved lines.
  • The legs are thin and fingers are round and long.
  • Don’t forget to draw some feathers on the stomach!
  • A large patch can be found on the stomach and this one is filled with a light green color.
  • That’s it for this adorable cartoon bird. Of course, there are more features that can be found on birds like blue jays, cardinals or swans, but the elements found above are quite common.

    Step 2 – Let’s draw a cute bird!

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    How To Draw A Bird Easy Art Tutorial

    I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to draw a bird. Dont forget to experiment with different shapes and sizes for your basic shapes. Play around with how you draw the eyes and the beak. Even the feathers could be drawn in a completely different way.

    You can also experiment with the colors you use for your birds. Have fun and enjoy the entire process. Focus more on the enjoyment that drawing brings to you and dont stress about the outcome. If you put too much pressure on yourself youll end up taking the fun out of drawing.

    Now Draw In The Legs And Beak

    Your bird drawing is really starting to come together at this point, so now youll be adding in some little legs and the rest of the beak!

    Lets start with the beak first. To finish it off, simply draw a line down the center of it, and then close it off with a curved line.

    Now, well work on adding the legs. You can draw two lines close together to form one of the thin legs, and then repeat this for the other leg.

    Lastly, you can draw in some curved toes and the back of the feet with some smaller lines.

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    How Do You Draw A Hard Butterfly Step By Step

    How to Draw a Butterfly in 10 Steps

  • Step 1: Draw a Straight Line.
  • Step 2: Draw a Circle for the Butterflys Head.
  • Step 3: Draw the Outline of the Body.
  • Step 4: Draw the Eyes and the Antennae.
  • Step 5: Mark the Starting Point of the Wings.
  • Step 6: Place the Wings.
  • Step 7: Outline the Wings.
  • Step 8: Draw the Markings on the Wings.
  • How To Draw A Diving Peregrine Falcon

    How to Draw Cute Bird – Step by Step – Easy Pictures to Draw

    Learn how to draw a diving peregrine falcon! I love birds so much, and this is one of the most beautiful animals ever. After youre finished drawing, be sure to check out our other bird lessons. Art Supplies marker paper colored pencils tan brown dark brown yellow orange *Learn more about the specific art supplies

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    Add In The Wing And Tail Details

    Youve very nearly finished your bird drawing at this point! For step number 6, we will be adding some lines for detail to the wings and tail.

    For this step, you dont really need to follow the reference image exactly and can add in these lines in a way that looks good to you. These lines are to create a feathery look for these parts of the bird.

    Which Bird Sits On The Nest

    In some species, like the Rock Pigeon, the male and female will both sit on the nest and incubate the eggs, to keep them warm and protected while the chick inside the egg grows and develops. Usually the male pigeon sits on the nest during the day so the female can go look for food when its easier to find food.

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    How To Draw A Blue Penguin

    In this lesson, were learning how to draw a blue penguin. I believe these little birds are the smallest penguins on earth! Check out some of our other penguin drawing lessons. And if you love birds as much as we do, visit our bird category. Art Supplies marker paper colored pencils blue dark blue peach

    How To Draw Birds

    The EASY way to Draw a Cute Bird

    This post shows the process of how to draw birds with some easy worksheets. It will be split up into a few different sections, each one focusing on a different type of bird. Included are Birds on Branches, Flying Song Birds, Parrots and even some Swans! The tutorial does not require any previous knowledge about drawing so if you are interested in learning more please grab the free worksheets below and print them out to get started. These are fun for either kids or adults and you could color in your drawings afterwards with markers or colored pencils. If you have very young kids at home, you could just let them color in the birds with crayons. Fun!

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    How To Draw A Chickadee Bird

    Please PAUSE the “How to Draw a Chickadee Bird ” video after each step to draw at your own pace.

    For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

    Step 1: Draw the cartoon chickadee’s beak as an angled line that’s similar to a less-than sign . Close the shape of the beak by adding a short, curved line on the right side. Now add a horizontal line across the bird’s beak for the mouth.

    Step 2: Above the beak, draw two small circles for the eyes. The eye on the left will be behind the beak, so don’t overlap the lines. Don’t draw the chickadee’s eyes too close together. Pay attention to their size in relation to the beak.

    Step 3: Inside each eye, off to the side, draw a tiny circle to represent glare. In the middle of each eye, draw a big dot for the pupils. As you shade in the pupils, be careful to not overlap the tiny glare circles.

    Step 4: Draw the chickadee’s head by first making a small mark high above the eyes. Make two more small marks on the sides. The mark on the left should be close to the eye. Now connect the marks using curved lines to finish the shape of the head. The overall shape of the bird’s head should be dome-like. The right side should slope right more.

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