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How To Draw A Cute Cupcake

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Next Add A Layer Of Frosting

How To Draw A Cute Cupcake Monster Folding Surprise

Below the topmost layer of icing, draw an oval shape directly attached to it. It will be the next layer of frosting swirl. The oval shape shouldnt look too firm, rather it should look as fluffy as a pillow.

Dont stress over making it even. As a matter of fact, the more uneven your swirls are, the more realistic it would look.

How To Draw A Cute Cupcake Easy For Kids

Step 1 Draw a circular outline for the muffin top. And then draw the top which is same as the top of mushroom as shown.

Step 2 Draw small oval shaped cute eyes and a mouth with a wavy line. Draw some geometrical small shapes to show the choco-chips.

Step 3 Draw the bottom of the cupcake which is hidden and placed in the cupcake paper as depicted. Now draw parallel curved lines in it to show the paper. After this you are ready with your muffin. Color it or shade it as your requirement.

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step 1

We first draw a glass, add two ears on either side

Step 2

Make a little oval on the rim just made. Its diameter should be slightly larger than the semicircle. Join the oval with a wrapper with the help of arcs on either side.

Step 3

Create another oval on the top of the old oval with a smaller diameter.

Step 4

Finally, add a small droplet on top of the cake, to complete the freezing layer.

Step 5

Next is the important part to make a difference, drawing big eyes for the panda cupcake, around our eyes, we draw a border around the black like the eyes and face of the panda. Add a small mouth and a large dot.

Step 6

Your cupcake sketch is ready. Splash up the bright colors that you choose to make it look even better. This will definitely make you yearn for a cute panda cupcake really.

You love drawing more How to draw a cute cupcake at the website:

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Expand On A Basic How To Draw A Cupcake Lesson By Making Many Of Them Adding Lots Of Bright Colors And Maybe A Shadow Or Highlight

These cupcakes were drawn on trading card size paper and placed in a trading card sleeve. The repetition of a theme and cartoon style drawing would also make a great Pop Art lesson.

If the color seems extra bright to you, it happens for two reasons. One, is that I used Sharpie markers and two, is that they are colored on fingerpaint paper. The glossy finish makes the colors just pop.

The only drawback to the fingerpaint paper is that it is tricky to draw on with a pencil because you cant erase lines very well. At all, actually. Therefore I bring it out when drawings are extra simple like these cupcakes. If fact, you might just hide the pencils for this project and have everyone start drawing with a black marker. The small size of the paper makes it easy to offer a few practice sheets for everyone.

To help young students make their cupcakes with different frostings a toppings, Ive made what I call a Cupcake Cheat Sheet. You can download a copy below.

Add Your Topping Of Choice

How to Draw a CUTE Cupcake #1 step by step Easy Sweet dessert

Now, its time to wrap up your drawing by adding a topping of your choice. As you can see in the illustration, we have added a cherry on top, but feel free to draw any topping you like. After all, its your work of art!

Instead of a cherry, you can draw a strawberry or perhaps a piece of chocolate. Draw it right above the frosting and make sure it is completely visible.

Here, you can see the cupcake is nearly finished! The only thing its missing is a dash of multiple colors to complete your artwork!

Finally, here is the most exciting partfilling in the colors for your awesome drawing! This is the part where you can show off your artistic skills and your ability to mix and match various colors.

To make your cupcake look more tasty and colorful, make sure to use different vivid and vibrant colors. The colors of your sprinkles must be different from the color of the frosting to make so they can perfectly complement each other.

Dont forget the color of the cupcakes wrapper too!

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Put Sprinkles On The Frosting

Cupcakes, and any other sweet treats, wouldnt be complete without a hefty amount of sprinkles on top. So, of course, we will be adding sprinkles on this cupcake drawing. You definitely should, too!

Heres a fun fact: did you know that sprinkles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes? The kind of sprinkles that you see in this illustration is called jimmies, which are tiny sugar strands in short rod shapes.

There are also sprinkles in the form of spheres, flat circles, and crystals! That gives you a lot of options to choose from when drawing your cupcakes sprinkles on top!

How To Draw A Realistic Cupcake Step By Step

Step 1 First we will draw the wrapper of the muffin which is in the shape a stretched U.

Step 2 Close the U shape by drawing a curved line joining both the ends. Now draw parallel straight lines starting from the top and going nearly upto the bottom but not touching the bottom surface.

Step 3 For each pair of parallel lines at the top, draw small sharp semicircles as shown.

Step 4 Draw an egg shaped structure above the muffin wrapper to show the cake such that its size is larger than the semicircle of the wrapper. Now connect the oval with the sides of the wrapper by drawing small arcs.

Step 5 Draw another egg shaped structure on top of the previous shape to form layers of cake which must be smaller than the previous layer.

Step 6 Draw a small droplet similar to the shape of water to show the icing at the top to complete your cupcake.

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How To Draw A Cupcake : Step By Step Guide

Draw A Cupcake: Cupcakes Yummy!!! Who doesnt love to eat cupcakes? They are so wonderful in taste. Those chocolate cupcakes with vanilla filling inside, just thinking about it makes my mouth watery. But what to do I cant go now to eat a cupcake as I have to teach you guys. Why not fill your stomach by drawing a realistic cupcake instead to going eating it. I know children you all must be loving cupcakes very much. But remember not to eat too many cupcakes as it can cause cavity and its sugar content is very high which can lead to some health problems. So dont eat too many cupcakes everyday. Now I cant stop thinking about, first lets eat a cupcake together.

Go and get your cupcakes lets have our own small party together. Done eating, now we are ready to go for the drawing. So hurry up before I go and grab another cupcake. Follow my steps carefully.

How To Draw A Cartoon Cupcake Easy Step By Step For Kids

How to Draw a Unicorn Cupcake

December 27, 2019Drawing Tutorial Category: Cakes

This is a cute cupcake, made into the appearance of a little white rabbit, as if hiding in a paper cup and watching the world curiously. It’s so interesting.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this cartoon cupcake, very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps below to try it out!

1.Draw the outline of the rabbit’s head, and leave some gaps.

2. Draw two ears on top, as shown above.

3.Draw oval black eyes and nose, and then under the nose draw a small mouth.

4.Draw a paper cup. It’s not hard to finish.

5.Finally, simply color it, and the lovely cartoon cupcake is done!

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How To Draw A Cute Cupcake Step By Step For Kids

Please see the detailed instructions in the video above.

Beginners can easily draw cute cupcakes through the following steps:

Step 1

Start by forming a large cup.

STep 2

Draw the cream inside the cup with the characteristic spiral of ice cream

Step 3

Add decorative patterns in the ice cream, add pieces of decorative fruit. Add 2 sticks of cake.

Step 4

An important step to creating a cute cupcake is to draw a cute face with big eyes on the cup.

Step 5

Finally, coloring the cupcake. coloring your hobbies

So you can draw a cute cartoon cupcake, Drawing colorful cakes is a favorite theme and attracts young children.

Youngsters or adults can refer to tutorials in videos or articles to help young children find their way.

Your Cupcake Drawing Is Complete

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a cupcake. With this guide, you can draw and color a cupcake along with its complex features and elaborate details in no time.

And the most fun part is, you can customize its frosting and sprinkles and play with various colors as much as you like! While youre at it, why not try using different coloring tools as well?

Once youve finished your masterpiece, were certain you must be feeling very proud of yourselfas you should be! Completing this cupcake drawing is definitely fulfilling.

We cant wait to see your colorful and delectable cupcake!

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Draw The Last Layer Of Frosting

Now, we will be working on the final layer of frosting. Add another layer of swirl right below the previous layer by drawing a slightly bigger oval shape.

Make sure that every layer of frosting from top to bottom is a bit bigger than the previous one. Basically, the sizes of the swirls from top to bottom should be the smallest to the biggest, quite similar to how a Christmas tree is formed.

How To Draw A Cute Cupcake Easy Step By Step For Kids


December 04, 2019Drawing Tutorial Category: Cakes

This is a lovely cupcake, colorful, bright, and unique in shape. Who will not like the delicious and beautiful cupcakes!

Step-by-step tutorial on how to draw this cupcake is very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps to try it out!

1.Draw the shape of a flame. It doesn’t need to be precise.

2.Draw the cream on top of this cupcake.

3. Below, draw a rectangular shape with a wavy line.

4.Draw the cup, and draw some arcs on the cup.

5.On the left side of the top, draw two straw shapes.

6.Finally, color it carefully, and the lovely cupcake is done!

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Do You Want To Know How To Draw A Cute Panda Cupcake

Lets start drawing.

This post includes : 1- An image for every step explaining it. 2-A page includes all steps. 3- A free printable drawing practice paper with 6 steps only. 4- A free printable coloring page for the panda cupcake.

1- We will start by drawing the cup.

2- complete the cup by drawing a line of arcs.

3-draw lines inside the cup For the cup folds and draw an oval for the panda head .

4- draw two ovals and three circles inside each one for the eyes .

5- Draw 2 U shape for the ears .draw the nose and the mouth.

6- Begin drawing cream on the top of the panda head ,then erase the dotted line .

7- complete the topping by adding two curved lines.

8- draw a circle and a curved line on the top of it for the cherry.

free for personal use, non-commercial use.

Its really an easy tutorial, below are all the steps together.

you can print this page by saving it to your pc then print it and enjoy drawing.

A free printable drawing practice page contains 6 steps, click the link below.

Today S Lesson Is How To Draw A Cartoon Cupcake

How to draw a cupcake. Step by step instructions for kids on how to draw a simple cupcake. Follow along with our simple step by step lessons as we guide you through every single line and stroke. Drawing and coloring a cupcake how to draw a cute cupcake how to draw and paint a very tasty sweet learn to improve your drawings in a simple step by step if you liked the video leave in comments suggestions for new videos.

How to draw 3d capcakes with mixed media on gray paper. Cupcake kawaii tulipsdrawingart how to draw a cupcake step by step very easy hi friends welcome to tulips drawing art in this you see how to dr. How to draw a cute cartoon cupcake in less than 3 minutes.

Next make the cupcake wrapper by drawing small curved lines along the top of the trapezoid and connecting them to the bottom of the trapezoid with vertical lines. If you re ready to advance to the next level come visit our flagship channel cartooning 4 kids at. Be sure to check out my channel for more drawing tutorials thanks for wa.

Our lessons are designed to help kids of all ages get through the toughest part of drawing where to start. To draw a cupcake start by drawing a trapezoid which will be the base of the cupcake. Our goal is to provide everyone.

Learn how to draw funny cupcakes. Valentine s day is almost here.

Week 3 Use This For Upside Down Drawing How To Draw A Cupcake Step By Step Www Yummyhandmade Blogspot Com Cupcake Drawing Art Worksheets Drawings

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Tips For Using Everblend Markers

  • Before drawing with the markers, lightly erase across your drawing to smooth and lighten pencil lines. Once you draw with the marker over the pencil lines they cannot be erased. Making them as light as possible in the beginning will give your drawing a cleaner appearance.
  • The main marker technique you will use is glazing or color layering. Since alcohol markers are semi-transparent you can add layers to darken a shade or create a new color by adding another layer of a different color.
  • Begin your drawing with lighter shades and gradually darken by layering.
  • Work quickly on big sheets of paper in order to create smooth color gradients and make corrections while the ink is still wet.
  • When filling in large areas, try to keep make one continuous stroke at a time. If you lift the marker in the middle of the stroke, you will get choppy lines.

Youve done it! Youve just drawn a cute cupcake using EverBlend markers. We hope this drawing guide has helped you learn more about these fun markers and encourages you to try more drawings of sweet things with them!

Before you get started, we recommend you watch the video all the way through. As you watch the artist progress through the picture, the step-by-step instructions will become clearer to you. Plus it will inspire you to grab your and have some fun!

How To Draw A Cupcake

How to Draw a Happy, Cute Cupcake #3

Then draw the outline of the icing on top of the trapezoid using curved lines that come to a point at the top. Celebrate by learning how to draw a valentine cupcake for someone you love join our monthly membership and download our ap.

How To Draw A Cupcake For Kids Drawing For Kids Cupcake Drawing Cupcakes Art Drawing

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Draw The Topmost Part Of The Frosting

Now that you have drawn the tip of the frosting in the previous step, its time to complete the topmost layer of the icing.

Draw a curved line on either side of the frostings tip to create one layer of frosting. Make sure that the both ends of the line are close to each other, but dont meet.

When drawing the icing, its important to keep in mind that youre working from top to bottom and not the other way around. That means, the next layers of icing will be drawn right underneath the previous one.

How To Draw A Cute Cupcake Step

Step 1. Start with the Flamingo Frosting

To draw a cupcake step-by-step the artist starts with the pink flamingo. She first uses the blender marker on the flamingos neck to brighten the following color she adds next, light pink A489. She also uses this color to define the shadows as these are semi-transparent and work best when added in layers. To intensify the shadows, the artist uses medium pink A48, to blur the previous colors for a smooth gradient.

She darkens the center of the neck to create a shadow, going closer to the right edge but stopping before she gets to the edge. The outer edge of the neck is lighter because it has a reflection of the birds wing and the background, which are lighter colors. Using light and dark shadows in this way creates the feeling of 3-dimensionality to the flamingos neck.

Step 2. Filling in the Beak

The artist also uses the blender marker on the beak to brighten the light cream A9426. She draws the beak with the A9426 marker, adding a little bit of medium pink A489 to create a shadow by blending the two colors together. For the end of the beak, she uses dark grey A159 for the background and medium grey A156 for the reflections of light with one glare a little lighter than the other.

Working near the eye and the top of the beak the artist uses medium bright pink A888 to darken the area for more contrast.

Step 3. Draw the Wings

Step 4. Drawing the Cupcake

Step 5. Adding the Heart Cookies

Step 6. Coloring the Pineapple Cookie

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Details Of How To Draw A Birthday Cupcake Easy

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Follow along to learn how to draw this cute birthday cupcake easy, step by step. With its rainbow wrapper and lighted candle, its ready for a birthday party! Fun, kawaii food, dessert drawing. SUPPLIES You Might Love : Sharpies:Sketch Pad Mini:Copic Markers:

#howtodraw #drawsocuteEasy, simple follow along drawing lessons for beginners. Fun, Cute art . Learn How to Draw the EASY, Step by Step Way while having fun and building skills and confidence. Learning videos for all ages.Drawing Tutorials on everythingYou can learn how to color with markers, color pencils and much more.FUN ART CHALLENGES, DIYs and Coloring Pages and Activities can also be found here!Celebrate Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Valentines, New Years, Birthdays, etc. with Cute drawings just for the occasion!Enjoy Art and have fun being creative and becoming an artist!


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