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How To Draw A Cute Dog Step By Step

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Draw The Mouth & Tongue

How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Dog (Step by Step)

From the center of the nose, draw a small straight line .

Then draw two curves, one of left and another on the right-hand side keeping the small straight line as a point of starting. Make sure both the curves are meeting at the small straight line. To draw these curves, you need to start with small straight line and then draw downwards and then go upwards. And at the end of the curves draw small arcs .

The dog seems very happy, isnt it?

Its time to draw the tongue of the dog, for that, just draw a parabola shape in the center of the mouth and then draw a straight line between the tongue joining the mouth but not the tongue.

Finish it off by drawing a curve around the tongue and shade that area leaving the tongue blank.

Great, the pup is very happy!

Here, one thing is left with the dogs eyes is eyebrows that makes it more cute. Since many pups do not have eyebrows, well draw small curves over the eyes.

Easy Dog Drawings Step By Step

The time you spend watching cute dogs will heal your heart. In particular, dogs are attractive because their facial expressions and poses are human-like and their emotions are rich. I will introduce how to draw such a simple animal, a dog, from a combination of simple figures.;Draw the dog on the whole sheet of paper, so it will be easier for you to draw small details and a large picture always looks more impressive than a small one.

First, lets make a sketch that captures the whole thing. Sketches are done to understand shapes such as contours, surface orientation and three-dimensional structure, light and shade, and color tones.

There are various methods, but this time I will first draw a motif with a combination of circles. Replacing the shape with a circle is the simplest and easiest approach. This method can be applied regardless of the motif or art style.

In the center of the line, draw the largest circle. It is not necessary to draw it perfectly flat, you see in my drawing it is also uneven.

Draw another circle next to it, and the one that will be the dogs head is slightly smaller in diameter than the lower one.

The diagonal line can now be removed with an eraser and draw the joint markings for the paw and the lower parts of the three paws since the fourth paw will not be visible.

Connect these lines with another chin line. The ears and tail of the dog, I think, you will draw yourself, without comment.

A Few Tips Before You Start Drawing

  • The starting head shape is probably the most difficult part of this lesson. Most of the head is round except for a little curve in the front left. Try and imagine a duck beak if that can help.
  • Change the colors to other dog breeds with similar body types. Youll be surprised what you can come up with!

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How To Draw A Realistic Dog Face

Step 1 Collect a picture of your dog facing towards you. We only need the face and it should be clear.

Step 2 First of all we need to draw a reference line for the center of the face. It should pass between the eyes and cross the nose. Now draw an outward line from one eye to other.

Step 3 Try to trace the outline of the dog using a tracing paper and include the ears also. Use light touches to sketch the head in detail.

Add some faint lines near the eyes and forehead to show the folds of skin and fur.

Step 4 This is step is the most difficult which includes light shading. Use light touches for highest details. Use short strokes in case of short fur and hard strokes in case of long fur. Shade the dogs nose for smoothness. Use eraser when you want to decrease the concentration and give the final details.

Lets Add In Some Final Details

How to Draw a Super Cute Puppy (Step by Step)

Youve pretty much finished your puppy drawing now, but it could still use some final details!

We will show you an idea of some details you could draw, but dont be afraid to draw in some other patterns or details that you like!

For our details, we have drawn in a circular shape around the eye as ell as one on the back to give the puppy some character. Will you go with these details or will you add in some details of your own?

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D Buy An Arm Pencil Case

How to draw a cute dog. I try and go through it step by step. How to draw a dog easy and step by step. Another free animals for beginners step by step drawing video tutorial.

Time to make the body. The second similar sized circle will be the front body of the dog. Last but not lest draw a pair of hind legs and a wiggly tail.

Step by step drawing tutorial for a cute cartoon dog. In only six easy to follow steps you will learn how to draw a cute dog sitting down. Kawaii dog with a bone collar art.

Draw this dog by following this drawing lesson. Drawsocutedogs learn howtodraw a cute labrador or golden retriever puppy dog easy step by step drawing tutorial. Check out the video.

Their high energy and drive make these dogs ideally suited to a number of different dog sports such as flyball or agility and they make a cute subject for drawing cute dogs too. Supplies you might love a. Congratulations you have learned how to draw a dog.

Now that you have finished your dog drawing it s time to color it. The first circle will be your dog s head. How to draw a cute dog dabbing an easy step by step drawing lesson for kids.

Start by drawing three rough circles on your page. How to draw an easy dog instructions. Instructions on how to draw a simple standing dog.

Also make the front pair of legs. I try to put my thought on the drawing down into words. Drawsocute learn howtodraw a cartoon cute cocker spaniel puppy dog easy step by step drawing tutorial.

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Do You Have A Question About How To Easily And Quickly Draw A Dog In This Tutorial I Will Tell And Show You How To Draw A Dog Step By Step

A new cartoon character awaits you in this tutorial. It will show you how to draw a dog step by step. This method is well suited for beginner artists and for children.

The picture shows a small dog. It is done in a cartoon style and looks very funny. Pay attention to the proportions of this animal. The dog has wide and short legs. The torso and head are round. The dog closed its eyes and on the face, we see a wide smile, Thus, the cartoon dog has a very contented and joyful look.

This dog drawing lesson will be as simple and accessible as all the previous guides. You can easily complete this task if you follow all the stages consistently and take into account my recommendations. I hope you enjoy this drawing instruction and you will have a pleasant time doing this.

Prepare the necessary supplies and begin the lesson.


How to Draw a Dog Step by Step

  • Draw the head.

    Use jagged lines to create fur texture.

  • Sketch the torso.

    The body is rounded. Leave small gaps for the legs and tail.

  • Add the paws.

    Make some smooth lines and draw short, wide legs.

  • Create the tail.
  • Printable Practice Sheets Use These Worksheets To Practice Drawing

    How to Draw a Cute Terrier Puppy (Step by Step)

    Use these practice sheets to practice drawing the dogs. You can use the full-size practice sheet or the set of 4 grids worksheet to practice.

    If you print off several of these sheets, you can use them to practice drawing these dogs and any of our other How To Draw worksheets. Weve got 100s of things for you to learn how to draw and the best way to learn is simply by practicing!

    How To Draw Set of 4 Practice Sheets

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    How To Draw A Dog : Step By Step Guide

    Draw a Dog: Look whos here? A dog lover isnt it? Here are some facts about the dog you might find interesting. Dogs are cute friendly beings who hold a special place in our heart. They are so obedient and playful with whom we like to spend our time. They love and care about us so much that we never want get apart from them.

    Want to learn something? You have come to the best place. Here, we will be sharing all our techniques of how to draw a dog;and;draw a realistic dog face;and various other things.. These kinds of figures are quite simple and help you develop your drawing skills. If you are a learner, then you should first try to draw all these figures for practice. If you are good in drawing, then we also have some really cool figures to test your mastery. So check out your skills? Are you really good enough? Hehe That was enough.

    Coming back to drawing, it is something which involves a lot of creativity to excel. So keep on practicing and check out our various links to practice more.

    More Printables From World Of Printables

    Weve created a huge amount of these how to draw activities, and coloring pages. Also, check out our very popular I spy games and for hours of fun for your little ones as theyre all exactly what kids love. So youll be able to keep your kids entertained when at home while giving you some much-needed time to yourself. Who doesnt like the sound of that?!

    Be sure to grab as many printables as you can while youre here and print them off whenever you need activities for your kids.

    We also have a huge range of printables for adults too here on World of Printables. Youll find printables and templates to help you plan and organize all aspects of your life.

    We think youll love these:

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    Draw Easy Cartoon Dog For Kids:

    Step 1: Firstly, for the dog outline draw a circle for face and Shape D for body, as shown in the image.

    Step 2: Secondly, by drawing 2 circles draw the eyes of a dog and a tail connected with a D shape.

    Step 3: Thirdly, for ear and mouth draw oval like shape, and again concentric circle on one eye.

    Step 4: Then, by drawing small rectangles attach every body part. For assistance, refer the image. Draw half oval for tounge.

    Step 5: Lastly, follow the image below to complete you dog drawing. Color it with your imagination of dog color or as shown in image.

    Yeeee!!!, its is really fun to draw our favorite pet as we all love dogs very much.

    Hope you enjoy this article. For other easy drawings go to our page.

    You can refer to How to draw Car, Tree, Book, Emojis etc. also.

    Few More Drawing of the Dog:

    You Can Refer To The Simple Step

    How to Draw a Cute PUPPY Step by Step Tutorial

    Step 1

    Start by drawing a circle for the head. Do not worry about its perfect round. Basic shapes such as circles, squares and triangles only make it easy to draw your characters appearance.

    Step 2

    Now draw a vertical line and a line across the center of the head. The line will serve as a guide when placing eyes and nose into the head.

    Draw a long oval on each side of the head. Start from the inside of your head so your dogs shoulders overlap a little.

    Use the instructions, placing eyes, nose and mouth on the head. Draw details such as eyebrows, nose and mouth to perfect the head. You may also want to draw some lines just above the nose to indicate the muzzle.

    Step 3

    The body of your dog is going to be shaped a bit differently from the head. Instead of a circle, draw a shape similar to a bean or potato.

    Step 4

    For the hind leg, draw a large oval in the bottom corner of the body. Less than an inch from the hind leg draw long thin ovals for the front legs.

    Step 5

    Draw small ovals that slightly overlap the bottom of the legs. These will form the feet.

    Step 6

    Draw two long curving lines starting from the lowest point on the back of the body. Join the two lines together in a point to complete the tail.

    Step 7

    Attach the body to the head with two curving lines. This is your dogs neck.

    Step 8

    Followed by finishing the pattern of the dog

    Step 9

    Finally finish the work by coloring the cartoon dog.

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    Easy Steps For How To Draw A Dog

    Dogs are cute! Who hasnt taken a moment to doodle their favorite pooch on the side of their paper before? But like many animals, dogs can be hard to draw well, especially from memory.

    If you are trying to up your drawing skill, this guide for how to draw a dog is for you! Well cover all the basics of learning to draw animals and dogs in particular, and walk you through drawing a dog step by step.

    How To Draw A Dog

    • Pin

    Lets learn how to draw a dog with this easy to follow tutorial. Step by step youll learn how to draw the cutest dog. If your kids love puppies as much as we do, theyre going to have so much fun with this drawing tutorial!

    We made this three page, nine-step tutorial with kids in mind, so kids of all ages will be drawing their own cute dog in no time!

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    How To Draw A Dog Running Step By Step

    March 18, 2021Drawing Tutorial Category: Dogs

    This is a cute dog. It is running away in panic, as if something was chasing it. Learn to draw a cartoon dog like this is a very simple and fun thing, suitable for preschoolers and kids of all ages.

    A step-by-step tutorial, teach you how to draw this running dog, very simple. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow the steps below to try it!


    Preschoolers and kids of all ages


    How to draw a running dog

    1. First draw the outline of the head, including this dog’s mouth.

    2. Draw two curves to get its body.

    3.Draw two ears on top of your head. Then draw a wavy line;on each ear.

    4. Draw the eyebrows, eyes and nose. Then draw a curve down at the bottom of the nose.

    5. Draw two front legs, short.

    6. Draw two short hind legs. Then draw a tail.

    7. Draw teeth and tongue on mouth.

    8. Add some dots and short lines.

    9.Finally, simply color it. This running dog is done!

    The Secret To Learning How To Draw A Cute Puppy Is To Make Sure That You Draw The Head Extra Large In Fact That Pretty Much Works With Any Baby Version Of An Animal


    When young students are learning how make the shapes they want with their pencils, and turn them into something, they have a couple of options.

    One is to build their drawing with squares, rectangles and circles, and not erase any of the lines that connect them. The look is kind of basic, but can certainly look fine with things like robots, buildings and so on.

    The next option is to still start with the squares, rectangles and circle, but erase the lines that connect them, such as when legs connect to bodies, etc. The trick is that most young artists arent in the habit of erasing as part of drawing, so they often forget to do this. Not terrible, but if they trace their drawing with a marker before they erase, they might start obsessing on getting their hands on some White Out, which could present other problems.

    The final option is to have children draw very simple shapes that already have things like legs connecting to bodies. Its kind of like drawing a simple silhouette. This way tails and legs are attached, theres no need to erase anything, and the final drawing looks a bit more finished too.

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    Remove The Circles And Ovals

    Now that the dogs major parts are all connected, the artist erases the circles and ovals and starts to draw a more realistic and lifelike dog.

    • Place the nose at the end of the cylinder you drew earlier.
    • Place the eyes in the center of the face close to where the bridge of the nose begins.
    • You can see that the artist has added lines to indicate where the toes are in the dogs paw.
    • Draw lines to show where the leg extends into the body.
    • Add the dogs collar.

    Lets Give Your Puppy A Cute Face

    The head and ears are complete at this stage of our guide on how to draw a puppy, so now we will add in a cute face for your puppy. There are a few elements to the face, so we shall take it one step at a time.

    Starting with the eyes, we will make them very big and rounded for an extra cute look. They will be made of a few very curved lines for the outline that have some circles within.

    Referring to the reference picture will help a lot with having them look like the example. They will have some short, curved lines above them to look like some cute eyelashes for them.

    You could also use some more simple circles with dots in them for a less detailed look if you prefer!

    Once youve drawn in the eyes, you can draw in a cute little nose. The mouth beneath it will be very curved with an open mouth and tongue. When youve finished the face, its time for step 6!

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