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How To Draw A Cute Easy Unicorn

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How To Draw A Unicorn Easy Following The Steps

How to Draw a Unicorn easy

Dont worry if you are not good at drawing or if you havent drawn a unicorn before, well show you how to do it slowly and step by step to make sure you dont get lost.

Basically, drawing a beautiful unicorn is like drawing a horse, but with an obvious extra addition in the forefront head

The first thing you need to do before you can learn how to draw this cute animal is a white piece of paper and a pencil. The first time you will probably need an eraser as well until you get the technique so make sure you have one on hand as well.

Once youve got all of this you are ready to begin. We think that an image is worth a thousand words, and if you get a thousand images , then thats even better so there you go, find below a detailed video with all the instructions to draw your favourite creature step by step:

After youve watched this video you should probably have become already a master in drawing these funny animals.

In case you are struggling, check out this step by step guide of unicorn drawings. If you are interested only in drawing the unicorn head, no worries, we are here to assist you on this process as well. Here you are: A guide step by step with specific instructions to draw only the head of an unicorn, just like the emoji but much bigger :).

How To Draw A Cute Unicorn

Today, lets try drawing a cute unicorn.

The unicorn style is similar to our other kawaii styles.

We use simple shapes in really fun ways that make this drawing easy to follow but still super cute.

I love the colors we used for this unicorn drawing. They give off a sweet feeling which is perfect for unicorns because they are always sweet, right?

Did You Know?The word Unicorn is actually latin and has a really cool meaning. Uni in Latin means single and cornu means horn. So Unicorn actually means single-horn which fits them perfectly!

Weve been told that a Unicorns favorite foods are: long green grass, sweet apples, and sugar cubes. Must be why they are always so sweet?


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  • Afterwards Draw The Unicorns Long Mane

    Draw an elongated narrow shape along the back of the neck of the unicorn. This creates the long, thick mane of the unicorn.

    Keep in mind that the two clumps of hair that we drew in the first step and the mane were drawing in this step should be directly connected.

    Make sure to add pointed clumps of hair on the mane to add texture, making the mane look soft and realistic!

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    How To Draw A Beautiful Unicorn

    How to draw a beautiful unicorn? Pictures with unicorns always look great, and we will try to draw exactly this. Here we will teach you how to get a great illustration with a flying unicorn, clouds and the rainbow thats it.

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  • Lets get started getting paper, pencils, and an eraser. We are ready to proceed!

    To draw a unicorn easily and beautifully, start from the base.

    First, draw two ovals of different sizes and a curved line that connects them like this:

    Add some more basic lines to make drawing easier. At the bottom there are four smooth lines, these will be unicorn legs, on the side there will be a tail line, on the top there will be two ovals and a line between them there will be a cloud with a rainbow.

    Simple enough, but these lines will help us to draw a beautiful unicorn step by step.

    Start drawing the unicorn from its face. We need only a few lines to represent a nice expression of the face.

    From above we will add characteristic features of all beautiful unicorns a horn, an ear and the bangs.

    From the ear, we carefully draw a magnificent mane. The ends of the strands should bend slightly inwards.

    Next, draw the unicorn body. The lines should be smooth, orientate to your base.

    Now draw the feet of a unicorn floating in the clouds. Lets start with the front.

    Next, go to the rear.

    Then, we need to draw beautiful clouds with a pencil above the unicorn.

    How To Draw A Unicorn Cute Girl Easy

    How to Draw a Cute Unicorn – Easy Pictures to Draw

    Are you or know a girl that loves unicorns? Follow along to learn how to draw my Draw So Cutie wearing a unicorn head band step by step, easy. Chibi pretty girl. SUPPLIES You Might Love : Sharpies: Pad Mini: Markers:

    #howtodraw #drawsocuteEasy, simple follow along drawing lessons for beginners. Fun, Cute art . Learn How to Draw the EASY, Step by Step Way while having fun and building skills and confidence. Learning videos for all ages.Drawing Tutorials on everythingYou can learn how to color with markers, color pencils and much more.FUN ART CHALLENGES, DIYs and Coloring Pages and Activities can also be found here!Celebrate Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Valentines, New Years, Birthdays, etc. with Cute drawings just for the occasion!Enjoy Art and have fun being creative and becoming an artist!


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    Follow Along And Draw A Unicorn Step By Step

    Once you have the style and setting in mind, put pencil to paper or use digital drawing tools to bring your unicorn to life one simple step at a time.

    Step 1: Sketch your basic shapes.

    Its important to have a basic grasp of the shapes youre working with as a beginner, advises Elliott. Sketch simple circles first so you can think about where the different lines in the drawing will live.

    Draw three large circles to serve as the foundation for the unicorn head and body, then move on to smaller circles to lay out the snout and legs.

    Image by Ben House

    Step 2: Connect the shapes with lines.

    Once youve sketched your basic shapes, connect them with linework. I like to start drawing a line of action in major body mass areas like the shoulders, rear hips, and head area. That curved line indicates movement and helps unify the whole figure, explains House.

    Carve out the space along the circles youve drawn, but keep your curved lines loose. Then start to fill in more details, including the outline of the tail, horn, mouth, and hooves. Pro tip: Use a blue pencil first and then go over your drawing with a regular graphite pencil after. It keeps your drawing clean from the get-go, and you can easily erase the color when youre all done, advises House.

    Image by Ben House

    Step 3: Determine which lines are important.

    Image by Ben House

    Step 4: Add some dimension.

    Image by Ben House

    Step 5: Fill in more details.

    Image by Ben House

    Step 6: Bring it to life with shading.

    Now You Have To Draw The Eyes

    Now you have to draw the unicorn girls eyes and ears. I will tell you how to draw its eyes. So guys, now first you have to draw a circle to draw its eyes. You can use any compass or protector to draw a circle. After drawing a circle, you have to draw two more circles at its eye. You can do this by viewing pictures of this drawing. Guys, if you have understood this step, you must read all the next steps.

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    How To Draw A Unicorn Head: Coloring And Highlights

    If you want to color and add accents the drawing, fill the face, hair, and horn with any color you want and then imagine where the light in the scene is coming from. If the light is coming from the left as it is in this drawing, draw some additional light-colored lines to mimic the areas on face and hair where the light is likely to be fall most strongly and cause a reflection. You can also do this by just leaving these areas uncolored .

    Want to see a great video we found for drawing another unicorn head? .

    To download the printable tutorial below .

    Draw The Unicorn Mane

    How to Draw a Unicorn Rainbow Cake Slice Easy and Cute

    The mane follows the shape you drew for the neck, but is bigger and more bulgy. Start at the horn, draw a wave-like crest as you did for the bangs, and then sweep down, ending your arc in a point. Begin a second line at the level of the throat and draw sweeping hook-like shape. This creates a curly lock of hair. Start a third line that connects to the lock of hair and sweeps downward to a point. Sweep back upward to a point where the unicorns shoulder would be. If you draw these lines well, the mane will appear to sweep down the back of the unicorns neck and break over the unicorns shoulder.

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    Lets Draw A Unicorn Step By Step

    Step 1: Start with the head. You can try drawing from the left side down and over a bit. Then draw a line from the right side down to connect to the other line.

    Step 2: Next, start the body and legs.

    Step 3: For the horn, you want to place it a bit above the head lines, leaving a little room there so you can add hair later.

    To draw the horn, you can just do simple circles that keep connecting to eachother.

    Step 4:To start the hair, you can draw a crescent moon shape down from the horn. Once that is done you can add the extra hair line further out.

    Step 5: Keep adding the hair. It doesnt need to be exactly like ours but you do want to fill it up until the hair connects to the other head line.

    Step 6:Draw the little ears.

    Step 7: Now start on the unicorns mane. Draw a nice, wavy line from around the ear down to the leg area.

    Step 8: Draw another hair line on the inside of the mane.

    Step 9: Next, well add 2 more lines. One on the top left of the head and another curvy line on the bottom right of the mane for the tail.

    Step 10: Well add 2 more curvy lines to finish off the tail.

    Step 11: Lets work on the face. Draw the eyes and leave a little white circle in each one. Under the eyes, you can add 2 circles with blush. You can color these any color youd like.

    The mouth is just a simple U shape.

    Extra: You can use upside down U shapes for the eyes for an alternate eyes closed unicorn look.

    How To Draw A Cute Baby Unicorn Step By Step

    Step 1

    Lets start out by drawing a skinny cloud shape. This will be the fur band on Unis Santa hat.

    Step 2

    Finish the Unicorn head shape as shown in the example.

    Step 4

    Now we will draw the unicorns horn. Draw a skinny triangle on top of the unicorns head.

    Step 5

    Now we can start drawing the Santa hat.

    Step 6

    Now draw the pom pom that goes on the end of the Santa hat. It looks like a tiny fat cloud. Draw the unicorn ears next, they look like rounded triangles.

    Step 7

    Draw a smaller triangle to the ear. Add a curved line for the unicorn nose area, draw a smile under that.Add curved lines to define the horn.

    Step 8

    Draw two big circles for the eyes.

    Step 9

    Now draw a smaller circle in the centre of your circle for the pupil. Draw a smaller circle under the pupil, this is the highlight.

    Step 10

    Now we can color our cute baby unicorn. Remember to leave the pupil and highlight white, it really makes the eyes look extra cute. And maybe also color the cheeks pink so the unicorn looks like she is blushing. for more cute Christmas pictures

    How to Draw a Christmas Emoji Baby Unicorn Drawing Guide on one page

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    How To Draw A Unicorn:

    Step 1: We will start our drawing with the snout of the unicorn.

    Step 2: Draw a small curve with small lines for closed eyes and eyelashes, draw an ear on top and nose.

    Step 3: Start drawing mane on the sides of the ear.

    Step 4: Draw neck and mane around the neck.

    Step 5: Draw 22 legs using pair of simple lines with toes on the bottom.

    Step 6: Draw the back of the unicorn from the mane to the back leg.

    Step 7: Draw the other 2 legs from the back of the already drawn legs.

    Step 8: Draw a cute tail at the end of the body.

    Step 9: Draw a horn on the top and many lines on the tail.

    Step 10: Color the tail, mane, and horn with rainbow colors.

    First Brush Up On Your Horse Anatomy

    How to Draw a Unicorn Cute Girl Easy

    As illustrator Lucas Elliott puts it, Unicorns are just fancy horses. So, its helpful to know your horse anatomy, like their bone and muscle structure and how they walk or canter. Before you pick up those colored pencils and dive into your unicorn drawing, get familiar with how to draw the head, body, and legs of a horse. Then adapt those parts into a creature thats a bit more fantastical.

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    S Of Unicorns To Draw

    Simple and easy

    Here you are another collection of pics that will help you in the process of drawing the unicorn from scratch. Find below a great example with all the manual steps needed to draw a simple yet handsome unicorn:

    In this case, we start from the ears, then draw the head, the body, the legs and the tail. The last step is to paint it to make it even more amazing, remember you can pic any other colors you like, this is just an example.

    Reference Other Unicorn Drawings

    Some novice drawers think that if you have to use a reference photo, youre not a real artist, says Elliott. But Im a professional illustrator and I do. As for illustrator Ben House, Western-style paintings serve as the ultimate inspiration: Studying the poses of different horses helps me a lot when Im visualizing a unicorn. Remingtons Old American West paintings really capture the expression of their form.

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    Draw & Color This Adorable Little Unicorn

    Who doesnt love unicorns? They are so magical and one of my all-time favorite things to draw. You might think theyre complicated, but theyre not. Im going to show you my go-to steps for drawing the cutest cartoon unicorn youve ever seen. Once the drawing is in place, Ill show you how to add the real magiccolor!

    For this step-by-step guide, Ill be using Arteza TwiMarkers. I completely love these double-tip markers. First of all, they come in so many brilliant colors that Im never at a loss for the perfect shade. Second, they have a fine tip on one end and a brush tip on the other. This is like having a two-for-one pen that lets me draw my subject and then paint my shapes. No more stopping after using a pen for drawing to search for the right brush for painting. Plus, they are super-convenient to take with me when I want to draw and paint on the go. I highly recommend them.

    The So Cute Unicorn Emoji

    How to Draw a Cute Baby Unicorn – SUPER EASY – HAPPY DRAWINGS

    This page wouldnt be complete without a tutorial to draw the unicorn emoji. Find it below

    With this simple steps you can draw the icon on your own, and make it look exactly as the whatsapp/instagram emoticon. Do it yourself and share it with your friends and family!

    Thats all for now, we hope you found and downloaded a cute unicorn to draw among the above collection, otherwise let us know and we will provide you with even more pictures and tutorials!

    See you soon sweeties, we hope you enjoyed drawing your custom unicorn following the above tutorial! Please leave us a comment if you get stuck at any stage.

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    How To Draw A Unicorn Step By Step

    Start by lightly drawing unicorn guidelines. These are the trick to a cute unicorn. No need to only make a black and white drawing. Grab some colored pencils to make happy drawings of cute unicorns.

    Step 1: Draw a circle .

    Step 2: Add a slightly smaller circle overlapping half of the first and slightly lower than the first .

    Step 3: Draw a third much smaller circle above where circle 1 and 2 meet .

    Step 4: Add a small oval on the lower side of circle 3 and above circle 1.

    Step 5: At the bottom, where circle 1 and 2 meets, draw a vertical line .

    Step 6: At the same height, but on the opposite side, draw the same line mirroring the one in step 5. Both lines can be parallel, we drew them closer together at the bottom.

    Step 7: At the bottom of circle 1, slightly to the side, draw a bent/angled line bent in the middle at approximately 150 degrees.

    Step 8: Slightly to the side of where circle 1 and 2 meets, draw the same line mirroring the one in step 7.

    Lets start drawing! you can make this drawing your own by changing the position of the head, legs, and facial features.

    Step 9: starting slightly off the top of circle 3, draw a line along the side of circle 3 and the oval, continue the line inside the oval to form the upper lip of the unicorn. A little tip: dont just trace the oval, but add a slight bump where the nostril is.

    Step 10: Along the bottom side of the oval and circle 3, continue the line for the unicorn head.

    Step 17: Finish the first hind leg,

    How To Draw Unicorn Step By Step

    Step 4: Add in the horn on the top of the unicorns head!

    Step 5: Put in a little details for the ears and unicorn mane

    Step 6: Colour the unicorn horn with rainbow colours or any colour you like

    Step 7: Colour the mane in different shades of purple!

    And yay youve got yourself a super cute unicorn doodle. Now its your turn to try.

    Feel free to repin this page you for easy reference and remember to to receive your monthly FREE bullet journal ideas and doodles email 1 week before every new month!

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