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How To Draw A Cute Elf

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This Is The Last Week Of School For Most Before Holiday Break

How to Draw a Christmas Elf Easy and Cute

How to draw elves. Also, check out our c4k. Free drawing ebook. Step by beginner drawing tutorial of codename elf.

This is our last art lesson for 2016, what an awesome year of art. Grab your pen and paper follow along as i guide you through these step by drawing instructions. Learn how to draw a cute elf on shelf for christmas holiday.

Kids art hub is channel where your can fin. Learn how to draw a cute cartoon christmas elf. And color your own card family member of friends.

Today we’ll be showing you how to draw a christmas elf. Our animated drawing lessons were specially designed for kindergarten and elementary school children. Want to draw cute characters.

Learn how to draw codename elf from fortnite. We had so much fun drawing with you y.

How To Draw A Cartoon Christmas Elf

How To Draw An Elf: Step By Step Sketching

Step 1: Sketch the head and body shapes

Start with a simple circle for the head. Then add a face cross, with a slightly longer line for the neck.

Next, sketch the elfs body: start with a simple rectangle, with top and bottom lines curved. The whole body rectangle is leaning to the side, since our elf will be leaning against the present.

Once we have the angle of the body, lets draw that present next. This is just the simple basic box from our how to draw a cube tutorial.

Step 2: Add chin and legs

Lets improve our head shape and add some chin. Draw two straight sidelines from where the horizontal face line crosses the head. Then add two more lines, at a slight angle to each other, to meet at the vertical face line to form the chin.

Next the legs: the one our elf is standing on is just two arcs down to the floor. To give our elf an interesting pose, draw the other leg crossing over: an arch down from the waist to the knee, and then the crossover line to the right.

We finish both legs with a simple arc, slightly wider than the leg.

Step 3: Sketch the arms and hands

Time to give our elf some arms. We sketch them again using simple arcs two for the upper arm, two for the lower arm. Both arms are bent so notice how the lower arm section overlaps the upper arm. We use simple ovals for the hands at this stage.

Step 4: Sketch the face and hat

The elfs cap is a simple triangle but with curved sides.

Step 5: Finish the clothing details

Step 6: Sketch the final details

First Step A Nice Little Guideline For Your Friendly Little Cartoon Elf

Before you draw anything, think for a second about the key components of an elf. If you saw Will Ferrells movie surely youve got a few ideas!

Small pointy hat, fancy frilly green coat, thick white cuffs, pointy ears, striped stalkings and of course spiral-tipped elf shoes! With these ideas in mind, go ahead and sketch yourself a simple framework to work from just like this

In my case Ive paid particular attention to my elfs hat and shoes, marked off with a small triangle up top, and two opposite right angle shapes at the bottom. Feel free to sketch in more or less framework lines and shapes, depending on the look youre going for. Bigger ears may require a couple branching lines on either side of your elfs head.

Got a guideline to work from? Very nice now lets get drawing this elf!

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How To Draw An Elf With A Cute Outfit

Whether it’s Christmas or not, learning how to draw an elf is always a fun drawing experience! This cute cartoon character represents everything that is fun about holidays and you should not have any trouble sketching this image using this step-by-step drawing tutorial. Let me show you how to draw this character in just six easy steps!

First, you can try the video version of this lesson!

You prefer to see the creation of this cute character in action? This video tutorial shows how this cute elf was drawn using only a few basic lines and plain colors. The result is slightly different, just like the version you are creating should be! You can also try the written version located below the video. Have fun! 🙂

Step 1

Let’s proceed with the creation of the head using an oval shape. Make this shape wider and narrower on top. The body is made from a long rectangle. Another smaller rectangle is used to form the legs. Both feet are created using circular shapes.;

Step 2

Next, you can illustrate the hat of the character using long curved lines. A simple circle can be added on the tip of the hat. The arms are represented by small rectangles and the hands by small circles.;

Step 3

The ears are drawn using long triangles. Make sure that the top of each ear is pointed. Eyes are made from large circular shapes. Large eyes are perfect to create adorable cartoon characters! 🙂

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

How To Draw A Cartoon Christmas Elf

How to Draw a Cute Elf – Christmas Drawings – Step by Step for Beginners – Easy Pictures to Draw
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    How To Draw Cute Elf

    Today you will learn how to draw a CUTE ELF GIRL with my daughter Krista and me! For more videos click here, In this video I’ll show you how to draw an Elf on a Shelf! It’s easy, I’ll show you step by step how to draw him. It’s easy enough for beginners! Looking f.. This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw The Elf On The Shelf with easy to follow step by step instructions in the following video tutorial for kids.

    Learn How To Draw An Elf With This Step By Step Tutorial Hes Made From Some Pretty Simple Shapes That Are Easy To Draw

    This elf drawing tutorial is also good for symmetry drawing practice. With the exception of the hat top, everything that is on the one side needs to be drawn in mirror fashion on the other. The better you get at doing this, the better your drawings will be!

    This tutorial is now updated to show what it looks like when you draw and color the elf with markers, just like what many cartoon animators do. I love how you can add some shadows really easily just by layering the color a bit wherever you want it to look a little darker.

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    Next Finish Off Some Final Details

    Its almost time to bring some wonderful colors to your elf drawing, but first we have some final details to add!

    These details will all be drawn with some simple lines, but even though they are small and simple they will make a big difference!

    These lines will go all over the elfs body and all over his clothes to add some creasing and detail.

    Before you move on, be sure to add a background or any other details you would like for the image.

    How To Draw An Elf On The Shelf Easy And Cute

    How to Draw an Elf on the Shelf Easy and Cute

    Oct 14, 2020 – How to draw a cute Christmas elf in 6 steps. Oct 14, 2020 – How to draw a cute Christmas elf in 6 steps. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Nov 29, 2018 – Follow along to learn how to draw this Christmas Elf step by step, easy. This cute cartoon elf drawing is perfect for celebrating the Holidays. Easy Christma.. 1. Draw the basic outline for the female elf shape. Follow the guidance shown in this image, focusing in particular on: Creating a lithe and fine body structure; convey a smallish and slim size. A fine and pointed face and head. A strong but equally dainty stance. 2. Focus on shaping the ears How to draw a cute Christmas elf in 6 steps. I drew a little Christmas elf this morning and thought you may love to try this tutorial. And don’t forget, you can add any details and colours you like. My tutorials are only guides so have fun being creative and enjoy this this cute character ð . Posted 14th October 2020 by Ali Mac

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    How To Draw An Elf

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    In the mythology of Germany, the term;“elf”;originally referred to any spirit, good or bad. Later, the term denoted a small, human-like creature. Elves were often seen as mischievous, stealing children, harming cattle, and giving people bad dreams. Others were seen as good, teaching birds to sing and performing helpful tasks for people.

    Belief in elves waned during Medieval times, but reentered popular culture with William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In the early 1800s, St. Nicholas, the forerunner of Santa Claus, was first described as a “jolly old elf.” By 1850, at least two literary references had been made to;“Christmas elves”;helping Santa to make toys for children in his workshop at the North Pole.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Today, elves in art are typically depicted as being short in stature and having pointed ears. Christmas decorations, cartoons, and live action films feature such elves, typically clad in green and wearing pointed shoes and hats. Elves of other descriptions occupy books, movies, and memorabilia of fantasy fiction. Today, the country of Iceland has the highest number of people reporting a belief in elves.

    Would you like to draw an elf? Doing so is easy with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial. You will need only a piece of paper, a pencil, and an eraser. You may also wish to use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to shade your drawing.

    Now Draw The Other Arm And Belt

    Youve drawn one arm already, so adding another one should be easy for you now!

    Once youve drawn the second arm as you drew the first one, then you can use some curved lines across his body to make his belt.

    You could also draw his arm in a different position, perhaps to make it look like hes waving!

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    Final Step Finish Your Cartoon Elf

    Finally, youre drawing is just about complete. Using the lower part of your framework to help, sketch in the legs and shoes of your elf.

    For added effect, you may want to add some more buckles one for each shoe. Have a look at the Leprechaun lesson after to see what I mean.

    Alright! Now that youve got the body complete, its time to sketch in the remaining details. And because elves are known to have such original costumes, itll be fun coming up with your own unique elf wardrobe.

    In my case, I added stripes for his stalkings, and a frilly lining on his coat and around his collar. In your case, how about a feather coming out of his hat? Or perhaps you can give his coat some buttons?

    I know how about a backpack? All it takes are a couple diagonal lines for each strap, along with a big bulky shape in behind him. I think it would pretty neat!

    Well, thats all there is to this lesson. I hope you enjoyed it and Ill see you again real soon for another!

    How To Draw An Elf: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

    How To Draw and Color A Cute Chibi Elf Girl | Kawaii Elf Girl | Step by Step | Easy Tutorial

    Step 1: Outline the face and hands

    With sketch done, it is time to start outlining and improving the drawing with extra details.

    Lets start with the eyes: draw the upper eyelids as two simple curves. Then add two ovals for pupils. Finally outline the bottom eyelid. Notice we have not drawn out the complete eye oval, rather just the top and bottom eyelid, which are not connected.

    The nose, mouth, hair and ears are just a direct outline of the sketch.

    For the hands, we add three small arcs to the ovals we sketched, to suggest very simple fingers.

    Step 2: Draw the hems and shoes

    Here is another improvement to our sketch: lets make our elfs tunic hemline, cuffs, and collar jagged, rather than just the straight curve we have sketched.

    Then outline the shoes those are just a clean-up of the sketch lines.

    Step 3: Finish drawing the elf

    We are almost done drawing the elf. Outline the sides of the body and finish drawing the legs.

    All that is left now is the small final details: fill in the eyes pupils, and add happy jingle bells to the top of the hat and the pointy ends of the shoes.

    Step 4: Outline the present

    The final part of our picture is to draw out the present the elf is leaning on. Start with the bow, and then draw the ribbon lines and box edges that are not covered by the bow.

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    Second Step Draw The Face And Head Of Your Cartoon Elf

    Alright, lets start off with his face. And yes this part will either make or break the worked too many hours look if thats what you were going for.

    Take your time and have some fun as you develop a funny-looking, cute-looking, etc. elf face using the cross and framework to help guide you along

    Looking at the elf head that I came up with, any thoughts as to how you can make yours different?

    Heres an idea why not reverse the size of the core features of his face. Instead of large staring eyes, make yours smaller. Give him a bigger nose, ears and hat. Change the look of his mouth too you may want to draw it with the tongue omitted giving him a nice big grin.

    OK, lets keep going

    Position & Draw The Elf Ears

    The way elf ears are drawn can sometimes just be a style decision but other times they can also help emphasize a characters personality. For example more upwards pointing ears can mean a more upbeat personality. Downwards pointed ears on the other hand can be attributed to characters with a more a more mild or shy personality.

    One explanation for this can be that animals tend to raise their ears when alert/on guard and lower them when scared. This is something that pretty much everyone knows and is used to. Therefore drawing pointy anime/manga ears in a particular ways can help send a visual message about the character they are attributed to.

    You can use the first two pairs in the example for the regular/upbeat face and the last set for the mild/shy one.

    For drawing normal ears see:

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    How To Draw An Elf Art Projects For Kid

    Step 1 – Draw the Front of the Medium Long Hair. Anime medium long male hair front drawing. Begin the drawing of the actual hair by adding the part that goes down the middle of the face. It can start from about the top of the head and go down to around the tip of the nose Christmas Coloring Pages. by Easy Peasy and Fun. Make sure your crayons are sharpened as we have a whole bunch of unique Christmas coloring pages for kids to share with you. You woll find super simple coloring pages with thick lines and big areas to color that are perfcect for toddlers and preschoolers, fun more.

    Now Draw Some Facial Details For The Elf

    How to draw a Cute Fantasy FAIRY Elf Step by step! Realistic

    In this part of our guide on how to draw an elf, we shall be drawing a cute and simple face for the elf.

    The eyes will be drawn using two filled black circles. These circles will have a smaller white circle inside of them to show the glinting of the eyes.

    Then you can use some more curved lines for the round nose and smiling mouth. Finally, you can draw some hair poking out from beneath his hat.

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    How To Draw A Christmas Elf Easy And Cute

  • Add two pointy ears. 4. Draw a hat with a bell. Draw the neck and collar. Add the elf shirt and cuffs. Draw hands, legs and slippers. Add belt and leg stripes. Add eyes, nose, mouth and hair. Trace, color and add shadows
  • Step 1 – Draw the Center Guide Line & Top of the Head. Anime elf girl head top drawing. Begin by making a vertical line through the center of your drawing area. This line can help you see if both halves of the head are equal in width. Next draw a circle that will represent the top part of the head
  • Learn how to draw a cute cartoon Christmas elf! This is our last art lesson for 2016, what an awesome year of art. We had so much fun drawing with you this year. We will return January 9th, ready for more art. We hope you will be too. We also hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!\\r\\rBecome an Art Club member \\rLearn more about the art supplies we love to use \\rLearn more.
  • Draw a curved line for the elf’s chin. Draw a check mark shape for his bangs. Draw C shapes for ears. Draw V-like shapes for hair. Draw a curved line for his bangs. Draw a sideways C for his collar. Draw a sideways C and D for his eyes
  • Whether it’s Christmas or not, learning how to draw an elf is always a fun drawing experience! This cute cartoon character represents everything that is fun about holidays and you should not have any trouble sketching this image using this step-by-step drawing tutorial
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