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How To Draw A Cute Fish

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Learn How To Draw Cute Cartoon Fish Step By Step Easy

How to Draw a Cartoon Fish Cute and Easy

Cute Cartoon Fish Drawing draw cute fish for kids. Fish are lovely when they are animated. So, here is a tutorial on how to draw a cute fish in simple steps through video and step-by-step instructions. You will need: Pencil, bleach, drawing paper, colored pencil or crayon.

Please see the detailed instructions in the video

Or you can see the simple drawing tutorial steps below

Step 1

First draw big eyes and cute.Step 2Draw an egg-shaped fish bodyStep 3Draw more fins. Notice the fins that make up the fishs flexibility should draw the fins on the back of the long tail, the length of the caudal fins broad body, ventral fins short. On the loan draw more patternsStep 4Draw fish bearing part by semicircle. Make more bubbles at the top of the fish.Step 5Color cartoon fish to your liking

Hopefully with my drawing tutorial you will easily draw your own cartoon fish with your favorite colors. In my video tutorial tutorial not only guide but also create a feeling of surprise and fun for you especially the children.

Thank you for your support!

How To Draw A Different Fish: Base Sketch

Step 1: Sketch the fish body

So lets grab a pencil and get into it. We will start our drawing with two arches, similar to last time. Again they both start in the same spot, but this time we draw our lines only slightly curved. That way we get a thin, long body.

Just like before, crossing our lines one over the other creates the tail.

Step 2: Draw the fins

Even the second step is same as before:

Draw a curve, which will mark out the head. Do a dot for the eye.

Add the fins. One long dorsal fin on the top, and two fins on the belly, the larger one in the front and the smaller one in the back. This time we will draw both belly fins going over the body.

Do not forget to close the fish tail.

How To Draw A Fish From Two Simple Arcs: Outline

Step 1: Trace the sketch

Now lets trace our fish sketch.

Grab a soft pencil or a black colouring pencil and trace the drawing. We want a nice, thick line, so draw a bit harder with your pencil, so we can use an eraser to clean up the sketch lines later.

Step 2: Add scales and details

Lets add a few more details. Draw lots of small half circles for scales and our fish has become a carp!

Then few lines on the gills, to make them look better.

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Your Fish Drawing Is Complete

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step fish drawing tutorial. This guide is designed for beginners and experts alike who want to learn how to draw a fish along with its intricate features.

If you love the sea and the majestic creatures that live underwater, were sure youll have fun!

We are always updating our catalog of how-to-draw series, so make sure you keep re-visiting our website to continuously enjoy brand-new drawing tutorials.

What kind of sea creature would you like to draw next? Let us know and well do our best to deliver your requests.

Dont be afraid to show off your masterpiece! Youve worked hard for it, so it is definitely worth sharing!

We are excited to see your colorful fish drawing!

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How To Draw A Fish That Looks Cute And Happy

How to draw a cute fish, Draw cute things

No need to swim for hours and hours under the sea to learn how to draw a fish! Simply follow the drawing lesson below and let me show you how to create this simple character from basic shapes. If you know how to draw a circle, a triangle or an oval shape, then you have all the tools required to succeed!

Drawing a fish is something we learn at a very young age. Usually, a basic circle and a few triangles are enough to illustrate this fun character. In this lesson, our goal is to sketch a funny fish with large eyes and a small body.

Step 1

First, sketch a large oval shape that will be used to illustrate the head and the body. This is the main shape of the cartoon character. As you can see below, this is not a perfect circle. Use the template if you need guidance.;

Step 2

Next, you need to draw a line to separate the head from the body. This line should be drawn inside the oval shape and the head must cover at least 80% of the area. Since it’s a funny character, proportions don’t need to be accurate.

Step 3

Time to draw the fins on the fish. The top fin and the bottom one are drawn from similar triangles. The tail is made from a long curved line. Once again, using large shapes can be a good idea to create something funny.

Step 4

Draw the eyes using large circular shapes. The pupils can also be made from circles. As you can see on the illustration below, but pupils are a little closer to each other than the eyes are.

Step 5

Step 6

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Final Step Detail Your Fish

The last thing to do is of course, give your cartoon fish some details. What details you ask?

Well, before you add any details to your cartoon fish, have a look at the final fish drawing to the left. Notice something?

Almost all of the details that I added were done using simple arcs small curved lines thats it. This goes for the eyebrows, the corner of the mouth, the right side of the mouth, and the tongue as well.

Other details like extra fins, teeth, and color Ill leave completely up to you.

And thats how to draw a simple cartoon fish, straight and to the point. I recommend you try this lesson a second time, but instead of a circle, use a long oval and see if you can get something more like a barracuda or a pike!

Have fun!

How To Draw A Fish Step By Step For Kids

Grab your pencil tightly and learn how to make this cartoon fish drawing. It wont take your time. You might need to put some of your efforts to draw. After this, you will come to know some fun facts about drawing. This drawing might give you a huge reward! Indeed. Just feel easy and draw.;

Showing your love of sea creatures and draw a beautiful fish for your friends. You can impress your teachers and parents with your cool illustration work. But dont worry about practicing for some attempts. You will become the master of any drawing if you give more concentration to this work.

Material You Need:

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Third Step A Big Mouth

Big eyes sure. Big mouth? Yep, fish have big mouths too!

Starting at the point where the bottom right eye of your cartoon fish ends, draw a curved line that extends out and away from the left side of the circle.

Have this line slowly wrap around, down and to the right as it continues back towards the lower half of the circle.

This curve that you just drew is the edge of the upper lip. Keep going with this same line across the circle, over the center line and all the way over to the left side of the circle just underneath the left eye.

Then, draw a similar line for the lower mouth that curves down and to the left and then back again to the center line. When youre done youve got a big mouth for your cartoon fish!

How To Draw A Cute Starfish

How to Draw a Cute Fish from Alphabet C

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Starfish, also called sea stars, are ocean dwelling animals. They live all over the world, from tropical coral reefs to frigid polar ice caps, from the seashore to the deepest abysses.

They are ancient animals, appearing long ago in the fossil record. Starfish are predators; although they move slowly, they hunt other animals such as corals or molluscs.

Many sea stars have five arms, as in our drawing, but others have six, seven, ten, or fifteen arms. Starfish can regrow a lost arm; some can even grow into two separate individuals if cut in half.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

The starfish in our drawing guide resembles Peach from Disney’s Finding Nemo , who was often seen sticking to the aquarium glass.

Did you know? The starfish does not actually have suction cups on its underside. Instead, it has “tube feet.” Tube feet use chemicals rather than suction to adhere to objects.

Other famous starfish include Patrick Star from Nickelodeon’s animated series, Spongebob Squarepants.

Starfish are also frequent design features in art, decor, clothing, and accessories.

Would you like to draw a colorful starfish? This simple, step-by-step starfish drawing tutorial is here to help. All you will need is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and an eraser. You may also wish to use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to highlight your finished drawing.

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How To Draw A Different Fish: Outline The Drawing

Step 1: Outline the fish from sketch

Time to grab your soft pencil for the outline.

Start tracing the belly fins first. That way you will know where to split the line for the belly, so our fins look like they are on the top.

Then trace the rest of the fish and the top fin.

Step 2: Add more details

As you can see, we gave our mackerel a bit of a cartoon face, by drawing a simple nose and mouth and adding two dots for eyes.

Complete the drawing with a few lines in each fin for more detail and we are done.

First Step Draw A Circle And A Cross

Keep your lines extra light for this first step. Take out your pencil and very lightly, sketch out a circle. Its even better if you use a dotted line.

Next, draw in a cross just like weve done in other lessons. Start with a centered horizontal line, and then draw a vertical line both shifted and curving towards the left.

Comparing this first phase to the finished example above, its easy to see that the cross will be used to map out the face. If you can, visualize the cartoon fish as though it were swimming horizontally, yet slightly turning to the left as if to say, “hello!

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Fish For Coloring And Painting

We start with the fish drawings with this funny cartoon drawing. The good thing about the cartoon is that the cartoonist has total freedom to do what he wants with the drawing. In this case, the fish is female, with long eyelashes and very thick lips. Thing totally unreal but very funny.

Here I leave you a drawing fish of the classic orange fish, which everyone has because they are very resistant. They are also in white and mixed colors. The fish in reality are very beautiful, but you can paint them even better.

Continuing with the cartoons inside the fish drawings, here you have a slightly chubby fish that seems to be very happy because he is smiling. They are the cartoon drawings that are very funny and that you can use to decorate your room once you draw them.

How To Draw A Cartoon Fish

How to Draw a Cute Fish Emoji – Draw a Cute Scared little Fish Step by Step for Beginners | BP

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Have you ever wondered how to draw a cute cartoon fish? It’s very simple and easy to do, and you use simple shapes! Here’s how to do it.

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How To Draw A Fish From Triangles: Finished Drawing

How to draw a fish from triangles: finished outline drawing

And here is what our drawing looks like after we have cleaned up the sketch lines with an eraser.

A good looking tri-angle-angel fish, I say.

How to draw a fish from triangles: finished drawing coloured-in

Lets colour in our fish.

Tropical fish can be very brightly coloured. So here I have painted mine a shiny yellow with pink fins.

What colour is yours going to be?

Oh, and did you notice? I have not coloured the body in completely. I have left a white patch in the middle. That way it looks like there is a light reflecting on our fish, so it is not looking flat. Nice simple trick, isnt it?

You Can Find Other Tutorials On Drawing Different Animals In Drawing

Let’s draw together, and please follow the steps. Follow the instructions in the Today we learn how to draw a fish! This page will focus on teaching you how to draw a fish easy & simple. Also, since these are easy drawings, they can be done with just a marker or pencil, no need for expensive art tools. You all can draw it using any brand of marker,. It’s super easy art tutorial for beginners, only follow me step by step, if you need more time, you can mak. You can find other tutorials on drawing different animals in drawing. These could even be drawn by kids as well. Draw this cute fish by following this drawing lesson. This is so easy and perfect for little kids who are just learning how to draw and color.

How To Draw A Fish Easy – Malt Man Einen Fisch Clip Art Library. It’s super easy art tutorial for beginners, only follow me step by step, if you need more time, you can mak. Draw this cute fish by following this drawing lesson. These could even be drawn by kids as well. You all can draw it using any brand of marker,. This is so easy and perfect for little kids who are just learning how to draw and color.

You all can draw it using any brand of marker,. Follow the instructions in the Also, since these are easy drawings, they can be done with just a marker or pencil, no need for expensive art tools.

You all can draw it using any brand of marker,. Draw this cute fish by following this drawing lesson. These could even be drawn by kids as well.

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How To Draw A Fish From Triangles: Outline The Drawing

Step 1: Draw the angelfish fish from the sketch

Now comes the fun part. Lets draw the outline of our angelfish.;Start with the mouth, followed by the inner eye. Next the line between the eye and mouth. Now you can add the second eye, which is partially hidden.

After that do the body. Start with the top and bottom straight line. Easy!

Now for the tricky part. As you can see, we have only used the sketch as a guideline. Draw a smooth curve from the top of the fin down and then turn tightly across into the tail curve. Same trick from the tip of the lower fin. Well done!

All that is left is to close the tail with another arc, so it has a nice pointy tips.

The final lines go from the tip of the top and bottom fins to the tail. These more or less follow our original triangle line, although we have bent them slightly as well.

Step 2: Add the stripes and detail

Time to make our tropical fish pretty!

I really liked the striped version of the angelfish. Look up pterophyllum altum angelfish, if you want to see what the real fish looks like.

Our version is simplified into a cartoon so we can make the stripes look like a pretty hair. That is called an artistic license when we are drawing, we can draw what we want.

Finally, add some texture lines to the fins and tail.

Sixth Step Finally The Tail

How to Draw Easy Things – How to Draw a Fish (Angelfish) – Cute Drawings – Fun2draw Online Art Class

Start by completing the back-end of your cartoon fish. Simply follow along the path of the upper right and lower right parts of the circle.

Be sure to leave room to draw the tail of your cartoon fish extending out and to the right.

And now the second part where you need to be careful in placing your lines. Start the upper part of the tail at the green dot you see to the right. Slightly overlap the top-curved line to create the desired 3D effect.

After the first curved line of the upper tail is in place, go to town and have some more fun creating the rest of it. Surely you can come up with some pretty unique and even wacky ideas for the tail!

Tail connected and functional? Very nice one final step and youre done!

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How To Draw A Different Fish: Finished Drawing

How to draw a different fish: finished outline drawing

Time to clean up the sketch lines with an eraser and our mackerel is done!

How to draw a different fish: finished drawing coloured-in

Lets colour it in mackerels are; silvery, with a bit of blue for the colour.

And since we gave our fish a friendly cartoon face, we can also give it a crazy blue head.

Draw Bubbles Coming Out Of Its Mouth

Draw multiple circle shapes above the head of the fish to create bubbles. This will create an illusion that the fish is breathing underwater, making it appear more realistic.

As you can see, the fish drawing is complete. All its missing is a dash of colors to make the fish vibrant and colorful!

Now that we have successfully drawn a fish, its finally time for the most exciting part, which is picking the colors and coloring your drawing!

This is the part where you can showcase your artistic skills and your ability to mix and match various colors.

Depending on the species, fishes come in a wide range of colors. So, youll definitely have a lot of color options to choose from when coloring your fish. Have fun playing with colors and watch as the fish ultimately comes to life!

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