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How To Draw A Cute Hamster

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Adding Highlights And Contours

How to Draw a Hamster Super Easy

For a little more shading, use a light grey shade and gently contour the inner ears and the face. Begin with a soft brush using grey paint to add gentle contouring to the inner ears and lightly around the face. Next, choose a light pinkish or peach shade to color the nose, and then use the grey again to contour the nostril holes. You can use this sameshade of pink to color in the hamsters mouth.

For the hands and feet, apply a patchy coat of white paint followed by a coat of light pink shade. You can finish this step by using a dark black color to darken the eyes and adding a touch of white to the reflection spots.

Adding Highlights To The Strawberry

To make the strawberry look a little more realistic, we are going to add shadows and highlights. Using a very small brush and a dark shade of red, color in the very center of each pip. Once you have each of your dark pips in place, use a white shade to lightly create curved frames around each pip. The top of the strawberry should have the lightest highlights, and you can use fewer highlights towards the bottom.

To add realism to the strawberry leaf, add a little yellow highlight.

Cute And Easy Cartoon Hamster Drawing

It may seem that at this stage it will be difficult for you to draw. Not at all. First draw two ears, eyes and a nose. You see, the hamster is already looking at you, as if asking, lets draw on. Draw three paws, the fourth in this figure will not be visible. And now you need to draw the hamsters face. From the middle of the nose, drawdown two connecting oval lines and draw a neckline just below the circumference of the head.

Before that, we drew contours to help you withstand the basic proportions of the body and head. At this step, you will need to carefully draw other small details of the hamster, so take your time. If necessary, wash with an eraser and correct inaccurate lines. But first, remove the extra contour lines from the hamsters drawing.

This step is the most difficult because you need to draw a muzzle in detail. Start with it. First, draw what seems easy to you. Remove the contour lines for the eyes and nose. The eyes should be slightly elongated just like the nose. Draw pencil points for the pupils and draw the nostrils. Now you can also point out the mustache with dots on the face and go to the ears. Draw the claws on the legs, they are also easy to draw. And the last thing that needs to be done is to outline the areas on the skin of the hamster, including the face, where a different shade of paint or a simple pencil will be applied.

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How To Draw A Rodent Using A Few Cute Examples

Learn how to draw a rodent using these fun examples featuring a mouse, a rat, a hamster and a squirrel. In these lessons, you will learn how to illustrate fun and simple cartoon animals using a basic template that can be applied to all of them. Even more interesting is the fact that you can draw virtually any character you can think of using these basic shapes. Ready? Let’s proceed with the first character … a charming mouse!

Do you like this illustration? Good news! It can be yours now! Learn how 🙂

Drawing a nice cartoon mouse in four easy steps

First, draw the body and the head using long curved lines. Add the ears using shorter lines. Next, work on the face of the animal using small dots for the eyes and a large line for the mouth. Don’t forget to add whiskers, a tooth and a patch around the mouth.

Draw the legs using short curved lines. Longer lines are needed to illustrate the tail of the character. Draw a simple patch on the chest using a curved line. Complete this lesson by adding gray colors on the character.

An adorable hamster made from simple lines

For this second tutorial, let’s work on a cute cartoon hamster using the same template for the head and the body. Next, draw ears using short curved lines. Once again, the face is done using dots for the eyes and the nose and lines for the whiskers, mouth and patch.

a beautiful rat is the subject of this third tutorial

a colorful cartoon squirrel to complete this fun series

About The Cute Hamster

How to Draw Cute Hamster (Super Easy) – Step by Step Tutorial

Hamsters are small rodents that have been domesticated for a long time as pets, belongs to subfamily Cricetinae, containing about 25 species, divided into 6 to 7 genera. Despite such variety, there are currently only about five domesticated pet breeds including the Syrian Hamster, Winter White Hamster, Campbells Hamster, Roborovski Hamster and Chinese Hamster.

There is some interesting information about them that you may not know such as they live at night, likes to be alone, are professional diggers, the hamster can store food in a pouch in the cheek, are very clean animalsand more

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Cute Hamster Drawing Step By Step For Kids

June 24, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Hamsters

This is a cute hamster sitting on the ground, as if listening to a story obediently. Daytime is basically a rest time for hamsters, they like to haunt at night.

Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this cute hamster, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!


Preschoolers and kids of all ages


How to draw a cute hamster

1.Draw the outline of your body first. Draw it larger.

2.Draw two oval black eyes. Then draw a small oval in the middle of the eyes as the nose, and then draw the mouth.

3. Draw two small ears at the top of the head, and a curve in each ear. Then draw two “U” shapes as arms.

4.Draw two feet on the bottom. They are made of ovals of different sizes.

5.Draw a big circle for the hamster’s tummy.

6. Finally, simply color it and the cute hamster is done!

Constructing The Body Of Your Hamster Sketch

For many beginner artists, knowing where to start tackling a complicated subject like a hamster is the most difficult part of the drawing stage. If you were to start by drawing the head and facial features, and then discover that you have not left enough space for the rest of the body, you are likely to feel a little disheartened.

It is to avoid these problems that we like to begin every animal drawing with construction shapes and lines. Using basic shapes and lines to plan out the fundamental shape of our animal before we add any details, helps us make sure we have the right proportions and that we can fit our whole drawing on the canvas.

When it comes to drawing animals, the most common shape we use as the foundation for the body as a whole is an oval. You can probably see it coming, but we are going to begin constructing our hamster sketch with an egg-shaped oval. You want the top of your oval to lean slightly to the left, as you can see in our example below. The most important thing to remember in this first step is to make sure that there is plenty of space all around your oval, leaving room for other construction lines.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Hamster That Looks Simply Adorable

Learn how to draw a nice and cute cartoon hamster! So you might ask yourself, what is exactly the difference between a mouse, a rat and a hamster? Well, first, the mouse and the hamster don’t belong in the species.

And anatomically, mouse do have a longer tail and larger ears. Also, the body of the hamster is rounder and smaller. So let’s try to draw a nice hamster following all these guidelines as accurately as possible!

Do you like this illustration? Good news! It can be yours now! Learn how 🙂

Step 1

Start your project by drawing a nice oval shape to create the head. Don’t hesitate to sketch it big! Since the body of the hamster is small, drawing a smaller head will enhance this perception!

Step 2

Next, add two small circles to create the ears. Once you are finished, draw another big circle to form the body of your hamster. You can draw this shape really close to the head since the neck of this animal is barely visible.

Step 3

Continue your illustration by creating the eyes. I like to draw the eye on the far side a little bit smaller. You can also sketch the front and back legs of your hamster. Simply draw a circle for the hands and two rectangles to create the legs.

Step 4

Now let’s refine the shape of our beloved animal! You can join the right ear and the head together. Make sure that the tip of this ear is narrow and pointed. Do the same for the ear on the left.

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Adding Fur And Fine Details

How To Draw Hamster

In this step, we are going to add a fur texture to the whole body of the hamster and add the pip details on the strawberry. For the strawberry, draw some slightly uneven oval shapes throughout the body of the strawberry.

Begin adding fur to the head, with a few gentle hairlines flowing out and up from the center of the face. You want to make sure that the fur flows equally in all directions around the facial features. You can also add some fine streaks of hair inside the hamsters ears. Continue to add fur throughout the rest of the hamsters body, but do not add fur to the hands or feet.

To make your hamster look as realistic as possible, you should follow the curves of the body with the hairlines. You can also use a range of longer and shorter lines to create natural variety.

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How To Draw A Adorable Hamster

I know you also love the hamster like me, and you want to learn how to draw them right? Let me show you how to draw a hamster with 10 steps below, all of these drawing tutorials are very easy for beginners.

You can draw even more adorable animals with animal drawings at

Hope you like this cute hamster drawing!

Learn How To Draw A Hamster A Popular Pet For Children A Step By Step Tutorial Will Show How To Get All Those Hamster Features Just Right

Hamsters may be small, but as friendly little pets they sure have big hearts. They are one of the most popular small animal pets for both children and adults.

A few fun facts about hamsters is that some can grow to be 13 long, others as short as 2, and they are known to love to exercise. Male hamsters are called boars, female are called sows and baby hamsters pups.

With that in mind, a few key features will keep your animal drawing look like a hamster. The large head and eyes, fat plump body, and short tail will all add up to something that looks just like an adorable hamster. The step by step tutorial that you can download below will help children of all ages do just that.

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How To Draw A Hamster

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Hamsters are great animals for intermediate artists to practice their animal sketching. While hamsters’ structure appears to be simple, they have specific defining features that can be perfected to make your drawing realistic. So grab a piece of paper and a pencil and let’s get started!

Drawing The Facial Details

How to Draw a Cute Hamster Step-By-Step for Kids

In this step, we are going to use the construction lines in the face to draw the hamsters eyes, nose, and whiskers. Begin by drawing two eyes on the horizontal construction line. You want these eyes to be slightly almond-shaped, with a wider base and a more pointy top. Leave one or two blank dots inside the eye, to represent the reflection of light in the iris.

Further down the vertical construction line, just above the mouth, draw two curved lines that look a little like a 3 lying on its back. These curved shapes represent the nostrils of the hamster. Around this nostril, add some dotted details, and finish the face by adding quite a few whiskers on either side of the nose.

When you are happy with your hamsters face, you can erase all the construction lines that are still visible.

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Outlining The Head Of Your Hamster Drawing

It is finally time to start putting our construction lines to use to create the final outline of the hamsters body. We have split the outlining process into several stages because the hamster is quite intricate and we want to make sure each step is as clear and easy-to-follow as possible.

Using the general shape of the construction line to help you, begin by using short strokes of your pen to draw the very top part of the hamsters head. You want to give the impression of fur with these short strokes. When you have completed this top part, take a smooth line onto each of the ear construction lines. You can outline the ears with smooth lines, but when it comes to the bottom of the ear ovals, create lines using short strokes that cut across the bottom of the oval. You can then continue to use these short strokes to outline the rest of the face.

You can see from our example that you should not follow the shape of the construction oval exactly. Around the cheeks, you can take the line out significantly further than the construction line to create the chubby cheeks of your hamster.

When you get to the bottom of the hamsters face, you can bring the outline up slightly to meet on the central face construction line. Finally, draw two oval lines below this point to represent the mouth and lower lip. Both of these lines can be slightly furry.

Outlining The Rest Of The Body

In this step, you are going to use all the other construction lines to outline the shape of your hamsters entire body. To create the realistic impression of fur, you need to use the same short strokes to complete the whole outline, excluding the hands and feet.

As with all drawing tutorials using construction lines, the trick is not to follow them too closely. For the outline of the main body, for example, you can add a few lumps and bumps to make the outline more realistic.

For the hands and feet, use the construction shapes to help you shape the features. Draw four fairly chunky little fingers on each of the hands, and three on each foot. Make sure that you draw the right foot with the toes facing the left! Finally, add some sharp little nails to each finger and toe.

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Adding The First Coat Of Color

When it comes to achieving a natural look with the color of your hamster drawing, we need to work in several layers. We begin with a base coat, and then we will add highlights and shadows for depth and realism. For the base coat, you should choose quite a lightbrown shadeof paint or pencil. You can use this color to color the entire body of the hamster, including the hands and feet.

Rmemeber not to color the strawberry in!

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

How to draw cute Hamsters!

Step 1

To get started, draw the head. Make it quite large, with it slightly wider at the top for ears.

Step 2

To draw faces, first start with two eyes. Connect the eyes with a straight line downwards and then back. At the bottom, add a ring for the nose, and a line for the mouth.

Step 3

Draw the first leg. Start from the left and go down, and add fingers to the feet. Leave space for the other leg

Step 4

Repeat Step 4, except starting on the right side this time.

Step 5

Drawing the body, its just a curve coming from below the right ear

Step 6

Continue the line and make a leg for the hind leg, then connect it to the body. Finish and color.

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