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How To Draw A Cute Koala

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Learn How To Draw A Koala The Easy Way This Step By Step Tutorial Keeps The Shapes Really Simple So Everyone Can Have Fun Drawing One

How to Draw a Koala Super Easy and Cute

Although you may have heard people call them koala bears, these animals arent bears at all they are in fact . As group of mammals, most marsupials have pouches where their newborns develop. Call them a koala bear and someone in Australia will be flinching at the mistake. Those that know and love these animals hate to see misinformation spread about them.

While koalas are not officially endangered right now, their status is unstable and population numbers are dropping. Their decline is due to a combination of climate crises, bushfires, habitat loss, tree clearing and disease. The WWF-Australia has warned that koalas could become extinct in New South Wales, Australias most populous state by 2050.

This simple tutorial was made to bring more awareness to the plight of these fascinating and adorable animals. The body has been simplified to just a few easy shapes to draw, but the overall look is still as cute as ever.

Koala Coloring Page

How To Draw A Koala & Kiwi

Today we have been focusing on the letter K and how to draw a koala & kiwi. Not only do we have a quick and easy picture tutorial showing how we like to draw these unique but we also have some fun letter K colouring sheets. We have all of your letter K activities sorted today!

These drawings go along with our Recycled Frame Craft. This is a fun craft where we made frames from an old box and drew pictures to go in them. No matter what you are wanting your koala or kiwi to go with it doesnt get much easier to draw these unique animals.

Along with our letter K printables we have also included some cool koala and kiwi facts so you can learn more about these interesting animals.

Learn How To Draw A Koala And Show Your Support For The Wildlife In Australia That Needs Our Help After Dealing With Massive Fires

NOTE: This cute guy is often mistakenly referred to as a Koala Bear, but he should correctly just be called a Koala. Turns out its a common mistake many people make, but an easy one to fix, so I hope to do my part.

There are a few details that you need to watch when drawing a Koala, to keep him or her from looking like any other kind of cute furry creature.

Make sure you draw a head that is wide at the cheeks, ears that are shaggy, and a dark oval for the mouth and nose. Chubby arms with little paws help too.

Once they are drawn and traced, all you need is a good gray marker to add some shadows. May favorite Stabilo markers used on drawing paper work great for this.

Note: An easier Koala tutorial is available below this one. Keep scrolling down to find it.

Koala Coloring Page

  • Black Sharpie marker, fine tip
  • Stabilo Markers

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By Step Drawing Tutorial On How To Draw A Cute Koala Easily

Time needed: 30 minutes.

images to draw a Kawaii Koala.

  • Draw a 2D shape as shown below.
  • join a U curve with it.
  • Draw a V and 2 C curves.
  • sketch the ears
  • sketch leaves and a V curve joining the ear of the koala.
  • add more details on the face.
  • remove unnecessary lines, outline with the sketch pen or marker and then colour your kawaii koala sketch.
  • how is your completed kawaii koala sketch looking, i think you enjoyed this step by step illustration .

    and this illustration helped you in sketching koala easily.

    and thanku soooo much for visiting my website.

    if you enjoyed this tutorial

    tell me in the comment below .

    there is animal step-by-step drawing tutorial for you.

    How To Draw A Baby Koala Step By Step

    How to Draw a Cute Koala, Drawing Animal

    For this picture the baby koala or the joey is hanging on to its mother. Draw a slightly curved line to represent the top of the head.

    How To Draw A Koala Super Easy And Cute Drawing For Kids Cute Drawings Cute Animal Drawings

    Draw an outline of a Tree trunk in the background.

    How to draw a baby koala step by step. So make sure the baby koalas body is on the back of the mother Koala. Learn to draw a cartoon baby like this is a very simple and fun thing suitable for preschoolers and kids of all ages. The only thing cuter than a koala is a koala and a baby.

    Connect the front body. Koala drawing step 1 1. Start the koala by drawing the head.

    No not a koala bear theres no such thing. Finish the outline of the head. This drawing may look pretty.

    Now we add the big nose. Another fun animal from Australia this time lets learn how to draw a koala using a cool design as our template. Even though they look like bears they are actually marsupials related to kangaroos and opossums.

    How to Draw a Koala For Kids Step-by-Step Tutorial. Draw two parallel lines joining the hind foot and the front hand to make a thick branch. Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

    So lets draw a koala in pencil step by step. Also draw a circle under the Koala Bears smile. It has an egg shape in the middle of the head with a small v at the bottom to make the nostrils.

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    How To Draw A Koala Animal Drawings Koala Drawings

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    You Can Refer To The Simple Step

    Step 1

    Well start with Koalas head. Draw two large round ears and then the contour of the face. Add feathers under the ears for more detail.

    Step 2

    Next draw the eyes and mouth. Give Koala a round nose the same size as the eye.

    Step 3

    Now we will draw two curves from the head down to make the body.

    Step 4

    Draw two ovals for the foot, and add two more lines to make the toes of the koala. Connect the feet with a line to complete the contour of the body.

    Step 5

    All thats left to do now is pull the arm for Koala. Draw your fingers and your Koala is done! In the end lets color your bear.

    How To Draw A Koala Clip Art Made From Simple Lines

    In this simple lesson, you will learn to draw a cute koala clip art using a basic step-by-step tutorial. In just four accessible steps, you can create a cool character like the one found below. Don’t worry! This lesson can easily be achieved by anyone, including beginners. Ready? Let’s start by taking a look at a nice video to help you understand how this exotic cartoon animal was created …

    A few minutes and we are done!

    The short video below shows how a few basic shapes are used to illustrate a template used to form the character. Then, you can draw thick and beautiful lines to illustrate the koala. Finally, adding a few colors can be a good idea to enhance the final result. If you need more guidance, simply scroll down to have access to more information …

    A cool koala clip art that everyone will enjoy!

    Like I said earlier, the first step consists of creating a few basic shapes to create a simple guideline. You can start with the ears using two small circles. The head is made from a large rectangle. The nose is done using a smaller rectangle. The body is created from a square and the feet with small oval shapes. Both hands are done from curved lines. Eyes are made from small dots.

    Next, you can draw the character itself using thick pointed lines. You can add some hair on the ears and on top of the head. Notice how the head is made from a shape with round corners and edges. Once you are finished, you can erase all gray lines found on this illustration.

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    Cute Koala Pictures To Draw

    Follow along to learn how to draw this cartoon Koala easy step by step. Luxury free printable coloring pages for cute colouring sheets the.

    No Photo Description Available Cute Kawaii Animals Cute Animal Drawings Cute Kawaii Drawings

    See more ideas about koala koala drawing koalas.

    Cute koala pictures to draw. Hours of fun await you by coloring a free drawing animals koala It has a small stocky body rather short limbs and large round ears. Draw an outline of a Tree trunk in the background. Sep 25 2018 Explore Peggy Bookeys board Koala on Pinterest.

    Cute Koalas Cute Koa. 2Draw two large ears and draw a curve in each ear. Ok so I thought I would do an Aussie nail art post.

    Have fun discovering pictures to print and drawings to color. Drawing online for free. 121240633 Cute cartoon baby koala drawing.

    Add the claws and facial details to finish the drawing of the Koala. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images photos and vectors. This is its favorite eucalyptus leaves.

    5Draw three leaves on the hands. Download in under 30 seconds. All the best Koala Drawing Cute 38 collected on this page.

    Kawaii cuddly Koala bear drawing for kidsThanks for watching. Heres a 440 minute video showing you how to draw another version of a Koala climbing a tree. A couple of weeks ago a kangaroo just happened to be outside my front door which is amazing since 1 I live in a capital city and 2 I live in a built up apartment block type area.

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    Fun Koala And Kiwi Facts

    How to Draw a Cute Koala


    • Koalas are marsupials not bears even though they are often called koala bears.
    • Koalas are native to Australia.
    • They eat gum leaves which are usually toxic to other animals.
    • Koalas are nocturnal which means that they are mainly active at night.
    • A newborn koala is only the size of a jelly bean.


    • A kiwi is about the size of a chicken.
    • Kiwis are found only in New Zealand.
    • Kiwis are the only birds that have nostrils on the tips of their beaks.
    • These lovely birds can not fly.

    Remember to check out our recycled box frame craft to make an awesome frame to display your new drawing in!

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    Try This Easy Koala Drawing

    The best pencil to use for this drawing is one with a hard lead, such as an HB. Hard lead lines are lighter than soft lead lines. This allows the artist to paint over the initial sketch without the lines showing through. It also makes it possible to fully erase the original and unnecessary sketch marks.

    Its also important to use heavyweight paper when working with watercolor paint. Papers that are less than 140lb/300gsm tend to buckle and warp once they get wet.

    How To Draw A Koala

    In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Koala in 6 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

    The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

    Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

    At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Koala.

    Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

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    First Step How To Draw A Koala Framework

    If drawing a framework is something you find to be of help, heres a quick and simple way to go about it. Notice how a koala can be broken down into a series of simple circles six in total when drawn in this position.

    Heres how to do it

    Looking at the finished framework above, you can see that drawing a koala is much easier when you keep the big picture in mind. The baby in this lesson and position, can be drawn as a small replica of the original, as it really helps to simplify things, letting you focus on the fun part drawing your koala to look as cute and unique as ever!

    Of course if you only want to draw one, then do so. Ok, heres how to draw the actual koala now

    How To Draw A Cuute Koala

    How to Draw a Koala

    In each eye draw a tiny circle within a circle. Detail the koalas face.

    How To Draw Koala Bear Easy Drawing Step By Step Perfect For Kids Let S Draw Kids Http Letsdrawkids Com Koala Drawing Easy Drawings Cartoon Drawings

    2Draw an arc at the top then draw an elliptical big ear on each side.

    How to draw a cuute koala. Httpsformsglet1cfKK8BY1gAoaXN7In this art video I show you how to draw a cu. I have always enjoyed drawing and being creative since I was a little girl. I use lots of mediums including watercolour acrylics pencils and digitalI also enjoy all kinds of crafts and making things.

    And its mouth is full of leaves. Have an epic moment in Apex Legends. Of course if you only want to draw one then do so.

    Ok heres how to draw the actual koala now Second Step Lets Draw Some Koalas. Shade between the two circles indicating the pupil. 3Draw two arms with your hands under your mouth.

    How to draw a koala eating. All the best Cute Koala Bear Drawing 37 collected on this page. And then draw little eyes and a big nose.

    The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved. All the best Cute Koala Drawing 40 collected on this page. Follow along with us and learn how to draw a cute cartoon koala.

    Then draw three furry legs and remember to make their hands and feet pointy. 4Draw legs of the koala sitting position. Below are the individual steps you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

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    How To Draw A Eating Koala Easy Step By Step For Kids

    March 02, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Wild Animals

    This is a cute koala, It is fat and has no tail. It is holding a lot of eucalyptus leaves, and enjoys the delicious happily.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this koala out, very simple. If kids like it, follow the steps below to try it out!


    Preschoolers and kids of all ages


    How to draw a koala eating

    1.Draw the outline of the head, nearly round.

    2.Draw two large ears, and draw a curve in each ear.

    3.Draw eyes, nose and mouth. And its mouth is full of leaves.

    4.Draw two hands, as if holding something.

    5.Draw three leaves on the hands. This is its favorite eucalyptus leaves.

    6. Draw the body, belly and feet. Then draw a short tail, even though the koala doesnt actually have a tail.

    7.Finally, color it carefully, and this eating koala is done!

    How To Draw A Koala Easy

    We tried to create a fairly simple tutorial but if you follow the sequence of steps you will get a pretty cool result. For this pose you will need to draw your branch vertically.

    How To Draw A Koala Youtube Koala Drawing Cute Drawings Cute Disney Drawings

    How to draw a koala bear step by step easy.

    How to draw a koala easy. View by Slideshow Start by How to Draw a Koala Read More. 12 Steps to draw a Koala. Finish the outline of the head.

    In this simple step by step guide learn how to draw a Koala in a simple and interactive way. A koala uses both the front and the hind paws for gripping the branch so draw the lines for the hind paws at the same level as those for the right front paw. Section off the face.

    This will form the tree branch that the koala is clinging to. Begin by drawing a set of parallel curved lines. Koala drawing step 2.

    Its very easy to draw the hind paws by using a guideline. Now add a nose of a koala bear. Then draw three furry legs and remember to make their hands and feet pointy.

    Connect the front body. Below are the individual steps you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version. Draw the koalas front legs with nails and the body.

    It looks like three rounded shapes arranged vertically. Firstly we sketch out the outlines of the body of our koala. Koala is a bearlike arboreal Australian marsupial that has thick gray fur and feeds on eucalyptus leaves.

    How To Draw A Koala Koala Drawing Drawings Koala

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    How To Draw Koala Bear

    Are you looking for ways on how to draw koala easily? Youre in the right place. Here are some ways that you can learn how to draw koala bear step by step.

    Feel free to repin the ones you like for easy reference and remember to to receive your monthly FREE bullet journal inspiration email every month!

    If you are looking for more tutorials, you can check out the tutorial collections here.

    Your favourite source of bullet journal ideas.

    You can easily find the best bullet journal ideas and inspirations in neatly organised categories HERE

    How To Draw A Koala With Cute Large Ears

    How to draw a cute koala, drawing of a cute animal

    Another fun animal from Australia, this time lets learn how to draw a koala using a cool design as our template. This cute animal is sedentary and can sleep up to 20 hours per day. Despite being a little bit lazy, its a challenging character to draw since many large shapes are needed to depict the large ears and the long nose properly.

    Still, the lesson below is quite easy to complete once you are familiar with the technique. Below is a finished version filled with flat colors . As you can see, this cartoon character is quite easy to draw once you are more familiar with its anatomy.

    Step 1

    Cool! Lets start working on this koala by adding a large oval shape to illustrate the head. Next, use a small rectangle to create the body. Make sure the head is at least twice the size of the body.

    Step 2

    Continue working on this adorable cartoon animal by creating the front legs using the top of a circle. When you are done, you can illustrate the back legs using long curved lines like shown in the illustration below.

    Step 3

    Nice! One thing that is easily noticeable on a koala are the long ears. You can draw these ears using large rectangles. As you can see below, the top of the shape must be rounded.

    Step 4

    Its now time to add some details inside the head. Create the eyes and the pupils using large circular shapes. The nose must be made from a long oval shape.

    Step 5

    This is our cartoon koala now that all steps are completed.

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