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How To Draw A Cute Mouth

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Shade Each Tooth And Blend

Drawing of a mouth with cute red lips

Shade each tooth one at a time using an HB pencil, leaving certain areas highlighted to give the teeth more shape and make them appear glossy. It is important to use HB lead to prevent yourself from shading darker than you need to. Go over each tooth with a clean blending stump to smooth out the harsh lines. Stay within the lines when you are blending.

UPDATE: If youre stuck on any step, please watch the video version of this tutorial where I draw the mouth in real time, step-by-step.

How To Draw Anime & Manga Mouths On The Head

To get the placement of an anime mouth on the head you can vertically divide the face up into eight parts and position it just a bit above the first division from the bottom. Of course you dont need to do this every time you draw as usually you can just estimate the placement.

When drawing the whole face you can place the mouth just a bit above the halfway point between the lower part of the nose and the bottom of the chin.

The position of the mouth can somewhat shift based on the expression but generally for a closed mouth it will be close to the example above.

If you want to draw lips on an anime style mouth you can also check:

How To Shade The Lower Lip

For the male, the lower lip is not going to be very defined. You can see in the example that a line has been drawn to establish the lower lip, but this line does not extend up towards the corners of the mouth.

The only real shading that has been added here helps to show the thickness of the lower lip by indicating the shadow below it.

For the female, you can use a line to fully establish the outline of the lower lip. Notice in the examples of the female mouth drawing above and below the creases at the side of the mouth have been darkened to give a more three-dimensional feeling to the edges of the mouth.

Notice the shading that has been added to the upper lip. This is because of the angle of the overhead light will cause the protruding downward facing upper lip to be in shadow. The lower lip points more upward thus catching more light.

When learning how to draw the male and female mouth, sometimes the natural gloss and wetness of the lips will catch the light on the lower lip and create a nice highlight from the overhead lighting, giving them a lighter appearance.

Here is a close-up view of the shaded male mouth drawing.

Here is a close-up view of the shaded female mouth drawing.

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How To Draw A Puzzled Anime Mouth

This type of an expression can be used for a character that is confused, thinking or trying to remember something.

Once again as the mouth is open you will generally want to position the jaw lower down when drawing it.

Make the shape of the mouth itself similar to an O. You can also add a small curve below it to give a hint of the bottom lip.

Like in the previous example you can again shade the inside of the mouth to be fairly dark.

How To Draw An Embarrassed Anime Mouth

How to Draw Cute Girl Cartoon Mouths

This is a slightly different version of an embarrassed mouth. In this case it shows more of an surprise. For example the character being caught of guard doing something they dont want other to see.

This type of an expression can often be followed by the one in the previous example.

Draw this mouth slightly open and fairly wide. Make its bottom a little bit wider than the top.

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How To Draw A Scared Anime Mouth

Drawing the mouth in this way can be used to show a somewhat scared or stated expression. However if you want the character to look really scared you can actually draw the mouth the same as for the yelling expression.

As the mouth is open you can draw the jaw lower down. Make the shape of the mouth itself similar to an upside down bean. You can also shade it after drawing the outline.

How To Draw An Upset Anime Mouth

This type of a mouth can be used for an upset or very embarrassed expression.

For this type of an expression you can make the mouth fairly wide and draw it as a series of waves. Unlike the sly mouth this one doesnt need to be symmetrical.

You can also draw a tiny upside down curve to give a hint of the bottom lip.

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Sixth Step Finally The Tail

Start by completing the back-end of your cartoon fish. Simply follow along the path of the upper right and lower right parts of the circle.

Be sure to leave room to draw the tail of your cartoon fish extending out and to the right.

And now the second part where you need to be careful in placing your lines. Start the upper part of the tail at the green dot you see to the right. Slightly overlap the top-curved line to create the desired 3D effect.

After the first curved line of the upper tail is in place, go to town and have some more fun creating the rest of it. Surely you can come up with some pretty unique and even wacky ideas for the tail!

Tail connected and functional? Very nice one final step and youre done!

Draw The Left Side Of The Bottom Lip

How to Draw Manga Mouths, Four Different Ways

After completing the outline of the upper lip, we will now be moving on to the bottom lip.

Beginning from the left endpoint of the upper lip, draw a downward curved line until youre aligned with the cupids bow on the upper lip.

Remember, the further you go down when drawing the bottom lip, the more plump your lips will look. If you want to draw thin lips, the line should only be slightly curved.

But if you want a fuller lips like the one shown in the illustration, draw a downward sloping curved line.

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Drawing Anime & Manga Style Lips

Just like real lips anime and manga style lips come in different shapes and sizes. There are also various degrees of complexity and realism depending on the style and the artists preference.

In the above illustration you can see the progression from more realistic examples to more stylized ones. Generally the more simplistic the style the more of the various parts of the lips are only hinted at or left out all together.

You can experiment with different degrees of complexity and see what works for the style you are going for.

You can see that in some examples the color is what defines the shape of the lips instead of the outline. You can also see that in the last few example the M shape of the upper lip is not shown at all. This is particularly common in the more simplified anime styles where a character is wearing lipstick.

One interesting trick with using color to define the lips is that not having an outline can also makes the lips appear softer.

When you know you are going to color the lips but are drawing in a more simplistic style draw some light guidelines for the overall shape of the mouth. You can erase/remove them later if needed.

Wow This Is Our 100th Drawing Tutorial

Drawing the lips in Anime / Manga style is much less complicated than drawing realistic lips / mouths. However, it is always helpful to learn drawing real mouths first to familiarize yourself with the realistic mouths foundation and structure.

When drawing lips, always look for these parts . Doing this can help you later on when you are drawing Anime lips, especially when you are drawing female Anime lips.

Though Anime/Manga style of illustration is far more simple than the lips that we illustrated above, the structure is the same. The only thing that differs is the manner of illustration. To see how the lips differe, compare the two illustration above.

The most prominent and the only visible part of Anime / Manga lips is the line between the upper and lower lips. The actual mass of the lip is not visible in Anime lips.

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How To Draw A Creative Anime Mouth

This is is a create expression a character can have when doing something like writing or drawing.

While the mouth will look like its closed it will actually need to be slightly open to stick the tongue out in a such a way. For this reason you may want to yet again draw the jaw slightly lower down.

However this is optional for this particular expression even for anime characters that are not very stylized.

Draw the mouth itself as a curve that is tilted to one side with the tongue sticking out to the side of the tilt.

You can also slightly shade or color the tongue to finish.

For drawing this type of a mouth on a more stylize head as well as other expressions with the tongue out see:

By Step Instructions For Drawing A Mouth And Tongue

How to Draw Mouths & Lips – Tutorial

1. Begin by drawing a long, curved line, roughly in the shape of a rounded letter “M.” This outlines the top of the upper lip.

2. Using another long, curved line, outline the bottom lip, fully enclosing the mouth. Notice the bulges near the corners of the mouth.

3. Within the mouth, draw another curved line that loosely follows the contours of the upper lip. This outlines the bottom side of the lip.

4. Use a long, “U” shaped line to enclose the inner mouth, outlining the top of the lower lip as well. Notice how the corners of the mouth include sharp points.


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How To Draw A Monkey: Base Sketch Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the basic head and body shapes

Lets start our monkey drawing with a simple circle for the head. Then add the face cross to help us place the facial features.

The body is kind of a rounded rectangle two curved sides and an almost flat bottom.

Well, well, doesnt this look familiar? This is our basic bowling-pin head and body again.

Step 2: Draw the monkeys face and ears

Next, we add a simple face. Draw two larger standing ovals for the eyes, placed on the horizontal face-cross line. Then add a smaller, flat oval for the nose, placed on the vertical face line. And finally, draw a small curve for the mouth.

Now add two large monkey ears to our bowling pin. They are both simple C shapes. Since our head is at a three-quarter view, the ear on the left is partially hidden behind the head. The other ear is placed slightly into the head, rather than on the edge.

Step 3: Draw the monkeys face mask

This is the trick that turns a boy-with-big-ears face into a monkey face. First draw a flat oval all around the mouth, starting at the top of the nose.

Then add the monkeys heart-shaped face mask. These are two C curves, starting in the middle of the forehead at the face centre-line and going down to the oval around the mouth.

Step 4: Sketch the legs and feet

Time to give our monkey some legs. As our monkey will be dangling on one hand, his legs also dangle sideways.

Step 5: Sketch the monkeys arms

Step 6: Something to hang on

Step 7: Sketch the hands and feet

How To Draw A Cartoon Mouth That Is Wide Open

Drawing a cartoon mouth can be filled with multiple challenge if you want to draw a realistic version of this body part. Indeed, some shapes and lines needed can be tricky to achieve. For instance, lips have a unique shape that must be drawn properly to be effective. Adding teeth can also be difficult if not done like it should. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a mouth in eight easy steps.

Here are two fun facts before proceeding with this lesson. When leaving your mouth, the food you just chewed usually goes into your stomach in about height seconds. Also, the tongue of the crocodile is not located on bottom of its mouth like humans, but rather on the roof! That’s … interesting! 🙂

let’s study a simple mouth using a photography

Excellent! Before proceeding with the tutorial, it can be a good idea to study this area of the body more carefully. To draw a cool mouth you need to know how to sketch teeth , lips , a tongue and the gum . Usually, an adult will have 32 teeth in his mouth including the wisdom teeth .

The teeth are disposed in a “U” shape. Very often, when someone smiles, we only see the gum near the top of the mouth. The gum in the bottom is hidden by the lower lip. Also, note how the skin is reacting around the mouth once this one is opened. Even the cheeks are larger and more visible.

how to draw a cartoon mouth in eight easy steps

nice work sketching and drawing this simple mouth!

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How To Draw A Mouth And Tongue

Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

Experts report that much of human communication in nonverbal. This means that in addition to words, we frequently “talk” with our hands and our faces, in the form of gestures and facial expressions.

Some such communication is almost universal across cultures others have different meanings in different places.

What might be a friendly greeting in one culture could be an insult in another. Consider one example.

Have you ever stuck out your tongue at someone? Most children have. In many cultures, this is considered a childish gesture or a mild insult – rudeness, sass, or disrespect.

In some places, however, sticking out the tongue conveys a very demeaning message. In fact, in Italy in 2009, an individual was tried and fined for sticking his tongue out at a neighbor during an argument.

Interestingly though, in the region of Tibet, this facial expression is used as a greeting.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

In 1970, the famous rock and roll band known as the Rolling Stones adopted the “tongue and lip design” as their logo. The mouth was used to represent the large, “intense” mouth of the band’s lead singer, Mick Jagger.

The extended tongue is said to represent the Hindu goddess Kali, who is sometimes regarded as one of the seven tongues of the fire god Agni.

Why this representation? This “goddess of everlasting energy” is though to ” the use of free expression in their music.”

How To Draw Cute Charactersteach You To Portray The Mouth To Show Cute Characters

How to Draw Manga Mouths

How to draw the mouth? How to learn to paint? Presumably these are the questions that beginners of painting often think about. They just don’t know how to learn to paint well, and then draw what they want to paint.

One of the main points to express a girl’s cute expression is the portrayal of the mouth. Let’s take a look at the performance of feeling a little unhappy and puffing up cheeks a little. In the example picture, red auxiliary lines are also drawn to make it easier to imagine the bulging of the cheeks.

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How To Draw Lips Male Female Smiling From The Side

Lips are quite a challenge for any artist that wants to focus on facial features. This is because they are controlled by a lot of muscles and they do play an important role in our human facial expression. We use our lips to express happiness, sadness or angel. Learning how to draw lips is something that any artist should pay attention to.

Even classic paintings like Mona Lisa shows the importance of face features how they get the attention of the viewers. The lips and the eyes are probably the most important elements of any portrait. If those are done right chances are really big that the portrait is going to look good. So, investing some time in lips drawing is important and can be a game-changer for the work of any artist.

Learning lip drawing can be full of fun times so this is why we prepared some inspiration that you can use as reference and start discovering how to draw lips.

Draw A Line Forming The Upper Lip

Repeat the previous step on the opposite side to create the right side of the upper lip. At this point, the outline of the upper lip should now be complete.

Bear in mind that the two lines we drew previously and the one we drew in this step should be connected, forming the upper lip.

In scientific terms, were drawing the vermillion border of the upper lips on each side of the cupids bow.

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Final Step Detail Your Fish

The last thing to do is of course, give your cartoon fish some details. What details you ask?

Well, before you add any details to your cartoon fish, have a look at the final fish drawing to the left. Notice something?

Almost all of the details that I added were done using simple arcs small curved lines thats it. This goes for the eyebrows, the corner of the mouth, the right side of the mouth, and the tongue as well.

Other details like extra fins, teeth, and color Ill leave completely up to you.

And thats how to draw a simple cartoon fish, straight and to the point. I recommend you try this lesson a second time, but instead of a circle, use a long oval and see if you can get something more like a barracuda or a pike!

Have fun!

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