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How To Draw A Cute Turtle

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A Cute Turtle Drawing

How to draw a cute turtle

27 544 turtle drawing stock photos vectors and illustrations are available royalty free. See more ideas about cute turtle drawings turtle drawing cute turtles.

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Next add the shell by drawing a three curved lines behind the head coming together to form the top of the shell and the thiner outer rim of it.

A cute turtle drawing. Email a photo of your art. Begin the turtle with a circle for the head open slightly on one side. Sep 16 2020 explore abby hooper s board cartoon turtle on pinterest.

See turtle drawing stock video clips. Tutrle outline lizard black and white turtle graphics turtle vector black white turtle illustration iguana sketch turtle symbol sea turtle drawing reptiles outline turtles in water. Follow along with us and learn how to draw a cute cartoon turtle.

All the best cute turtle drawing tumblr 39 collected on this page.

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Drawing A Square With Turtle

The first shape we will draw is a square that:

  • Starts at .
  • Is inside the 1st quadrant .
  • Has a 200 pixels side.
from turtle import *colorbegin_fillforwardleftforwardleftforwardleftforwardend_filldone

Lets go through the simple program above

After importing the Turtle module we set the pencolor and the fillcolor using the color function.

Here you can see how pencolor and fillcolor are set when we call color inside Python IDLE:

> > >  from turtle import *> > >  color> > >  pencolor> > > 'red'> > >  fillcolor> > > 'yellow'

The functions begin_fill and end_fill are required before and after drawing a shape to be filled.

Then look at the two functions forward and left

what do they do?

The forward function moves the turtle by the specified number of pixels in the direction the turtle is pointing to.

In this case the turtle points by default in the direction of the positive x axis so this command will move it by 200 pixels along the x axis .

The left function turns the turtle anti-clockwise by a certain angle that by default is expressed in degrees.

Thats why the second call to the forward function draws a line perpendicular to the first one and in the 1st quadrant.

With the same logic we can draw the for sides of a square.

Here is the output

Makes sense?

How To Draw A Turtle That Looks Adorable

No need to take your time to learn how to draw a turtle made from basic shapes! You can learn quickly using an easy step-by-step drawing tutorial! Simply sketch a couple of simple shapes, put them together and you are done. Well, it’s not that simple, but it’s not too difficult either! Let’s see how it goes …

The final illustration is displayed below. This turtle is mostly made from circles and oval shapes. Front views are always easier to draw and this posture should definitely be easier to duplicate. For a better readability, you can draw a dark shell.

Step 1

Great! Let’s start this lesson. The head is made from a large oval shape. You can use a similar shape for the shell, only this one must be larger. Make sure the head is slightly lower, just like depicted on the illustration below.

Step 2

Next, you can draw the eyes using large circular shapes. The goal is to create a fun cartoon illustration, so don’t hesitate to draw large eyes. For the legs, you can draw four little circles.

Step 3

Draw some circles on the shell using a mix of small and large shapes. It’s time to unleash your creativity and create patterns that are original and believable.

Step 4

For this step, simple draw two circles inside the eyes to illustrate the pupils. Both shape can be located towards the middle of the illustration instead of directly in the middle of the eyes.

Step 5

Step 6

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How To Draw A Cute Turtle Easy Step By Step

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Draw A House With Python Turtle

How to Draw Turtles Sweet and Cute step by step

A little coding challenge, lets see if we can draw a house using Turtle.

If you think about it the principle is simple, we have to draw 7 lines and to turn the turtle passing the right angle values before drawing each line.

Lets give it a tryhere is the result we want:

We will draw it using multiple calls to the turn_and_draw function we have created before.

Also, we will start drawing the bottom part of the house from the usual position .

After a bit of tweaking, here is the code:

from turtle import *# Draw a housedef turn_and_draw: left forward colorbegin_fillturn_and_drawturn_and_drawturn_and_drawturn_and_drawturn_and_drawturn_and_drawturn_and_drawturn_and_drawturn_and_drawturn_and_drawturn_and_drawend_filldone

Try it on your IDE so you can have a clear idea about the way this is drawn.

And here is our house, not bad

I have a small challenge for you

try to refactor this code by using a Python for loop so you dont have to repeat calls to turn_and_draw multiple times.

Let me know if you have any questions about it

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Draw The Hind Legs Of The Sea Turtle

Now that we have drawn the flippers in the previous step, its time to draw the hind legs to complete the sea turtles limbs.

Draw two straight lines connected by a jagged diagonal line to form the sea turtles hind legs. Repeat the same process on the other side of the shell to create a pair of hind legs.

Final Step Details For Your Turtle

Alright, lets pay attention to detail for a second. Which details? Well, how about some spots on the turtles shell.

Actually theyre not really spots at all. A turtle shell usually has some sort of unique pattern on it and sometimes it resembles spots. You can give your cartoon turtle shell any pattern you like. Circles, diamonds, stars or no pattern at all if you like.

Other than the spots, you can give your cartoon turtle some nails. I did so by drawing small circles at the ends of its feet. Three nails per foot looks great. After that, a few more lines and your cartoon turtle is finished!

And thats it!

Youve got yourself a cute little cartoon turtle. Give it a name and some color too if you like!

Hope you enjoyed this lesson be sure to check the cartoon animal section again later on as Id really like to add a cartoon sea turtle drawing lesson as well!

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Easy Small Cute Turtle Drawing

An easy way to draw turtle drawings for coloring. In this video you will learn how to draw and color a cute baby turtle step by step how to draw a turtle learn how to draw a cute turtle.

Macminiworkstation Cute Turtle Drawings Turtle Drawing Cartoon Turtle

We will use basic shapes circles rectangles to outline the rough shape of the turtle.

Easy small cute turtle drawing. That 3 4 view makes him a little more appropriate for older students since it s more complex than just drawing a profile. Draw this cute tortoise by following this drawing lesson. Our step by step turtle drawing tutorial has 15 steps and is also suited for kids and all budding artists.

There are practically two semicircles. Learn how to draw a tortoise for kids easy and step by step. This time we are going to draw a cute cartoon turtle.

Drawsocute learn howtodraw a cute cartoon baby turtle easy step by step drawing tutorial. That cute face is so worth it though when you re done. In this quick tutorial you ll learn how to draw a turtle for kids in 6 easy steps great for kids and novice artists.

See more ideas about turtle turtle drawing drawings. Draw a crawling turtle. To draw a cartoon turtle draw an oval with a flatter oval slightly underneath of it.

Here you have an easy turtle drawing.

Pin On Turtle

First Step Circles And Ovals Help To Visualize Our Subject

How to Draw a Baby Turtle Easy | Squishmallows

Swimming angled at a 3/4 tilt, drawing this animal is not necessarily difficult but does require a bit of thinking ahead of time, in order to best put forth the lines to bring it into view. Even if you dont use a framework, a simple “Stop and Look” is well worth the while. Feeds the imagination!

Heres the structure

If you look at the shell it almost looks like the ball used in a game of rugby. We know it doesnt really take on this shape but tilted, angled and with movement toward the back from the head this is a pretty good starting point in helping you best materialize those lines.

And speaking of lines

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Second Step How To Draw A Turtle Step By Step

Given the structure at hand, and seeing that the head of the turtle is in fact the foremost part of the picture first connecting with the view path of the observer it only makes sense to draw it first, beginning with the left eye.

Heres how it all pans out

Ah yes easily one of the cutest and loved creatures of the sea. Theres a certain grace experienced when viewing one of these animals gliding through the ocean.

Well I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. And further more, I hope you found it useful in creating a unique variation of your own imagination.

Keep on drawing !!!

How To Draw A Baby Turtle Easy

DrawSoCute Learn #HowToDraw a cute, cartoon baby Turtle easy, step by step drawing tutorial. Kawaii turtle art inspired by Squishmallows turtle plush from …

We Have got 15 images about How To Draw A Cute Turtle Easy images, photos, pictures, backgrounds, and more. In such page, we additionally have number of images out there. Such as png, jpg, animated gifs, pic art, symbol, blackandwhite, pics, etc. If you’re searching for How To Draw A Cute Turtle Easy theme, you have visit the ideal blog. Our website always gives you hints for seeing the highest quality pic content, please kindly hunt and locate more enlightening articles and pics that fit your interests.

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    How To To Draw Turtle Easy

    • Draw a circle and below that draw an overlapping oblong.
    • Draw a small circle to the left-hand side of the drawing for the face and then draw curved lines to make a neck that connects the body.
    • Draw rectangular feet of the turtle.
    • Inside the small circle make dots for eyes and a curved line for eyebrow, also add a curved line for a mouth.
    • Make turtles shell in the circle that you have drawn earlier.
    • Darken the body and legs from outside.
    • Make the pattern on shell using rectangular shapes.
    • Rub all the unnecessary lines.
    • Add colors to your drawing.

    How To Draw A Star With Python Turtle

    How to Draw Squirt from Finding Dory step by step Cute -Sea Turtle

    Now that we have seen how to draw two basic shapes, we will create something more complex.

    We will draw a 5 point star!

    You will see that actually, drawing a star has the same level of complexity as the other two programs we have seen so far for the square and the triangle.

    Thats because the only two values we have to change are:

    • The number of lines to draw .
    • The angle between each line.

    In a regular 5 point star the sum of the five angles is 180 degrees, so every angle will be 36 degrees.

    Remember that for our rotation we will use 180 36 = 144.

    Here is the code:

    from turtle import *# Draw a stardef turn_and_draw: left forward colorbegin_fillside_count = 0while side_count < 5: pixels = 250 if side_count == 0: angle = 0 else: angle = 144 turn_and_draw side_count += 1end_filldone

    And here is our star

    To draw different types of star we can simply update:

  • The condition of the while loop.
  • The value of the angle in the else branch.
  • Here is what we get if we use the following:

    ......    while side_count < 8:     pixels = 250     if side_count == 0:     angle = 0     else:     angle = 162     turn_and_draw     side_count += 1......

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    The Penup And Pendown Functions In Turtle

    This is the drawing you will see when you run the code:

    It looks good except for the fact that there is a connecting line between the star and the circles.


    Thats because Turtle assumes that lines have to be drawn unless we tell it otherwise using the penup function.

    The penup function pulls the pen up, this means that no line is drawn while the turtle moves. To go back to drawing Turtle provides the pendown function.

    We will add the penup and pendown function calls before and after the call to goto in each function where is present.

    For example, the draw_star function becomes:

    def draw_star: penup goto pendown color draw_generic_shape

    Before continuing run your code and confirm that the connecting lines between the shapes are not present anymore.

    Drawing A More Complex Star

    I would like to draw a symmetric star with a lot more points to create a more interesting effect.

    Initially I have considered doing that by simply changing the condition in the while expression of the previous code and considering a smaller angle between each side of the star.

    But eventually, after few attempts with different values, I realised that it wasnt a viable approach.

    Lets try something different

    I want to draw a star with multiple points and use as a condition to know that the star is complete the moment in which the turtle reaches the first point of the star, in this case the origin of the x-y plane.

    To do this we will use the pos function that returns the current position of the turtle:

    > > >  pos> > >           

    Have a look at the following Python code for the while loop :

    ......while abs) > 0.1 or side_count == 0: pixels = 250 if side_count == 0: angle = 0 else: angle = 162 turn_and_draw side_count += 1......

    I have kept the same value for the angle but the logic of the while loop has changed.

    This time we draw lines until either side_count == 0 or the absolute value of pos is bigger than 0.1.

    Basically, we want to stop drawing lines once we have reached the origin again

    The reason why I have used the number 0.1 in the while condition instead of 0.0 is that I noticed that the absolute value of pos is never zero when the origin is reached. Its a very small number, but not zero.

    And nowdrum rollheres what we have drawn:

    Quite cool!

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    Learn How To Draw A Turtle For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Hello everybody! In this drawing lesson, you can learn how to draw a turtle for kids. The Turtle Drawing Tutorial consists of 9 easy steps with detailed descriptions, so even the youngest artists will have no difficulty in the drawing process. Before we move on to drawing an animal, lets get to know it a little.

    Turtles are a group of reptiles that are the only reptiles with a shell on top. It is also a very old reptile species that have been around for many years. Turtles come in different types: sea, terrestrial, domestic, and aquarium, as well as poisonous.

    Outwardly, all turtles look approximately the same: an elongated head, a large shell at the top, and legs peeking out from under it. It is not difficult to draw a cute turtle, since the drawing consists of many simple shapes. The main thing is not to rush and you will definitely succeed!

    Time needed: 20 minutes.

    How to Draw a Turtle for Kids

  • Draw the shell.

    Lets start drawing a turtle with a shell. To do this, draw a large semicircle and connect the lower part with a horizontal line.

  • Detail the turtle shell.

    Draw two horizontal lines on the shell.

  • Finish drawing the shell.

    Next, you need to draw vertical lines over the entire surface of the shell.

  • Draw a turtle head.

    On the left, sketch out the turtles neck and head as shown in the instructions.

  • Draw the face.

    On the front of the head, draw two small eyes in the form of dots, and below a smile.

  • Draw the legs.

    Draw two long legs in an oval shape.

  • Add a tail.
  • Code Refactoring Before Continuing

    How to Draw a Cute Turtle – Easy Pictures to Draw

    Before moving to the next shape Id like to refactor the previous code that contains lots of repetition

    We will create a function that we can use also when drawing other shapes.

    from turtle import *def turn_and_draw: left forwardcolorbegin_fillside_count = 0while side_count < 4: pixels = 200 if side_count == 0: angle = 0 else: angle = 90 turn_and_draw side_count += 1end_filldone

    We have defined the function turn_and_draw that first changes the direction of the turtle and then draws a line.

    If we dont want the turtle to turn we can pass 0 degrees as turn_angle .

    Lets see how the code looks like if we want to draw the square starting with the first side along the y axis instead of the x axis.

    The only thing that changes is the if else statement inside the while loop, that becomes:

    ...... if side_count == 0: angle = 90 else: angle = 270......

    Thats because to draw the first side we rotate 90 degrees anti-clockwise .

    Now, considering that in our function we use the Turtle function left to rotate, we have to provide an angle of 270 degrees.

    If you think about itwe have to rotate anti-clockwise across 3 quadrants to reach the position we want .

    Not ideal, have a look at how you could improve this function using also the right Turtle function depending on what you need

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