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How To Draw A Cute Whale

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Next Draw The Belly And Flippers Of The Whale

How to Draw a Baby Whale Cute and Easy

Building on from what you drew in the previous steps, you can use another curved line with a sharp point near the belly of the whale to create a flipper for it.

Once you have the flipper drawn, you can then draw a line from it to the tail to create a belly for your whale drawing.

Before moving on to the next step, be sure to draw another line to create a large mouth for your whale.

How To Draw A Whale: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

Step 1: Outline the mouth and front flipper

With the sketch done, let’s start outlining and improving our whale drawing. Start outlining the head, and join it with a smooth corner to the mouth. You can draw the joint as a little “lip” sticking out from the head oval as we did.

Next, outline the front flipper, drawing out the knobs on the flipper, and joining the two sketch lines with a rounded off tip.

Step 2: Draw the whale’s body

Now you can outline the rest of the body, breaking the belly lines where the flipper covers them.

Step 3: Draw the whale’s flipper and tail

Outline the other flipper, again drawing around the little knobs. Then draw out the whale’s tail – this is a straightforward outline of the sketch.

Step 4: Draw the eye and grooves

Our whale drawing is almost finished – here is the first round of the final detail improvements. Outline the throat grooves. Then add a light line in the middle of each flipper, and two marks on each side of the tail for some texture.

Step 5: Draw the water spout

In our last step, we improve on the simply sketched water spout. Outline the two main lines we have sketched, and lightly mark a few more streaming water lines in between. Then add a few waterdrops for some variety.

Our very final detail is to add a few knobs onto the whale’s chin for some extra texture – just little ovals, to complete the humpback whale look.

Learn How To Draw A Whale For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

Hello and welcome to the best drawing site ever! In this lesson, you can learn how to draw a whale for kids step by step. In sketching a cartoon whale, there are no particularly difficult and small details in the whole appearance. You can draw a whale very quickly and easily. Thanks to our step-by-step instructions, you will be able to portray this cute sea creature perfectly.

Whales are marine mammals of the cetacean genus. They do not belong to dolphins or any other marine life. Whales are often very large. There are many orders and species of whales, each of which is unique and attractive in its own way. Enjoy drawing the cute whale!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Whale for Kids

  • Draw the outline of the whale.

    To depict the shape of a whale, first, draw a large semicircle, and on the right side a small curved tail.

  • Draw the eye.

    Draw a small circle in the middle of the drawn shape, inside which put a bold dot for the pupil. Draw a small line at the top for the brow.

  • Draw a smile.

    At the bottom of the whales head, sketch a small, curved line.

  • Draw the bottom of the whale.

    The lower part has a slightly unusual shape. Draw several vertical lines that extend from the line of the whales mouth.

  • Draw a fountain.

    Draw a fountain at the top, which is formed due to the fact that the whale releases water. Refer to the instructions provided for sketching a stream of water.

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    How To Draw A Whale: Finished Drawing

    How to draw a whale: finished outline drawing

    You have just learnt how to draw a whale! Just finish the drawing with the usual cleanup erasing the sketch lines, and you have drawn one lovely whale.

    This one turned out to be a cartoon style whale with a cheeky smile and some real-life humpback whale details added for extra body texture and a more interesting look.

    How to draw a whale: finished drawing coloured-in

    And here is our usual colouring step. While most whales are dark grey, on many underwater pictures they get a nice blue tint from the water. So here our whale is coloured in dark blue for the upper body, and in a very light blue on the “white” parts of the belly and flippers.

    And we could not resist adding some romantic scenery with a bright orange setting sun to add colour contrast to the shades of blue.

    How did you finish your whale drawing?

    Finish Off Your Whale Drawing With Some Color

    Drawing: How To Draw a Cute Cartoon Whale – Easy – Step by Step Tutorial.

    That brings us to the final step of this guide on how to draw a hale, and for this one you can let loose and have lots of fun being creative!

    We showed you just one of many different ways that you can color your own whale drawing, but you should feel free to use whichever colors you love!Even if you want a more realistic whale, they come in so many different species and color schemes

    that you would have a lot of options to color in your whale. You could even look up some pictures of real whales on the internet as inspiration!

    If you wanted a more stylistic image, however, you could use any of your favorite amazing colors to finish off your whale.

    Once youve decided on the colors, the only thing left is to pick your art medium of choice.

    I would use some watercolor paints for a softer look to this image, but there is definitely no right or wrong way to color in! You should use any art medium you want to create an amazing image.

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    Start Adding Some Details To Your Whale Drawing

    We will start to add some final details in the next few steps of this guide.

    First, using the reference picture as a guide, you can draw some thin lines into the area below the face and heading down to the flippers.

    These small lines will give this area, called the ventral pleats, have a wrinkly appearance.

    Next, you can draw some lines onto the face and flippers for even more details to your whale.

    Learn How To Draw A Humpback Whale With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial This One Looks Like Hes About To Jump Out Of The Water

    When children are really young and just learning about the world around them and how to draw it, a whale can be a whale. But as they get older, and can absorb all the many variations of species there are, they can start to notice all their different shapes and sizes.

    Most generic drawings of whales tend to have the blunt end Sperm whale shape, but Blue and Gray and Humpback whales have mouths that look more like the one above. All of the species are fascinating creatures, but its good practice to notice how different they are from each other, especially when it comes to drawing.

    After all, if students happen to be writing a report about one, it helps to have a drawing that is as detailed as their writing. Those two things go hand in hand.

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    Do You Ever Think About How Whale Sharks Always Look Like

    Orca whale drawing killer whale pictures to color willy illustration tattoo whale tattoos art whale drawing cute killer whale drawing nature and american west art products by sam larson flag of ocean simply breathtaking sea life willy orca illustration see more.

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    How To Draw A Whale: Base Sketch Step By Step

    How to Draw a Whale (cute) – Easy Pictures to Draw

    Step 1: Sketch the base body shapes

    Start your whale drawing with a simple base sketch. Draw an oval for the whale’s large head. Then add two curved lines to mark out the whale’s narrowing body – similar to our cartoon shark’s “prawn” body. You can curve your whale any way you like – here we are making the whale’s tail bent up into the air.

    Step 2: Sketch the whale’s flippers and tail

    For the next step, add the flippers and tail to the body sketch. These are all drawn from simple “S” curves.

    One flipper is hidden behind the whale’s body, so the lines start at the head oval and merge together as the fin narrows. See that we have left a small gap between the lines – we will close and round of the tip of the flipper later, when we outline the sketch.

    The front flipper overlaps the whale’s body. Draw it again as two “S” curves, starting in the middle right of the head oval.

    The tail is drawn in a similar way and looks like an upside-down moustache. Draw two “S” curves on each side, this time meeting together at the end pointing up.

    Step 3: Mark the lines for the mouth and belly

    The next step is easy: draw the mouth line, splitting the head oval roughly in half. Again, feel free to draw any smooth line for the mouth – here we are staying with the “S” curve theme, and giving our whale a bit of a cute and cheeky smirk.

    Step 4: Add the final details

    Next, add the throat grooves, that many whale species have. These are just parallel lines down on the whale’s “chin”.

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    How To Draw A Killer Whale

    In this drawing lesson well show you how to draw a Killer Whale in 6 easy steps. This Free step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the Killer Whale.

    This is a simple lesson designed for beginners and kids with real easy to follow steps. Feel free to print this page and use as a drawing tutorial.

    Here are some fun facts about the Killer Whale you might find interesting.

  • There are three to five types of Killer Whales.
  • Killer whales have good eyesight above and below the water, excellent hearing, and a good sense of touch.
  • They have exceptionally sophisticated echolocation abilities, detecting the location and characteristics of prey and other objects in their environment by emitting clicks and listening for echoes.
  • The lifespans of killer whales depend on the will of the animal.
  • Day-to-day Killer Whale behaviour generally consists of foraging, travelling, resting and socializing.
  • Step 1: Draw the beginning of the head and nose.

    Step 2: Draw the first fin of the left side of the Whale.

    Step 3: Draw the upper and lower body section back towards the tail.

    Step 4: Draw the top fin and the tail.

    Step 5: Draw the body details.

    Step 6: Draw the body details to finish this drawing of the Killer Whale and youre done!

    Heres a quick video showing you how someone drew a Killer Whale, its hard to follow but its a fun video to watch that might give you some ideas or inspire you in your drawing.

    How To Draw A Kawaii Whale For Kids

    August 24, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Whales

    Whales are actually mammals. In order to adapt to the underwater environment, its forelimbs evolved into fins, hind limbs degenerated, and a tail fin grew.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this cute whale, very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps below to try it out!


    Preschoolers and kids of all ages


    How to draw a cute whale

    1. Draw the back edge of the whale, like an inverted “U”.

    2.Draw a curve at the bottom to get the body. Then draw a little cute tail on the right.

    3. Draw two small ovals at the top. Then draw two circles on the head as eyes, and a curve under the eyes as a smile.

    4. Draw a horizontal curve on your body to get the abdomen, and draw two forelimbs at the same time.

    5.Finally, simply color it, and the Kawaii whale is done!

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    Second Step Draw Your Whale

    Beginning with the eye of your animal, sketch your animal using the steps below to help you along. If you like, you can make the green portion the body a bit longer. If you choose to do so though I recommend you make the tail fins a tad bigger to match.

    And heres how it looks

    In the end Id like to think this whale is sort of cute. But really, it looks almost stunned. Hmmm maybe you can change this in yours. Im thinking itll look neat if you add a couple eyelids have them slanting inwards see how it looks!

    Well, thats all there is to this lesson. Hope you had some fun!

    You Can Refer To The Simple Step

    How to Draw Destiny from Finding Dory step by step Cute -Whale Shark

    Step 1

    Start by drawing a large oval. This will outline whale heads.

    Step 2

    Below the oval, draw a long curve to form the stomach of the whale.

    Step 3

    Draw another curve from the top of the oval, to outline the head of the head and the back of the whale.

    Step 4

    Draw a curve to form the mouth. Detail the corners of the mouth using a short curve.

    Step 5

    Draw a curve from the mouth to the stomach.

    Step 6

    Extend the back with a curve.

    Step 7

    Draw a curve stretching from the stomach. Note how this line is near the rear line, narrowing the shape to fit the tail.

    Step 8

    Draw a curve that extends from the center of the whale. This will form the pectoral fin.

    Step 9

    Draw another curve to form the lower edge of the pectoral fin.

    Step 10

    Remove the guide lines from the whales body and face.

    Step 11

    Draw curves from mouth to belly. This shows the tendon structure of humpback whales and some other breeds.

    Step 12

    Draw two curves at the tip of the mouth to create the lips.

    Step 13

    Draw two curves extending from one side of the tail, allowing the lines to meet at a sharp point. This forms a half of the caudal fin.

    Step 14

    Repeat this process to draw a reflection on the opposite side, completing the tail extension.

    Step 15

    Draw a curved triangle extending from the belly of the whale to indicate the pectoral fin on the opposite side. Draw a curve down the length of the fin.

    Step 16

    Step 17

    Step 18

    Step 19

    Add depth to the drawing by adding curves to the pectoral fins and caudal fins.

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    How To Draw A Beluga Whale Step By Step

    February 16, 2021Drawing Tutorial Category: Whales

    The body of the beluga whale is very light and unique white. Beluga whales are quite capable of diving and live in the sea near the Arctic. Learn to draw a cute beluga whale is a very simple and fun thing, suitable for preschoolers and kids of all ages.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this cute beluga whale, very simple. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow the steps below to try it!


    Preschoolers and kids of all ages



    How to draw a beluga whale

    1.Draw a curve to get the top of your head. Then draw the back of the beluga whale.

    2. Draw a curve to the top right.

    3. Draw the tail of this beluga whale.

    4. Draw a curve down.

    5. Draw the mouth of this white whale. Then draw the abdomen.

    6. Draw a fin at the gap.

    7. Draw an eyebrow and eye on your face.

    8. Draw two curves on this beluga. Then draw little circles as bubbles.

    9.Finally, simply color it. This cute beluga whale is done!

    Finish Off The Drawing With Some Final Details

    Were almost at the final step of this guide on how to draw a whale! Before the last step, we shall add some final details to the drawing.

    This is a step where we will show you some details that you can add, but its also one where you can really get creative and add some details of your own!

    For our drawing, we added some small, thin, lines on the tail and body of the whale to give it a more textured, wrinkly look.

    With those details added, now you can think up some of your own to add! You have many options to get really creative with it!

    For example, you could draw some extra marine life around the whale, such as fish, coral, seaweed or anything else you can think of!

    Maybe you could draw the surface of the ocean above the whale and have a boat sailing above.

    That would be a great way to illustrate the size of your whale. Which extra details can you think of to add to your whale drawing?

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    Your Whale Drawing Is Complete

    Hopefully you had a lot of fun working through this step-by-step guide on how to draw a whale alongside us!

    We aimed to make this guide both fun and easy to use, so we hope you had a great time while realizing that drawing a whale is easier than you might think once you know what to do!

    Now its up to you to show us what you can do with some extra details, elements, colors and art mediums. We cant wait to see what you come up with!

    We have so much more fun in store for you on our website, so make sure to check in to our website often to never miss the new guides that we upload frequently.

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