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How To Draw A Daisy Flower

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You Can Find Daisies Growing Everywhere

How To Draw A Daisy Flower

Daisies grow everywhere even in barren deserts. They love cool conditions and have the ability to endure extremes in temperature. There are many types of daisies, with tons of named varieties its sometimes easy to forget what plant you are looking at, especially when shopping at a greenhouse grower.

The many shapes and patterns of these flowers are an indicator of the growing conditions in which they are grown. The daisy has been cultivated and admired for centuries and the beauty of this flower is only enhanced by its longevity.

Step 20 Complete The Drawing

Add shading in the corners of the petals where they meet at the core . Also add some lines to your petal and shading to the stem where it goes underneath the flower to give it more dimension.

The amount of shading you use is up to personal preference so feel free to experiment. I really enjoy this minimal style of shading because it works really well with inking 😀

How To Draw A Rose

Learning to draw flowers is incomplete, if you dont learn how to draw a rose. Given below are the step by step instructions for drawing a rose.

First, draw 2 lines that cross each other at the lower half. Dont draw the lines very straight. Wavy and slightly curvy lines are what you shall be aiming for.

Now, very lightly, sketch 2 circles where the lines are starting. The 2 circles need not be perfect.

Draw some random curved lines inside the circle to represent the petals of the rose. Make sure that you sketch these curves from both sides, so that they overlap each other, and give a balanced look.

Sketch 2 more lines near the first 2 lines to represent the stem.

Draw some U-shaped curves starting from the bottom of the stem to create the leaves. Make sure that the dimensions of the leaves are smaller than the petals.

Make the outline of the leaves more jagged to give them a realistic look, and draw some short lines from the central spine of the leaves.

Make the edges of the petals softer and rounder by using the 4B pencil. Draw some short, curved lines to create small thorns at the stem.

Shade the edges of the petals and leaves in short straight lines. Now, shade one side of the stem of the rose and you are done!

Lastly: Add Shadows & Finish

A1: To add a bit more realism you can add a bit of shadow. Do this around the centre.

A2: Here I added shadows under each petal so its clear that the flower is layered.

B1: Lets add shadows. Unlike our top view daisy, I used a hard edge. I placed the shadow on each petal which has a petal on top of them. Dont forget to add a shadow on the stem as well.

Example: On the example on the right you can see I use the exact same technique you just learnt to draw daisies at a different angle. I draw circles, then I add guidelines to visualise the form!

I hope you enjoyed this step by step guide. Check out this how to draw a rose tutorial if you like to continue to develop your flower skills.

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Step 2: Decide On The Size Of Your Drawing

How To Draw A Flower Daisy In Different Directions

I find that working on an A4 or A3 sheet of watercolor paper is a good size to start off with for botanical art. The cherry blossoms I painted are on an A4 sheet of paper.

I would recommend sticking to at least A4 in size, because if you work any smaller you may struggle to get a good amount of detail in your drawing or painting.

Interestingly enough, working on a larger surface is a lot easier than on a smaller surface.

With a larger sheet of paper, you can accentuate details and there is space to enlarge tiny areas. Your brush strokes can be wider and there is more room for error in a sense.

How To Draw A Daisy Flower

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Daisy Flower in 6 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Daisy Flower.

Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

How To Paint A Daisy Drawing With Watercolors

Once the sketch is ready, it’s time to start working with watercolors. In the process of easy daisy drawing, it is very important not to overdo it with tonality, so that the white remains white.

1. Begin to apply watercolors from the center of the flower, where the pistils and stamens are located.

2. Where it is dark, this reflex is very noticeable, where it is lighter; there it is not very visible. Where there is actually a shadow, the reflex is very specific. This will help to form fluted petals as well as penumbra, sometimes on one, sometimes on both sides. It depends on the location of the light: we darken the opposite side of the light source.

3. Create a contrast between the shadow of the petals and the light at the core. Add volume to the core itself. Since the daisy flower is lit from the right, there will be its own shadow on the left and the shadow cast by the nearby petals.

4. Draw a falling shadow from the core and add yellow reflexes to the nearest petals after that.

5. In the final step, fill the background with blue watercolor mixed with water. Also add wide blades of grass with a round brush at the final stage of the watercolor painting.

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Step 5 Afterwards Add A Stem Below The Daisy

Now that we have successfully drawn the flower, its time to draw the stem.

Right underneath the flower we drew in the previous step, draw two parallel vertical lines to create the stem. The lines should be long, extending all the way down to the bottom of your paper.

You can use a ruler to help you draw straight lines quickly and easily. Using this drawing tool will help ensure that your stem is upright and symmetrical.

Draw A Daisy Flower With This Mind

How To Draw a flower – Daisy Tutorial

Who doesnt love flowers? I sure do! I love all kinds of flowers and plants. Its why I named my studio Oleander! In this tutorial, were going to draw an aesthetically pleasing daisy. Not only are you going to learn how to draw a daisy flower, by the end of this tutorial youll be able to draw a cute daisy from any angle. Lets start!

Step By Step Daisy Flower Drawing Tutorial With Pictures

Daisy is a cool simple flower in nature. It is one of the most beautiful flowers in the floral world. Daisy brings us cheer and peace. Shared for all happiness. They come in a variety of colors. The daisy is probably one of the most easiest flowers to be drawn. Here is a simple tutorial on how to draw a daisy flower. Follow the below step by step daisy flower drawing tutorial with pictures to draw a simple and realistic daisy. Step 1:Step 2: Draw a curvy line starting from the outline of the circle.Step 3: Draw an other curvy line joining the previous one. This is the petal. Step 4: Start drawing more petals touching one over the other.Step 5: Complete the flower by drawing petals covering the outline of the circle.Step 6: Inside each petal, draw a small curvy line at the center from the boundary of the circle.Step 7: Inside the circle, keep few dots randomly.

Remember The Following When Drawing

Make sure to stand back regularly to observe how your drawing is developing. It is also important that you give yourself mental and visual breaks so that you can continue to draw accurately.

Remember to keep your pencil sharp. This is important because often we get so engrossed in our drawing that we forget that a sharp pencil helps with fine lines and details.

It is a good idea to always have a scrap piece of paper nearby, in order to test out your shapes and shading techniques!

How To Draw A Daisy Flower Step By Step Easy

September 03, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Flowers

This is a beautiful daisy, that is native to Europe, and was once regarded as a weed. Daisies are loved by Italians and bloom in spring.

Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this daisy flower, very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps below to try it out!


Preschoolers and kids of all ages


How to draw a daisy flower

1.Draw a small circle first. This is the core of this daisy.

2. Then start drawing petals. Draw four symmetrical oval petals.

3. Draw an oval petal between each of the adjacent petals.

4.Keep drawing the petals. The flower is finished as shown above.

5.Draw a stem at the bottom of the flower.

6.Finally, simply color it. The core is brown, the petals are yellow, and the stem is green. This beautiful daisy is finished!

Method 2 Of 9:a Rose With Stem

How to Draw a Daisy Flower Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Beginners Daisies in Color
  • 1Draw curved line. Sketch another one below the first until you are able to draw three similar shapes.
  • 2Draw a curved vertical line to represent the stalk and add a leaf on one side.
  • 3Sketch a rough outline of the rose, and then start drawing the petals. Use the “U” >> shape first.
  • 4Sketch the petals so they seem to overlap each other, on the first “U”.
  • 5Add petal shaped details on the second “U”.
  • 6Use the last “U” to guide you in sketching the petals similar to what you did on the first and second “U”.
  • You can also add more petals if you wish for a more appealing rose drawing.
  • 7Draw the roseâs sepal using pointed angles.
  • 8Add thorns on the stem. This is best drawn using pointed angles. Add details to the roseâs leaf, do not forget that it has a serrated margin.
  • 9
  • Step 7: Final Details

    Carefully observe your drawing and deepen any shadows that need to be darker. You can use your kneadable eraser to pick up pencil marks in order to clean up your page at the end.

    If you would like to take your pencil drawing a step further, you can add color to the daisy by applying soft washes of watercolor paint over the pen .

    Step 18 Shading The Core

    Lets add little bits of shading to the core on its bottom side. Take note that I dont add any shading towards the top because there wouldnt be any shadow there . Look at the diagram on the left and take note of how I put in lines that describe the roundness of the core, none of the lines are perfectly straight.

    Step 4 Adding The First Petal

    Lets start adding some petals, now the trick with drawing petals is that the petals will grow outwards from the center point. So the lines on the side of each petal move away from the core of the flower. Think of sunrays coming out of a sun, the petals will have a similar effect. Our little sun buddy in the diagram below will keep us company to remind us of this important point

    Start by adding two lines moving away from the petal and then add a curve to connect them . Pay attention to how the edge lines are fairly straight. The petal should come out to the guideline circle we first drew, all the petals will fall within this space and that is why we drew that circle.

    Take your time and erase as much as you need to! setting a good foundation will make this sooo much more satisfying, I promise it will be worth the effort.

    Method 4 Of 9:a Daffodil

    How to draw a daisy flower
  • 1Draw an oval to form the outer edge of the flower leaves. Add two parallel lines and connect the parallel lines at bottom as shown in the picture.
  • 2Draw a connecting smaller oval figure at the top of the parallel lines to form the top of the flower.
  • 3Create a rough sketch of the flower and leaves as illustrated in the picture.
  • 4Add the final lines for the flower and leaves.
  • 5
  • How To Draw A Daisy For Beginners

    A few weeks ago we learned how to draw a sunflower. Today we are going to learn how to draw a daisy. This is going to be a step by step how to draw lesson for beginner artists.

    Lets look at at the materials well be using to draw a daisy.

    After learning the basic steps to drawing a daisy youll be able to draw your own using your own artistic style.

    * Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

    How To Draw A Daisy Step By Step

    First thing then when learning how to draw a daisy like the one pictured above its a great idea to get the structure of what were going to draw in place first.

    Keep your lines nice and light, and sketch out a few ovals similar to how Ive done below.

    Remember everything at this stage can be really rough and loose. You can see how my lines done on the computer, are really sharp and crisp. Not necessary! Light loose rough lines are key just block it out.

    OK theres the base for the top of the daisy drawing

    Pretty simple right?

    OK heres the same thing we just drew, except this time, Ive faded out the opacity so that we can more easily see the lines we draw.

    Heres how it looks

    Right then lets learn how to draw a daisy!

    Starting from the inside and then working your way out from there, go ahead and begin with the inner part of the flower.

    Notice how little curved arcs like the ones below “hint” at the idea of pollen. Just a suggestion will do the trick.

    Here it is

    And then keep going with the other side of the inner daisy, like so

    Again simply “hinting” at the pollen within the inner part of the daisy is enough to convince the observer what it is.

    Little curves here and there in no set pattern, really help to suggest what were intending to draw.

    Go ahead and do something like this heres how to draw a daisys pollen simplified

    If you look at a picture of a daisy you can see how the petals are somewhat segmented into three parts.


    Using A Paint Program

    Because I was just sketching this daisy casually, I didn’t worry too much about lines meeting perfectly or overlapping. If you want to color your drawing using a computer paint program, you’ll want to make sure that your lines all meet up exactly, so they will contain the fills you might use in the program. This is called closing your polygons. The polygon is a shape with many sides. Each petal or part of the flower is a polygon that you need to enclose in order to fill it without painting the background the same color.

    Adding Petals For Our Daisy

    How to draw a Daisy flower step by step II Daisy flower Drawing.

    A1: Now we can add petals to the blue and red lines. To make it more realistic, vary the petals in length.

    A2: We dont need our guidelines anymore. After erasing them, you can add extra petals to fill up gaps. Dont do this everywhere: itll look too perfect. Vary in length as well. Make some shorter or a little bit taller.

    B1: Draw a petal around each guideline. The guidelines act as centre lines for each petal. Make sure you follow the curvature of the centre lines. Dont make them all the same length.

    B2: Next, erase your centre lines. Add some petals to fill up some gaps. Vary in length!

    Method 1 Of 9:a Sunflower

  • 1Draw a big circle and then draw a smaller one at the center.
  • 2Draw the stem and draw leaves on each side
  • 3Draw a thin elongated heart shape for the petal.
  • 4Repeat step 3 until you have fully covered the edge of your inner circle.
  • 5Add more petals to cover up empty space using pointed angles.
  • 6Draw slanted lines crisscrossed over each other inside the small circle.
  • 7Refine details of the leaves and the stem.
  • 8
  • Drawing The Daisy : How To Draw Daisies With Easy Step By Step Lessons

    admin21 Comments

    Do you want to learn how to draw a daisy? I have put together a step-by-step tutorial that will help you figure out how to draw daisies by using simple shapes to build up their form. This is an easy illustration tutorial that kids, teens, and adults will enjoy. Even some younger children might be able to draw an illustrated daisy  if you stand by to help with the instructions. Enjoy!

    Method 8 Of 9:a Basic Flower

  • 1Draw a small circle in the middle of the page.
  • 2Draw a bigger circle which has the same center point with the small circle.
  • 3Draw the petals of the flowers using curves. Use the circles as guide.
  • 4Draw the petals as to revolve around the circle.
  • 5Draw other petals which occupy the space left in the circle. They donât all have to be in the same length.
  • 6Draw the stem and the leaves by using curves.
  • 7Refine the leaves to resemble a real one.
  • 8Trace with a pen and erase unnecessary lines.
  • 9
  • List Of Materials And Supplies Needed To Do Your Own Daisy Flower Drawing

    How to draw daisy/ Kids learn how to draw a daisy flower with fun/ Kids can draw daisy flower easily

    2B, 4B, 6B and 8B Pencil

    Kneadable Eraser

    Scrap piece of paper for testing colors

    If you want to add a wash to your drawing you should definitely do your drawing on a good-quality, heavy paper that doesnt buckle.

    Soft Bristle Round or Filbert Brush

    Watercolor pans or tubes. I am currently using the . The colors are rich and the tray itself is portable and easy to use.

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