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How To Draw A Diamond Shape

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Create A Diamond In Indesign

How to Draw a Diamond Shape â¦ï¸? | Drawing Shapes for Kids | Letterschool

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Something so simple has evaded me.

Create a diamond in indesign. Not illustrator.

ie draw a square and rotate 45 degrees but make it thinner.

open paths. but how to make it symmetrical?

seems too simple to ask… ;;\ (

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Rotate a square 45°, use the direct selection tool to select the left corner, then shift + select the right corner, then scale the width.


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: Choose the Rectangle tool , and hold Shift while you click/hold/drag to draw a square.

Choose the Selection tool , and move your pointer near one of the square’s corners until it turns into a double-headed curved arrow, then press Shift and click/hold/drag to rotate.

Still with the selection tool, move your pointer over one of the square’s corner handles until it turns into a double-headed straight arrow, then click/hold/drag toward the center of the square to narrow it.


How To Create 10 Basic Shapes In Adobe Photoshop

If you have read the post “The Elements and Principles of Design” you sure remember that shapes are one of the key Elements an integral building block used by designers to create something much larger than the sum of its parts. A shape is an element defined by its perimeter: a closed contour. It is the area that is contained within implied line and it has two dimensions: height and width. Today, I will show you how to create 10 basic shapes in Photoshop using different tools.

As all the basic shapes we will create in Photoshop will be vector shapes , there is a thing we need to pay special attention in order to make them. On every tool we select we need to set the Tool Mode to “Shape”. To set the Tool Mode to Shape, every time we select a tool in the Tools Panel there will be a dropdown menu in the top toolbar for that specific tool. In the top toolbar, right next to the tool`s icon there will be a Tool Mode dropdown menu. Click on that dropdown menu, and select “Shape”.

Look For Symmetry In A Pear Shaped Diamond

Symmetry is key to the overall beauty of gemstones, but its even more important in some fancy-shape diamonds like oval diamonds, heart shaped diamonds, marquise diamonds and pear shapes. To see if a pear shaped diamond is symmetrical, draw an imaginary line down the length of the gem and examine the two halves. The more closely they mirror each other, the better the symmetry is.

Notice how the shoulders, bellies and wings in the illustration below are identical on either side of the line, and how the shape, size and placement of the facets in each half of the stone mirror one another. This is an ideal pear shape. You can use the illustration as a guide when picking a pear shaped diamond.

Illustration: Peter Johnston/GIA

When GIA diamond graders evaluate the symmetry of fancy-shape diamonds, which includes pear shapes, they also look for things like a balanced and even outline. Certain types of asymmetry and uneven proportions are considered by most in the jewelry trade to have a negative effect on the appearance of a pear shaped diamond. These include:

  • High shoulders
  • Bulged wings
  • Undefined points

Uneven shoulders and uneven wings are other variations that will detract from the appearance of a pear shaped diamond. The illustration below has both.

The uneven outline of this pear shape reveals the asymmetry of its shoulders, belly and wings. You might want to avoid a diamond cut like this. Illustration: GIA

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Fill And Stroke Shapes

Follow these quick steps to fill and stroke shapes:;

  • In the Layers panel, select the shape layer you want to fill or stroke.

  • Do one of the following to set the shape fill or stroke type:

  • Select a shape tool from the toolbar. In the tool options bar, select;Fill or Stroke.
  • In the;Properties;panel, click the fill or stroke type option.;;
  • In the pop-up menu, choose a fill or stroke option;;Solid Color, Gradient, or Pattern.

    Solid Color:;Fills or strokes the shape layer with the current foreground color.;Use the Color Picker or color presets to select a different color.

    Gradient:;Choose a gradient preset or click on the gradient to display the Gradient Editor dialog. Set additional gradient options:

  • Angle specifies the angle at which the gradient is applied.
  • Reverse flips the orientation of the gradient colors.
  • Style specifies the shape of the gradient.
  • Scale changes the size of the gradient.
  • Align;With Layer uses the bounding box of the layer to calculate the gradient fill. You can drag in the image window to move the center of the gradient.
  • Pattern:;Choose a pattern from the popup menu and set additional pattern options:

    • Angle specifies the angle at which the pattern is applied. Set the;angle;selector at a certain degree or manually type in an angle value to rotate your pattern at the desired angle.
    • Scale changes the size of the pattern. Enter a value or drag the slider.

    Draw In The Top Of Your Diamond

    How to Make a Diamond | Illustrator Tutorial

    With the outline of your diamond drawing done, you can start to draw in the many sides of the diamond.

    The top of the diamond has a flat top, so thats what we will be drawing for this step.

    To draw the top of the diamond, you will be drawing a line that connects the top corners of the diamond with one that will mirror the line at the very top of your diamond shape.

    Much like the top line, this one is rounded yet still somewhat angular. If youre having a hard time with this line, though, you could also make it and the top line a little more rounded.

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    How To Draw A Diamond: Finished Drawing

    How to draw a diamond: finished outline drawing

    And here is our diamond in its full glory, after we have erased the sketch lines. This was a fairly easy way to draw a fairly complex and great looking diamond. Hopefully, you did not get lost in all those divisions and split lines and enjoyed learning how to draw a diamond.

    How to draw a diamond: finished drawing coloured-in

    Our usual final step is to colour in the drawing. Since diamonds are clear, here we use just some light blue simple shading along the edge lines.

    If you are after a more colourful drawing, check out this stunning picture of the Dynasty diamond reflecting many different colours.

    Save A Shape Or Path As A Custom Shape

  • In the Paths panel, select a patheither a vector mask for a shape layer, a work path, or a saved path.

  • Choose Edit;> Define Custom Shape, and enter a name for the new custom shape in the Shape Name dialog box. The new shape appears in the Shape pop-up panel in the options bar.

  • To save the new custom shape as part of a new library, select Save Shapes from the pop-up panel menu.

    For more information, see Workwith the Preset Manager.

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    Types Of Face Shapes: How To Determine Your Own

    Have you been wondering what face shape you have? From round to oval to diamond, there are people with different types of face shapes. Apart from just the fun factor, knowing what face shape you have can help you make better choices in terms of hairstyles, makeup, and glasses and enhance your look more.

    In this article, Ill give you insights on how to determine your face shape and offer some hairstyle and makeup tips that are best suited for different face shapes.

    Diamond Shape Printable For Education

    Corel Draw Tips & Tricks How to make a diamond shape part 2 the better way Part 2

    Last, but not least, you can use this diamond pattern printable as an educational aid. For example, you can use it to demonstrate what different shapes look like.

    You could also use it to demonstrate various geometry concepts like perimeter and area. I think the colored diamond shape can be especially useful here because the area that is colored in would be the area.

    Bonus: Need other shapes to help with homework or homeschooling efforts? Just skip down to the next section for more printable shapes!

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    Your Drawings Are Complete

    Congratulationsyou did it! I hope that understanding the principles of designing a round cut brilliant diamond will help you to create beautiful diamond artworks or even derivative models of gems.;

    Anything is simpler if its approached with interest and perseverance. I wish you much inspiration; have fun and enjoy the process!;

    Point Up Or Down You Decide How To Wear A Pear Shaped Diamond

    The traditional way to wear a pear shaped diamond engagement ring is to have the tip pointing away from you . According to many in the trade, this makes the finger look more slender. But tradition has its limits. Some brides choose to wear this shape with the point toward them . And some prefer a horizontal setting that gives this classic diamond shape a distinctive, contemporary look.

    Like all matters of the heart, let yours decide which way the pear should point.

    Whether the tip of the 1.34 ct pear shaped diamond points toward or away from you, an engagement ring like this will look spectacular on the finger. The center stone is surrounded by 43 radiant cut diamonds weighing 0.41 carats and 1.03 carats of sapphires. Courtesy:

    Among the most elegant of the fancy shapes, a pear shaped diamond conveys both the delicacy of a single tear and the strength of the brightest star. While there are many factors to consider when searching for the perfect stone for your diamond engagement ring, it is a journey well worth taking. When deciding between different pear shaped diamonds, the overall appearance is more important than the specific proportion details. Often, what makes a pear shaped diamond attractive is a matter of personal taste. So enjoy looking at different pear shaped diamond engagement rings until you fall in love with the perfect one.

    Before you go shopping, be sure to read our 12 tips for buying an engagement ring.

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    Finish Off Your Diamond Drawing With Some Color

    There were a lot of angles, lines and measurements needed to create your diamond drawing! For this final step, you can kick back a bit and relax with some fun coloring to really bring it to life.

    You have a lot of options at your disposal for how you could color it in!

    Diamonds come in all manner of beautiful colors, and if you have a favorite diamond then you could make this one look like it!

    You can also experiment with different art mediums depending on the look that you would like for your diamond drawing.

    Acrylic paints or colored pens would give your diamond drawing a bright, striking look, whereas watercolors or colored pencils would give a softer look to it.

    Once youve colored it in, perhaps you could use some glitter to give it a real sparkle! How do you think you will color in your beautiful diamond drawing?

    Check If You Have A Widows Peak

    Corel Draw Tips & Tricks Make a Diamond shape

    A widows peak is a distinctive, V-shaped hairline.

    If your cheekbones and forehead are the widest part of your face, and along with this if you have a widows peak, then you perhaps have a heart-shaped face.

    No widows peak but a pointy chin with a wide forehead may be an indication of an inverted triangle face shape.

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    How To Draw A Diamond Step By Step

  • At first you need to draw a straight horizontal line it will act as the top of the diamond.
  • Now create another parallel horizontal line from the first one.
  • After it you need to connect both of these lines with two different slant lines.
  • Diamond is a sparkling material therefore to indicate the cuts of diamond draw different lines at the top of the diamond.
  • The horizontal lines previously drawn, start drawing straight lines extending from the lowest part of the diamond which will be going to divide the diamond into three different triangles.
  • Now you need to add more diagrammatic representation at the top of the diamond for making it more beautiful.
  • Similarly add more lines and representation to the lower portion of the diamond.
  • After wards draw some straight lines from upper portion to lower portion and than colour it in your way
  • How To Draw A Diamond Easy Tutorial For Beginners

    Diamonds are a girls best friend and I can definitely see why.;

    Did you know that they are more than a billion years old? How cool is that?;

    But before I get into the long facts of how cool diamonds really are, lets get down to business.

    Ive created a step by step guide on how to draw a diamond from beginning to end.

    Its a simple design of a diamond but youll have loads of fun drawing it.

    If you want to have straighter lines, then you may use a ruler, otherwise its totally okay to do it freehand as I have done here.

    Im really excited to show you how to draw a diamond so lets get on with the tutorial.

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    How To Draw A Diamond Shape In Java

    So i have to draw a diamond shape. Not a Static diamond but a diamond that i will myself drag and draw. I’ve used General Path to do it but it is drawing a diamond that is not straight; the diamond is bend to the left and it’s not being drawn to where my mouse is pointed.

    Here is my code to create the diamond shape. Can someone please help me solve this?

     private GeneralPath drawDiamond

    Here is my paint method:

    public void paint             if                  graphSettings.draw;            }        }

    Can someone please help me to do this?

    • @MadProgrammer When i rotate it to 90 degrees, it’s not being drawn at all.;LanaMar 11 ’15 at 9:02
    • Is your pivot point in the center of your rectangle?Mar 11 ’15 at 9:08
    • This might explain what I mean:

    It would be simpler to create diamond as polygon with vertices

    The 2D Shape API is actually really powerful, one of my favourite classes is the Path2D, it allows you to simply “draw” a virtual shape, for example

    public class Diamond extends Path2D.Double }

    Now, you need to make use of an AffineTransformation or translate the Graphics context to position it, but that’s not that hard

    How To Draw A 3d Diamond

    Corel Draw Tips & Tricks How to make a diamond shape part 2 the better way

    A 3D structure is something which gives the same exact structural image of any thing. You can also draw the 3D structure of the diamond. What you all have to do is just follow the above steps as provided and you are all done just add few additional linings to your diamond. To draw a 3D structure you need to keep remember that instead of a trapezium top you have to draw an oval top of the diamond and the everything is similar as instructed above.

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    How To Draw A Diamond

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    The key to drawing a realistic diamond is making it look reflective and three-dimensional. Fortunately, thats easy to do once you know what kind of shapes and shading to use. All you need to draw a beautiful sparkling diamond is a ruler, a piece of paper, and something to draw with!

    How To Draw A Diamond: Step By Step Guide

    How to Draw;a Diamond?You can draw diamond by this tutorial for kids and beginners. We provide proper drawing steps which are easy to follow.;Diamond is one of the most precious gem and the structure of diamond is quote complicated to draw. We all love the shape of diamond and tries to draw it on paper but unfortunately gets confused while drawing therefore, we are here going to provide you the guide of drawing a diamond very easily.

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    How To Draw A Diamond Step By Step:

    Step 1: Draw a horizontal straight line to start your drawing which will become top of it.

    Step 2: Draw a long horizontal parallel line longer than the first one.

    Step 3: Draw 2 slant lines on the edges and joint both parallel lines.

    Step 4: Diamond sparkles which create the pattern in it, for this draw zig-zag lines in the upper part.

    Step 5: Draw straight lines from the point of Zigzag lines are drawn in the last step, this will divide it into 3 triangles.

    Step 6: In this step draw the opposite zigzag pattern in the upper part which will give it a more realistic look.

    Step 7: Draw 2 lines in each triangle and divide them into other three, follow the image given below.

    Step 8: Draw 3 straight lines from the top to the bottom point.

    Step 9: On the top draw a patch using curvy lines.

    How To Draw A Diamond: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

    How to draw a step by step 3D drawing/diamond shape.

    Step 1: Draw the top edges of the diamond

    Since diamonds are made of flat, polished surfaces, it is time to turn our ovals into some straight sharp edges. First outline the top small oval, drawing straight lines between all of the eight segments.

    Then simply outline the short side split lines from the sketch.

    Step 2: Split the segments into more pieces

    Time to add some more of those shiny polished sides to our diamond! Let’s split each of the side segments into three pieces. Draw a “V” into each of the three fully visible segments, starting at the top corners with the pointy bottom in the middle of the segment on the large oval.

    Then add two more splits, one at the top and one at the bottom – those would be the same “V” shape, but since we can see only half of them as the diamond curves, they become simple lines.

    Step 3: Draw the outer edges of the diamond

    Time to draw the outer edges of the diamond. Draw along the large oval, joining all the segments with a straight line, rather than following along the oval curve.; Finally, join the two sides with the top octagon .

    Step 4: Draw the pointed diamond bottom

    With the top of the diamond polished into many shiny sides, it is time to focus on the pointy bottom end of the diamond. Draw four straight lines from the pointy peak. The two outer lines are just a direct outline of our sketch. The two inner lines start again at the peak and end one segment in on the wide edge.

    Step 5: Add few final edges

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