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How To Draw A Doctor For Kids

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Now Draw His Legs In This Step

How To Draw Health Heroes – Doctors and Nurses

We will now focus on the legs for this step of our guide on how to drawa doctor.

To do this, we will be using some slightly curved lines coming down from the bottom of his coat to show his trousers sitting slightly baggily on his legs.

Once you have drawn his pants, you can then finish off by drawing his shoes at the base of them.

How To Draw A Cartoon Doctor Ready For Action

This lesson will give you tips on how to draw a cartoon doctor. Very often, doctors are depicted in cartoons with mirror reflectors on the forehead, a stethoscope around the neck and a suitcase in one hand.

For this particular lesson, we will do things a little differently! I invite you to learn how to draw a doctor wearing a scrub suit and holding a syringe in one hand!

Step 1

Start your drawing lesson by sketching a circle to form the head. Add two small circles on each side to illustrate the ears. When you have completed this step, add two more circles to create the eyes of your doctor. Finally, draw a rectangle to represent the little hat.

Step 2

Next, start creating the body by drawing a medium rectangle. For the left arm of your character , simply sketch a long and thin rectangle with a small circle on the end to illustrate the hand.

For the right arm, sketch it using two rectangles since the arm is bent towards the sky. You can also add a circle to form the hand.

Step 3

For the lower part of the body, draw a long and thin rectangle to represent the legs. For the feet, just sketch a small rectangle for now.

Step 4

Add some details to your artwork like the syringe , a mask , a bottle in the left hand and a couple of lines to illustrate the hat’s little ropes.

Step 5

Do some refining on your character’s head. Add a nose and a mouth. You can also join the ears with the head.

Step 6

Step 7

Complete your illustration by refining the legs and the feet of your character.

How To Draw A Male Doctor Easy Step By Step For Kids

July 21, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Professions

This is a cute male doctor. He is wearing a white lab coat, a medical cap and a mask, as if he is waving goodbye to the patient.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw the male doctor, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!

1. Draw the outline of the head, including the medical cap and mask.

2.Draw your eyebrows, eyes and nose. Then color your hair. You can choose the color you like.

3. Draw a white lab coat at the bottom, including the distinctive collar.

4.Draw two sleeves, and draw two hands at the ends of the sleeves.

5. Draw the pants and shoes at the bottom, as shown above.

6. Finally, simply color it and the male doctor is done!

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What To Expect During This Visit

Your doctor and/or nurse will probably:

1. Check your child’s weight and height, calculate body mass index , and plot the measurements on a growth chart.

2. Check your child’s blood pressure,vision, and hearing using standard testing equipment.

3. Ask questions, address concerns, and offer advice about your child’s:

Eating. Schedule 3 meals and 12 healthy snacks a day. If you have a picky eater, keep offering a variety of healthy foods for your child to choose from. Kids should be encouraged to give new foods a try, but don’t force them to eat.

Bathroom habits. By now, your child should be able to go to the bathroom alone. Constipation may become a problem because some children are embarrassed to use the bathroom at school. Remind your child to take regular bathroom breaks and not to “hold it.” Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about your child’s bathroom habits.

Sleeping. Kids this age generally sleep about 1013 hours each night. Most 5-year-olds no longer nap during the day. To help your child get enough sleep, you might need to set an earlier bedtime.

Development. By 5 years, it’s common for many children to:

  • know their address and phone number
  • tell stories using full sentences
  • recognize and print some letters
  • draw a person with head, body, arms, and legs
  • skip
  • walk down stairs, alternating feet
  • count their fingers
  • dress by themselves

6. Order tests. Your doctor may check for anemia, lead, and tuberculosis and order tests, if needed.

Finish Off Your Doctor Drawing With Some Color

How To Draw Cartoon Nurse

That brings you to the final step of this doctor drawing, and in this step you will be bringing some amazing color to your artwork!

We showed you how we would color in this picture, and you could use this as an example for yourself, or you could use any of your favorite colors to finish it off.

Then, you can choose which art mediums you will use to bring your color choices to life!

There are bright mediums like acrylics and colored pens as well as some more subtle ones like watercolors and colored pencils.

These are just a few of the art tools at your disposal, so be sure to get creative and have fun with it!

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How To Draw A Doctor For Kids

This is another instruction for drawing a person on in which I will show you how to draw a doctor for kids.

In fact, all people are drawn in about the same way, including doctors. The main differences in drawing certain people are in the details. For example, in the instruction about the doctor, the decisive detail is the medical gown.

How To Draw A Doctor With An Adorable Look

Learning how to draw a doctor is the best way to have access to one! Because most of the time, doctors are quite busy and a little bit hard to reach. Of course, it all depends on where you live. In some countries, you can see a doctor almost immediately. In other countries, doctors are virtually unreachable. Whether you can see one or not, you can certainly learn how to draw one today!

Do you like this illustration? Good news! It can be yours now! Learn how 🙂

Step 1

Let’s start this lesson now! First, draw the head using a large circular shape. The top must be narrower and the bottom wider. The body is made from a long rectangle. The pants are made from a smaller rectangular shape.

Step 2

Work on the feet using straight and curved lines. The arms are done using small rectangles. The hands are made from small circles. Finally, the feet are also made using circular shapes.

Step 3

The eyes are represented by large circles. The larger they are, the cuter your character will be. For the ears, smaller circles are fine. Add some hair on top of the head of the cartoon doctor.

Step 4

Time to add more details inside the doctor’s uniform. First, add a cross on the chest. You can also draw the shirt on the body of the doctor. Then, you can add tools on the right hand and around the neck of the cartoon doctor.

Step 5

Step 6

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Before You Learn How To Draw A Doctor Did You Know

As far as the most important people on the planet go, doctors are, without a doubt, on top of the list. Their only task is to save lives, and nothing can be more important than that. Back in the day, they didnt have any tools and/or devices to help them in their work.

Thankfully, in the 21st century, doctors all around the globe have great technology at their disposal that makes their job easier and allows saving even more lives. A wrong diagnosis can make it or break it for a person, and that is exactly why the exams at the medical institutes are one of the toughest ones out there.

Your Doctor Drawing Is Complete

How to draw a Doctor/ Easy drawing and coloring tutorial for kids

This guide on how to draw a doctor has reached its end, and you have an incredible drawing to show for it!

Drawing human subjects is always a bit tricky, so we hope that this guide broke it down into a fun and easy experience for you.

You should definitely be very proud of your amazing drawing, and we cant wait to see the creative extra details and colors you have chosen for it!

If you enjoyed this guide, we have many more like it on our website that cover a wide variety of different subjects. We upload new ones often, so be sure to visit frequently!

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Now You Can Finish Off The Final Details Of Your Doctor Drawing

In this step of our guide on how to draw a doctor, we will finish off with some final details. First, use some straight lines to draw his tie coming down from his collar.

Then, using some more straight lines you can draw the chart that he is holding in his hands. We will then use some square shapes onto his coat for the pockets there, and then some simple line details onto his coat and pants for some extra detail.

That will finish off the details in this guide, but you should feel free to add some of your own as well!

Maybe you could draw a background or show some happy patients standing with him. How will you finish off this doctor drawing before you color him in?

Details And Description Of How To Draw And Coloring Doctor Eggman

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Helo Welcome to my chanel !!! Draw For KidsFollow along to learn How To Draw and Coloring Doctor Eggman | Sonic step by step, super easy, step by step.. drawing lesson for kids.

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Creating A Fun Doctor Drawing From Simple Lines

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a funny doctor drawing wearing a simple uniform and made from simple basic lines and shapes. Everyone knows the importance of doctors in today’s society.

Health is a big issue throughout the world and having access to a doctor is, unfortunately, something that is not possible for many people. To pay a tribute to all doctors around the world, let’s draw a cute character ready to take care of some patients.

Do you like this illustration? Good news! It can be yours now! Learn how 🙂

Step 1

First, you need to draw the head, the body, the arms, the hands, the legs and the feet of the cartoon character. You can use a thin outline for now. You can also use a black outline to create all shapes. We will work with colors later in this drawing tutorial.

Now that you have drawn all major parts of the doctor, let’s move on to the next step and let’s add more details to make the whole illustration more enjoyable.

Step 2

Use thin circles to create the pupils. For the mouth, the nose and the chin, you can draw a simple line made of two pointed ends. Hair can be drawn with normal outlines.

On the shirt of the cartoon character, you can draw a long line and a few dots to illustrate the buttons. A small cross can also be added somewhere on the clothing. Finally, you can add a long line on the legs to represent the separation between both legs.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Next Draw His Hands And Stethoscope

Drawing for kids – How to Draw Dr.Fox – Unikitty! Cartoon Network – Art for kids

When one thinks of a doctor, an image of a stethoscope around the neck will almost certainly come to mind. For that reason, we will be adding one in this part of your doctor drawing.

The stethoscope will be drawn with some thin, curved lines, with the two sections that go into the ear on the left. Then, you can draw a small circle on the other shoulder for the part that goes on your chest.

Once you have drawn that, we can then use some triangular shapes to finish off the collar. Then we will be drawing the hands, and this is a part where you may want to closely copy the reference image.

Human hands are notoriously difficult to draw, so the reference picture will show you how you can do it easily.

The hand on the left will be clutching a pen, and the other one will be posed to hold a clipboard that we will draw in the next step.

Once you have drawn all these aspects, were ready for some final details in the next step!

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What We Learn From 50 Years Of Kids Drawing Scientists

Children are more likely to draw women than in the pastbut they become skewed toward sketching men as they get older.

Between 1966 and 1977, the social scientist David Chambers asked 4,807 elementary-school children, mostly from Canada and the United States, to draw a scientist. Their illustrations regularly featured white coats, eyeglasses, lab equipment, and books. Often, the depicted scientists exclaimed things like I made a discovery! or simply Wow! In one memorable case, a third-grader drew a laboratory with a sign that read: SIKRIT STUFF FOR SIKRIT ENVINSHUNSSIKRIT.

The Draw-a-Scientist Test has become a classic piece of social science, and has been repeated many times over the intervening decades to understand how children perceive scientists. But when David Miller, from Northwestern University, looked at Chamberss original data, published in 1983, one trend leaped out. Of the almost 5,000 drawings produced within the study, just 28 depicted a female scientist, and all of those were drawn by girls. Not a single boy drew a woman.

Stereotypes can play an important role in constraining childrens beliefs of what they can and cannot do, adds Toni Schmader, from the University of British Columbia, who studies stereotypes and social identity. If we can change these representations, young girls might more easily be able to envision a future for themselves in science.

Next Draw Some Details For His Coat And Face

This second step of your doctor drawing will see you adding some finer details to him. We will start with the face, and for this we will be using some simple lines for his nose, smiling mouth and eyebrows.

Once the facial details are drawn, you can then use some curved lines for the collar of his coat where we will be adding some more detail.

To finish off this step, you can then draw some more of the sleeve on the left arm, and then finish off by drawing the bottom half of his coat hanging down.

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Learn How To Draw A Doctor Quickly

Begin with that curvy line that covers the bottom of the face . Once its in place, move on to the next step in this how to draw a Doctor tutorial the fancy haircut . Looks a bit like Donald Trump, huh? The facial features are very basic: youve got two tiny ovals for the eyes and two primitive shapes for the nose and the mouth .

The stethoscope follows . If you ever had your blood pressure checked, then you already know what it is used for. It kinda resembles the letter Y, doesnt it? If youre happy with everything so far, lets take care of the body . Our doc is wearing a standard robe with that famous symbol in the right corner .

The hands, the next step in this how to draw a Doctor tutorial, are nice and easy. The right one comes first . Theyre both a piece of cake. The super-short legs look cute and add to the overall picture . That briefcase on the left is the last step .

Learn How To Draw A Doctor For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

How to Draw a Doctors Kit for Kids | Coloring Pages Medical

Hello everyone and welcome to the lesson on how to draw a doctor for kids step by step. This simple doctor drawing tutorial is perfect for kids who are just starting to learn to draw. After all, many children want to become professional doctors in the future and treat people. Thanks to this doctor drawing guide, children will also be able to portray a person from their favorite profession.

The doctor is a very important worker with whom people often meet throughout their lives. Doctors treat serious illnesses and help patients lead a healthy lifestyle. They work in hospitals or clinics, and they drive home calls in special ambulances. Doctors usually wear a white coat, special shoes, and a hat. It will be very simple to draw a doctor, the main thing is to follow our recommendations and you will definitely get a very beautiful drawing.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Doctor for Kids

  • Draw the doctors head.

    First, draw a small circle to represent the head.

  • Draw the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

    Now you need to draw the doctors face. Draw two small dots for the eyes, a small circle nose, and a curved line for the mouth. Draw the ears in the form of small circles on the sides of the head.

  • Draw the headdress.

    Doctors usually have a small-cap. In order to depict it, you need to draw a small rectangle at the top of the head.

  • Draw the hair.

    Draw some lush hair under the cap and on the sides. To do this, you need to make wavy lines.

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