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How To Draw A Dog Easy

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How To Draw A Labrador Retriever

How To Draw A Dog Step By Step ð? Dog Drawing Easy

Video by How2DrawAnimals

Labrador retrievers, or labs, are among the most popular dogs kept as pets. These energetic dogs were bred to retrieve items from the water thus the name retriever. This simple video tutorial will aid you in drawing a realistic Labrador retriever. Labs often come in three color forms black, yellow, and chocolate brown so dont forget to shade your finished drawing.

How To Draw A Realistic Cute Dog Step By Step

Step 1 First we will outline the body of the dog by drawing two shapes. A small circle is drawn which becomes the head of the dog. A water droplet when turned 90clockwise shape is drawn for the body.

Step 2 Now we start to draw simple shapes for other body parts. Shapes for ears are drawn which are coming off the circular head. Two thick imperfect ovals are drawn for the back legs and a couple of thin long shapes are use for front legs.

Step 3 Now we join the head and body by drawing the neck which connects two opposite sides of the circle. The tail and mouth is drawn using lines as per figure. The feet is also completed by small rectangular shapes.

Step 4 In this step we complete the bottom part of the legs. We draw a line connecting the head and lower body. The eye is also completed by small triangles.

Step 5 At this stage, the outline is complete. Now we start to give details. The fur of the dog is established by drawing lines over and over and the eyes and nose are darkened. We then keep on drawing concentrated small lines over the body and in the ground for its shadow. It will be complete by using some colours or ink. Remove any remaining outlines.

Connect The Circles And Ovals

Begin by simply adding lines to connect all the circles and ovals.

  • As you can see, the artist has used a curved line from the top of the chest circle to the top of the hindquarters circle to represent the dogs back.
  • She then connects the head circle to the chest with two lines to make a neck. Now, connect those two lines at the bottom with a V.
  • The artist attaches the tail to the dogs hindquarters with a line above and below the oval tail.
  • Then she adds another curved line at the bottom of its chest to the lower fourth of its hindquarter.
  • Straight lines will connect the legs upper parts to the feet.
  • Once all the circles and ovals are connected, she adds the triangular ear you can see as well as the small ear portion of the heads opposite side that you can only slightly see.
  • When you draw the dogs nose, think of it as a cylinder with an end. First, draw a curved triangle on the head where the nose should go. Then add a line from the triangles top towards the area where the eyes will be and a parallel line from the triangles bottom right corner. Connect these lines with a curved vertical line.

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How To Draw A Fox

Did you know that foxes are also a type of wild dog? Foxes are known for their sly intelligence. They are adaptable, even living in cities when their natural habitat is scarce. Because of their solitary nature, you will seldom glimpse this elusive creature. You can keep one nearby, however, with this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial and the accompanying video. See the drawing tutorial.

How To Draw Any Dog

How to Draw a Dog Real Easy

Video by Draw with Jazza

In this video tutorial, the artist has chosen six radically different dog breeds. He aims to break down the geometry of the dog into simple shapes. Using this technique, and practicing with the tutorials presented, will equip you with the skills to draw any dog breed you wish.

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How To Draw A Dog: Easy For Kids

If its your kiddo who wants to learn how to draw a doggo, weve got the answer. Actually, we have a few answers. These videos are some of the easiest dog drawing tutorials to find. Theyre perfect and super-simple to follow for even your younger budding artist. The only thing that could make these video tutorials more captivating would be if they were narrated by, like, Clifford the Big Red Dog.

How To Draw A Jack Russel Terrier Face

Video by How to Draw and Paint

Jack Russell Terriers are small, spotted dogs. This tutorial uses a marker, so the erasing of guide lines will not be necessary. The artist also shares facts about the Jack Russell Terrier. For example, did you know that this high energy dog was bred in England for the purpose of hunting foxes?

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Unique Characteristics Of Dogs And Finishing Touches

Now that the rough shape is drawn, we can go in and add detailed features. To draw the fur, its better to draw it in bunches to achieve the proper shape and expression rather than one hair at a time. Lets add our finishing touches by thinking about what we want to emphasize in our image.


Golden retrievers have black lips noticeable at the crease leading to the nose and at the corners of the mouth. If the dogs mouth is open, draw the lips along the edge of the lower jaw, as in the image below.

If the tongue is sticking out, it will cover the front teeth of the lower jaw. Having the canine teeth peek out from the sides of the tongue, makes the mouth appear more three-dimensional.

The nostrils look like commas.


A dogs legs have a characteristic shape. The upper joints in dogs are located close to the torso.

The joints closest to the ground are the heels, and are the toes.


In contrast to the fur on its body, a golden retriever has short, prickly fur on the head. The areas that move a lot have wrinkle lines with noticeable fur. The eyebrow lines, nose muscles, and mouth area add to a dogs expression.

The long fur on the body falls with gravity and adds movement to the pose. Visualize the bumps made on the skin under the fur, the hairline, and the direction in which it grows. In the case of a golden retriever, it has bushy hair around its neck, under its belly and down from its legs. Draw while keeping the dogs contours in mind.

How To Draw An African Dog

How to Draw a Husky Puppy Easy

African wild dogs, also called painted wolves, are a unique dog species that hunts in packs of up to forty individuals. Their splotchy brown, black, and white coloring makes them stand out among both wild and domestic dog breeds. Use this tutorial to craft your very own wild dog. See the drawing tutorial.

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From Photo To Drawing

Let us begin by introducing you to a pastel chalk drawing of Bert the Pug. Here, we can take a closer look at the methods used in the drawing process.

Starting with a pencil, Berts lines and shading were lightly sketched. We then work methodically from the top left quadrant to the top right, which prevents the pastel-filled area from being smudged while drawing. Pastel chalk is extremely fragile, so be gentle with your grip and the amount of pressure you apply when working with it. One exception was that both ears were drawn together, as the same drawing methods and colors were applied to each of them.

Tip: If you are right-handed, protect the right ear from being smudged later on while drawing . You can use wax paper or cellophane placed over the area.

Berts ears were both pre-hatched using black pastel chalk. We then took to widen the color dynamic with some additional grey tones. As the area we are working with is rather large, you can use your fingertip to blur colors and fill in the white regions, which will also soften the tone.

Draw The Eyes Nose & Finish The Line Drawing

Finally draw the dogs face. Make the shape of the nose similar to a triangle with rounded corners. Draw the outer part of the eyes starting from the top of the snout with oval like shapes. Draw the inner part of the eyes in pretty much the same way but smaller. Above the eyes add two small cures for the eyebrows.

Finally fill in the irises of the eyes and the nose with black but leave some white spots for the highlights.

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Drawing The Mouth And Nose

When approaching the nose and mouth, begin drawing once more from darker to lighter. The method is close to how the eyes were drawn. Use black pastel when drawing the darker regions and indentations. Pay attention once more to the direction of the fur growth, without using straight lines. Once you have completed this area, start drawing in the coat by using shorter strokes with light grey pastel, and use the stump to blend accurately.

Useful tip: Creating lighter accentuations may prove difficult, as the pastel has been applied in multiple layers. White pastel is intensely opaque and also very soft, so it adheres effectively when used over the layers of pastel chalk.

How To Draw A Cute Dog Step By Step

How to Draw a Boxer Puppy Dog Easy

Step 1 Draw the face of the puppy by showing the folds of its cheeks as illustrated.

Step 2 Draw a curved line from the chin till the left fore leg and then draw the other leg.

Step 3 Draw a curvy line from the left ear to extend the back of the dog. Also draw the tail, belly and back legs as illustrated.

Step 4 Just finish up by drawing simple eyes, nose and a curved line for mouth. Color it as you wish.

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Art Materials For Drawing A Dog

  • Graphite pencils If youre going for the realistic dog image, this pencil is great for sketching out the fine details.
  • Pastel pencils This isnt your average colored pencil. These pencils have a chalkier feel and are perfect for shading in your puppys fur.
  • Conté Sticks Conté sticks give your drawings a more professional look. If you like pastel pencils, youll love this tool for its similar chalky touch.
  • Erasers Drawing the perfect dog doesnt come without making a few mistakes. So, make sure you have a few in different sizes. The little ones will come in handy for those narrow and intricate mistakes.
  • Furry fabric You can cut the fabric into the shape of your dog and glue it to your canvas.
  • Buttons After youve given your dog fur, glue on some buttons for the eyes. Itll look just like a stuffed animal.

Draw The Body & Front Legs

To add the dogs legs and body draw two curved lines going from the top part of the snout down to where the feet are in the example. Next draw two more curved lines for the inner part of the legs. Afterwards draw the feet and connect the who legs with a curved line to show the bottom of the dogs body.

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How To Draw A Dog

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Dogs are humans best friend, and there are over 300 different breeds, from chihuahuas to German shepherds to Labrador retrievers. Learning how to draw dogs is fun and a great way to practice drawing animals. Whether you want to draw a realistic dog, like a hound or a Doberman pinscher, or a cartoon dog, the process is fairly simple once you know where to start.

How To Draw A Realistic Dog Face

How to Draw a German Shepherd Puppy Easy

Step 1 Collect a picture of your dog facing towards you. We only need the face and it should be clear.

Step 2 First of all we need to draw a reference line for the center of the face. It should pass between the eyes and cross the nose. Now draw an outward line from one eye to other.

Step 3 Try to trace the outline of the dog using a tracing paper and include the ears also. Use light touches to sketch the head in detail.

Add some faint lines near the eyes and forehead to show the folds of skin and fur.

Step 4 This is step is the most difficult which includes light shading. Use light touches for highest details. Use short strokes in case of short fur and hard strokes in case of long fur. Shade the dogs nose for smoothness. Use eraser when you want to decrease the concentration and give the final details.

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How To Draw Lady And The Tramp

Video by Rachel Rie

Lady, the pampered cocker spaniel, and the street wise Tramp, may be two of Disneys most beloved canine characters . Famous for sharing a plate of spaghetti to the tune of Thats Amore, Lady and the Tramp are now easy to draw. This speed drawing video tutorial can be slowed to 0.25 in the settings tab in order to follow along at a leisurely pace.

Draw Realistic Dogs Get Started With Wacom One

Wacom One creates a familiar pen-on-paper feeling, thanks to a 13.3 screen with natural surface friction and minimal reflection. The pen feels light and natural in your hand and transforms into a pencil, paintbrush or chalk in your selected software. All you need for drawing realistic dogs. Creative software comes included, along with the ability to connect to your computer, as well as certain Android devices.

Wacom One 13 pen displayDraw, design and create directly on a high resolution screen with a precise pen.

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Easy Dog Drawings Step By Step

The time you spend watching cute dogs will heal your heart. In particular, dogs are attractive because their facial expressions and poses are human-like and their emotions are rich. I will introduce how to draw such a simple animal, a dog, from a combination of simple figures. Draw the dog on the whole sheet of paper, so it will be easier for you to draw small details and a large picture always looks more impressive than a small one.

First, lets make a sketch that captures the whole thing. Sketches are done to understand shapes such as contours, surface orientation and three-dimensional structure, light and shade, and color tones.

There are various methods, but this time I will first draw a motif with a combination of circles. Replacing the shape with a circle is the simplest and easiest approach. This method can be applied regardless of the motif or art style.

In the center of the line, draw the largest circle. It is not necessary to draw it perfectly flat, you see in my drawing it is also uneven.

Draw another circle next to it, and the one that will be the dogs head is slightly smaller in diameter than the lower one.

The diagonal line can now be removed with an eraser and draw the joint markings for the paw and the lower parts of the three paws since the fourth paw will not be visible.

Connect these lines with another chin line. The ears and tail of the dog, I think, you will draw yourself, without comment.

How To Draw A Cute German Shepherd Dog

How to Draw a Beagle Puppy Dog Easy ð¦´â?¤ï¸?

Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

German shepherds are popular herding dogs known for their intelligence, loyalty, and courage. You can learn how to draw a cute German shepherd dog with the help of this easy canine drawing guide!

German shepherds are working dogs. They’re easy to train and eager to please, so they often work in the military and as police dogs. They are also popular family pets.

German shepherds have long been immortalized in literature and film. When a World War I soldier brought a German shepherd puppy home to America, it grew up to become a movie star – Rin Tin Tin.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Other examples include Charlie Barkin from All Dogs Go to Heaven, Samantha from I Am Legend, Chase from Paw Patrol, Bolt, and Brutus from the Pet Foolery comic strips.

Grab your pencil and your eraser, and get ready to welcome this smart and adorable German shepherd into your heart and home!

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Corgi, Bulldog, and Dachshund.

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How To Draw A Dog Step By Step

Whether or not you own a dog, drawing one is simple when you know the right steps.

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a dog. It is aimed at beginners but even experienced artists will still learn a thing or two. Well look at tips for drawing on a computer or tablet but you can still follow these steps if youre drawing with pencil and paper.

So grab whatever youre using and lets get started

How To Draw A Dog Face

Find out how to draw a dog face by drawing along with this simple drawing guide.

Sharpen a pencil and follow along with these simple 6 drawing steps. You will learn the fundamentals for drawing a dog face.

This lesson only takes about 20 minutes and includes a pdf you can easily print or download. The pdf packet even contains a coloring book page with just the line art. This accompanies well with crayons or colored pencils. Its wonderful for very young children in the need of extra guidance and are looking to color in a dog face.

Get a thrill out of learning how to draw a dog face. Go beyond the lessondont forget to add some unique details. Dont forget about the free PDF guide.

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