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How To Draw A Dog Step By Step

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Step 5 Drawing The Head Of Our Dog

How To Draw A Dog Step By Step ð? Dog Drawing Easy

Use a Graphite pen to draw a circle around the face of our dog.

You can use the point, where our two guidelines are converging as the middle-point of the circle.

Don´t draw this circle with a Marker yet! we will erase some of the circle later on. I just drew the circle here with a marker, so that you can see it better.

Draw The Features Of The Face

At the finishing point of the head of a dog, you can draw a tiny square and do shading. This will be the nose of your dog. Now with a light hand draw the base of the oval till you reach halfway to the upper circle. Now draw a somewhat curved line going up that will make the mouth of a dog.

Draw a tiny square and shade it so that it will look like a real dog. Now your pup will be complete when you draw the ears of a dog. Sketch a triangle shape that will face downwards which will start from the center of the head to the distant edge of another circle. Now let the two sides meet underneath so that the tip of the ear is formed.

So your dog will be ready. Now you will learn how to draw a cartoon dog.

Draw Fur On The Sides Of The Dogs Face

Sketch fur on the sides of the face. Begin with a light base layer. Sketch most of the hair growing towards the outside edges of the face. Remember to erase the outline along the edge of the face before sketching the fur there. Sketch another darker layer of fur on top of the base layer. Some of this fur might curl upward or grow in different directions.

Keep adding darker tones around the eyes, from the lower eyelids to the outer corners of each eye. This extra shading around the eyes helps to add more form to the brows and surrounding features. Additionally, keep looking for other areas that need more tones applied to better distinguish between the white and brown fur. For the fold on the snout closest to the dogs left eye, sketch some light downward hairs in the middle of the fold. Define the outer furry edge of the fold by placing some darker tones next to the white hairs.

Some Important Tips Before Drawing:

  • Start by drawing with a pencil and then move on to draw with a marker.
  • Always draw lightly, you never know when you have to erase your lines.
  • Always keep an eraser handy.
  • Use light and a sharp pencil.

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Other Drawing Guides:

How To Draw A Dog Step By Step For Beginners

How to Draw a Dog – Spaniel (Step by Step)

It looks like it is your first drawing of a dog. So, children get relaxed, as it is nothing much difficult. You will learn it by practicing it a few times. As you are new, why dont we try drawing a simple cartoon dog? Remember those days, when we used to watch cartoon and saw those little cute dogs. Today we will to sketch something like that in our papers.

So grab a pencil and a paper and get ready. Here we go.

Ready To Learn How To Draw A Dog This One Lets You See His Cute Face And The Side Of His Body With Just A Few Step By Step Instructions

Front views of dogs are nice, and they make for easy symmetrical drawings, but sometimes you want to see a bit of the side too.

This tutorial will help students draw a dog with a simple face and slightly turned body. It makes the dog look a bit more active, and allows room to really showcase the tail too.

How To Draw A Dog: The Simple Method

Even when youre drawing a simple dog, its smart to have an understanding of basic dog anatomy. It might sound silly or unnecessary, but even cartoony drawings need to be based in reality to look right. As mentioned above, take some time to look at dog anatomy and learn the basic shapes that make a dog up to help you make even a simple dog look great!

Because there are so many kinds of dogs, we cant provide a tutorial for how to draw all of them. Instead, heres a simple guide for drawing a sitting dog that can be adjusted depending on what kind of dog youre drawing.

Tips To Remember The Next Time You Draw A Dog Face

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for the next time you want to draw the face of a dog.

  • Work from a reference photo so you can stay true to the characteristics of the breed of dog you are trying to draw.
  • Break your dog face into basic shapes that resemble the parts of the face. Then focus on one area and draw one feature or detail at a time.
  • Consider using both a color and a black-and-white version of your reference. A black-and-white reference allows you to take some of the guesswork out of applying light and dark values. A color reference is useful when you are working on an area of the drawing that has two different colors adjacent to each other. A good example from this tutorial is the dogs white and brown fur on the forehead. This allows you to take steps to ensure the color change is apparent in your shading.
  • Try drawing a variety of dog faces of different breeds. The only way to truly get better at drawing dog faces is to practice as much as possible!

These tips work just as well for drawing other animals too!

Step 4 Draw The Back Legs

How To Draw a Terrier Dog (Step by Step)

Now add the back legs sticking out from behind the front legs/body. Draw the upper part of each back leg with pretty much just one curved line. They should point slightly away from the dog as they go towards the top.

Next add the back feet as a sort of oval shape with a flattened bottom partially hidden behind the front legs.

Step 2 Make An Outline Drawing

Once you have completed the proportions sketch create an outline drawing and clean up the sketch/guidelines afterwards of the dog and add the details such as the eyes, nose, mouth and patter of the fur.

This step should be fairly simple as long as you correctly proportioned the dog in the previous step.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

“How much is that doggie in the window? The one with the waggly tail. How much is that doggie in the window? I do hope that doggie’s for sale.” – “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window,” song by Patti Page

Both children and adults are delighted by the companionship and antics of canines. As perhaps the first animals to be truly domesticated, dogs have played a role in human society for thousands of years.

This is evident in relics of the past. For example, statues and paintings from ancient Egypt depict Anubis, a god with the head of a dog. In the ancient Greek epic The Odyssey, Odysseus’ dog Argos warmly greets him after he returns home after a 20-year voyage.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

From the Middle Ages onward, dogs were often included in paintings to symbolize “loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness, watchfulness, and love.” Some have been immortalized in literature or film. The dog in this drawing guide, for example, resembles The Pokey Little Puppy, a children’s book favorite throughout the twentieth century. Dogs appear in anime cartoons, as Looney Tunes characters, and even in live action films like Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Homeward Bound, Snow Dogs, or the Air Bud and Buddies series.

You, too, can draw a playful cartoon dog. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this easy drawing tutorial

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Step 7 Draw The Eyes Nose & Finish The Line Drawing

Finally draw the dogs face. Make the shape of the nose similar to a triangle with rounded corners. Draw the outer part of the eyes starting from the top of the snout with oval like shapes. Draw the inner part of the eyes in pretty much the same way but smaller. Above the eyes add two small cures for the eyebrows.

Finally fill in the irises of the eyes and the nose with black but leave some white spots for the highlights.

Easy Dog Drawings Step By Step

How to Draw a Dog Step by Step ð?

The time you spend watching cute dogs will heal your heart. In particular, dogs are attractive because their facial expressions and poses are human-like and their emotions are rich. I will introduce how to draw such a simple animal, a dog, from a combination of simple figures. Draw the dog on the whole sheet of paper, so it will be easier for you to draw small details and a large picture always looks more impressive than a small one.

First, lets make a sketch that captures the whole thing. Sketches are done to understand shapes such as contours, surface orientation and three-dimensional structure, light and shade, and color tones.

There are various methods, but this time I will first draw a motif with a combination of circles. Replacing the shape with a circle is the simplest and easiest approach. This method can be applied regardless of the motif or art style.

In the center of the line, draw the largest circle. It is not necessary to draw it perfectly flat, you see in my drawing it is also uneven.

Draw another circle next to it, and the one that will be the dogs head is slightly smaller in diameter than the lower one.

The diagonal line can now be removed with an eraser and draw the joint markings for the paw and the lower parts of the three paws since the fourth paw will not be visible.

Connect these lines with another chin line. The ears and tail of the dog, I think, you will draw yourself, without comment.

Use A Reference Photo Of A Dog Face

Heres a picture of the little guy we are going to draw. As you can see, this tutorial will show you how to draw the face of a bulldog, an English bulldog to be precise! We will use this as our reference photo and to help us with proper placement of all the dogs facial features.

You can use the basic concepts you learn from this tutorial and apply them to drawing other dogs. Since there are so many different breeds of dogs with such a variety of physical traits, using a reference photo is an important step in capturing accurate features of any dog face you choose to draw.

How To Draw A Cute Dog Step By Step

Step 1 Draw the face of the puppy by showing the folds of its cheeks as illustrated.

Step 2 Draw a curved line from the chin till the left fore leg and then draw the other leg.

Step 3 Draw a curvy line from the left ear to extend the back of the dog. Also draw the tail, belly and back legs as illustrated.

Step 4 Just finish up by drawing simple eyes, nose and a curved line for mouth. Color it as you wish.

Draw The Dogs Ears And Nose

The bottom tip of the ear should align with the bottom of the nose. Also, the pointy side of the ear that sticks out is aligned with the upper portion of the eye. Draw a curved line from the bottom tip. Sketch the outline for the brow. Draw the upper edge of the ear from the outer tip to the brow. A little higher, draw a flap connecting the ear to the head.

Sketch a guideline from the first ear to locate the connection for the other ear. Then, sketch the brow of the dogs left eye. Draw the side curvature of the dogs face and the edge of the ear along the side. The lower tip of the ear is slightly aligned with the first ear and the nose. Use the outer tip of the first ear and the top of the dogs left eye to locate the outer tip of this ear. Use a pencil to check the angle. Connect the ear at the head. This preliminary sketch of the dog ears is the first step in learning how to draw them.

Draw a vertical line separating the nose into two parts. Then, sketch the nostril on our right side. Pay attention to the size of the nostril as well as the shape. Repeat this process with the other nostril. Try to match the angles of the outline of the nostrils correctly in relation to the angles of the nose outline.

Try The Extended Tutorial

How to Draw a Puppy (Step By Step)

Need more help? In the extended version of this tutorial, I go over how to draw the forehead of the dog, sides of the face, snout, ears, and more in greater detail with more step-by-step images. I also have both color and black-and-white reference photos available. Plus, for each step in the extended version, you will see the real-time video demonstration from which all of these step-by-step images originated.

You can get full access to the extended version of this and all of my other tutorials by becoming a member of the Lets Draw Today Club.

I hope you have found this tutorial to be helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in all of your future attempts at drawing a dog face!

Start With A Reference

You can use your own photo or one you find online, but add your own embellishments and tweaks to really make it your own. You dont need to trace, though you can if youre just starting out and want to get a better grasp on what dogs look like. Its not wrong to learn by tracing, but its a good idea to use those drawings as practice unless you took the photo yourself. 

Many artists take their own reference photos. If you cant, you can use one you find online, but aim to make your drawing substantially different from the reference if you plan to use the picture for something other than practice.

Starting with a reference photo lets you work off of an existing image, which can help your drawing be more accurate. Use what you know of skeletal structure so you can better draw the shapes that make up a dog.

Step 3 Remove The Circles And Ovals

Now that the dogs major parts are all connected, the artist erases the circles and ovals and starts to draw a more realistic and lifelike dog.

  • Place the nose at the end of the cylinder you drew earlier.
  • Place the eyes in the center of the face close to where the bridge of the nose begins.
  • You can see that the artist has added lines to indicate where the toes are in the dogs paw.
  • Draw lines to show where the leg extends into the body.
  • Add the dogs collar.

Step 3 Draw The Body & Front Legs

To add the dogs legs and body draw two curved lines going from the top part of the snout down to where the feet are in the example. Next draw two more curved lines for the inner part of the legs. Afterwards draw the feet and connect the who legs with a curved line to show the bottom of the dogs body.

Add Shading And Definition

How to Draw a Female Dog – Step by Step

ThoughtCo/Helen South

Now that you’ve outlined the shadows and highlights of your dog’s face, you can begin to focus on the details. Begin by gently erasing the guidelines you created.

Next, use your pencil to add more subtle detail. Use a light touch because it’s easier to add more shadow than it is to erase it when you go too dark. Work from dark to light across the entire surface of the drawing, gradually building up the texture.

Use soft strokes where fur is short and harder strokes where it’s long. You can use the eraser to work back over white fur to brighten it and create a softer look.

Step 2: Cover Highlighted Areas

Now Cover all the dog highlighted areas using the indenting tool. The indenting tool will actually pop up the highlighted area by creating the depth on the paper.

I dont have any indenting tool, so Im using here this construction nail in the replacement of the indent tool. and I hope this works pretty well for you too.

 So This technique is amazing to achieve a realistic look on your dogs face drawing.

How To Draw A Dog Approach

You might ask a question: how to draw a dog, when this animal isnt sitting still?. Drawing dogs is very different from drawing, for example, a still-life or human model. Even well trained dogs will not sit still for a long time. The fine artist only has a few minutes to capture the animals main features in broad strokes and then, they must work from imagination and memory.

When drawing dogs and other animals, I would suggest starting with multiple gesture sketches, which can be done rapidly. Sometimes, animals will keep still for only a short period of time, so you may only be able to make a single line. That is fine, do not expect long poses and do not force the dog to pose for you. Keep this exercise natural, a dog is a dog and enjoys your company, not your drawing.

After several dozen unfinished sketches, you will start grasping the idea of the dogs head proportions and main features. Keep sketching; sometimes you will have to do hundreds of preliminary pictures before you fully understand an animals figure proportions and shapes. I hope you see now why I skipped the preliminary sketches in this video. It would be too long and boring to watch multiple, unfinished, one-liners that dont look like much at all.

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