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How To Draw A Dragon Eye

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Finish Off Your Dragon Eye Drawing With Some Color

How to Draw a Dragon Eye

Now that your drawing is all done and inked, you can bring it to life with some amazing colors in this final step of our guide on how to draw a dragon eye!

We used some reds and yellows for the eye itself while using purple and grey for the scales and spikes. These are what we chose, but youre certainly not limited to these colors!

This is a step where you can really unleash your creativity and show us what you can do. Its also a drawing of a fantasy creature, so that means that you could use any colors you can imagine!

Once you know which colors you would like, you can use your favorite art tools and mediums to bring them to life.

Mediums like colored pens, markers or paints would be great for colors that leap off the page! Watercolors or colored pencils would be perfect for a more muted, classic look as well.

Its up to you, so be sure to let your creativity flow!

Colored Pencil Dragon Eye

Learn how to draw a dragon eye with colored pencil with this easy to follow tutorial! This drawing is perfect for the classroom or artists at home. My students love drawing eyes, and they always impress me with their creativity. I teach this Eye Self-Portrait Unit that focuses on color pencil blending and symbolism.

I have always demonstrated how to draw a basic eye, and students can either stick with the basics or express their identity with their own creative spin. After watching students draw amazing animal and dragon eyes for years, I had to try it out myself!

This tutorial will show you how to draw a dragon eye with colored pencil. I start by demonstrating the basic dragon eye shape and added shading and blending with Crayola colored pencils. I told my students to let loose, dragons arent actually real so have fun with color combinations and eye shapes.

Here are some of my favorite eyes from my latest group of sixth grade artists:

I love starting a semester with this artwork because it has just the right blend of teacher directed instruction and freedom for individual student voice. If you are doing this in the classroom or through distance learning, I have found guided practice to be key. The focus for the first few class periods is creating value scales with pencil and colored pencils and then practicing color blending. Once students feel comfortable with these concepts they move on to whatever style eye they are comfortable with.

From Deviled Eggs To Dragon Eyes

The last stage of transforming regular chicken eggs into dragon eyes are the olive pupils. You can also add a little food dye to the filling if you’d like a red or green iris as well.

Slice the olive in half lengthwise and use the curve of the olive to your advantage. Simple slice off a crescent and then shape the other side to match. You will need a sharp paring knife to do this successfully. Do not use a serrated blade or your edges become more jagged.

Once all your pupils are cut, place them into the center of the irises in each eyeball. Now that they are done, you can display them on a tray or tiered server for your event.

I like to serve two eyes together which, in my opinion, increases the feeling you’re being watched!

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How To Make Dragon Eye Deviled Eggs

Have you ever wondered how to make dragon eye food or decorations? You may have seen the Medieval Knight dinner I hosted last year, or our Room on the Broom Halloween party. BOTH of which I made these Dragon Eye deviled eggs for.

Since then however I realized how many fun ways I can keep using them. We are HUGE Harry Potter fans and these would be perfect for a Triwizard tournament or simply as an homage to Hagrid, Charlie Weasley, or Fantastic Beasts.

So now that you are completely sold on the idea that you NEED these in your life, let’s find out how to make dragon eye deviled eggs!

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Dragon Eye Drawing Tutorial

How to draw a Dragon Eye. Easy

Today youll learn how to draw dragon eyes on black paper. Artwork created on black paper adds a little something to it. And lets face it, dragon eyes are super cool looking to begin with. So dragon eyes drawn on black paper is the perfect combination.

When creating your artwork on black paper, you have to take some things into consideration. Your colors will look slightly different on black than they do on white paper. And not all colors will show up very well on the black paper.

There are other mediums out there you could use, but I like the amount of detail that is possible with colored pencils. So for this lesson, Im going to show you how to do a drawing with colored pencil on black paper. All of the pencils I used for this are Prismacolor and the exact colors will be listed throughout the lesson.

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All of the colors are included in the 48 count pack. You can learn more about this product at, Prismacolor Colored Pencil Review 48 Pack.

Black paper

Graphite drawing pencil

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How To Draw Dragon Eyes Choosing Colors

If you want to use a color other than white for the rest of your sketch, you will need to decide which colors you will be using. Because you are drawing a mythical creature, you can use any color you want to use.

I wanted to make this dragon purple with a red and yellow eye. To help you determine the exact colors you will be using, its a good idea to make a color swatch on scrap paper. Some colors will show up better than others.

Simple Dragon Eye Ingredients

When you think of deviled eggs it’s not exactly a health food, but there are a few things we can do to make it just a little bit better for you:

  • Pasture fresh eggs like from backyard chickens. Did you know that actual free range chicken eggs have less cholesterol than farmed chicken eggs? But industrial farms with free-range chickens aren’t quite so healthy.
  • Mayonnaisethis mayo from Primal kitchen is my favorite. It’s made from avocado oil and GMO free. It’s still high in fat but doesn’t have any hidden sugar so it makes these babies Keto friendly too.
  • Yellow mustard I’m sure there are better mustards out there but the classic works just fine.
  • Pickle juice This is my secret ingredient and the way my grandma used to make them. Instead of vinegar use pickle juice straight from the pickle jar.
  • Classic Seasonings this is where personal preference comes in. You can make them classic with just salt, pepper, celery salt, and paprika OR
  • Spicy add cajun seasoning, use Primal kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo, red pepper flakes, or a hot sauce like Cholula.
  • Fancy add dill, dijon mustard, and tiny blue cheese crumbles

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Make The Dragon Eye Deviled Egg Filling

After your eggs are boiled, peeled, and cooled you’re ready to start on the filling. If you followed my hard boiled egg recipe, first of all, great job listening, and second of all, I hope you continue making perfect hard boiled eggs for eternity!

The filling is super easy, just mash the yolks with a fork, add your mayo and mustard then use the pickle juice and seasonings to taste. See.I said it was easy.

Also, see how bright yellow those yolks are? That’s the sign of a happy healthy true free-range chicken. Their yolks are more orange than yellow, which tells you they also have more Omega-3’s and other vitamins.

Sketching A Western Dragon

Drawing A Dragon’s Eye
  • 1Make a large and small circle next to one another for the front and back of the body. Start by making a large circle near the middle of your paper, using a compass if you want to get it perfectly round. Then draw another circle that’s about two-thirds of the size of the first one to the left of it so there’s a small gap between them. The larger circle will become the chest and shoulders of your dragon and the smaller one will be for the hips.XResearch source
  • Don’t overlap the circles or else your dragon’s body will look too short.
  • Your dragon will look longer if you put the second circle further away from the first one.
  • Be careful not to draw the circles too large or else the rest of your dragon won’t fit on the page.
  • 2Draw a smaller circle with a rounded trapezoid to make the dragon’s head. Make a circle that’s about one-third of the size of the front of the body, and place it above the largest circle so there’s a large gap between them. Where you draw the circle will determine how long your dragon’s neck will be. Add a small rounded trapezoid to the right side of the circle to give your dragon a snout.XResearch source
  • Use a compass to draw the circle if you want it to look perfectly round. Otherwise, it’s okay to draw it freehand.
  • Draw with light pencil lines so you can erase and reposition the head if you don’t like where you drew it the first time.
  • Avoid using straight lines when you connect the circles since it will make the dragon look unnatural.
  • 12
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    Realistic Dragon Eye Drawing

    Then choose whether you want your dragon to be breathing fire flying standing on two legs or posing another way. Draw another line from the eye to meet this one at a steep angle.

    A 3d Sketch Of A Girl In Pencil Of A Pencil Jpg Inspiring Drawing

    Tattoo Uploaded By Niki Norberg Tattoo By Niki Norberg

    Realistic Dragon Drawing At Getdrawings Com Free For Personal Use

    By Step Instructions For Drawinga Dragon Eye

    1.Begin by drawing a long, curved line to outline the top of the eye.

    2. Draw another long, curved line, meeting the first on each end, to enclose the shape of the eye. Notice the curve of the line, how it forms a rounded point how this gives the eye a nearly rectangular appearance.

    3. Draw a curved line upwards from the corner of the eye. Draw another line from the eye to meet this one at a steep angle. This forms a scale along the dragon’s eye ridge. From the first scale, draw another curved line, and enclose it by drawing another line from the eye. Repeat this process a third time, forming a third scale.

    4. From the corner of the eye, draw a curved line, downward. From this point, draw a series of short, curved lines that meet in jagged points. Follow the contour of the eye, and connect the final line to the eye near the opposite corner. This forms the scales beneath the eye.


    How to Draw a Pot of Gold

    8.Draw short, curved lines, connected in jagged points, as well as individual short lines, above and below the eye. This offers additional texture of scales.

    9.Draw a series of lines parallel to the bottom of the eye, forming the eye’s waterline. Then, within the pupil, draw short lines emanating from the slit.

    10. Color your dragon’s eye.

    Would you like to improve your skills with more draconic drawing guides? We’re here to help. Then, give your dragons a backstory using our tutorials for drawing castles and princesses.

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    Black Cardstock Artist Trading Card Blanks

    Im using black cardstock for this drawing. Ive also used black Post-It notes, which work really well. Black construction paper is a suitable option too.

    I began by cutting some black cardstock into 3.5 x 2.5 inch cards using my paper trimmer. If youve read some of my previous articles you already know I do a lot of my work on Artist Trading Cards , for a couple of reasons. They are small, so they dont take as long to complete, and I am extremely limited on free time. Trading ATCs is a fun hobby to have and this way I have cards already available to trade.

    You can do your rough sketch with a graphite pencil or a colored pencil. I prefer to use graphite as it is easier to correct mistakes. When doing your rough sketch, make sure youre not pushing down too hard. The last thing you want to do is make indentations on the paper with your pencil. Also, the lighter you do your sketch, the easier it will be to cover up.

    Fill Your Dragon Eggs

    TUTORIAL: How to Draw Quick Dragon Eyes

    Now that you have the perfect eggs with the perfect filling, let’s get it into those egg white shells. I just spooned these in and used the rounded spoon to make a smooth mound on top.

    If you aren’t making dragon eyes and want to be fancy, you can absolutely pipe them on with a special tip, or just a snipped off ziplock bag.

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    How To Draw A Dragon Eye

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    Dragons are mythical, legendary creatures, usually depicted with a long, snake-like body, wings like a bat, and the ability to breathe fire.

    The word “dragon” is derived from the Greek word drakn, meaning “large serpent.”

    Some dragons are depicted as vicious monsters, while others are friendly and even helpful to human companions.

    Myths of dragons arose independently in various parts of the world.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    In the Middle East, they were derived from the existence of large, poisonous serpents.

    In Egypt and elsewhere, some deities were dragon-like in form.

    In China, dragons were often seen as a force for good, and their image represented the imperial family.

    In Europe, dragons featured not only in legend but on shields, ships, and coats of arms.

    Maps from past centuries at times held the words “here be dragons,” or depictions of the animals, in unexplored or dangerous regions.

    Dragons have long featured in art, as they continue to today. From ancient vases and throne rooms, to modern religious items of China and Japan, to fan art and t-shirts, dragons are abundant.

    A number of books, movies and television series highlight this creature, including the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey, the original film and remake of Pete’s Dragon, various fairy tale cartoons such as Shrek and Sleeping Beauty, and the wildly popular Game of Thrones television series.

    Start Drawing Scales Around The Eye

    In this part of your dragon eye drawing, you can start to add some scales around the eye. You could also do these with your pencil first if youre worried about getting it right!

    To draw these, simply draw lots of squat, sharp oval shapes that intersect with one another around the eye. It looks a lot harder than it actually is if you take it slow and follow the guide image.

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    Dragon Eye Drawing Colors

    Ive decided to draw my dragon eye a red color. The first thing I did was add some yellow next to the pupil. The pencil I used here was Spanish Orange , which is a yellow-orange color. When adding colors to your drawing you dont want to just color everything in using one color like you would in a coloring book. You want to add several colors to make it more interesting. For my eye, which will be red, I used three different colors.

    Next, I added some red and a purple-ish color for the darker areas. The colors I used were Crimson Red and Tuscan Red . I overlapped some of the yellow to help blend the colors together.

    Once I was happy with the colors on the eyeball, I added some white in the pupil for a highlight. Then I went in with a black colored pencil and filled in the pupil.

    Drawing The Actual Pupil

    How to Draw a Dragon Eye

    The pupil, in its basic shapes, is a mix of both rectangles and squares. Start by drawing diamond shapes of different sizes with rectangular gaps in the middle of the eye. Once you have done that, draw in the shading of the pupil with your pencil. Make it dark in the middle and one side slightly lighter along the other edge of the pupil.

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    How To Draw A Dragon

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    Dragons are some of the most well-known mythical creatures, made famous from fairy tales and ancient legends. If you want to design a dragon on your own, first pick what type you want to draw. Western dragons look similar to other lizards or dinosaurs with wings and are some of the most commonly seen types in art. Eastern dragons usually don’t have wings and resemble a snake more than a lizard. With a bit of practice and patience, you’ll be able to draw any type of dragon!

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