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How To Draw A Dragon Head

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How To Make A Dragon Head In Minecraft

How to draw a dragon head for beginners

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft a dragon head with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

In Minecraft, a dragon head is an item that you can not make with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you need to find and gather this item in the game. The dragon head can be found attached to the End Ship in the .

Let’s explore how to add a dragon head to your inventory.

Now Its Time For The Dragon Foot

For the foot, were going to start with another claw think of the type of extra claws wolves and dogs have. Create a small claw then from the bottom of it extend slightly downwards now bring that line horizontally across to meet where you planned out your feet! I like to create an arc on the foot here to remind myself where the fingers will be later this is optional

Fire Breathing Dragon Drawings

Fire-breathing dragons are the next step in creating memorable artwork.

When you ask anyone to describe dragons, the first thing theyll probably say is, they breathe fire. You can learn how to draw a fire-breathing dragon quickly and easily, from scary sky monsters all the way down to cute baby dragons.

Source: Taking inspiration from seahorses, give seadragons a go next time youre looking for a sketching idea.

Like the bearded dragon, sea dragons are found in the real world. But this time, the clue is in the name! These creatures are related to the seahorse, which you can use as the basis for your design if youre looking for a simple way to start.

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Time For The Back Leg Now

With the same theory as the front leg, find the beginning of the line you created earlier. This time were going to create sort of a butt looking muscle. Consider it a second shoulder, but for the hind legs! This will be much wider and larger than the front legs as the dragon carries its center of balance in the back. Create a triangle with the point facing towards the tail a good distance from the beginning of the guideline, we want a beefy leg here.

The ending of that triangle line should be a little bit away from the point from the < line we made earlier. This is the knee! Now match the direction of the line going towards the right, but dont go too far! We need to create a heel claw! For this one, youll want the underside of the claw to be an arc going downwards into the foot. Now finish off your foot with a few lines matching the guideline from earlier.

Twelfth Step Neck Spikes

How to Draw a Dragon Head

No need to mark a new starting point. Begin exactly where you left off with the plates halfway between the inner and outer points of the base of the rectangle the point where the fourth plate ended.

Next, keeping parallel to the sides of the rectangle , draw an angled line that goes upwards and to the left.

Stop when you come to the fin. You can draw this line fancy like I have, or you can keep it looking more simple. This line represents the transition from your dragons neck plates, back to its skin.

Again doesnt have to be fancy. A simple curved line dipping either inward or outward will do the trick just fine. When youre finished that, go back to the point where you finished the fourth plate.

OK, next continue with a line that goes to the lower right corner of the rectangle. Then, using the upper right side of the rectangle as your guide, go ahead and draw some spikes!

Draw them all the way up until you know you cant see them anymore because they are being covered by your dragons fin. Use the rectangle as your guide. Also, feel free to draw as many spikes as you want. If you like, draw bumps instead.

Or, similar to the horns on your dragons snout, you could draw more horns here too if you like. Again get creative!

And speaking of depth time to add the final details

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Add Texture To Seal The Deal

To complete your dragon, give it even more details, specifically textures. Add feathers, scales, horns, or whatever your heart desires to fully flesh out your basilisk. Use thin lines to make up all the finer details, including the horns and the eye pupils. Add nails and claws, and start shading in the appropriate areas. Again, use reference photos of a variety of animals to fill out this portion of the dragon. This will create a more accurate representation of how it would look in the wild, if it existed.

The small details you add to your dragon will set it apart from other artists renderings, so dont be afraid to experiment. If youre stuck during this phase, change the setting. Placing your dragon in a particular environment, like air or water, can help determine what features your dragon should have.

My Favourite Drawing Resources

General Drawing Courses. I really like Udemy if you are looking to develop your knowledge of drawing techniques Udemy is an excellent choice due to its wide range of creative courses and excellent refund policy. They often have monthly discounted deals for new customers, which you can check here. Use my link.

Sketching and Collage. Take a look at this sketching resource I have created. Use this link.

Proko. Is one of my favorite teachers who surpasses in the teaching of Anatomy and Figure drawing. Prokos course breaks down the drawing of the human body into easy-to-follow components aiding the beginner to make rapid progress. For this, I really like Proko.

Art Easels. One of my favorite ways to draw is by using a drawing easel, which develops the skill of drawing on a vertical surface. The H frame easel is an excellent vertical easel way to add variety to the style and type of marks you create when using a drawing board.

To see all of my most up-to-date recommendations, check out this resource I made for you.

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How To Draw A Dragon Eye

There are many types of eye patterns that you can start with, but first, youll need to choose a shape. Deciding which eye appeals to you the most is going to be the window into your dragons soul.

Lizard eyes are certainly interesting, but its hard to feel empathy for a pupil thats a slit shape.

The angle of how the eye is positioned also tells you about their disposition. If we go back to different actors, we can see all kinds of interesting eye shapes.

Are their eyes droopy like Vincent Schiavelli , or almond-shaped like the singer Björk?

If you want to stick to animals like lizards, theyll vary in shape from a total circle to oval-shaped eyelids.

Use lots of photo references to start sketching in your favorite eye shape. Keep in mind that you want to build character through the eyes. Larger eyes convey friendlier dragons, while small beady eyes are more sinister.

When it comes to drawing the pupil, this will allow you more freedom to explore your personality. Ask yourself if theyre thinking of something or pondering a memory that haunts them?

Yes, kids, just like those crazy Instagram selfies, eye position tells a story too! The most popular is the 10 or 2 oclock position.

This seems to always give a dreamy thoughtful look. Then there is the dreaded 4 and 8 oclock position thats broody and looking back.

Simple Chinese Dragon Drawings

How to Draw a Dragon’s Head: Narrated Tutorial

Chinese dragons have a unique and distinctive style.

Chinese dragons are a staple of Chinese mythology and folklore. Theyre most commonly depicted with scaled bodies, long horns, and large fang-like teeth.

Source: Kawaii-style dragons are some of the cutest artwork around!

Try your hand at Japanese cartoon drawing and learn how to draw a cute dragon character. Kawaii art is incredibly popular all around the world for its soft, rounded edges, with cartoons featuring large heads on small bodies and a pastel color palette.

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How To Draw Unicorn Dragon Step By Step:

Step 1: Start with drawing the head of your dragon, on the right side draw a line for the mouth and a dot for nostril.

Step 2: Draw big round eyes and darken it, left 2 white portions to give them shining look. Above the head draw cone shape cone using a triangle.

Step 3: Extend the neckline using a curvy line up to the tail end.

Step 4: From the inner line of the neck draw foreleg using 2 curvy parallel lines.

Step 5: Extend the inner line of the abdomen from the foreleg and draw a hind leg.

Step 6: Extend the inner line up to the outer line which will form the tail for the dragon.

Step 7: Draw fringes for the spike above the head and legs for right side as shown in the image below.

Step 8: From below the neck draw the wing.

Step 9: In this step draw small lines on the abdomen it will give bulky look to it.

Step 10:

Drawing The Drawing Legs

Starting from the front leg, find the shoulder line you just made in the previous step. Create a line going the opposite way, not too long but large enough to have some muscle on this dragon, hes big! so his body should reflect that. Take into consideration how your own arm looks, the shoulder flows into the tricep/bicep, then you have your elbow flowing into your forearm. Its the same theory here!

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Sketch In The Tail And Wings

Sketch in the final pieces before adding the key features.

Before we can dive into how to draw a dragon face with detailed features, we need to finish our outline. Draw a swooping line around the back of the dragon and under the legs for the tail, before adding an upside-down triangle on the dragons back for the wings.

Seventh Step Upper Snout

How to Draw a Dragon Head

And so it begins! Its here in this very step where the fate of your dragon head drawing resides. Time to make your mark! Literally!

I suggest you start with the very corner of your dragons mouth. Work left and eventually clockwise as you draw in first the lower part of the upper snout, second the end of the snout, third the top of the snout, and finally up and around the eye to create an eyebrow.

In my case, the perfect starting point was almost directly in the center of the bigger circle, yet slightly offset down and to the right.

Previously, you used the small circle as a guide to draw your dragons eye. Now, do the same with the rectangle to draw the upper snout of your dragon head.

Begin. As you work your way left towards the end of the snout, feel free to deviate from the path that the rectangle creates for you. Imagine that soon, this very line that you draw will have dragon teeth emerging from it, jutting downwards.

I like to make this line rather swirvy In places where the line swerves up, teeth can be revealed! And where it swerves down, teeth are hidden just as a drooping lip would do so on a dog.

At the end of the rectangle , I gave my dragon head a pretty well-defined upper-lip. Then, it was upwards, again using the line of the rectangle as my guide, to create the end of my dragon head snout. When I got to the nostril, the movement of my lines changed.

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How To Draw A Dragon Head Video & Step

In this free art lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a cartoon Dragon roaring.


To draw this cartoon Dragon step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below the video. The new lines in each step are shown in red, so you’ll know exactly what to draw next. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 1: Draw a short, curved line similar to a check mark as a guide for the dragon’s eyebrow. Curve the left tip up and the right tip down to furrow the brow.

Step 2: Below the eyebrow, draw a small diamond for the dragon’s eye. Under the eye, draw a curved line for a wrinkle.

Step 3: Above the eye, draw a series of spikes for the bony brow. Draw the spikes using short, triangular shapes. On the right side, curve the shape of the dragon’s brow downward.

Step 4: To the left of the eye, draw a long, horizontal line that curves downward at the end for the top part of the mouth. Near the middle of this line, draw a small bump for the top part of the dragon’s nostril.

  • Start

How To Draw A Dragon

Step 1: Draw 2 circles for the head and body of the dragon, join these shapes with help of 2 lines forming the neck.

Step 2: With the help of lines outline the wings, tail, and leg of the dragon. Draw it with a light hand and easy strokes.

Step 3: In this step draw the outline for the head, firstly outline the eyes and then mouth, for reference see the image below.

Step 4: Inside the eyes draw pupil, teeth inside mouth. On the head draw horn and ears as its a mythical animal. Next, is to draw the nostril, follow the image for reference.

Step 5: Draw a few random straight lines on the body, inside the under part i.e, abdomen.

Step 6: Draw spikes on the back and tail of the dragon, this is very easy to do. Then mark the claws of arms and legs.

Step 7: This is the final step of drawing, erase all extra lines, and follow the image below to get a clear and exact image of your drawing.

Step 8: In this step dragon is already ready but if you willing to color it you can with your imagination or according to the image below.

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Learn How To Draw A Dragon Head With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial The Profile View Lets You See Him In All His Spiky Beauty

If drawing the entire body of some cool creature seems a little intimidating, or if you havent had a lot of practice, then why not focus on just their head and face?

This dragon has plenty of details to give him a fierce look, without the worry of how to get legs and a long tail to fit in too. Besides, if you ask me, their eyes are some of the most fun to draw, and this one is nice and large because of the close up view. You can even try to leave that little white reflection shape inside, just like the pros do!

Dragon Head Coloring Page

How to Draw a Dragon Head

  • Fold paper to get lines shown. Draw two curves.
  • Continue the top of the head.
  • Continue the cheek lines.
  • Add the mouth and lips.
  • Draw the nose, eye, ear and cheek.
  • Draw a long horn.
  • Add the inside neck line.
  • Finish with spikes.
  • Trace with a marker and color.
  • Ninth Step The Back Horn

    How to draw a dragon’s head

    Alright. Take your pen or marker back up to where you left off with the upper snout. And at a point near or on the bigger circle go ahead and mark a new starting point.

    Do make sure that your new starting point connects with the eyebrow area the end of the upper snout line.

    Notice how I connected mine near the tip of one of the protrusions? This creates the illusion that the protrusions are not only 3D, but also, that they are pointing outwards and away from the dragon head. Pretty neat.

    Then, Using the circle and the base of the large triangle as a guide, I drew some more protrusions. They cover the base of the large horn that you are about to draw.

    OK got your new starting point? Go an idea of how your horn is going to look? Great. Lets continue.

    Using the large triangle as your guide, draw a larger version of the horn that you drew on your dragons upper snout. If you didnt draw any horns, but want to now, feel free to check out the rhinoceros lesson here. Quick little lesson on how to draw a horn.

    Alright, keeping to the pattern of the previous two horns curving towards the right, Ive done the same with the larger horn on the back of my dragon head. Just like the snout horns, it curves to the right. Yet because of its position, its actually curving downwards. Notice I added a few more of those protrusions at the lower base of the horn. Again, adds some depth and gives the drawing more of a 3D look.

    Next, its on to the fin

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    Give Your Dragon A Face

    Theres nothing like a smiley cartoon dragon!

    One of the best parts of learning how to draw a dragon head is giving your creature a fun face! Some dragons can be terrifying, but well show you how to make your dragon drawing cute instead.

    Fill in the facial structure with eyes above the cheek area and curvy eyebrows. Dont forget the large nostrils at the end of the nose just waiting for some fire-breathing! Finish the face off with a couple of bony spikes too.

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