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How To Draw A Duck Step By Step

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How To Draw A Duck In 4 Steps

How to Draw a Duck (Step by Step)

Learn how to draw this playful duck and then place it in any scene you like — waddling along with its siblings, swimming in a lake, and more. It’s easy when you start with basic shapes.

In this section, we’ll show you how to draw the above duck. Either draw it freehand while looking at your computer monitor or print out this page to get a closer look at each step.

Follow the red lines in each illustration to learn exactly what to draw in that step. The lines drawn in previous steps are shown in gray. We’ll show you an illustration of each step and then give you a description of how to draw it.


  • 4. Trace the Duck
  • How To Draw A Duck For Kids In Simple Steps

    Lets start it.

    Step 1:

    Lets make this mission successful. Draw two oval shapes at some distance. The first one is bigger. The second one is comparatively small. The top-level oval shape represents the duck face and the second one for its body.

    Step 2:

    Draw a long curve line so it connects the head with the body. Usually, a curve has a long neck. So adjust it accordingly. Nice work! Move on.

    Step 3:

    Step 4:

    Draw a simple curve for ducktail. You know a ducktail is the men hair fashion in the 19s.; Make sure you start this point from the previous point.;

    Step 5:

    Refine your work and remove extra lines to make the duck more attractive. In this way, you can beauty to duck drawing. Its quite natural.;

    Step 6:

    This step contains substeps, you can make a rough pencil sketch. If not then continue as it is going. Trace the following guideline.

  • Two parallel stripes for ducks legs
  • A sharp beak
  • Step 7:

    In this step for how to draw a duck step by step, simply you need to add another part of the beak. Make sure to give a little bit space for beak opening. Add a triangle shape right below the feet stripes.

    Step 8:

    • Draw a U shape curve to its body
    • Add a pupil that must be circular
    • A small curve along its feet joint
    • Make the beak more obvious

    Step 9:

    In this step draw second feet of a duck. Draw the body curve of duck. Now, repeat the same triangle shape for second feet.;

    Step 10:

    How To Draw A Flying Realistic Duck:

    Step 1: Start your drawing with 2 ovals a small and big one.

    Step 2: Draw neck in between the 2 ovals using simple lines, and add 2 lines upward for the wings guideline.

    Step 3: Outline the wings using curvy lines, keep in mind we are drawing op[en wings. Also, draw the outline for forelegs on the lower back of the body. Draw a pointed beak on the front.

    Step 4: start adding feathers to the wings forming conical structures on the outer side. Draw the back with the pointed end, add eyes and define the leg.

    Step 5: Below the first layer of a feather draw another layer with smaller feathers, also add feathers on the back.

    Step 6: Add random feathers all over the body and other details. Outline your drawing with a pencil and counter accordingly. Add clouds in the sky and random lines on the feather and body.

    Step 7: Erase all the extra lines and finish your drawing.

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    Shading And Highlighting Your Duck Drawing

    Highlights and shadows are essential for creating realistic coloring and dimensions. Begin the highlighting by using a shade of white to add dabs of light throughout the main body of the duck. Make sure that your brush strokes follow the textural lines for additional realism. You can also add white highlights to the neck and add a little glint in the ducks eye.

    For the shading, use a soft brush to add a light layer of black paint to the bottom of the wing, around the bottom of the ducks belly, and the whole tail.

    Draw The Eye & Nostril

    How to Draw a Duck Easy Step by Step

    Towards the bottom/front side of the head draw the eye. As this is a cartoon looking duck make the eye quite large shaped somewhat like an oval but with an almost flat bottom.

    Inside the eye draw the iris shapes almost exactly like the outline of the eye but smaller. Also inside the eye overlapping the iris draw a small oval highlight .

    As this is a cartoon duck you can also add a hint of an eyebrow above the eye with a tiny curve.

    Finally also add a small oval shaped nostril to the upper part of the beak .

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    Rough Drawing Of A Duck

    • Start your rough drawing from the head of the duck by drawing a circle.
    • Now, draw the bill in a triangular shape and draw a small circle for the eye.
    • Further, draw the neck continuing with the chest to the last part of a duck.
    • Now, draw the horizontal drop shape for the wing and also draw the tail.
    • Draw the legs of a duck as shown below.
    • At last, draw the rectangular band on the neck of a duck.

    Coloring The Bright Green Head

    There are two different colors that you are going to use in this step to create the signature iridescent green head. These two shades are light green and cool purple shade. Begin by coloring the whole head with your light green shade. Then, you can go in with a soft brush and blend the purple paint into the green all around the edges of the head. Use an inward motion to blend the two shades together.

    Focus quite a lot of purple just below the head in the crook of the neck. Shadow will naturally lie in this area and the purple is a wonderful shading color.

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    Interesting Facts About Ducks

    Ducks are mostly water-loving birds that belong to the Anatidae family, which includes geese and swans. It is thought that their earliest close ancestors mingled with dinosaurs.

    Ducks can be found over all continents, except Antarctica, although some can be found on islands in the sub-Antarctica.

    Did you know?

    • Ducks are generally smaller than geese and swans, and can be found living both in fresh water and salt water.
    • Ducks eat land and water plants, insects and fish, small amphibians, such as toads, newts and salamanders, mollusks and worms.
    • Some ducks dive deep into under the water for food, while others feed off the surface of water and on land.
    • A comb-like edge along the beak of a duck catches food from water that is squirted from the sides of the beak.
    • While male ducks do not quack, all ducks make a variety of sounds including, cooing, whistle sounds, grunts and yodels.
    • Ducks are easy prey for animals, fish and humans, primarily because of their inability to fly off a surface quickly. Although human hunters generally prefer the challenge of a flying duck over a sitting duck.
    • The word duck is often used to describe something as funny, because of ducks seem silly in their behavior and looks.

    Interesting Facts About Duck:

    How to Draw a Duck – Step by Step Tutorial

    Here are some interesting facts you may find amazing:

  • If you find some duck shaking his or her tail means they are excited or just a take a swim.
  • Drake, hen, and duckling is the name of male, female and baby duck respectively.
  • It is observed that they can understand how to play with toys and games.
  • Ducks can bite you to show special attachment or affection with you.
  • If you give a name to duck then they will show you their intelligence.
  • They dont have teeth so you are a victim of their beak bite.
  • Ducks are famous for emotional and intelligent creatures.
  • Ducks have the ability to recognize the human face.
  • They can see red, green, yellow and blue colors.
  • They are omnivorous as human
  • Now after these interesting facts, you can learn more amazing birds easy drawing from this platform. Our platform has a special step by step drawing lesson for kids and grown.

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    Creating The Final Outline For Your Duck Drawing

    It is now time to create the final outline for your duck drawing. Using all of the construction shapes that you have drawn so far, you can outline the head, body, and wings, and draw some facial details.

    Begin at the head, following the construction lines quite closely. For the beak, add a small curved line at the base to separate it from the rest of the head, and create a line within the beak to show the two halves. You can now add a small nostril near the top of the beak, and add a circular eye within the head.

    When it comes to outlining the neck and the majority of the body, you can follow the construction lines very closely.

    For the wings, you can dip your outline slightly below the construction shape, adding a few points at the end and a line at the top. For the outline of the tail, you can add a few little additional feather flicks. Use the leg and feet construction lines as a center point for your outline. Remember to add curved lines between the feet to create the webbing. You can finish the feet by adding small claw details to each toe.

    Now Add In A Body For The Duck

    In step 5 of our guide on how to draw a duck, we will be giving the duck a body.

    The body will be made up of a very rounded line extending from under the face and looping around to the back of the duck.

    Right behind the wing, be sure to draw in a tail for your duck using some straighter lines as you can see in the reference picture. With that, your duck is really starting to look great!

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    Drawing The Shape Of The Main Body

    The first construction shape that we are using in this tutorial is a large elongated and slightly sloped oval. You want to make sure that the left side of the oval is slightly higher than the right, as the body of the duck is sloped. If you are using a physical medium rather than a drawing tablet, we also advise using a very light pencil for construction lines so that you can easily erase them later.

    In this first step, make sure that your main body oval is at the very center of your canvas and that there is plenty of space on all sides for the rest of the ducks body.

    Draw The Feather Pattern & Water

    How to Draw a Duck Step-by-Step Cartoon Easy Tutorial with Doodleacademy

    To finish the line drawing add some water ripples around the duck to show that its floating and afterwards draw the pattern of its feathers.

    Draw the water ripples as though they are sort of wrapping around the duck.

    For the feather pattern you can add a little band like part around the neck along with a curve along the bottom chest area.

    Once done go over your drawing with darker pencil lines, a black pen or marker.

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    Learn How To Draw A Duck For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Quack quack! Hello kids, in this drawing lesson we will show you how to draw a duck for kids step by step. We tried to draw the cartoon duck very simple so that all the kids could easily draw it.

    Lets learn a little more about ducks. Ducks belong to a large family of waterfowl, of which there are about 150 modern species. Ducks are medium to small sized birds with a relatively short neck and tarsus covered in front with transverse shields. Coloring is very different. These birds live almost all over the world, except for some oceanic islands.

    Heres a birdie in our duck drawing tutorial. Now lets move on to the tutorial itself. For this, we need drawing supplies and a blank sheet of paper. We will provide the rest!

    Time needed:;15 minutes.

    How to Draw a Duck for Kids

  • Draw a duck head.

    In the middle of the sheet, draw the head of our duck, it has a slightly flattened oval shape.

  • Draw the eye and beak.

    For the duck to see us, lets draw an eye. Closer to the upper left edge of the head, draw a small circle, and in it a black dot.Add another beak by extending a curved line from the face and enclosing an irregular shape.

  • Draw the body of the duck.

    Step back a short distance from your head. And right below it we draw an oval, but on the right edge we make it pointed, where the tail will be.

  • Draw the neck.

    Connect the head to the body by drawing the neck. To do this, draw two identical vertical lines.

  • And you can also check out our other drawing tutorials. All the best!

    Applying The Second Coat Of Color

    The second color you are going to add to your duck sketch is light brown. To get the difference in shades that you can see below, you are going to apply two layers of brown in different areas. Use a medium brush to shade the breast area, the top of the back, and the bottom of the wing brown.

    The very front of the ducks chest should be lighter than all of the other brown areas. To achieve this look, apply a second coat of light brown to all the other brown areas.

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    You Can Refer To The Simple Step

    Step 1

    Start with the bill of duck. Its like a long thin triangle on a corner.

    Step 2

    Continue the top line of the triangle back to make the head of the head. Curve it up and then back down, like a boomerang. Draw a small eye to the left of the top of the head. Then continue the bottom line of the triangle back to make a short neck line.

    Step 3

    The curve curves down and to the right to make the abdomen. Continue the headline down to start the next line.

    Step 4

    Start from the bottom of the line drawing the wings. It starts wide, the curve tilts and goes to a sharp point. Continue the line back to the left and bend it back under the wing tip.

    Step 5

    Now continue the belly to draw butt. Bend the line back and draw a short pointy tail right after the nose of the wing. Add the foot of the diaphragm at the end of the uterus.

    Step 6

    Add a long, thin leg on top of the first foot.

    Step 7

    Draw The Outline Of The Ducks Head & Body

    how to draw a Duck step by step

    Begin by making an outline drawing of the ducks head and body without any of the smaller details. The head should be somewhat round towards the top transitioning into the slightly narrower neck. Draw the body with smooth curves but make it slightly flatter at the very bottom as part of it will be submerged in water. You can also draw a small hint of the feathers to show the tail.

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    Creating The Base Of The Wing

    Ovals are definitely the most popular construction shapes and we use different sizes to create the various elements of our duck sketch. For the base of the wing, you can draw a much more narrow oval that overlaps with the main body oval significantly.

    The ducks wing sticks out slightly above its tail, so you want the end of the wing construction circle to extend slightly further back than the main body oval.

    Your Duck Drawing Is Complete

    You should be proud of your accomplishment because you have reached the end of this guide on how to draw a duck! By following the guide you have arrived at an awesome duck drawing.

    Whenever taking on a new drawing, it can really help to use a guide like this that breaks it down into several easy steps.

    Now that you have created a wonderful duck drawing, its up to you to get really creative with it!

    Whether you do this with extra details, a pose for your duck or maybe drawing in another friend for it, the possibilities are endless!

    We also cant wait to see what colors and art mediums you decide on to really finish off your drawing, so be sure to use all of your favorite colors and art tools to bring it to life.

    This guide you just finished is one of many, many more we have for you, so be sure to check in on our page frequently to join in the fun!

    We cant wait to see what youve done!

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    How To Draw A Duck

    In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Duck in 6 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

    The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

    Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

    At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Duck.

    Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

    How To Draw A Floating Duck For Kids:

    How to Draw – Simple Duck – Step by Step Tutorial

    Step 1: Draw a straight line to the left of the paper.

    Step 2: Draw a curvy line from the right end of the line meeting toward the left.

    Step 3: Draw a curve above the line forming a shape like 2, refer the image given below.

    Step 3: Draw another curve from the head and parallel to step 2. Draw a pointed shape on the back, outline of the duck is ready.

    Step 4: Below the body draw wavy lines depicting water.

    Step 5: On the front of the head draw a thick pointed beak with a middle line.

    Step 6: In this step draw a round eye with other circles inside it.

    Step 7: Add a few lines on the body to depict the feather.

    Step 8: Your floating duck is ready, You can draw sun and cloud to make it more realistic,; color it accordingly or follow the image given below.

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