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How To Draw A Eyes Step By Step

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How To Draw Female Eyes

How to Draw a Realistic Eye – Step by Step Eye Tutorial – You can draw this!

Step 1: Draw a curved line as an outline for the upper eye.

Step 2: Draw another curved line below the upper one to form the outline of the lower eye, they should meet at the right side as shown.

Step 3: Draw another curved line above the upper one to show the upper eyelid.

Step 4: Draw the iris and pupil.

Step 5: Draw eyelashes at the edges of upper and lower eyelids. The upper lashes should be longer and darker in case of females.

Step 6: Draw the outline for eyebrows and round shapes for highlights near the eye.

Step 7: Mark the nose by small sharp curve.

Step 8: Now fill the eyebrows with short heavy strokes for hair and give some shadow effect.

Draw A Curved Line Above The Eye

Moving forward, lets draw that first graceful and swooping eyelash. Remember, you dont want to use straight lines for this part. Lashes should be curved. Although you might want them all to look exactly the same, its okay if theyre different sizes. Real eyelashes dont all look the same.

Plus, you want to keep in mind the fact that youll be staring at some lashes head-on and others at an angle. That means they shouldnt all look exactly the same from your point of view.

Outline The Shape Of An Eye And Highlight

Lets start off with an HB pencil to sketch the shape of the eye. This outline should not be too dark because you want to prevent it from showing through in the end. We just need the basic shapes outlined at this point. The square shape in the pupil is a glare from a window or similar shaped light source. You can use other shapes such as circles or ovals as well.

If youre stuck on drawing a realistic eye shape, iris or eyebrow, visit the 3 pages below:

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Identifying And Drawing The Contours Of The Eye

We’ll start this drawing in the same way that we began the last. We’ll first evaluate the contour lines or outlines of the eye. We’ll look closely and study the angles and curvature of each of the lines that should be included.

We’ll also look for spacial relationships between the “whites” of the eyes, the pupil, and the eyelids. By making comparisons, we can be more accurate with our initial marks.

Draw In The Main Part Of The Iris For This Next Step

How to Draw Hyper Realistic Eyes | Step by Step

In this sixth step, we shall start the irises of your cute eyes drawing.

These will have a solid black coloring as you can see in the reference picture, however I would recommend not filling them in for this step, as we will be adding some details to them later.

The irises themselves are simply two perfect ovals, and the image will give you an idea of the positioning.

You could also put them in different positions within the eye to have the eyes looking somewhere else!

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Finish The Eye Drawing

Fully darken the shading and smooth out the gradients . To smooth out the gradients you can slightly blend the strokes in areas where they are too visible and add filler strokes wherever there might not be enough shading.

Once done with the shading add the eyelashes. To create these make quick curved strokes drawing outwards from the edge of the eyelids. Apply a good amount of pressure to the pencil and then quickly pull it away from the paper.

You can trace over the eyelashes with more sets of strokes if they dont come out dark or thick enough the first time. You can use a similar method inside the eyebrows and make some very dark short strokes that show individual hairs.

Ready To Learn How To Draw An Eye Lets Get Started

  • Sketch the outline of the eye with a soft pencil
  • Draw the outline of the iris and pupil
  • Define the circle of the pupil and the iris
  • Give some volume to the iris
  • Draw the outline of the eye
  • Add the upper and lower lash line
  • Accentuate the drawing by increasing the pencil pressure
  • The last step is to give a graduated tone to the surrounding area of the eye
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    How To Draw An Eye With Arteza Professional Colored Pencils

    No matter if its a self-portrait or the main character of your graphic novel, the eyes are the most significant aspect of your subjects face. After all, they are thought to be the windows to the soul. So if you want your subject to look realistic, its essential to get the eyes right.

    Thats why I wrote this tutorial on drawing the eye. I used Arteza Professional Colored Pencils for this project. I recommend using these pencils as they come in such a wide range of hues and I like how easy they blend.

    In the initial four steps, Ill show you the details of the eye and how to draw them. The eye has so many more parts than you think, and putting in these specific details is how to make your eye look the most realistic. Once these basics are drawn, Ill show you how adding color, shading, and highlights are what really brings life to the eye. I suggest paying close attention to the reference pictures as you proceed to get the best result.

    List of Supplies

    Visible Anatomy Of The Eye

    How To Draw A Realistic Eye: Narrated Step by Step

    To draw this subject matter convincingly, not only do youneed an excellent understanding of the drawing process , but additional layers of knowledge pertaining to the anatomy and structure of the eye as well.

    Though I will cover eye anatomy and structure in detail in a future lesson , here are some of the anatomical terms that I will beusing throughout this tutorial:

    Though this is not a complete list of the features of the eye, these are the ones that are most visible in this pose.

    Before we begin, its advisable to firstanalyze the structure of the eye in its current pose by drawing a structural diagram. This allows you to determine: What features of the eye can you see? Which ones are obscured? Where are the important overlaps? What areas do youneed to focus on or emphasize in order for the eye to read as a convincingly three-dimensional form? A structural diagram can answer all of these questions and more.

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    I Hope You Enjoyed My Step By Step Eye Drawing Tutorial

    That was my guide on how to draw eyes from a quick eye sketch to a realistic eye drawing.

    If you feel like something was too complicated or not explained clearly enough, leave a comment I want to make these lessons as helpful and fun as possible.

    Do you have any questions about how to draw eyes? What other tutorials would you like to see here? Let me know!

    Nothing would make me happier than seeing your finished drawing made with this guide. Dont hesitate to attach your masterpiece to a comment!

    Shade And Add Final Details

    In the final step you want to add in some detail to the eyebrow. Draw some individual lines for the eyebrow hairs. Add some shading around the eye, making some areas darker than other. Use your reference to guide you. I used a blending stump to soften my lines on the skin. For the upper eyelid I made the line a little darker and thicker. You should add a little bit of a shadow on the upper part of the eyeball where the upper lid casts a shadow. Heres my finished eye drawing.

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    Draw In The Individual Hairs If Youd Like

    This will give more depth to your drawing. All you need to do is draw several darker lines to make the brows more realistic. Again, remember to check your reference drawing. In real life, eyebrows arent perfect. Some hairs might fall out of place or be pointed in slightly different directions. In order to make your drawing perfect, you might need to make your character imperfect.

    How To Draw Eyes: A Step

    How to draw a hyper realistic eye | step by step tutorial for beginners

    In this tutorial on how to draw eyes, youll learn techniques using a straightforward workflow. Learning how to draw eyes is often the starting point of many artists. The main reason is they are a central focal point of any character drawing.

    • All Levels

    Learn How to Draw People and Character Designs Professionally, Drawing for Animation, Comics, Cartoons, Games and More! | By Scott Harris

    Before beginning, be sure to get a reference image a quick internet search is all you need when practicing. The reference image is critical in learning how to draw a realistic eye because eyes have many nuances to them.

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    Drawing Anime Or Cartoon Eyes

    Step 1: Draw thin-thick-thin smooth curve for the eyelashes.

    Step 2: Draw stretched circle starting from the eyelashes but do not make them touch.

    Step 3: Draw partial shapes as illustrated for the iris and pupil.

    Step 4: Draw two ovals bigger at the left than at right. Also draw smaller eyelash below the larger one as shown.

    Step 5: Draw another thin-thick curve above the upper eyelid for eyebrow.

    Step 6: Darken all the lines and remove all unwanted lines.

    Step 7: Colour as your favourite anime.

    Fill The Iris With Some Basic Lines

    If you feel like its too much, thats okay. Even without these details, your drawing will look impressive. All these odds and sods may also be redundant if youre creating a portrait or a whole person sketch, where you wont be able to see such tiny details anyway. If so, feel free to skip to step number 9.

    Otherwise, draw a wiggly circle around the pupil. This ring usually separates different colors, shades or structures in the iris.

    Next, add a couple of straight lines around the pupil. They should start right in the center of the pupil and end at the iris edge . Make sure the distance between them is irregular the whole iris is quite a mess and we want to make it as disordered as possible.

    Pro tip: Use a pencil thats a bit worn out so the lines have some thickness.

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    Create A Shadow For Iris

    On a separate sheet of paper, apply some graphite to a small area. Use the blender to rub the area until the graphite is transferred to the end of the blender . You will now use it to fill the outer area of the iris. This step is not done perfectly. Sludge smudge will make it pop out better, as well as for deeper eyes.

    How To Draw Realistic Eyesanalyzing The Structure Of The Eye

    How to Draw an Eye – Step by Step

    What I look for and notice while observing the eye in thispose:

    • This is not a straight-on view of the face or the eye. The model’s head is turned about 3/4 to her right, but she is looking directly at us, causing an uneven distribution of the white of the eye on both sides of the iris. This allows us to see a larger portion of the inside of the top eyelid than we would see in a straight-on view. I have exaggerated this slightly in my structural sketch, though this is very subtle on the model, and manifests as a deep shadow.
    • The model’s head is also tilted down. This allows us to see the entire top plane of the lower eyelid, and is going to be an important element to emphasize in my drawing in order to create the proper perspective, and the illusion that the eye is looking out from under the brow ridge.

    Finally, whenever we draw an eye, we need to remember that the eyeball is a sphere, so the features of the eye need to be drawn in a way thatemphasizes that they are curving around a sphere.

    As you learn more about this subject matter, you will beable to conduct this analysis visually instead of on paper. However, even whenits not essential, drawing a structural diagram is an excellent exercise thatalways helps me notice more than when I conduct my analysisvisually.

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    Drawing The Eyes Basic Shape

    In this tutorial, you will draw a left eye, starting first with a rough stage and later moving on to a clean-up stage. First off, begin by roughly drawing the outer shape of the eye. See this as drawing four different lines first, the top inner eye line, and then the top outer eye line. Next is the bottom outer eye line , followed by the bottom inner eye line. The bottom inner eye line differs somewhat from the other curved lines. Youll notice that it curves a bit upward as it moves toward the tear duct area, so keep this in mind.

    How To Draw Realistic Eyesstep : Edges

    As I continue to build up the shadows, I start to payclose attention to the edge qualities throughout the eye. Unfamiliar with theconcept of Edges? Watch Lesson 6 of my free Mini-Course for a detailed video onthis essential concept!

    I determine where the sharpest and softest edges are in thescene, and make sure to indicate them in my drawing. I then have twoextremes to compare the rest of my edges to.

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    How To Draw An Eye

    Home » How to Draw » How to Draw an Eye

    To know how to draw an eye the real key is shading, so well go over that as we build out this drawing together. Use a soft grip on your pencil, or if you are digital, use a round brush with good pressure sensitivity.

    Other how to draw topics to help you:

    Degrees Of Realism And Stylization

    How To Draw Realistic Eyes: Step by Step

    In anime and manga, eyes are drawn in various degrees of stylization. Human anatomy in anime is stylized often to the point of being unrealistic, yet still very recognizable as the anime counterpart of the real world person the artwork is describing.

    This is an important point. This means that if we are to draw anime, we must observe what we see in the world and put it through a stylizer machine before we output it on canvas as a more anime version of what we saw. Fortunately, we all have a stylizer machine called the brain!

    In anime, there is a spectrum of on one end, very large anime looking eyes, and some on the other end, that are pretty realistic with some stylization flare. I tend to like something in the middle, although a lot depends on the artwork itself.

    You can use this guide to draw eyes and stylize to your own comfort. Check out the image right below, anime eyes drawn on the left are more stylized and the ones toward the right are more realistic.

    In anime, as we move away from realism, the shape of the eye is larger and more round, and the iris itself is drawn larger as well. More realistic anime eye drawings closer follow real human anatomy, with eye shape less rounded, although still styled.

    With that said, here are seven common elements present in most anime drawings of eyes.

  • Highlights from at least 2 light sources
  • Drop shadow from the upper eyelid
  • Thicker lines on the upper eyelid, stylizing eyelashes
  • Indication of the upper eyelid crease
  • Enlarged Iris
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    How To Draw Eyes: A Step By Step Guide

    Sometimes, drawing tutorials can be confusing, but anyone can learn how to draw if they have the right teacher! Remember, youre not a bad artist. You simply havent learned the proper techniques yet. If you practice drawing, youre going to get better and better. It might be a while until you see results, so you might as well start learning how to draw eyes today!

    Move Onto The Eyelashes

    After this is completed, were going to go straight to the eyelashes, but first, lets look at some eyes again and really observe whats going on there . The hairs are swooping up from the lids in all different directions. And if you look closely, each individual hair is gathered into small clusters around the eye.

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    How To Draw Realistic Eyesstep : Refining And Finishing

    Comparing the previous stage of my drawing to this one, thefirst thing that youll probably notice is how much I darkened my shadows. Onlyafter several passes of incrementally darkening my values did I feelconfident enough to create a pitch black value where the darkest dark valuesof my image are, and to sharpen certain edges.

    You may also notice that I adjusted a few proportions!Mainly, I noticed that I had left a little bit too much room between the irisof the eye and the top of the lower eyelid. And yes, even though mydrawing was well on its way to being finished, I took the time to adjust thatproportion.

    Furthermore, I slightly defined the inner corner of the eye.Though the lacrimal caruncle and tearduct are in shadow and are not particularly clear, I created theslightest bit more definition to add some extra depth and create the illusionthat the eyeball protrudes further out than the corner of the eye.

    Now Get Rid Of Those Circles

    How to Draw A Realistic Eye | Step By Step Tutorial

    Once you have the shape of the eye figured out, you can erase all the extra lines inside of that shape. All that should remain are two curved lines. You might think theyre going to turn into the eye, but youre wrong!

    These lines are going to work as the brow bone and the underpart of the eye. Dont worry. Were going to work on the actual eye in the next step! Remember, you need to be patient if you want to become a good artist. You cant rush through the process.

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