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How To Draw A Face 3 4 View

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First Tutorial: How To Draw An Anime Face

How to Draw Faces 3/4 View For Beginners | Drawing Tutorial


You should start by drawing the;Jaw. Draw;two diagonal lines;for the jaw and connect them.;These 2 lines will be the chin. We will draw also two almost vertical lines for the sides of the face.


We will draw a cross in center of the face. We will draw the different facial features along the arms of the cross.


The ears will be drawn as two curved lines align with the horizontal line. The interior of the ear will be drawn also as curved lines.


The neck will be quite easy to draw. Just draw to curved parallel lines coming from under the jaw.


The;nose;will be the next step. You should draw it aligned with the bottom of the;ears.



The;eyes;will be drawn aligned with the top of the ears.


On top of the eyes, the;eyebrows;will be drawn as two curved lines.


The top part of the hair will be drawn as long tufts of hair coming down covering the top parts of the ears and part of the eyebrows.

The bottom part will be surrounding the neck and laying on top of the shoulders.


Finally, we will draw the final;lineart;on top of our dummies drawing. Also, we will add some shading under the;jaw and inside the eyes, Also, we will proceed in thickening the bottom lines under the nose, jaw, eyes, and ears.

How To Sketch A Face From Photo

Step 1 Get a B/W picture of the person

Step 2 Outline everything and then tour concern should be hairs. Never shade hairs, draw thin lines over and over for the hairs.

Step 3 Zoom the picture and give focus to the eyes. People will usually ignore other flaws. Take a good look the skin texture and start sketching it.

Draw The Facial Features

In the above example the facial features are placed as follows:

  • Eyes below the horizontal halfway point of the head
  • Nose halfway between the top of the eyes and the bottom of the chin
  • Mouth halfway between chin and bottom of nose for bottom lip with top lip slightly above
  • Ears between the top of the eyes an the bottom of the nose

Its important to note that the proportions given above are based on the center line for all of the facial features . The reason to be aware of this is that the parts of the face that are closer to the viewer should be drawn slightly larger than the parts that are away. This is due to perspective.

For a detailed explanation of perspective drawing see:

Also keep in mind that the far eye, eyebrow, and side of the lips should be drawn vertically shorter than their closer counterparts. This is both due to them being smaller because of perspective and because of the curve of the head. The far eye, eyebrow and side of the lips will curve away from the viewer and should be drawn vertically compressed. The more the face is turned from the viewer the more compressed you should draw the far side facial features.

Draw the ear about as tall as a quarter of the face positioned between the top of the eyes and the bottom of the nose.

For drawing eyes from different angles see:

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Drawing The Eyes Onto The Face

Thanks to these trusty Guide Lines, drawing in the facial features of our superhero is going to be easy peasy. So lets get straight into it, starting with the eyes.

Eyes are one of those areas of the face that seem to encapsulate the attention of the viewer before anything else.

Thats because, in the real world, when we converse with another person their eyes and mouth, being the most expressive of all the facial features, are what were focused in on. And so the audience, being the socially savvy creatures they are, will naturally attempt to connect with your character by focusing in on their eyes first and foremost.;

Try it out for yourself, the next time you see someone for real observe where your eyes click into focus.

In saying that, ensure that the eyes of your character are correctly spaced, shaped and sized. You dont want to leave a bad first impression on your audience now do you?

On the ¾ view angle both eyes are drawn slightly differently due the distortion of their shape in perspective. But in terms of size and proportion theyre very much consistent with the front and side views. The distance between each eye is one eye width apart as is their distance from either side of the head.

Seems easy enough but be warned. Fudging up on these distances might leave you super hero looking more like a super space cadet.

Drawing Noses And Eyes Together

How to Draw the Face- 3/4 Point of View

Once you learn the anatomy of the eye and how to draw it realistically, it is important to understand how to put two of them together along with other facial features like the nose. Here are some guidelines to remember:

  • The space between the eyes is one eye width.
  • Both eyes should be directly across from each other.
  • If you draw a vertical line down from the corner of the eye, it will line up with the edge of the nose.
  • Both eyes must be looking in the same direction. The pupil and iris must be the same in both.
  • Place the catch light in the same place on both eyes .

1. Create a Line Drawing

Use the grid method and a mechanical pencil to create a line drawing of a nose and eyes together. Notice how the vertical line drawn down from the corner of the eyes lines up with the edge of the nose. Place the eyes directly across from one another.

2. Apply Dark Tones, Fill in the Shadow Areas and Eyebrows

When you are sure of your accuracy, carefully remove the grid lines with a kneaded eraser. Apply the darkest tones with a pencil.

The pupils of the eyes are the darkest areas. Fill in the tones of the shadow areas and the eyebrows. The eyebrows should be shaded in as a shape first, before the hairs are applied.

3. Blend and Apply Highlights

Blend with a stump or tortillion. Very little of the paper should be left white, even in the whites of the eyes. Use a kneaded eraser for the small highlights seen in the brows and patterns within the pupils.

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Quick Tip: Turn A Side View Into A 3d View In Photoshop

Drawing a side view of something seems to be the most intuitivewithout “perspective” it’s simple and fun. However, because of this simplicity, side-view drawings are also boring, and they make it very hard to present all the features of a character. In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to turn them into an interesting, 3D view with a simple Photoshop trick.

Defining Contours Of The Face

Contours of the face are very important virtual lines that help to define portraits likeness.

A contour should not be confused with an outline. In the drawing below, contours of cheekbones and jawlines are marked as contours. These lines are individual; angles of which have to be measured on the model. Contours here describe the shape of the models face.

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How To Draw Heads Step By Step From Any Angle

This is a complex tutorial that shows you how to draw a variety of heads from different angles. You will understand different techniques and how to align features in order to get the right proportions. For sure this tutorial can help you gain more confidence in your skills and if you give it a try you will understand why.

Drawing The Central Line Of The Face

How to Draw a Face in 3/4 View | by Christina Lorre’

A virtual line that goes exactly in the middle of a face from the very top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin is one of the most important landmarks of every human face. It serves as the axis of symmetry and is used to balance all facial features at the same distances from that line.

Because the nose is located in front of this line, we can break the line or mark it very thinly within the nose area, so it would not interfere with lines of the nose later.

Many drawing books and tutorials suggest drawing a central line of the face much earlier in a portrait drawing. The reason why we do it now is because it is much easier, especially for beginners, to mark this line with precision when the overall structure of the head is in place.

I want to point once again that the sequence of steps is a personal preference and some artists do not draw all virtual lines at all, keeping them in mind instead.

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Draw The Face Features

In fashion design sketches the face features are a little exaggerated but we still need to stay true to reality to make the face look attractive.Draw the right eye as usual . The left eyes inner corner is covered by the nose and the outer corner is not visible because of the view angle. This will make it appear smaller. Make sure you have the same pupils and iris size as the other eye!

Divide the mouth ellipse guide into two halves: upper and lower lip. Use the New Centerline to guide you. In How to draw sexy lips tutorial and Drawing the lips Friday tip you will find more tips and tricks.

Pay attention to the shape of the mouth. The right half of it appears shorter because it is in perspective. Use the new Centerline to find the middle point of the mouth.

Reviewing The Generalized Locations Of Facial Features

  • The eyes are found in the middle of the head.
  • The corners of the inside of the eyes generally line up with the edges of the nose.
  • The “mouth” line is about one-third below the “nose” line and the bottom of the chin. This line represents where the top lip meets the bottom lip.
  • The inside portions of the pupils or the iris generally line up with the corners of the mouth.
  • The ears are usually found between the “eye” line and the “nose” line, but extend up to the brow line.

When drawing faces, use these standards to help you get your facial proportions correct. Remember, you must look and study your subject. While these standards apply to most of us, they do not apply to all of us.

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The Skull As The Underlying Structure Of The Face

When an artist is trying to get better at drawing any part of the human anatomy, it’s important to devote some time to studying its underlying structure.Understanding what is underneath our skin will allow us to create more believable form and three-dimensionality in our artwork, which is key when trying to achieve any level of realism.The structure beneath the face is….you guessed it! The skull! Skull picture 1 Skull picture 2 The human skull is made up of two separate parts, the cranium and the mandible. Notice the natural holes, and diverse nooks and crannies all over its structure. It’s important to note that the cranium is not a perfect sphere and is composed out of lots of different planes!And though artists usually start their portraits off by drawing a circle or an oval , this initial shape usually gets refined along the drawing process.;Observe the human skull and take note of its main characteristics:

Watercolor skull studyI’ve made studies of skulls like this one to the left and have found them very helpful, as they’ve helped me gain an understanding of the nooks, crannies, bumps, holes, etc. throughout the skull.This knowledge of the different planes involved in the structure of the skull really helps when getting to the shading phase!

How To Draw An Anime Female Face 3/4 View

How to Draw a Face in 3/4 View

This tutorial explains how to draw an anime or manga style female face in 3/4 view with step by step illustrated examples.

This tutorial uses a slightly more realistic style with a better defined nose and lips. Though this is less common in anime it will allow you to better see the placement of the facial features.

If you are going to be following along drawing on paper be sure to make very light lines for the initial steps of the drawing as you will have to do some erasing later.

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Marking The Upper Eyelids Contours

With the inner corners of eyebrows in place we can now mark the curvature of the bridge of the nose. This line is a helpful landmark, which usually coincides with the level of the upper eyelids contours. Because every face is individual, you need to check this level on the model and adjust the drawing if required.

Symmetrical features like eyelids have to draw in pairs, making sure they are located on the same virtual horizontal line and have similar curvature. This helps to avoid the mistake of drawing one eye higher or lower than the other.

Establish The Landmarks Of A Human Face

;When you observe a human face, you can see that its divided roughly into thirds from the hairline to the brow, the brow to the bottom of the nose , and the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the jaw. You can measure these distances on your own face and you will find them to be surprisingly similar. Dividing the face into these thirds is a great place to begin portrait drawing.

Remember, the hairline is not the top of the head. The very top of the cranium sits a little higher than the hairline. Also notice that, from the profile or side view, the ear begins at about the halfway point between the front of the forehead and the back of the head. A common mistake is to draw ears too far forward on the head. If you view them looking at the side of the head, youll see ears start halfway back and continue moving backward from there.

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Summing Up The Andrew Loomis Approach To Drawing A Face

Andrew Loomis is revered for his step by step approach to drawing heads. As we covered above, his approach divides the head into manageable geometric shapes. Each feature on the face has a specific location relative to the geometric configuration set up in the early stages of the drawing process. Because this method is so accurate, it’s great to use for drawing a head from imagination.

But this approach is not limited to drawing faces from imagination. It also works when drawing a face from observation. We just have to keep in mind that every person is different and variations of these specific proportions will be noticed.

Here’s a look at a face and head drawn from imagination using the Loomis approach combined with a simpler approach which we discuss a little further down this page. All of the relationships and proportions are identified with the guidelines discussed.

For more on the Loomis method for drawing heads, check out Module 4 from the “Portrait Drawing The Smart Way” course or you can check out his book here.

Second Tutorial: How To Draw An Anime Face 3/4 View

How to Draw Manga – Female Face 3/4 View

For the second tutorial, we are going to just focus on drawing an anime face from a 3/4 view


You should start by drawing the;Jaw and left side of the face. First, draw a curved convex line for the forehead, next a concave line for the side of the face . After you should draw another convex line towards the center and another one after to the right. The pointy end will be the chin.


The cross should be drawn as to curved lines, one vertical, connecting the center of the chin with the top of the forehead. The other line should be horizontal and should be drawn across the face.


The neck will be drawn as to curved lines, one coming from under the jaw and the other one paralleling it that will connect the ear we will draw next with the upper part of the torso.


The ear will be drawn as a curved line align with the horizontal line. The interior of the ear will be drawn also as curved lines.


The;eyes;will be drawn aligned with the top of the ears.


The;nose;will be the next step. You should draw it aligned with the bottom of the;ear.


As shown in the image above, directly under the;nose, draw a short horizontal line. Both sides of the;mouth;will be aligned with the center of the eyes.


On top of the eyes, the;eyebrows;will be drawn as two curved lines.


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Draw The Face Center Line

Erase the half of the oval that will be facing towards the back of the head . From the forward facing part project a straight line that will represent the center of the face. This line should be on a slight angle towards the back of the head. It should also reach down to at least the point that will be the bottom of the chin.

Once done you should have a basic construction drawing to help you create the rest of the head and face.

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