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How To Draw A Face From The Side

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By Step Directions For How To Draw A Side Profile

How to Draw a Face (side view)

Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Side Profile

  • The most common mistake is drawing aprofile in a straight line. You need a curve.
  • Fold paper to get creases to use asguides. Start with the forehead and eye.
  • Add a curve for the nose.
  • Continue down with the lips and chin.
  • Add the neck and add lips.
  • Add the eye and eyebrows.
  • Add the ear and jaw line.
  • Draw the hair as needed around the head.
  • Trace with a marker and color.
  • Drawing Faces Begins By Understanding Basic Proportions

    Every artist struggles with certain aspects of anatomical drawing. Heads and faces, with everything from eyelashes to cheekbones, can be particularly intimidating. Theres a lot of crucial detail in every feature. Understanding the most basic proportions of the head is key, and will pay dividends when you get to finer details like the tip of the nose or the top of the ear.

    Fortunately, learning these proportions is a very manageable task. Begin by reducing the complexity of the human face to a few essential landmarks. Once you understand those basics, you can apply them to your own drawings to create stunning portraiture or to fill your latest sketchbook.

    Learn How To Draw A Side Profile And Avoid The Mistake Of Making It Look Too Straight Profiles Need To Have A Slight Round Curve To Them

    Profile portrait drawings can remind one of antique cameos, the profiles of emperors stamped on Roman coins, and 18th-century silhouettes. Learning how to draw a face in profile though comes with its share of possible missteps, so this tutorial shapes a tip to keep in mind when drawing one.

    Most young artists make the mistake of thinking that a profile of a face is drawn on a straight line. Everyones face is a bit different of course, but there does need to be a gentle round curve that the forehead, nose and chin follow. Not as round as a circle, but a slight one that the features all kind of follow.

    Students can draw a guide like the one shown in the tutorial, or teachers can print out the one shared on page 3 of the PDF tutorial. It will help them get everyone off to a good start, so they can just focus on placing all those features in all the right place. Sometimes some extra guidance, especially when drawing something for the first time, can help students gain confidence in their skills.

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    What You Need To Know About Drawing Faces

    Its all about the shapes. Everything in a drawing is about shapes.

    You look at a face as its whole. But Ill look at it and Ill try to figure out into what shapes can I put it down, so I can easily draw it.

    Circles, squares, rectangles and guidelines, a puzzle for me to figure out.

    Like I said, were going through a step by step guide for each feature of the face.

    Im going to show you the process I use when learning to draw new things and hopefully, it will be most useful to you!

    You can do this with any medium youd prefer.

    Either with a sketchbook along with some pencils or even pens or grab your drawing tablet and pc. Anything will work, you just need to come along with your motivation and start.

    How To Draw Faces At A 3/4’s Angle Using The Loomis Method

    How to Draw Profile Face (Side View) | Drawing Lesson 16

    Follow*This post contains affiliate links. I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. These commissions help me keep this site up and running, in order for me to keep providing helpful and inspiring art content. 🙂Are you getting a bit tired of always drawing stiff, flat faces looking forward? Would you like to start drawing faces at different angles but have no idea where to start? Do you frequently find something is a bit off when you finish your portrait drawings?In this blog post/YouTube video I’ll explain how I draw faces at a 3/4’s angle and with believable proportions. In the video included in this post, I take you step-by-step through drawing a female and male face using Andrew Loomis’s method, and below that, I provide a simple 4-step process for drawing faces using reference photos. This is one of the most-used angles in both painting and photography portraiture and, in my opinion, its the best one to move on to after we’ve succeeded at drawing a completely forwards-facing face.Not there yet? No worries! Check out my How to Draw a Simple Face Tutorial for Beginners blog post. When we’re looking to draw faces that are a bit more on the realistic side, it’s imperative to start with an effective preliminary outline sketch that shows believable proportions and locations of different facial features within the head shape, before moving on to smaller details and shading. soespecially

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    Reviewing The Generalized Locations Of Facial Features

    • The eyes are found in the middle of the head.
    • The corners of the inside of the eyes generally line up with the edges of the nose.
    • The “mouth” line is about one-third below the “nose” line and the bottom of the chin. This line represents where the top lip meets the bottom lip.
    • The inside portions of the pupils or the iris generally line up with the corners of the mouth.
    • The ears are usually found between the “eye” line and the “nose” line, but extend up to the brow line.

    When drawing faces, use these standards to help you get your facial proportions correct. Remember, you must look and study your subject. While these standards apply to most of us, they do not apply to all of us.

    Back Of The Head Neck And Hair

    Draw the top and back of the head by following along the oval and taking a plunge all the way down, creating the back of the neck. When you draw the front part of the neck, try not to go too far left past the middle of the head.

    Draw a regular hairline on the forehead between lines A and B or a receding hairline above line A.

    Add some finishing touches.. and youre all set! Practice this a few more times and when youre comfortable, try drawing without the two rulers on the side and bottom of your drawing!

    To learn how to draw short hair and shade it realistically, !

    Other face drawing tutorials:

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    The Eyebrows Will Hood The Eyes And Come

    Basic boy head / face . Make smaller or bigger eyes, make the eyes look to the side, up, . Pin by beatrice on things to draw anime face . How to draw from side angle violet evergardenpaper : Now you know how to draw proportions of a manga face, . It looks like a circle in the front view and an oval in the side view. How to draw a simple anime face from 3 sides front/side/profile with guidelines. Regardless of the gender, face size, height, body shape, and age of the original design. The eyebrows will hood the eyes and come . They are often used on merchandise for popular anime series. You can also draw fewer lines and it would still look okay. How to draw an anime face from beginning to end, even if you have zero. We will look at how to draw the shape of the face, . When looking either down at a head or if the person is looking down, the face will appear shorter. Join whyt manga, the creator of apple black .

    Anime Face Looking To The Side / Shamrock Rose Aussies –  Welcome to Shamrock Rose / Join whyt manga, the creator of apple black . Draw two half ovals on either side of the face with small, . Now you know how to draw proportions of a manga face, . Learning how to draw anime is simple, whether you’re looking to sketch by. How to draw from side angle violet evergardenpaper : Join whyt manga, the creator of apple black .

    Anime Head Side View Guideline Construction Process

    How to Draw a Face -Side View!

    Lets get straight into it! Please note that this is just how I create guidelines for my drawings. Different artists will have different ways in which they construct their guidelines, some can just Freehand everything!

    First, as usual, draw a circle. Next, draw a vertical line down the left or right side of the circle, this is where the head will be facing. Now, decide where you want the bottom of the chin to be for your head. If youre drawing a more mature head, the chin will be longer if youre drawing a younger person, the chin should be shorter. in this example, Im drawing a young female, so the chin is pretty short.

    Next, draw a horizontal line in the middle of the head (between the top of the head and the bottom of the chin. This line is where the top of the eye will be

    Draw another horizontal line between the top of the eyes and bottom of the chin, this guideline is for the bottom of the nose.

    Draw a horizontal line slightly into the face from the vertical line, this line should cut across the bottom line for the chin and the eyes. Add a slight inward curve around where the eye is. The intersection between the guideline for the bottom of the chin and the vertical line will be where the tip of the chin touches.

    Where the top of the eyes is, draw a slight dip inwards the head.

    From the bottom of the mouth to the chin, theres a slight inward curve.

    Now you have a basic shape for the head! Time to start refining and adding in details.

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    Draw The Eye To Finish The Look

    To create the eyes, start by drawing a sideways V-shaped line with the pointed end on the right side. Then, draw a standing oval shape on the opening of the V-shaped line on the left side.

    This forms the pupil of the eye. Afterwards, draw a tiny circle inside the pupil to create the iris. Shade the entire pupil while leaving out the iris unshaded. This creates a dramatic sparkling eyes effect.

    Dont forget to add a line right above the eye to create the illusion of creases or folds, making your drawing look real!

    Now that weve successfully drawn a face from the side, its time for the most exciting part. In this final step, well be curating a unique set of colors and coloring the face.

    Take this opportunity to showcase your artistic skills, especially your ability to mix and match colors.

    The colors you will be using for the face is entirely up to you! But heres a tip you may find useful: mix the colors white, yellow, red, and blue to create a customized skin tone color.

    Depending on the complexion youre trying to achieve, you may need to add more of any of the colors.

    Have fun playing with colors as the face ultimately comes to life!

    Discover Online Classes In Drawing

    Character Illustration, sketching tips, ink drawing, pencil portraits, and more.

    When youre starting out as an artist, drawing a face is likely one of the skills youre looking to master. There are plenty of options for how to do this, from cartoon and graphic novel styles to realistic portrait styles used to draw your favorite celebrities or your family and friends.

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    Refine The Outline Of The Head

    Get rid of the bottom line of the circle that overlaps within the outline of the head using an eraser. Be careful when erasing the line, you dont want to accidentally remove any essential lines.

    Now, erase a portion of the left edge of the outline where we will be drawing the nose and the mouth. Draw an elongated curve for the nose and two consecutive curves to form the mouth on the spot where we erased the line.

    As you can see in the illustration above, the form of the head is now more visible.

    A Sphere As The Cranium

    How to draw a face from the side | step by step tutorial

    The sides of the head are flat, so we can slice off a piece from both sides of the ball. From profile, this plane will be a perfect circle, but when drawing it from any other angle, it will appear to be an oval because of perspective. Divide this oval into quadrants. The vertical line represents the beginning of the jaw. The horizontal line represents the brow line. The top and bottom of the oval help you find the hair line and the bottom of the nose.

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    Your Face From The Side Drawing Is Complete

    Hopefully, you have a good time drawing a face from the side. If you had fun with this, then you might be interested in drawing a cartoon face too!

    Check out our How to Draw catalog to explore many more enjoyable drawing activities like this!

    Were excited to see your incredible face from the side drawing!

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    A Simple Approach To Drawing A Face

    Some may find the Loomis Method a little cumbersome for drawing. Luckily, there is a simpler approach. This approach borrows ideas from the Loomis Method, but simplifies a few of the steps. This formula should be used to help you see and compare. In each stage of the formula, analyze each feature and draw what you see. The result will be a representational portrait of the person you are drawing with all of the features in the right place.

    Drawing a portrait is very much like drawing any other subject matter. You have to closely observe the subject in order to draw it accurately. Of course portrait drawing is especially delicate because the goal is to make the portrait resemble the subject closely.

    If you know the person, the pressure to produce accuracy can be daunting. But every artist, no matter what their skill level, should take heart. Even the most experienced and well-known portrait artists are presented with challenges. Consider these two quotes from one of the best portrait painters of all time, John Singer Sargent…

    âEvery time I paint a portrait, I lose a friend.â

    âA portrait is a painting in which something is wrong with the mouth.â

    Most of us can relate with both of these quotes. Weâve all felt the pressure when drawing or painting a portrait to make it look exactly like our subject – especially when that subject is a friend. For some of us, the pressure is so great, we avoid portraits all together.

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    Create An Outline Of The Head

    Right underneath the circle shape, draw a diagonal line on the left side aligned with the edge of the circle shape. This forms the bottom part of the face.

    Once you reach the desired length, bring the diagonal line slightly upwards heading to the right.

    Afterwards, bring the line upwards until it touches the circle shape we drew previously. This creates the form of the characters chin and jaw.

    The outline may look confusing at this point, but it will come together once we polish it up.

    Draw The Face Outline

    The Easy Way To Draw A Face (Side) Step By Step Portrait Tutorial

    When you want to learn how to draw a face step by step, its common to start with a head-on view. But drawing a face from the side, also known as a profile, is another great skill to master.

    To get started, sketch a circle freehand with a vertical line from about one-third of the way towards the bottom of the circle and down. It doesnt matter how long this line is as youll only be using it as a guide.

    As with face-forward pictures, the profile starts with a simple circle and line approach.

    Along the right side of the circle, draw a vertical line down as far as youd like. Depending on how long you would like your face to be, pick a point on this vertical line and draw a slightly curved line up to the bottom edge of the circle where the middle vertical line meets the edge. Lightly sketch a horizontal line through the middle of the circle at the top of the middle vertical line to form a T shape. On the left side of the middle vertical line, draw a curve from the middle horizontal line down to the vertical line for the side-view of the ear.

    Adding in curved lines as you go helps you to see where different facial features will be.

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    The Skull As The Underlying Structure Of The Face

    When an artist is trying to get better at drawing any part of the human anatomy, it’s important to devote some time to studying its underlying structure.Understanding what is underneath our skin will allow us to create more believable form and three-dimensionality in our artwork, which is key when trying to achieve any level of realism.The structure beneath the face is….you guessed it! The skull! Skull picture 1 Skull picture 2 The human skull is made up of two separate parts, the cranium and the mandible. Notice the natural holes, and diverse nooks and crannies all over its structure. It’s important to note that the cranium is not a perfect sphere and is composed out of lots of different planes!And though artists usually start their portraits off by drawing a circle or an oval , this initial shape usually gets refined along the drawing process. Observe the human skull and take note of its main characteristics:

    Watercolor skull studyI’ve made studies of skulls like this one to the left and have found them very helpful, as they’ve helped me gain an understanding of the nooks, crannies, bumps, holes, etc. throughout the skull.This knowledge of the different planes involved in the structure of the skull really helps when getting to the shading phase!

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