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How To Draw A Face Mask

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How To Make A Bandana

How To Draw Kids Wearing Face Masks

You will need:

  • 2 x elastic or rubber bands, or hair ties
  • A coffee filter, paper towel or kitchen roll

The easiest method for making your own face mask is as simple as folding a bandana or a scarf. Note that you need to choose the right bandana or scarf or you risk your mask won’t be effective, or not being able to breathe properly. Hold your material up to the light to see how much you can see through it. The less you can see, the better if the material is too thin then your face mask won’t be as effective. Tightly woven, 100 per cent cotton is best.

Fold your bandana in half, then folding it again twice lengthways from both the top and the bottom. At this point, you can also add a square piece of coffee filter, paper towel or kitchen roll to your mask which you can change regularly.

Then, place your rubber bands or hair ties around your strip of material, and fold the material in towards the middle, tucking the ends into each other if possible.

Surgeon general, Dr Jerome Adam, demonstrates how to do this in the video below. As you can see, this is a very quick and easy method of making your own face mask.

How To Use The Face Mask With Drawings

First, if you have it, insert the disposable pad or filter between the layers. Make sure that the layers lay flat on each other. Turn the white side of the mask towards your face. Place the mask over your mouth and nose, and then hook the ear loops around your ears. Pull the bottom of thepersonalized mask for gift under your chin. Mold the upper part of the mask around your nose. Make sure that the face mask sits tightly and perfectly on your nose, moth and chin. Breathe normal.

Change the face mask after 3 hours of use.Wash the used mask in ample amount of detergent and water. Squeeze excess water off by hand and hang dry.

About Our Face Mask With Drawings:

If you dream of having a one-of-a-kind face mask, just get in touch for a custom design.

The order goes in three easy steps:

  • tell us about the design
  • receive your free design plan
  • finalize the order
  • Place your custom face mask order through a simple form, or via email to .

    The Face mask with drawings has two layers made of non-woven. Highly elastic fabric that fits the curves of your face tightly. There is an inside pocket between the layers where you can insert a disposable mask pad or filter to increase the filtering effect of the mask.. Please note that the face mask does not come with the disposable mask pad or filter.

    The use of the face mask may give you a bit of ease of mind in general everyday situations when the use of FFP2 and FFP3 medical masks is not necessary. Our face mask comes with elastic ear loops that hook around your ear. This mask itself folds over the nose, mouth and chin area.

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    The Face Mask With Drawings Is Reusable After Wash And Provides Some Form Of Protection Without Further Polluting The Environment

    Our personalized mask for gift is available in kid and in adult size as well, it depends on your order.

    The adult size custom drawing face mask is suitable over 10 years. Between the age of 10-13 its up to you which size you choose, but please consider if your child is bigger or smaller than the average.

    How To Make A Cloth Face Mask With A Sewing Machine

    How to draw a Person wearing a Face Mask – draw along with me

    You will need:

    • Cotton fabric
    • 2 x 6-inch pieces of elastic or rubber bands, hair ties or strips of cloth
    • Sewing machine
    • Pins
    • Jewellery wire, or thin wire

    To make a face mask with a sewing machine , first, cut your material to around 10 x 6-inches or roughly 25 x 15 cm.

    If you want to make it really clear which part of your mask is the front and which is the back, use two different materials, this will help you avoid putting on the mask back to front . Next, place your two pieces of fabric on top of each other. You want the pattern that you’d like to be on the ‘front’ of your mask face down. The piece of material facing up towards you will be the inside of your mask.

    Next, fold over the long sides of the material around 1/4-inch or 0.5-1cm. Pin in place and hem. Hem just means folding the edges of your material over and stitching them so that your fabric will not fray and will stay together. You could also add some thin wire into the top hem of your face mask to help you shape it around your nose, and to stop your glasses fogging up, jewellery wire works well for this. To add wire, place it along the top length of the material, and then fold over and sew it down.

    Once you have hemmed the length of your face mask, fold over the sides of your face mask around 1/2 an inch , pin and hem the sides too.

    Alternatively, you can also follow this face mask sewing tutorial from designer Amanda Riley.

    Read more:

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    How To Make A T

    You will need:

    • Scissors
    • Coffee filter or paper towel

    If you have a T-shirt that you don’t mind cutting up, then you can easily and quickly make a face mask from it. Note that you don’t want to be using really old T-shirts if they have holes in them or are worn through. Ideally, your T-shirt should be 100 per cent cotton and as opaque as possible.

    To start, simply cut the bottom off your T-shirt. The height of the amount of material you need should be the length from the top of your nose to underneath your chin . It’s best to get the measuring tape out if you’re unsure, and cut bigger than you think you need so you can trim the excess later .

    You then need to cut into your T-shirt around six to seven inches to make the ties for your face mask, making a sort of elongated c-shape. Next, cut your ties so that you can retie them around your head. Adjust until you get a snug fit around your nose and chin. If you like, you can add a coffee filter or paper towel to your face mask, and secure it with a safety pin. See the video below for further instructions on making a face mask from a T-shirt.

    Draw The Lips And Mouth

    In many African tribal masks, the lips and mouth are represented by a set of full-bodied lips. In some variations sometimes this will include in tongue sticking outwards or patterns draw around the mouth.

    To draw the mouth draw both a vertical and horizontal centerline around which you can draw the basic outline of the lips. Centerlines are essential here as they will enable you to carefully draw the symmetries of the lips.

    The lips and mouth can be highlighted with a bold outline, or as with the eyes, repeating shapes can be drawn which repeat the shape of the mouth and mirror and accentuate its shape.

    Designs and decorative features can also be drawn on either the upper or lower lips. Straight lines, for example, can be added to the top or the bottom lips to increase the visual power of your drawing.

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    What You Need To Make A Kitty Face Mask

    Knit fabric is much more comfortable an conforms to the face best so you will be fiddling less with your mask.

    On the other hand I have read some articles that hight quality woven quilting cottons perform better in virus testing. Please be sure to do your own research since I am not a medical professional.

    I have both styles for our family. For very low contact experiences like picking up groceries and to-go food we are using knit masks. If we had to go to a medical facility I would use a woven one.

    How To Wear Your Mask

    How to Draw Medical Face Mask / Surgical mask / Drawings for beginners
    • Make sure the mask covers your nose and mouth
    • Avoid touching the mask, your eyes, nose, or mouth at all times
    • Try not to keeping taking it off and putting it back on again, eg when going in and out of shops
    • Store used face coverings in a plastic bag until you have an opportunity to wash them
    • Wash a face covering regularly – it can go in with other laundry, using your normal detergent

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    Draw The Main Features Of The Mask

    Sometimes tribal masks are a combination of both human and animal features. But the central part of drawing your mask is to add the main features of the face.

    Draw a centerline down the center of the shape to help you position the basic features of the mask.

    To draw these features, you will need to follow the basic format of the human face by incorporating the eyes, nose, mouth and possibly additional features such as hair, nose, mouth, and ears.

    Draw the Features of the Mask

    The position of the individual parts of the mask, will not be in proportion, as they would be in a standard portrait drawing. For example, the eyes can be drawn higher up the face, the nose may be elongated, and the mouth may be wider than usual.

    As well as drawing the individual features in different positions. The unique characteristics may be enhanced by drawing new patterns and shapes around them.

    The drawing of dark and light shapes is also an effective way to add contrast to the features of the mask.This results in a balance of black and white shapes in your drawing.

    The addition of dark and light is an excellent way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the drawing. Look at the examples below.

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    An absolutely massive drop of new animal crossing:

    Isabelle villager mask flat mask.

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    Face Mask With Drawings


    The perfect gift for grandma custom face mask with grandchildrens drawing

    Just send us an email with a picture of the drawing you would like to have on the mask and our colleagues will be in touch shortly about the details.

    Our eco-friendly reusable and washable Face mask with drawings that help you break the fear and laugh in the face of danger. The world has gone crazy and hiding behind face masks. We can try to make it a little more normal even when wearing our personalized mask for gift. Custom drawing face mask from Evercover.

    Masks are helpful, they may prevent the spread of diseases, but they are scary for kids and induce anxiety in adults, too.

    Floral Pattern Face Mask:


    Begin by drawing a few yellow flower dot centers on the mask. I used the brush tip of the ABT PRO Marker. However, either tip will work.

    It works best if you stretch the fabric apart with your fingers while drawing. Keep the fabric firm.

    Then, add bright pink petals around the yellow flower centers.

    Now, add additional flowers in purple and long green leaves.

    Use the brush tip of the light blue to add roses. Then, add vines, dots and other patterns.

    Fill the empty spaces on the mask with fun patterns and shapes. I did polka dots, lines, xs and stripes. Add some animal print with this fun tutorial by Ali LePere.

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    Cat Face Mask Tutorial Pattern

    This cat face mask is easy to make for both child and adults and fits great. If were going to have to wear face masks for a while they might as well be cute right? You can make this with my basic sewn face mask or with my easy no-sew face mask from a tee!

    A quick word before we dive in. While I like the idea of making face masks to have on hand for the kids IF they have to go out like say to the doctors or some other urgent situation, these best thing is to stay home.

    These are great fitting but still social distancing is best for the little ones and the grown ups. Please understand this is not a real substitute for a surgical mask and more of a better than nothing alternative while we are trying to keep the real masks for the medical community.

    If you want to read more about whether homemade mask actually work or thoughts on various styles of face masks check out this article.

    Add Shading Tone Or Color

    How that you have finished drawing all of the main features of the mask you can start to add shade, color, or surface decoration.

    If you wish to create a simple tonal drawing in pencil, graphite or charcoal pencil. The application of pencil shading will make your drawing seem three dimensional. Additionally drawing which incorporate tone will look more striking visually.

    Another alternative method of finishing off your drawing is the application of a color pencil. Color can be applied to the main features and the various areas of the mask.

    Color pencil is excellent for adding a bold outline around the main features of the mask. Or color can be built up in layers using the side of the color pencil to add uniform layers of color on top of each other.

    Pro Tip: When applying the color pencil, you should shade in opposite directions. This will dramatically reduce any graininess on the surface of the drawing.

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    Ways To Customize Your Mask

  • Fabric Crayons
  • ââWhen it comes to DIY projects, fabric crayons are the easiest to use with the least amount of mess. Start with a white cloth face mask. The instructions for the fabric crayons usually say to draw your design on a piece of paper, and then use an iron to transfer it to the fabric. Itâs easier to draw directly on the fabric. The colours will be faint when you’re drawing, but that will change. Once youâre done, place a piece of white printer paper on top of the design and use an iron to set the drawing. As it sets, the colours will become more vibrant. Before wearing your newly designed face mask, wash it separately according to the instructions on the fabric crayons.

  • Fabric Markers
  • âFabric markers are a great way for older adults to personalize a face mask. The result comes out more vibrant than fabric crayons, but itâs still just as easy. Start with a white or light coloured face mask and simply draw directly onto the cloth face masks, then follow the markerâs directions for setting the design. Fabric markers are washable, but the colours can bleed early on so make sure to wash your face mask alone, without other items, for the first several washes.

  • Natural Tie-Dye
  • Beads, buttons or jewels
  • Heat Transfers
  • First Step A Framework For A Cartoon Mask

    HOW TO DRAW A MEDICAL FACE MASK Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial. Guided easy marker follow along

    Basically, all you need to do before-hand, is come up with a simple symmetrical guideline from which to either draw or design your mask. Whichever way you go the following cross, coupled with a simple rough outline, will help point you in the right direction.

    Here it is

    Get creative here and get the shape mapped out to a tee. This way, you can really let loose with the creative part adding scales, streamers, feathers, patterns, etc. Theres really no end to the possibilities!

    OK lets draw it.

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    Have Some Fun With Your Mask During Covid

    A fun activity, and wearable, for older adults – because who says you can’t look great while protecting yourself and others?

    Face masks are one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from catching and spreading coronavirus. But they donât have to be plain â in fact, a well-crafted facemask can be a great statement piece and a fun activity for your residents. Face masks have become a part of most peopleâs wardrobe so let’s have a little fun with it. Have your residents show their creativity by turning their face masks into an art project and expression of their identity.

    Safety First⢠Before starting any face mask project, remember to use safe materials that can cover the mouth and nose without obstructing breathing. This includes avoiding the use of harsh chemicals that should not be breathed in.⢠Remember to use materials that can be washed. Face masks should be washed regularly, so you want to make sure you can still do so after your design is complete.⢠Avoid sewing anything through the material of a face mask. The whole point is to keep germs away from your airways. Even putting a tiny hole through a face mask can make it less effective.

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