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How To Draw A Face Step By Step Easy

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Putting It All Together

Drawing: How To Draw Easy Cartoon Faces Step by Step

Now that youve learned how to draw facial features from the eyes to the mouth, its time to put everything together into a portrait. Do not do this project before you have done the proper practice work. Go back and practice all of the facial features first.

And, before moving on to this demo, be sure to practice drawing hair. I covered this topic in another post, which you can find here.

Here are some tips for drawing portraits:

  • When you want to draw facial features, start with the eyes. This helps create a connection with the viewer and starts to capture the personality of your subject.
  • When you finish the eyes, move down and finish the nose, then the mouth. This is called the triangle of features.
  • Allow the darkness of the hair to help create the lighter edge of the face. Placing tone behind the face reduces the chance of things looking outlined.
  • When drawing hair, apply your pencil strokes going in the same direction as the hair growth.
  • Always remember the five elements of shading with everything you draw.

1. Create a Line Drawing

Use the grid method and a mechanical pencil to create a line drawing of a female face. Go one box at a time and be very careful with the shapes.

2. Apply the Darks and Start Building up the Hair

When you are sure of your accuracy, carefully remove the grid lines with a kneaded eraser. Apply the darkest tones.

3. Blend and Lift

The Lower Eyelid And The Pupil

The lower eyelid describes a slightly flatter arc than the upper one. It does not start directly at the end point of the upper eyelid. The upper eyelid goes a little further outward. In addition, the lower eyelid can curve slightly upwards on both the outside and inside. In a laughing person, this outer curvature is particularly pronounced because the laugh muscles push the outer edges of the eyes upwards.

Depending on how important this facial characteristic is to us, we can draw this line several times.

Place the pupil so it lies against the upper eyelid. This creates the effect of the eye looking directly at us.

Finishing Your Side Profile

Above the eye, add a curved eyebrow and begin adding in the details for the ear. With your pencil, go back over some of the features that youve already added so that theyre darker and more prominent. From here, youll be adding the final touchthe hair.

Draw swooping lines over the top of the face circle and along the left side. For a ponytail, add a half-oval or knot shape with wispy lines coming from this as individual hair strands.

Adding in simple pencil strokes for the hair is the final step in finishing your drawing!

Once youve added the final touches to the hair, your profile drawing is complete!

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Draw Two Perpendicular Lines Through The Center

The second step to draw a face is to mark the position of eyes. The easiest method draw two perpendicular lines through the center of the circle.

In the same step, we shall mark the position of the jaw as well. Mark a point on the vertical line, that shall half of the radius away from the periphery of the circle

Iris And Upper Lid Crease

The Easy Way To Draw A Face Step By Step Portrait Tutorial

The upper lid crease is the most romantic crease of the face. Eyelid wrinkles that touch the upper eyelid at certain points create different effects. For example, exaggerated, high eyelid creases create the well-known bedroom look. It is worthwhile to experiment with the upper eyelid crease, as it can express completely different moods.

The standard eyelid crease, when the eye is at rest, runs almost parallel to the upper eyelid. Since things are rarely exactly parallel in nature, the eyelid crease can move slightly away from the eyelid towards the middle of the line and approaches the middle of the face again.

Geometrically, the iris is a circle concentric to the pupil. It is about half as wide as the total area of the eye. Of course, we do not draw a complete circle, because the iris is covered by the eyelids at the top and bottom. It may be easier to draw a complete circle for the iris first, and to remove the covered parts after.

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How To Draw Faces: A Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners

Hi! Welcome to my blog! This blog is a tutorial on how to draw faces. Today, Ill draw both male, and female faces with different variations in features, such as eyes, nose, jawline or lips. Ill show you how to draw any kind of face, step by step, and then Ill show how every feature affects the whole face. This blog is based on my video, found below.

Learn How To Draw A Face With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial

Sketch the outlines of the head. Learn how to draw a face in 8 easy steps: Whatever your current level, learn how to draw a face by following these simple steps. Mark guidelines and start drawing the eyes. Outline the face · step 2: Draw guidelines on the face · step 3: First draw a vertical line down the middle of the face. Learn how to draw a face with this easy step by step tutorial. Draw a curved line beneath the circle, . How to draw a realistic face · step 1: How to draw fun, fab faces: Learn how to draw a realistic female face in 32 detailed steps. Turns out there is a simple formula to follow.

Sketch the outlines of the head. Add the ears and hairline · step 3: Whatever your current level, learn how to draw a face by following these simple steps. Start with a circle · step 2: How to draw fun, fab faces:

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High Arched And Rounded

The first eyebrows I will demonstrate are high arched and rounded. The shape is well defined and upturned. I draw it slightly lighter at the beginning, and make a sharp and dark end, working my way from the center of the face outward. To give it a more natural look, you can draw a few hairs at the start of the eyebrows.

Draw The Face Outline

How to Draw a Face for Beginners Step by Step Easy – Anime

When you want to learn how to draw a face step by step, its common to start with a head-on view. But drawing a face from the side, also known as a profile, is another great skill to master.

To get started, sketch a circle freehand with a vertical line from about one-third of the way towards the bottom of the circle and down. It doesnt matter how long this line is as youll only be using it as a guide.

As with face-forward pictures, the profile starts with a simple circle and line approach.

Along the right side of the circle, draw a vertical line down as far as youd like. Depending on how long you would like your face to be, pick a point on this vertical line and draw a slightly curved line up to the bottom edge of the circle where the middle vertical line meets the edge. Lightly sketch a horizontal line through the middle of the circle at the top of the middle vertical line to form a T shape. On the left side of the middle vertical line, draw a curve from the middle horizontal line down to the vertical line for the side-view of the ear.

Adding in curved lines as you go helps you to see where different facial features will be.

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Summing Up The Andrew Loomis Approach To Drawing A Face

Andrew Loomis is revered for his step by step approach to drawing heads. As we covered above, his approach divides the head into manageable geometric shapes. Each feature on the face has a specific location relative to the geometric configuration set up in the early stages of the drawing process. Because this method is so accurate, it’s great to use for drawing a head from imagination.

But this approach is not limited to drawing faces from imagination. It also works when drawing a face from observation. We just have to keep in mind that every person is different and variations of these specific proportions will be noticed.

Here’s a look at a face and head drawn from imagination using the Loomis approach combined with a simpler approach which we discuss a little further down this page. All of the relationships and proportions are identified with the guidelines discussed.

For more on the Loomis method for drawing heads, check out Module 4 from the “Portrait Drawing The Smart Way” course or you can check out his book here.

Learn To Draw The Face

How to draw a face? The human face is one of the most intriguing subjects an artist can tackle. In fact, people have been drawing and painting the human face for over 27,000 years. It seems portraiture never gets old, despite it being one of the toughest categories to master. Why is drawing faces such a tricky subject? Unlike still life and landscape paintings, which can have slight variations and inaccuracies without affecting the final work, a portrait must meticulously portray the proportion, the nuances, and the features unique to the person sitting for the portrait in order to capture a true and believable likeness.

When learning how to draw a person, it takes practice, practice, practice. The good news is that you will see as you are drawing faces, they all contain the same key features eyes, nose, mouth, ears and once you learn to draw realistic ones, youll be on your way to making the necessary adjustments that reflect your sitter. Drawing tutorials that guide you step-by-step through the process of face drawing are some of the best ways to begin.

Before you start the drawing, youll want to pick up some really good pencils for sketching, drawing, shading, and putting in the fine details.

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Draw The Outline Of The Emoji & Eyes

Begin by drawing a circle to outline the emoji. Slightly up from the horizontal halfway point draw two pairs of curves for the eyes. At this stage you dont necessarily need to shade them in but you can if you wish to.

Alternatively you can simply outline the eyes as shown above and then shade them in once you draw the rest of the face.

Bonus: A Bit Of Color At The End

TUTORIAL HOW TO DRAW a FACE //simple step by step

I hope you had fun and found some helpful tips for your future drawings. Of course, you can’t cover all aspects of a creative topic in a single tutorial.

We will go into more details and variations in future courses, such as: How to draw a face from different perspectives, Faces of different ages, Hair – nose – ears in detail, Coloring of faces, Other parts of the body, Hands – feet – body, and The male face, etc.

This tutorial is designed to provide a solid foundation on which any aspiring artist can build. As in any art form, the results depend on regular practice. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t like your first drawings. You will get better with every painting. Stay tuned, get inspired and have fun with it.

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Easy Step By Step Tutorials Todraw A Cartoon Face

Do you want to draw something gorgeous? Do you love Disney princesses?Well, then you are on the right page as we are here to teach you how to draw a Disneyprincess! Yes, she suffered a lot due to her stepmom, but if the end is nothappy, the tale is here to stay!

The Adorable Ariel

Did you ever feel trapped in someplace? Did you desperatelywant to experience what is beyond your boundaries? Well, you must relate to princessAriel! A daredevil at heart, it truly requires to do what Ariel did byfollowing her heart!

The Cute Minnie

Is your baby girl in love with her Disney channel favoritecartoon character, the Minnie mouse? Well, then it’s rightful that you do makeit up for her! Mickey and Minnie hand together forever we saw, lets teach ourkids the value of the same!

The Mickey Mouse Craze

Oh, we couldnt keep mickey behind. Imagine where Walt Disneywould be if he didnt create mickey? Well, an art as that of achievingsomething and getting you up from the misery is the one, which will make youroar! In addition, yes, mick is the mouse that will make you roar!

Winnie The Pooh

The lust for honey is never-ending on this ride! If you tooare a bumblebee for honey and no doubts about your love for pooh, here is howto draw Winnie the pooh easily! Withthis, here is How to Draw a Dog Step By Step Easily !

The Hello Kitty

How To Draw Moana

They Sexy Daisy Duck

How To Draw A Girl Face Step By Step For Kids Kids Easy Drawing

Drawing a girl face or girl isnt a dream now. In this easy drawing lesson, you will be able to how to draw a girl face. You can find it easy and simple with our step by step guide. If you are looking for tutorials on how to draw cute cartoons then you can quench your thirst on this platform. If you want to become an expert then this is the simplest technique to achieve your goal. Keep learning.

In this easy drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a girl face in no time. While drawing you must keep in mind the facial expressions and designs. Mouth and hair created with curves lines. So it is now up to you, how to show creativity while making it successful.

Material needed:

For this cute and easy sketch, you need a pencil, an eraser, a compass , a drawing paper. Moreover, you can make this drawing attractive by consistently working on this. Once started, dont busy yourself in other tasks.

Lets Start!

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Falling Direction Of The Hair

This step is not about drawing slow cautious lines, but about drawing the hair in a sweeping and brisk manner. Of course, we don’t draw every single hair, but rather study the fall directions of the hair at the different places. Later we can define them with a few clear strokes. Hair grows in tufts, and within these tufts it all grows and falls in similar directions . I’ve created several tufts of hair and hairstyle areas in the image quite arbitrarily. There are no limits to your imagination. Hair is always the fun part.

Try New Facial Expressions

The Easy Way To Draw A Face (Side) Step By Step Portrait Tutorial

Grab every opportunity to experiment with the expressions. Try to push what youre used to drawing, and look at yourself in the mirror to see how the face can move. Try and be whacky with the different facial expressions, but be careful not to hold your breath for too long!

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You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step 1

Draw a rough circle with mismatched ears on the top. Colored black ears.

Step 2

Draw two ovals for the eyes. Coloring them with your pencil. Draw a circle with your eraser for the eyes.

Step 3

Draw a triangle with rounded edges. Make two downward curves to make the nostrils.

Step 4

Create a wide, loose W under the nose for the mouth. Under the mouth, create a U to connect to W. This will be the chin.

Step 5

Lastly, use the pencil perfect to follow the instructions on the pandas face to make it look realistic.

Establish The Landmarks Of A Human Face

When you observe a human face, you can see that its divided roughly into thirds from the hairline to the brow, the brow to the bottom of the nose , and the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the jaw. You can measure these distances on your own face and you will find them to be surprisingly similar. Dividing the face into these thirds is a great place to begin portrait drawing.

Remember, the hairline is not the top of the head. The very top of the cranium sits a little higher than the hairline. Also notice that, from the profile or side view, the ear begins at about the halfway point between the front of the forehead and the back of the head. A common mistake is to draw ears too far forward on the head. If you view them looking at the side of the head, youll see ears start halfway back and continue moving backward from there.

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Now Draw In Some Face Details

For step 4 in learning how to draw a face, youll start to add in more facial details.

You can draw in the ears, nose and mouth and position them on the guide lines as we show in the reference image.

Once again, you could use photos of these facial details if you need more references for drawing them!

Once you have these details in, use two curved lines from the top of the ears and meeting at the top as you can see in the picture.

Once youre happy with these details, you can rub out the pencil guide lines and circle. Make sure that if you use a pen for the face that you let the ink dry before rubbing out the pencil!

How To Draw A Face From The Side

How to Draw Faces FAST (EASY Step-by-Step Tutorial)

If you want to draw a face from the side or profile view, these same proportional measurements apply. We’ll simply alter the location of the features, positioning them on the side of the head.

In fact, we can start the process in exactly the same way – starting with a circle with intersecting lines.

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