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How To Draw A Field Of Flowers

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Let’s Gather Our Supplies:

In order to be successful in the completion of the tutorials, you will need a few supplies. 

There is an option to do a simple drawing of flowers or you can follow further along and actually color the flowers in using watercolor paints. 

  • Sketchbook: This is our favorite brands are  and .
  • Pencils:  has a great variety at affordable price. also great. 
  • Eraser: As a beginner, it is crucial to have a good eraser to remove all of your mistakes. is a 4-in-1 eraser, it removes colored pencils, charcoal and is smooth. A must-have!
  • How To Draw Hydrangeas

    I love how they are broken down into different sides. This is exactly how to build up the volume of this flower successfully. 

    Once you undertsand the basics of drawing the petals of  hydrangeas you can move on and draw the wole big flower.

    Once again, start by drawing 2 circles and 3 flower outlines.

    Draw in the petals in the next phase. From those 3 flowers, start to build up the rest of petals and draw in the details. 

    This will take time, so do not be scared to take the time necessary and draw in the details that you want. 

    Better the petals look at the sketch face, easier it will use watercolor to add color to your drawings. 

    When painting flowers in watercolor, ensure that you will start as light as possible and build it all up in layers. 


    How To Draw Apple Blossom

    As you will know that apple blossoms actually have a few things that you need to draw: the flower, the bud as well as leaves.

    If you want to do them in watercolor then make sure that you check out this image and use it as a point of reference for when you will be ready to color it all in. 

    How to draw main & sub flowers?

    When drawing, you will have the main flower and a sub-flower. 

    The main flower will be the center of attention for the viewer. It will be where if you draw it well enough, the rest of the flowers if not done as well as you would have hoped, would still look pretty good.

    May 26, 2020 at 7:54am PDT

    How to place the flowers?

    As we discussed previously, drawing an apple tree blossom has several components to it. 

    How you place the flower on a tree branch will make all the difference. Use it as refrence. 

    How to draw leaves?

    In order to make an apple blossom the most realistic, if your leaves vary it will always create a result that you like. This is why add in the variety of closed and fully open leaf.

    Apple Blossom Drawing Inspiration:

    If you follow the instructions, you will be able to create this epic flower drawing!

    How To Draw A Poppy In Pencil Step By Step

    Our delicate poppy flowers are completely unpretentious and they often decorate the entire field. Some species bloom in June, others in the second half of summer. The poppies fade very quickly and it will quite difficult to admire their beauty in a bouquet for a long time.

    We need nature to create the painting. If you find alive Scarlet flower, it will be great. Otherwise, you should find good photos. You can also look up to my picture. You should get a similar sketch at the end of our painting lesson free.

    Bask In The Beauty Of Sunflowers

    Sunflowers are a source of inspiration for all. Learn how other artists on Behance have interpreted sunflowers in their own work to give yourself a boost of creativity.






    Method 6 Of 9:a Tulip

  • 1Sketch a circle for the flower and a long slightly curved line for the stalk.
  • 2Add the guides of the petals and the leaves. Draw 2 petals in front and a petal at the back of the 2 petals totalling to 3 petals. The leaves of tulip are long and not straight so the guide lines for the leaves should be long curved lines.
  • 3Sketch the guide of the sepal and the leaves.
  • 4Draw the basic outline of the flower, sepal and the stalk.
  • 5Draw the basic outline of the leaves.
  • 6Add more detail. Draw lines in the leaves and in the petals for a better outcome.
  • 7
  • Sketching Video How To Draw Poppy Step By Step

    Let`s watch a short video and draw our flowers together:

    The fields of blooming poppies can be often seen in the territory of Europe and Asia. These flowers grow in the mountains and on the plains. At different times and in different countries the poppies were considered to be various ambivalent symbols: for example, freedom, optimism, women`s beauty, dependence, «weak head», youth and many others. The interesting thing is that these flowers can be not only red but also yellow, white, pink, and even blue.

    Draw flowers and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world!

    I wish you good luck and new successes in your creative work.

    The Buds And Seed Cases

    The poppy buds are small, oval, and covered with small fur-needles. When the red petals begin to break through the green «shell», they have a lot of wrinkles.

    This picture shows how the stem and the flower are connected.

    The poppy seed cases, where the delicious seeds are kept, have usually the round shape or the shape of an elongated oval. There is a kind of a crown above the small teeth.

    If you want to make your flower composition more interesting, try to draw different flowers. Turn them at different angles and do not forget to show the buds. And if you are painting the poppies, you should add the seed cases and the flower which has already ceased blossom.

    Go Further With Fresco

    Take your sunflower drawings to the next level by exploring the ins and outs of Fresco. With live brushes that work like physical oil paints or watercolors, you can subtly mix colors and create realistic textures. Or export your sunflower drawing and use it to create a pattern in Adobe Illustrator. Whatever tools you decide to use, try your hand at drawing this bright, cheerful flower today.

    I Used Fabercastell Oil Pastels Color In This Drawing

    How to draw a flower field. How to draw a river,mountain,trees and some flowers field with crayon felt tip pens color a simple way landscape for beginners all you nee. Scenery drawing channel. The techniques for layering paint, building structure.

    Learn to draw a colorful landscape of mountain and spring season panoramic what for kids begin. Here below are the details materials. Another beautiful for beginners of forest landscape with tree , mountain river and grass flower scene tutor.

    Learn how to draw a very beautiful flower field spring landscape garden blooming with house and mountain. Learn how i paint a field of flowers in abstract realistic style using acrylic on canvas. Scenery drawing channel.

    Scenery drawing channel.

    Artist Reveals How To Draw Perfect Flowers In 3 Simple Steps

    Before photography, botanical illustration was used to document the form, color, and details of plant life, but today, many contemporary artists and illustrators still strive to showcase the beauty of flowers through their art. One of those artists is Kate Kyehyun Park, who paints beautiful blooms in watercolor.

    The Korean illustrators ever growing portfolio showcases her talent for creating beautiful botanical watercolor illustrations, but she doesnt keep her skills to herself. Instead, she shares her drawing tips on Instagram, detailing the various steps to rendering different kinds of botanicals with pencil and paper. From poppies to cosmos flowers, her instructive sketches show how you too can achieve perfect proportions and realistic details in just 3 steps.

    First, Park breaks the flower down into simple shapes. For example, her hand-drawn tulips start out as a line for the stem and a simple oval shape for where petals are. She then adds details, refining the petal shapes and how they overlap each other. The third step involves refining the shapes further and adding smaller details like petal veins and textured centers. Now that you know the secret to drawing flowers, you can sketch entire gardens of blooms!

    Scroll down to learn how to draw flowers and check out more of Parks work on .

    How To Draw A Geranium Flower

    Step 1: Create a rough outline of the small flowers by sketching small circles. This is where you will soon draw in the flowers petals.

    Step 2: In the place of the outline, add in the petals of the flower. Look closely at the flower and place the petals where they will follow where they should be. 

    Step 3: Finalise the design and erase unnecessary lines. 

    How To Draw A Poppy Flower

    Step 1: Create a rough outline of the poppy flower. Mark the middle of the flower with an oval shape. 

    Step 2: From the middle oval mark start outline the first petals. From there, draw three lines pointing in peace sign direction and going a little bit outside of the initial rough outline. 

    Step 3: Finalise the design by adding in the neccessary details and add in different folds and shapes that make the flowers look like poppies and that give them the perfect charachter for flowers. 

    This guide shows how to draw a flower from the side. It is similar to from front just different perspective this time. This guide makes the flower drawing easy.

    Do not forget at the end to add in the defining folds on petals as that is what makes a difference between a successful poppy drawing and just a basic flower. 

    This is a different flower poppy breed that reminds me a little of a peony flowers. I left it till last as it is clearly more complex and fun. 

    How To Draw The Shapes In A Flower

    When you look at flowers, many of them have a standard cup or bowl shape. This shape may be deep or shallow depending on the flower, but it will always be large and open at the top, with curving sides that form a narrower, flat bottomin short, much like a bowl, or cup.

    Roses, tulips, poppies, and anemones are all types of flowers that have this bowl shape.

    Of course, most of the time when youre drawing flowers, you wont be viewing them from head on. So it may help to also become familiar with ellipses instead of perfect bowl-shaped circles.

    One way to do that is to take a bowl or cup from your kitchen. Viewing the opening from above, all you see is a circle. . . but as you turn the cup or bowl away from you, the outer rim becomes an ellipse. The more you turn it, the less you will see of the inside of the cup, and the more squished the ellipse will become. Because of their curved structure, flowers are exactly the same way.

    To draw a circle or ellipse, hold your pencil further up toward the eraser for a loose wrist action. Using a light touch make several light circular lines overlapping one another using your whole arm. This motion helps with the drawing. These multiple lines will produce a pretty decent circle and you can erase the lines that are not part of the round shape.

    Remember, the key here is a basic form, not drawing a perfect circle. Aim for round, curved edgesnot a pointy football!

    How To Paint A Flower Field Art Materials

    WATERCOLOURS Quinacridone Gold, Translucent Orange, Burnt Sienna, Opera Rose, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Magenta, Green Gold, Leaf Green, Viridian Green, Manganese Blue, Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine, Ultramarine Violet BRUSHES Flat Brushes , Rigger , Round Brush , Fan Brush PAPER Moulin Du Roy, 300gsm, Cold Press, Half Imperial sheet MASKING FLUID TOOTHBRUSH

    1 GATHER YOUR MATERIALS I use flat and round brushes made from synthetic fibres only. I find the stiffness of the synthetic brushes useful as I like to be able to lift out some pigment. I work with watercolour tubes displayed in a portable folding anti-fungal palette and use fresh and creamy pigments squeezed a couple of minutes before starting. For watercolour, I use masking fluid applied with an old brush. 

    2 PENCIL IT IN Here I made a quick sketch with graphite pencil on a sheet of taped watercolour paper. I sketched a few flowers, branches and shapes into the foreground and background and began to place a few buildings. I then applied some masking fluid to protect a few flowers and branches. After a few minutes, my masking fluid was dry so I began adding some colours using a flat brush .  

    6 GIVE IT THE GREENLIGHT Using a fan brush I start working with trees and green masses for the background. I mix Viridian Green, Green Gold and a little bit of Ultramarine Violet and gently tap these colours on the paper.

    Method 5 Of 9:a Cosmos Flower

  • 1Sketch a circle.
  • 2Sketch another circle at the center.
  • 3Sketch the petals surrounding the bigger circle. They should be almost of the same sizes and shape.
  • 4Sketch a line for the flower stalk.
  • 5Draw semi-circles around the smaller circle thus, making a flower-like structure. Then you could add something in the middle.
  • 6Draw the basic outline of the petals. The petals at the front should be differentiated from the petals at the back.
  • 7Draw the outline of the bigger circle and the stalk.
  • 8
  • Method 2 Of 9:a Rose With Stem

  • 1Draw curved line. Sketch another one below the first until you are able to draw three similar shapes.
  • 2Draw a curved vertical line to represent the stalk and add a leaf on one side.
  • 3Sketch a rough outline of the rose, and then start drawing the petals. Use the “U” >> shape first.
  • 4Sketch the petals so they seem to overlap each other, on the first “U”.
  • 5Add petal shaped details on the second “U”.
  • 6Use the last “U” to guide you in sketching the petals similar to what you did on the first and second “U”.
  • You can also add more petals if you wish for a more appealing rose drawing.
  • 7Draw the roseâs sepal using pointed angles.
  • 8Add thorns on the stem. This is best drawn using pointed angles. Add details to the roseâs leaf, do not forget that it has a serrated margin.
  • 9
  • Field Of Flowers: Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial

    We share with you today an art lesson Lucia Hames taught to her grandchildren. It was a summer afternoon on her back porch. Nana taught all her grandchildren together ranging in age from five to 15. You can do this too! Nana describes the steps and her daughter, Tricia, shares the photos

    We hope you will enjoy a very simple landscape that is suited for a pastel painting in the style of Claude Monets Field of Poppies.  It is painted in greens and blues with a few touches of pinks and reds.

    You will need: dark green, medium green and light yellow-green pastels and a yellow for the distant edge of the field.  For the sky, a brilliant dark blue at the top of the sky, an aqua and light purple, and a white or palest pink for the clouds.  The poppies are done in dark crimson, medium red and hot pink. You may simply use a piece of printer paper or we also like Canson brand pastel artist paper.

    To begin, turn your paper horizontally. Then start with the ground horizon. Do not draw it in the middle of your paper, you add more eye interest for the viewer if you place your ground line a bit above the middle of your paper.  Draw a straight line in dark green, as level as you are able.  Because the field changes colors, it slowly grows lighter as you are led to the back of the picture.  To do this with chalk pastels, take your medium green and add some bushes or trees at the very edge of the paper.  You can make them darker green close to the ground.




    How To Draw A Daffodil Flower

    From the front, it is much easier to draw. There is not much perspective that you need to keep in mind when the time comes to drawing the flowers.

     Just add in the rough folds at the end to make it look more closely realistic. 

    After you follow the steps closely, you will get a beautiful drawing.

    The final sketch might actually surprise. 

    You do not have to stop just drawing the flower. 

    If you have watercolor paints, you can color the flowers in and create beautiful flower paintings. 

    After the initial trial flower drawing easy to color it in. 

    Learn How To Draw A Field Of Poppies For This Veterans Day Art Project Their Bright Red Color Can Make A Beautiful Landscape Drawing

    Every year on November 11th, U.S. citizens honor all U.S. service members, but in many other parts of the world, the day is also known as Remembrance Day. Its a day to remember the military personnel who lost their lives in war as well.

    In conjunction with the spirit of Remembrance Day, many have made a tradition of wearing a simple red poppy. It is a reminder of the red poppies that were among the first plants to bloom in the devastated battlefields of northern France and Belgium.

    This tutorial shows students how they can honor the day by drawing a field of many bright red poppy flowers, and if they change the scale of them a bit, add a lot of space to it as well.

    Method 4 Of 9:a Daffodil

  • 1Draw an oval to form the outer edge of the flower leaves. Add two parallel lines and connect the parallel lines at bottom as shown in the picture.
  • 2Draw a connecting smaller oval figure at the top of the parallel lines to form the top of the flower.
  • 3Create a rough sketch of the flower and leaves as illustrated in the picture.
  • 4Add the final lines for the flower and leaves.
  • 5
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