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How To Draw A Fist Step By Step

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By Step Instructions For Drawinga Fist

How to draw Iron Fist step by step easy narrated drawing tutorial

1. You will begin by sketching shapes to indicate the curvature of the thumb. First, draw a pair of straight, diagonal, parallel lines. Connect these using curved lines on each end. Next, extend a set of parallel lines from the top of the first set. This time, though, set the straight lines on the opposite diagonal. One line should be longer than the other. Connect them using a curved line. Finally, from the tips of these lines, extend two more straight lines. These lines are not parallel, but slant toward each other. Connect them using a curved line.

2. Outline the hand a wrist using straight lines. Notice the sharp angle to one side of the thumb, and the length of the lines that form it.

3. Now, you will flesh out the hand and thumb, softening the lines and angles. Sketch curved lines on each side of the hand. Notice where they extend outside the straight lines, and where they rest within. Do the same for the thumb, noting the curved lines that indicate the folds of skin on the underside of the thumb, where the knuckle is bent.

How to Draw a Brain

8.Use a long, curved line to sketch in the third finger. Indicate a knuckle using a short, curved line.

9.Enclose the fourth finger using a long, curved line. Erase remaining guide lines from the fingers. Detail the wrist using short, curved lines.

10. Color you fist. Would you like to flex your muscles and draw more human features? Check out our selection of people drawing guides.

Analyzing The Proportions Of The Hand

Study the proportions of the fingers.

The fingers and the palm of the hand should be roughly the same length. The tip of the thumb if drawn at a 45 degree angle to the hand should reach to just slightly below the knuckle bone of the index finger.

The fingers consist of 3 parts with the distance from the tip of the fingers to the top joint being the shortest and the distance from the knuckles to the bottom join being the longest.

Begin To Lay In Detail

Now you can push back the first two layers, or switch to a heavier lead to begin to lay in those details. You can see how helpful the construction of both the planar view drawing and the gesture drawing really help me place details like wrinkles and creases in the hand. I can also begin to place fingernails and render out the side of the palm.

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How To Draw Iron Fist Marvels Superhero

  • Well draw: Iron Fist
  • Full name / Alter ego: Daniel Danny Rand
  • From: Marvel Comics

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Lets Draw Some Details And Ink In The Outline

How To Draw Yuji (Divergent Fist) | Step By Step | Jujutsu Kaisen

For cartoonish clenched fists, we tend to round out the shapes of the fingers more and exaggerate the length of fingers and thumb.

We also show less detail than a realistic clenched fist.

Flesh out how your fist looks. Because its not realistic, you can take some creative liberties here and add a little flare, maybe making it look like you just broke someones nose or knuckles!

For this drawing, I am keeping the fist looking simple.

I am grabbing my favorite marker which is a Posca paint pen and I am drawing the outline of the hand and some simple lines to denote the knuckles.

I now grab another marker I am using a Copic marker as it can apply a nice even color or shading without marker lines and I am marking out the shadows as per below.

Notice how the shadows for the right side and thumb are darker than the back of the hand and in between the fingers and also the shadow on the left side of the fist.

I then use an eraser and remove the pencil lines so all that I can see are the marker lines of my clenched fist cartoon style!

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How To Draw An Anime Fist Front View

Start with a circle shape and an open triangle on top.

Add one big rectangle for the four fingers and another shape for the Thumb.

Start with drawing finger shapes this time. Remember, were not fully showing the four fingers.

Add the joints. For this type of sketch is better if you draw as many as you can, not only the main ones. It will give structure to your drawing.

To finish the sketch: lengthen the lines for the wrist.

Use the arrows to guide you once again. Pay attention to the upper joints and that little fold on the right.

Outline all the important traces of your sketch.

Clean the sketch keeping a clean Lineart.

Add details such as lines and wrinkles. Dont forget to draw palm lines and the wrinkles that happen to your hand palm when you press your fingers against it.

Add shadows for better results.

Draw Shapes Of First Digit And Wrist

This drawing involves reproducing a balled up and uplifted male fist, and you can also create a womans hand by changing the size. Firstly, you ought to begin sketching the shape of a thumb. Take a look at our own, you might notice its not angular but has a curve. After that, divide the thumb into 3 parts by marking light strokes and then start drawing 2 parallel lines. Their points are defined by the border of the first segment of the finger.

That is they have to abut against the border edge. Next, go on depicting the other 2 segments of the thumb by duplicating the technique that was employed to create the first section of the finger. Remember that the thumb is lowering down at the top. Finally, you need to start outlining the wrist edges. Remember that the fingers are situated not horizontally, but instead slightly leaned down line.

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Finish Off Your Fist With Some Colors

Weve reached the final step of your fist drawing, and its a fun one! For this part, you can bring your drawing to life using some beautiful colors.

This is a step where you can really show off your creativity and have some fun finishing off your incredible drawing.

You have many options with how you could color this in! You could try to make it look like your own hand, or use any of your favorite colors to finish it off.

Theres also fun to be had with the art mediums you choose for your image.

There are paint options such as acrylic paint and watercolors that you could use, or perhaps you could go with crayons, colored pens or pencils.

Which of your favorite art tools will you use for your drawing?

Final Remarks On Drawing Hands

Easy step to Draw a Fist

This is the end of this hands drawing tutorial. I hope you learned something and that it will show in your drawings!

I must tell you that there is one topic I purposely omitted from this hand drawing tutorial: function. Studying the functions of the muscles of the hand and the hand itself is an advanced topic that would move this tutorial well into A3 category. I plan to visit this topic in the future in a separate tutorial. For now, watch your drawings of hands closely when developing a specific gesture and examine how the muscles move and what positions the fingers take when interacting with objects.

Finally, I compiled a checklist based on this tutorial that can be used to analyze your hand drawings. It is available to my newsletter subscribers. You can subscribe for free here and also get my artist trainer pdf workbook for free, as well as other downloads.

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How To Draw An Anime Hand Pointing

Start with the palm shape.

Add a rectangle and a descending form .

Draw fingers following the shapes you already got.

Draw the joints, this time, only four are showing.

To finish the sketch: lengthen the lines for the wrist.

Use the arrows to help you with two of the joints and the Thumbs curve.

Outline all the important traces of your sketch.

Clean the sketch keeping a clean Lineart.

Add details such as lines and wrinkles. Dont forget the other joints . It will help your drawing to look more realistic.

Add shadows where necessary.

How To Draw A Clenched Fist: Side View

From the side, you can see a lot of the folds of your fingers in a clenched fist. On the surface, it might look a little intimidating, but you can easily master this angle of drawing fists. After all, youve already come this far, right? Whats a little more challenge when youve already managed to prove yourself determined? Take a breath, and pick up your pencil. Were going to draw a fist from the side.

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How To Draw The Human Fist Step By Step

The exterior shape of the fist may be either a square or rectangle depending on the position of the hand.

Observe proportions carefully to determine which best fits your drawing

and dont forget to add the wrist extending off the bottom at an angle.

Cut off the corners as shown to make a closer estimation of the exterior shape, then mark guidelines at the vertical and horizontal center lines.

The top of the fingernails line up on the vertical center, and the line between the middle and ring finger lies on the horizontal center in the picture here, but the guidelines will change for every hand you draw, so you need to observe closely to find the guidelines for every individual drawing.

A triangle will be useful in finding which features share a common guideline.

Begin sketching in the interior shapes around the guidelines. Place the largest interior shapes first. If you find it easier, you can put down the whole cluster of fingers as one big shape initially, and then divide it into smaller pieces from there.

Erase the guidelines and add smaller details like fingernails, wrinkles at the joints, indications of tendons and so on. The fingernails are very important for showing how the finger is bent, so place them carefully.

The fingernails may extend to or beyond the fingertip, but there is skin visible around the sides unless the finger is tilted away from the viewer.

Want To Learn More

Make Outlines Around The Hand

EASY WAY to draw Manga Fists – Step by Step Tutorial

Make an outline around the structure. Increase the fat between each finger joint for chubby looking hands or decrease the fat while making the joints stick out for a skinnier hand. Humans have some webbing in between each finger, so make sure you connect each finger with webs. Make sure they are not too low. They should be well above the knuckles drawn in step 2. Now that we understand the proportions and how to construct a basic hand, lets practice drawing different hand gestures.

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Drawing Ring Finger And Fourth Finger

This step requires you to finish drawing the closed palm. Make the borders of the annular and pinkie fingers. Repeat the approach that was applied to the forefinger and tall mans fingers: create long marks, which as a result will be the edges of the real annular and little fingers. Once you complete these fingers – erase the contours.

Consider Proportions When Drawing Hands

A small caveat: I am not big on memorizing proportions in a way that can be expressed as a formula. This is because as you practice drawing from reference, over time you will develop a better eye for proportion. Further, there are many variations in proportion in life, and you may want to express that in your drawings. With that said, here are some formula-type proportion statements to memorize when drawing the hand. I think that at least at the beginning they can be very helpful, but I am confident that with time you will refer to these less often.

1. The first joint of each finger is equal to the last two joints of that finger in length.

2. The length of the middle finger from its tip to right before the knuckle is equal to the length of the hand.

3. The first finger almost reaches the fingernail of the middle finger.

4. The third finger is just slightly longer than the index finger.

5. The little finger barely reaches the top knuckle of the third finger.

6. To find the last joint in each finger, take the length from the middle joint to the top of that finger and divide it in half.

7. The hand, wrist to the tip of the middle finger is about the height of the face.

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Draw Shapes Of Thumb Hand And Wrist

The first step should start with quite simple thing. Particularly, outline the shape of a thumb. Take a look at male thumb, as you can see its not straight but it has a curve.

Divide the thumb into 3 parts by drawing light lines, then start drawing 2 parallel lines. Their ends are limited by the border of the first part of a finger. In other words, they have to be perpendicular to the border line. Then continue drawing the other two parts of a thumb, repeating the method that was applied to the first part of a finger. Dont forget that the finger is narrowing down at the top.

Then, you should start to approximate the borders of a wrist. And note that the fingers are situated not at the horizontal line, but rather slightly lean down.

Start With A Rectangular Prism

How to draw Fist – easy step by step drawing tutorial | VIKAS ARTS

Lets draw a couple of rectangular prisms, one large one small. We we will use these as a basic box to help us shape what the clenched fist will look like and a smaller one where we will place the thumb.

Drawing a clenched fist is easy if you get this fundamental shape right.

Drawing a rectangular prism will also help us work out what angle we want the clenched fist to be. It can be front on, side on, from above etc.

The choice is yours. Im going to go with my clenched fist with fingers facing me.

Note that the thumb will only slightly overlap the first finger so keep this in mind.

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Start Drawing The Fingers Of The Fist

We shall use the pencil guide that you drew in the previous step of your fist drawing to start adding some fingers to your picture.

It would still be recommended to use a pencil for this step, as you will have lines going over the fingers in later steps.

To start, draw four curved, sausage-like shapes within the left shape that you drew in the previous step.

Then, once you have the fingers drawn, use your pencil to draw a curved rectangle shape to the right of the guide shape. This will help you when you draw the wrist in a future step.

Draw Some Simple Shapes To Define Fingers And Knuckles

Lets add some simple shapes to the box we drew in step one.

This will help us work out how thick our fingers and knuckles should be as well as showing how long each finger is relative to its width.

Here we will also define where the thumb will go, notice where the tip of the thumb ends as most people have thumbs that do not go past the first pointy finger.

Also add a rough line for the palm lines and where the wrist will start. Sketch in a small wrist as well.

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How To Draw Hands

Hello, everybody! Welcome to Today we will show you how to draw hands. Hands draw is very difficult, because they are composed of many bones and tendons are very mobile. In this tutorial, we will try as much as possible more to tell you all the details in the drawing hands.

Start Going Over In Pen For This Step

How to Draw a Hand: PART 3 Fist

In this part of your fist drawing, we will start on the final lines and erase some of the pencil guides.

Using what youve drawn in previous steps, carefully add a thumb coming down over the four fingers you already have.

The thumb will then slope down with a curved line towards the wrist. Another curved line will slope up from the bottom of the four fingers to the bottom of the wrist.

Speaking of the wrist, we shall draw that in using some straight lines coming out from the hand. Now, you can start to see the fist forming!

Carefully go over the lines using a pen or a darker pencil, and be sure to use the reference images we have provided to make sure you go over the right lines.

Once youre happy with it, you can erase all of the pencil lines. Be sure to let the pen ink dry fully before you start erasing, though!

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