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How To Draw A Fluffy Unicorn

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How To Draw A Small Unicorn On A Rack

How to Draw a Baby Unicorn Easy | Floofies Fluffy

In this lesson we will draw a unicorn in full height on a rack. The lesson consists of 9 steps. We will need it:

  • is a simple pencil and eraser
  • liner or black pen
  • Step 1Draw the unicorn head, neck, horn and ears first.
  • Step 2Then draw a maneuver by drawing each strand from the eel, eye, mouth and nostril.
  • Step 3Now draw the two front hooves to the unicorn.
  • Step 4Next, draw the back and two rear hooves.

Step 5

Now draw the unicorn tail. The sketch is ready!

  • Step 6Gently circle the entire drawing with a liner or black handle. Then wait for the liner or black pen to dry and wipe off the extra pencil.
  • Step 7Lets start coloring! Paint the horn with a golden pencil and paint the mane and tail with raspberry.
  • Step 8Take a blue pencil and paint the unicorn eye with it. Then apply a light pink tone to the unicorn. And also paint with the same pink, only by pressing harder, hooves.
  • Step 9And in the final stage take a dark pink pencil and add shadows. The drawing is ready! I hope you enjoyed my lesson! Good luck drawing!

Lesson writer: cat-vill

Go Diy And Have Fun During The Process

Its easy to get caught up in the details of step-by-step instructions, but the key to a stunning sketch is less about perfection and more about fun. I think a lot of people get stuck on the idea that it has to look a certain way because of what other people have done, says Elliott. Make it your own. Have fun with it.

Learn How To Draw A Unicorn Step By Step

Stock Photos from Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Stock Photos from Viktoriia Bondarenko/Shutterstock

Before we begin drawing, it’s important to find a good reference photo of a horse. Think about what position you want to draw your unicorn instanding, galloping, jumpingand search the internet for an appropriate model. Later we’ll take liberties with details like a horn and luxurious mane, so just focus on finding the body position you want.

Tip: Make sure you can see the horse’s hooves in the photo as those can be tricky without a good reference.

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How To Draw A Unicorn With Pencils In Stages


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How to draw a small unicorn on the back of a rack

On this page we have collected many step-by-step lessons ,that will help you draw a unicorn with your own hands in pencils or pencils in stages. It will be easy and fun.

How To Draw A Cute Unicorn

How to Draw Color Pink Fluffy Unicorn Dancing on Rainbow step by step

Today, lets try drawing a cute unicorn.

The unicorn style is similar to our other kawaii styles.

We use simple shapes in really fun ways that make this drawing easy to follow but still super cute.

I love the colors we used for this unicorn drawing. They give off a sweet feeling which is perfect for unicorns because they are always sweet, right?

Did You Know?The word Unicorn is actually latin and has a really cool meaning. Uni in Latin means single and cornu means horn. So Unicorn actually means single-horn which fits them perfectly!

Weve been told that a Unicorns favorite foods are: long green grass, sweet apples, and sugar cubes. Must be why they are always so sweet?


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    Learn How To Draw Fluffy The Unicorn Despicable Me Quickly & Easily

    Unicorns are loved and respected in the majority of cultures and natures around the world. Our how to draw Fluffy The Unicorn tutorial will help you learn all the ins and outs of putting an adorable brute on a piece of paper. If this isnt your first lesson, then you already know how important it is to get everything right with the papers position.

    If not, then make sure youve got the right size, placement, and use only light strokes for the rough sketch . It consists of two overlapping circles , a huge oval shape for the body and several lines here and there. The three horizontal shapes at the bottom of the oval are the legs . The curvy line at the far right is the tail.

    Ok, now that weve got the basics of the how to draw Fluffy The Unicorn manual out of the way, lets take care of our fine animal. Begin with the right eye . Its nothing fancy: just a big circle and a tinier one inside colored black. Before you move on to the left eye , draw the horn . Use the light-stroke line at the top of its head as your pointer.

    Once youre done, move on to the left eye. The ears are also quite easy and are based on the same concept . As for the head, let the overlapping circles guide you. That little twist at the end of the line on the left is the mouth . The right line should go below it and overlap at the bottom .

    Follow These Directed Drawing Instructions That Make A Cartoon Unicorn Drawing Easy:

  • Start by drawing the cartoon unicorns head. Draw an oval shape for the unicorns head, but dont connect it to itself on the top just yet. Draw a small downward arc to connect the top of the oval.
  • Next draw the unicorns magic horn. Draw a slightly diagonal line up from one side of the arc and then down to the other side to create cartoon unicorns horn. Then add some diagonal lines in the horn to make it spiral.
  • Then draw the cartoon unicorns eyes. Draw two circles near the top of the head for the unicorns eyes. Draw two smaller circles inside the eyes for the pupils. Fill the pupils in, while leaving a spot of white in the upper right of each for light reflection.
  • Draw the unicorns nose, mouth and ears. First, add the unicorns nose by drawing two small circles near the bottom of the oval. And then draw the unicorns mouth with a small arc just under the head. Finish this step by drawing two ears on the top of the head to either side of the horn.
  • Now lets draw the cartoon unicorns body and legs. Start with curved line under the unicorns mouth. Once the curve is done, draw a long line down, a little over, and then up again for a front leg. Draw a horizontal line for the belly, and then another hind leg similar to the front one. Finally, continue the hind leg line up and curve it over to eventually meet with the side of the head, creating the unicorns back.
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    Now Lets Learn How To Draw A Magical Unicorn

    Just for fun, I think well draw a deer-like Unicorn, with the body and head of the beautiful impala from Africa, adding the lions tail, and borrowing the horn from the narwhal. If you prefer the horse-like sort of unicorn, like the one whos portrait is on the Introduction page, you will probably want to surf the web for pictures of Arabian horses.

    I was unable to find a picture of a narwhal tusk that I could use for this eBook, but you can see them if you go to a website that actually sells them, at .

    Supposedly, in ancient times sailors brought back the narwhal tusks and sold them to wealthy Europeans as horns from the Unicorn, thereby greatly increasing their price. What we dont know is if the idea of the Unicorn came from the narwhal tusks, or whether the sailors just used an old myth for their profit. Either way, it makes an interesting story.

    Since a lions tail looks like a rope with a hunk of fur on the end, we can make that part up.

    A Unicorn, like a horse, is a fairly difficult animal to draw. The shapes are not covered in feathers or heavy fur, so we need to pay a lot of attention to the actual lines of the legs, and keep the proportions right.

    I started by drawing a fat tube for the body, then adding the legs and a curving tube for the neck. I have drawn a grid on the ground so that Ill get the feet in the right place.

    I wont put much detail into the trees, just sketching in a suggestion of them.

    Now You Have To Draw The Eyes

    How to Draw Fluffy Unicorn Easy | Despicable Me

    Now you have to draw the unicorn girls eyes and ears. I will tell you how to draw its eyes. So guys, now first you have to draw a circle to draw its eyes. You can use any compass or protector to draw a circle. After drawing a circle, you have to draw two more circles at its eye. You can do this by viewing pictures of this drawing. Guys, if you have understood this step, you must read all the next steps.

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    How To Draw A Realistic Unicorn In Stages

    • Step 1Thin lines mark the border of the drawing on a sheet of paper, draw the main lines, determine the length and width of the body, neck and head, the configuration of the legs. Run the main axis to determine the perspective. Note the position of the joints on the legs, the volume of the chest and groats.
    • Step 2the main construction lines. We check the proportions of the unicorn body. Our unicorn is turned to us by a breast, its groats in the background, and then it will seem further when we will represent it less. The distinctive feature is the horn in the middle of the forehead.
    • Step 3Remove the unnecessary lines and draw the second perspective axis along the abdominal border and the third one from the groats along the upper neck line. We draw the lines of contour, checking the proportions: cone head, massive neck lines, back, stomach along the lines of perspective, groats and legs. The main thing is to draw the legs correctly so that the unicorn stands firmly on the ground.
    • Step 4Draw a contour, carefully considering all details. We add foot shields, horn, long maneuver, tail. We mark eyes and nostrils. We draw ears and look, how beautiful our unicorn already at this stage, we correct errors of a contour.

    Step 5

    Watch My Directed Drawing Video On How To Draw A Cute Cartoon Unicorn

    Today Id like to do an easy directed drawing tutorial on how to draw a cute cartoon unicorn . Well use a couple of easy overlapping techniques on the unicorns horn and legs to give our cartoon unicorn a little depth. This directed drawing should be simple enough for preschool and kindergarten kids, as well as for older kids and adults just getting started with drawing. Lets make some drawing magic! Patrick O.

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    Learn How To Draw A Magical Unicorn In 6 Simple Steps

    byJanuary 10, 2020, 4:50 am2.1k Views

    Stock Photos from Marben/Shutterstock

    Unicorns are among the most romantic mythical creatures. Even today, children fawn over their beauty and magical presence in books, television, and movies. However, its never too late to indulge in a fairytale drawing. Regardless of your age or drawing level, practicing the basics will have you on your way to a magical unicorn illustration.

    Traditionally, unicorns are portrayed as a horse with one horn. This tutorial will guide you through the basic steps in drawing a horse before turning it into a unicorn. Ready to give it a shot? Then pick up your drawing tools and get ready to draw a unicorn!

    How To Draw The Head Of A Unicorn

    How to draw a Unicorn – Fluffy Unicorn from Despicable Me – Easy step-by-step drawing tutorial

    Hi. In this lesson we will draw a unicorn. We will need it:

    • is a simple pencil
    • Step 1Draw the unicorn head and neck first.
    • Step 2Now draw the ear and horn.
    • Step 3Draw the maneuver. Draw each strand separately. Also draw a second eyelet.
    • Step 4Next, draw the eye and nostril to the unicorn. Draw an asterisk next to the horn. The sketch is ready.
    • Step 5Circle everything with the black handle. Cover your eye and nostril.

    Step 6

    Now lets start coloring. Paint the unicorn with pink pencil and make shadows. Paint your ears with the same color.

    • Step 7Paint the horn with the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple. Next, paint the sprocket.
    • Step 8Colour the unicorn face and make the shadows simple with a pencil. The drawing is ready.

    Lesson writer: cat-vill

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    Reference Other Unicorn Drawings

    Some novice drawers think that if you have to use a reference photo, youre not a real artist, says Elliott. But Im a professional illustrator and I do. As for illustrator Ben House, Western-style paintings serve as the ultimate inspiration: Studying the poses of different horses helps me a lot when Im visualizing a unicorn. Remingtons Old American West paintings really capture the expression of their form.

    How To Draw A Simple Unicorn Step By Step

    The one thing unicorns are not known for is being easy to draw. Unicorns can be complicated so we will make it simple and easy here in this tutorial. With this side view tutorial, we created a super simple-to-draw fluffy unicorn inspired by Despicable Me Agnes famous white and pink fluffy unicorn.

    See our collection of How-To-Draw tutorial instructions for young kids! Check out our collection of free coloring pages for kids while youre here too. Were a group of independent illustrators that create coloring pages, how to draw tutorials, craft printables, and educational worksheets for kids. We update our resource library regularly so feel free to check back as we add more and more content. Were currently at over 1000+ coloring pages and 500+ how-to-draw stuff guides for kids!

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    Drawing A Unicorn For Children In Stages

    To draw a unicorn you need pencils and fantasy!

    • Step 1Draw a circle .
    • Step 2Draw a face.
    • Step 5Draw the mane, horn and body. Dont forget to erase the extra lines!
    • Step 6Draw hooves.
    • Step 12Take the pink handle and trace the horn around it.
    • Sha 13Lets get down to painting! Take a pink pencil and decorate them with a part of the mane, horn, inside the ear and blush!
    • Step 14Take a black felt-tip pencil and a blue pencil and decorate them with an eyelet! And take a gray pencil and decorate their face, ears and neck!
    • Step 15Take a blue, blue and green pencil and decorate them with mane!
    • Step 16Take a dark blue pencil and decorate them with another part of the mane!
    • Step 17And the final step is to take an orange and yellow pencil and paint them the last parts of the mane as in the picture! And thats it)))))) our portrait of a cute unicorn is ready))))) good luck to all)))

    Lesson author: Rikk

    Draw The Horn Of Unicorn Girl

    How to draw the Despicable Me Fluffy Unicorn

    Guys, first of all you have to draw the unicorn girls horn in this drawing. This horn is very easy to draw. Then you have to draw flowers underneath the horn. You have to do this drawing very carefully because if you make mistakes in this drawing then you may have to redo this drawing. I hope you understand this step.

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    How To Draw A Beautiful Unicorn In Stages

    • Step 1Circle mark the head, torso and legs. Connect them with lines.
    • Step 2Draw the horses eye and mane. Circuit the contours of the torso and front legs. Draw a sketch of the tail.

    Step 3

    On the forehead we draw a horn. A thicker line shows the horses body. Make the mane and tail more beautiful.

    • Step 4Detail the horn, and bring beauty to the rest of the body. Try to make lush hair.
    • Step 5Detail the lower leg. Draw her hooves as she traverses huge distances. Without them, you cant do without them.
    • Step 6Dorisu deep black eye and add shadows to make it realistic. Look at the beautiful unicorn

    How To Draw A Unicorn Easy Following The Steps

    Dont worry if you are not good at drawing or if you havent drawn a unicorn before, well show you how to do it slowly and step by step to make sure you dont get lost.

    Basically, drawing a beautiful unicorn is like drawing a horse, but with an obvious extra addition in the forefront head

    The first thing you need to do before you can learn how to draw this cute animal is a white piece of paper and a pencil. The first time you will probably need an eraser as well until you get the technique so make sure you have one on hand as well.

    Once youve got all of this you are ready to begin. We think that an image is worth a thousand words, and if you get a thousand images , then thats even better so there you go, find below a detailed video with all the instructions to draw your favourite creature step by step:

    After youve watched this video you should probably have become already a master in drawing these funny animals.

    In case you are struggling, check out this step by step guide of unicorn drawings. If you are interested only in drawing the unicorn head, no worries, we are here to assist you on this process as well. Here you are: A guide step by step with specific instructions to draw only the head of an unicorn, just like the emoji but much bigger :).

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