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How To Draw A Fox For Kids

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Interesting Facts About Foxes

How To Draw A Cartoon Fox

Foxes belong to the Canidae family, along with wolves, dogs, coyotes and jackals. This mixed family consists of two tribes the Canini and Vulpini. Foxes are of the Vulpini tribe.

Foxes are generally smaller than a medium-sized dog with a bushy tail and narrow, long snout and can be found living on most every continent.

Did you know?

  • Foxes hold a long-held and widespread reputation of being cute, yet misleading.
  • Foxes can live up to 10 years, but most live only 2 3 years because they are often hunted, easily diseased and killed on the roadways.
  • A female fox is called a vixen and male foxes are called dogs or reynards.
  • Foxes are meat and plant eaters, eating reptiles, berries, fruit, birds, eggs, fish and other small animals that are available.
  • Foxes are typically afraid of humans and rarely kept as pets. However, they do adapt to areas of human population and are often found roaming near or in cities.

The fox has been popularly depicted in folklore, many books and stories, anime, movies, television and video games often as a character that is a trickster or one that holds powers of magic.

Now Finish It Off With Some Color

Now that the final details of your fox drawing are drawn in, its time for one more fun step, and thats coloring in your amazing fox drawing!

Foxes have distinctive and beautiful red and white coloring, so if you go for their normal coloring then this will be a beautifully vibrant picture!

You could also make it more stylistic by using your favorite bright colors, so you should really let your creativity run wild and express yourself!

It can also be fun to incorporate and experiment with different art mediums, such as acrylic paints, watercolors, colored pens and pencils.

The sky is the limit for your creativity, so I cant wait to see what you come up with for your picture!

How To Draw A Fox Easy To Draw Tutorial

Learn how to draw a fox with our Easy to Draw Step by Step Tutorial this drawing guide is perfect for beginners and kids, who will learn how to draw a simple fox with just a few flowing lines.

Fall is the time for woodland walks and learning all about forest animals. Our easy foxy art project is perfect for supporting woodland and forest topic at school or homeschool. Children may watch the video tutorial or/and use our handy printable how to draw guide. Once the simple fox is mastered, we also have a realistic how to draw a fox tutorial available.

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How To Draw A Realistic Fox:

Step 1: For drawing fox firstly draw a circle with a mark inside it for the head and an oval for the body.

Step 2: At the back draw 2 curvy lines and form a tail by joining them at the end.

Step 3: Draw 2 pointed ears on both sides of the top of the head. Add 4 lines for the guidelines.

Step 4: From the center of the head draw a snout for fox and define the former leg with other simple lines.

Step 5: From the end of the left ear extend an extra line from beneath the snout draw a curvy line and bring it to the former legs.

Step 6: Add outline for eyes and mouth of the fox in the head, draw the second front let.

Step 7: Define the eyes and ears, shapeup the legs and the toes.

Step 8: Draw fur all over the body, follow the body line especially. for the fur, you can use the hatching technique or simple lines as in the image below.

Step 9: Erase all the extra lines and define the intense eyes, nose and other details.

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How To Draw A Cute Fox

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An excellent book filled with doodling, drawing and coloring activities. On some of the pages youll find ideas for what to do, but you can do whatever you like.

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Materials For A Red Fox Drawing

  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tip erasers, especially when erasing leftover pencil lines after tracing.
  • BlackSharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
  • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.

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Draw Furry Characters For Kids:

Step 1: Begin by sketching the furrys head, then a random circle with a small rounded square in the left corner.

Step 2: Then, starting at the bottom of the skull, create an inverted U shape with a curving line in the centre.

Step 3: On the left side, draw a curve with a line beneath it to represent the lady furrys breast.

Step 4: Draw hairs on the forehead with the help of a number of curved lines that unite and form hair strands.

Step 5: Using two curved lines, draw two long pointed ears above the head. Inside the front ear, draw several hairs.

Step 6: Using long curving lines, begin sketching long hair on the back of the head.

Step 7: Define some more front hair strands and draw round eyes with pupil and eyelashes.

Step 8: Add the finishing touches, such as patches all over the body, a few spots on the face, and whiskers.

Step 9: Use the shades of light and dark brown to color the drawing as seen in the image below.

Making A Lifelike Standing Fox

How To Draw A Cute Fox Sleeping In Fall
  • 1Sketch a circle in the middle of the page for the foxs head. Rather than trying to draw a perfect circle, make it a bit flattened on the lower right sideif thats the side where you want the foxs neck and body to attach to its head. Sketch the circle lightly with a pencil.XResearch source
  • Do all of the preliminary sketching in pencil and use a light touch. This way, you can easily erase any unnecessary pencil lines as you flesh out the details of the drawing.
  • 2Add 3 egg-shaped ovals to the head for the ears and muzzle. If you imagine the head as a clock face, place the ears at roughly 10 and 1 oclock. Make the muzzle a bit larger than the ears and place it at about 7 oclock.XResearch source
  • The narrower tops of the egg shapes should protrude beyond the circular outline of the head. About two-thirds of the left ear, one-third of the right ear, and half of the muzzle should extend beyond the head.
  • 3Overlap the bottom right of the head with a slightly larger circle for the neck. Make this circle about one-third larger than the head, and give it a bit of an oval shape. About one-third of it should overlap the lower right side of the circle for the head.XResearch source
  • 4Sketch out a much larger oval to represent the foxs body. This oval should extend to the right of and slightly below the circle for the neck. It should also overlap the neck circle and just touch the circle that represents the head.XResearch source
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    Draw One Side Of The Foxs Face

    From the arched line, draw another arched line in a downwards motion just a few inches from the top line. Were aiming to create a triangular shape, so in the motion of drawing, try to align the end of the line to the middle of the top arch.

    Draw the Other Side of the Foxs Face

    From the bottom point, draw another arched line in an upwards motion to join the end of the head line. We should now have a softened angular shape that will form form the foxs head.

    Draw the Foxs Ears

    Continuing the theme of triangular shapes, draw the fox two ears and repeat the shape with both to create inner ears.

    Divide the Foxs Face with Distinctive White Patches

    Foxes have beautiful white patches on their faces. We have simplified this distinctive feature by drawing a heart shape within the face. Start from the bottom of the foxs face and draw an upwards line thats rounded off to one side. Repeat along the same line, but this time round off in the other direction.

    Draw Simple Features onto the Foxs Face

    Next, draw a round nose shape along the central line and two oval eyes within the heart shaped areas.

    Draw the Foxs White Fluffy Chest

    Draw the First Line of the Foxs Tail

    Now were ready for the big bushy tail! Again, were using lovely flowing lines that sweep across the fox.

    Draw a line from one side of the foxs chest to the other side of canvas.

    Draw the Second Line to Complete the Foxs Tail

    Complete the Foxs Body and Draw Markings on the Tail

    Color in the Completed Fox Design

    In This Really Simple Drawing Lesson I Will Show You How To Draw A Fox One Of The Cutest Animals Living In The Forests

    So, this lesson on how to draw a fox is made in the simplest style possible. I minimized the number of details as much as possible and simplified the shapes of the animal so that the young artist would not face difficulties in the drawing process.

    The whole fox drawing tutorial consists of nine really simple steps. Each stage has a simple description and consists of really simple lines.

    At the end of the tutorial, you can color the fox orange, like in my example, or use a different color palette. For example, you can paint the fox gray or leave it white.

    So, get your art supplies ready, and lets start sketching!


    How to Draw a Fox

  • Draw the head of the fox.

    As you can see, this body part should look like a simple circle.

  • Draw the torso.

    This part of the body should look like a simple oval.

  • Detail the head of the fox.

    Draw the triangular ears and cute triangular muzzle.

  • Detail the fox drawing.

    Draw a small tuft of tousled fur under the chin.

  • Add the legs.

    First draw the legs closest to us, then the slightly more distant front leg.

  • Draw the muzzle and tail.

    Draw the pattern on the face, then the small nose and mouth. Then depict the fluffy tail with a couple of simple lines.

  • Add more details.

    Draw an oval eye, a pattern in the ear, and zigzag lines on the legs and tail.

  • Erase the guidelines.

    You can make your fox drawing more cartoonish by darkening it with a marker or liner.

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    Learn How To Draw A Simple Fox With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial Its Basic Shapes Make It Perfect For Younger Elementary Students

    This easy drawing project was created with a marker and crayons, but the simple shape of the fox makes it a good choice for messier media too.

    For instance, if you wanted students to try out oil pastels, maybe for the first time, its good start with a drawing project that has VERY little detail. The smudges that come from pastels will create great color and texture, but smaller details will get lost and can be frustrating. Its best just to keep things big and basic.

    My tip for an oil pastel drawing that really pops off the page, if you do to that route? Have students draw in pencil, color the shapes in, and lastly trace over the drawing with a black pastel. Theyll have a more defined look, which always adds some interest to their art.

    Simple Fox Coloring Page

    How to Draw a Simple Fox

  • Draw the head.
  • Add a small circle nose.
  • Draw two brow lines as shown.
  • Add two circle eyes.
  • How To Draw A Fox: Easy To Follow Drawing Guide

    How To Draw A Realistic Fox

    If your kids love drawing, they will love to learn how to draw a fox. Get them this free printable drawing guide by scrolling to the bottom of this page and downloading it now.

    Love This How To Draw A Fox Printable?

    Your kids will enjoy drawing with this printable so much that theyll want to learn to master more animal drawings. Here are some more free printables that your kids will love.

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    Drawing A Cartoon Fox

  • 1Sketch in the head as a large egg-like shape centered on the page. Tilt the egg on its sidefor instance, so the narrower part of the eggs oval is pointed to the left. Since this is a cartoon fox, feel free to make the head big!XResearch source
  • Sketch lightly with a pencil so that you can erase any mistakes or extra lines at the end.
  • 2Draw the ears with 2 smaller egg-like shapes on top of the head. Imagine the head as a clock face and place the ears at about the 12 and 3 oclock positions. Make the far-side ear egg point straight up, and the near-side ear lean towards the foxs tail at about a 30-degree angle.XResearch source
  • 3Make an oval for the body thats about the same size as the head. Center this oval beneath the near-side ear and overlap it slightly over the lower section of the head.XResearch source
  • Since this is a cartoon fox, you can adjust the proportions to your liking. If you want the head to be larger than the body, go for it!
  • 4Sketch in 3 pairs of ovals for 2 front legs and a rear leg. For the legs, space out 3 upright ovals fairly evenly across the bottom of the body oval. Roughly the top half of each leg oval should overlap the body oval. Add 3 smaller horizontal ovals at the bottoms of the legs to represent the feet. These should overlap the lower legs by about half.XResearch source
  • There are only 3 legs visible due to the viewing angle for this cartoon fox In other words, the far-side rear leg is hidden behind the near-side rear leg.
  • Lets Start Your Work How To Draw A Fox

    Step 1:

    Take the start of your drawing, a rectangle shape in the middle of the paper. This will be the fox body. Now draw a circle at the left upper edge of the rectangle as a head.

    Step 2:

    Now, to make the fox body smooth you need to give it round edges. Add a small curve to it. Also, make the fox snout by adding a sharp-pointed shape. This will tell how it looks.

    Step 3:

    Refine your work kids. This is a very beautiful drawing if you follow every step with great care. But dont stress yourself to be a smart worker. As these things take time.

    Step 4:

    In this step for how to draw a cute fox. Draw a small circle for the fox eye. A pair of legs from the left side.

    In this step for how to draw a fox, you need to follow these.

    • A small oval shape for the left ear.
    • A small circle at the snout tip
    • Add pupil to fox eye
    • A curve line for a lip.

    This can be considered as the opening of the mouth if the fox opens. You can make this line wavy. Since this is a cartoon fox drawing.

    Step 6:

    Step 7:

    This is a simple step to follow. Repeat the same step as you did in the previous step. draw two more circles for feet judgment.

    Step 8:

    It is time to refine your work. Draw the ears with some special strokes of a pencil. Just imagine the real drawing when you achieve it. Great work!

    Step 9:

    In this step, you may take help from your teachers or parents. Divide the fox head by intersecting a curve line. Also, draw an oval shape for the fox fluffy tail.

    Step 10:

    Step 11:

    Coloring Activities:

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    Now You Can Draw In The Final Details

    You have almost completed your task of learning how to draw a fox now! It just needs a few more details until you can get started with coloring in your drawing, so we will focus on those details now.

    First of all, you can draw in some eyes by drawing in a small circle inside of another one.

    This is one way you could draw in the eyes, but you could also use another design like a solid circle if you like that look better.

    Then, you can draw in a mouth for your fox. This one has a cute smiley face, but you could also use a different line to give the fox different facial expressions!

    Once the face is done, you can add in various lines to give some fury details to your fox drawing.

    Weve shown some that you could add in with our reference image, but you can add in some of your own lines that look good to you!

    With these details, theres only one more step to go!

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