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How To Draw A Fox Head

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How To Draw Animals: Foxes

How To Draw Fox Emoji Face

Foxes are beautiful animals that some of us would gladly keep as pets. Their distinctive look make them quite easy to draw, especially that they’re similar to dogs in many aspects. But what differs the various fox species? And how to create your own species without making it looking odd? Keep reading and I’ll show you!

Drawing A Cartoon Fox

  • 1Sketch in the head as a large egg-like shape centered on the page. Tilt the egg on its sidefor instance, so the narrower part of the eggs oval is pointed to the left. Since this is a cartoon fox, feel free to make the head big!XResearch source
  • Sketch lightly with a pencil so that you can erase any mistakes or extra lines at the end.
  • 2Draw the ears with 2 smaller egg-like shapes on top of the head. Imagine the head as a clock face and place the ears at about the 12 and 3 oclock positions. Make the far-side ear egg point straight up, and the near-side ear lean towards the foxs tail at about a 30-degree angle.XResearch source
  • 3Make an oval for the body thats about the same size as the head. Center this oval beneath the near-side ear and overlap it slightly over the lower section of the head.XResearch source
  • Since this is a cartoon fox, you can adjust the proportions to your liking. If you want the head to be larger than the body, go for it!
  • 4Sketch in 3 pairs of ovals for 2 front legs and a rear leg. For the legs, space out 3 upright ovals fairly evenly across the bottom of the body oval. Roughly the top half of each leg oval should overlap the body oval. Add 3 smaller horizontal ovals at the bottoms of the legs to represent the feet. These should overlap the lower legs by about half.XResearch source
  • There are only 3 legs visible due to the viewing angle for this cartoon fox In other words, the far-side rear leg is hidden behind the near-side rear leg.
  • Scroll To The End For The Full Video And Printable Template

    This simple technique uses just a few steps to make the drawing of a fox, well start by drawing the basic round shape to make the head, then add the body, the ears, and a cute little tail.

    I get commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this post. There is no extra cost to you. See my full disclosure here.

    This short tutorial can be done by both digital and traditional methods. This means that you can use a digital drawing tablet or a pencil and paper.

    If youre looking for cartoon animal drawings, then this is a good place to start. Once youre done, youll be able to upload your finished drawing to your cutting machine and cut a template using the outline of the simple fox drawing.

    You can print the instructions and the template below. Follow this tutorial and watch the video to learn how to draw a fox drawing.

    The best part of drawing digitally is that you can replicate your drawing really fast. Most digital software programs have a copy and paste function so that you can just duplicate the first fox that you made and move them around the canvas any way that you like.

    Another way to add a touch of personality to your drawing is by adding text to it. To personalize your drawing, you can add a name just under the fox. Here are three ways that you can add text to your drawing.

    For a step by step tutorial on how to do this in Inkscape, sign up for my So Simple SVG Quotes course.

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    This Fox Face Drawing Tutorial Helps Students Fill Their Paper With A Large Symmetrical Face And Has All Kinds Of Coloring Options

    This fox drawing is shown as a red one, but you easily swap it to gray and white, or gray and brown, etc. Whatever the choice though, I recommend that students try coloring those fuzzy edges around the eyes, nose and chest the way my sample shows. The black line is left off intentionally so that the two colors can share a fuzzy edge. So much more lifelike!

    Go Over The Drawing In Ink

    DRAW A FOX step by step instructions

    Art & Photo: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    Finally, it is time to go over your final drawing in ink. Using your favorite pen, slowly trace over the lines, taking care not to smear any ink. Once you’ve gone over the entire drawing, and given the ink ample time to dry, carefully erase any remaining pencil marks. At this time, you can revisit the illustration and see whether you need to add more texture to any areas like the fox’s fur or the ground. Hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling are all excellent ways to fill large areas of space.

    Afterward, you can either add color to your illustration or leave it as is for a striking black and white drawing of an arctic fox!

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    Coloring The Fox Drawing

    Youre ready to color your drawing of a fox.

    To do this, use the color drop method.

    Make sure that your areas are bounded .

    If you have gaps, double click on the gap, zoom in and pull the nodes to close the gap.

    Repeat this process of clicking and dropping to color in every section of the fox.

    Your easy fox drawing is done. Ready to make more?!

    If you liked this lesson, youll love my So Simple SVG Files course. I will walk you through the steps to make digital drawings using simple shapes in Inkscape. Youll also learn how to transfer your drawings to your craft projects and get better use of your cutting machine.

    Want more easy drawings for starter projects like this? Check out my collection of animal drawings.

    How To Draw A Fox Head

    June 30, 2021Drawing Tutorial Category: Foxes

    Learn to draw such a fox head is a very simple and fun thing, suitable for preschoolers and kids of all ages.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this fox head. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow the steps below to try it!


    How to draw a fox head

    1. Draw an ear first.

    2. Draw hair. Then draw a curve down.

    3. Draw another curve down.

    4. Draw the nose. Then draw the mouth.

    5. Draw an eye.

    6. Draw the mouth completely.

    7. Draw a wavy line on your face. Then draw the bottom edge of the neck.

    8. Draw another ear. And then draw the neck completely.

    9. Finally, simply color it. This fox head is done!

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    How To Draw A Fox: A Mischievous Cartoon Fox Drawing

    Today we will learn how to draw a fox. We sketch the base body proportions from a simple triangle and ovals. Then we add a very exaggerated, cartoony face and a long nose. Next, we will draw fox’s legs – those are simplified realistic animal legs and probably the hardest part of this tutorial. But do not fear, you will have easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Finally, we draw the very typical fox tail with a nice white tip. Oh, and a neat trick at the end – if those legs still turn out to be too hard for you, you can always hide them behind the fox’s large tail!

    Draw The Nose & Cheek Fur

    How to draw a fox head

    With most of the foxs larger details outline you can add the cheeks and nose as these two will be pretty much tied into one another.

    Make the nose somewhat similar in shape to a triangle with rounded corners. Position it about a quarter of the way up on the head.

    Next define the cheeks by projecting a pair of curved lines from each side of the head to the nose . Afterwards add some fur clumps to each cheek to finish this step.

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    The Basic Shapes Of The Fox

    As in most drawings, it is worthwhile to start with the primary form of the fox.

    Depending on the perspective, these forms can differ considerably, as we want to transfer a three-dimensional object to a two-dimensional drawing surface.

    Therefore, you should take a picture of the animal as a reference, which has already documented the body of the animal in a two-dimensional snapshot.

    In our drawing, the three shapes of the head, trunk, and hind leg are the most important.

    How To Draw A Cute Fox

    This fox tutorial is one that I have very much been looking forward to. Who doesnt love foxes? Although there are many colors of foxes like amber foxes, gray foxes, white foxes, and black foxes, todays example will be the well-known red fox.

    To follow along with this tutorial, you can use the blues lines as a reference. Blue lines will indicate the drawing that needs to be completed in that step. For example, you will notice that the ears are blue in the second step. This means that you should be drawing fox ears in that particular step.

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    How To Draw True Foxes Species

    There are many species of foxes, so you need to learn some more details if you want to be more realistic in your drawings. I will show you a few things about popular species, but make sure you study them thoroughly from photos to get a more complete picture.

    Red Fox

    The most popular species, almost synonymous with the name fox is the red fox. You can treat it as a default species for a fox, with a typical head and body you can then reshape to create some other species. The muzzle is long, tapered, with the whiskers area quite far from the eye. The eyes are usually orange or light brown in color.

    Fennec Fox

    Fennec fox is the chihuahua of foxes. It has a tiny body with a disproportionately big head. The ears are huge, and so are the eyes. The muzzle is short, very pointed, with a tiny nose. The eyes are dark brown, so dark that the pupils are usually not visible. Theyre still slit, though!

    Arctic Fox

    Most foxes change their coat for winter, but this species takes it to extreme. Its dark brown in summer, and pure white in winter. The length of fur changes drastically as well, so these two forms of the same fox may look like two different species! Other than that, the arctic fox looks very similar to the red fox, with slightly sturdier muzzle and smaller ears, often made visually smaller by the fur. The eyes are yellow or brown.

    Corsac Fox

    Kit Fox

    Tibetan Fox

    How To Draw A Fox Face

    How to draw a fox head

    How to draw a fox face? We will try to answer this question right now. To do this, we have prepared for you a convenient short drawing lesson, which consists of nine easy steps.

    With this drawing tutorial on how to draw a fox face, you can portray absolutely any fox head. There are many varieties of foxes in the world, but their appearance and general body structure, and anatomy are very similar.

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    Learn How To Draw A Sleeping Arctic Fox In 9 Steps

    Photo: Stock Photos from Alexey Seafarer/Shutterstock

    With their plush coats and charming personalities, it’s no wonder foxes are among the most beloved animals on the internet. Although most people are familiar with the handsome red fox, there are actually several different types of this small canine. The kind most commonly found in the arctic tundra of the northern hemisphere is appropriately named the arctic fox and it closely resembles its scarlet relative, save for its distinct white fur.

    Want to learn how to capture this beautiful animal when it’s curled up to rest? This tutorial will walk you through the steps on how to render a sleeping arctic fox with a pencil, before completing it in ink. All you’ll need to get started is a pencil, eraser, pen, and some paper. Ready to get started? Then, let’s draw an arctic fox!

    How To Draw A Fox: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

    Step 1: Draw the fox’s nose and face

    Let’s improve on our sketch while we are outlining the drawing. Draw the fox’s face first.

    Here we are turning the nose tip from a circle into more of a triangle with rounded-off corners. Then the nose, mouth, cheek are a straight outline of the sketch.

    The final improvement – as you are drawing out the eyes, add small black dots for the pupils.

    Step 2: Draw the fox’s head

    Next, let’s draw and improve the fox’s head. At the top of the head, follow the triangle outline, rounding off the sharp top corner.

    Next, draw the sides of the head. Add three scruffy zig-zag hair lines on each side, only loosely following the sketch. Make each of the hairs slightly different in length.

    Finally, close the head shape at the bottom by following the mouth line with a gap.

    Step 3: Draw the fox’s ears and tail

    Here is an easy step: Draw the fox’s ears and tail next – these are just a straight outline of the sketch.

    Step 4: Draw the fox’s chest hair

    Here comes the next improvement on the sketch – draw the hair on the fox’s chest as a jagged line that follows the chest oval. Again, add some randomness and vary the hairs in length and thickness for the best-looking result.

    Step 5: Draw the fox’s front legs

    Since we have already done all the hard work, drawing the fox’s front legs is a simple outline of the sketch. The improvement here is to add the small “C” shaped splits to the paws to separate the fingers.

    Step 8: Add the final details

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    Learn How To Draw Cartoon Animals

    Drawing animals is super fun, so you are probably thinking of what else you can draw. If you want to improve your drawing skills, I highly recommend How to Draw 101 Animals by Dan Green. This book will teach you how to draw 101 animals step-by-step, the easy way.

    Well, I hope you enjoyed this easy fox drawing guide. If you have any other step-by-step drawings you would like posted, please let me know in the comments!

    How To Draw Animals

    How to draw FOX HEAD step by step

    Here are a few other animals that you can learn to draw. These steps are easy to follow.

    Get this fox mug from Mug Firm

    Those are just a few ideas to get you started. Check out some of these ideas for easy crafts that you can try.

    Imagine all of the crafts that you can make with the fox drawing. You can make lots of fun paper, fabric, leather or vinyl crafts.

    If you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine and a heat press, you can make iron-on t-shirts. Of course, you can use scissors to cut out the fox but a cutting machine will make it even easier.

    As you can see, you can take your drawing and put it on tons of physical crafts!

    Have you ever wondered how you can turn your hobby into a money-making craft business? Check out my post on 5 great reasons to open a craft shop on Etsy.

    Feel free to add a photo of your drawing to the pin so that I can see your fox.

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    How To Draw A Fox Easy To Draw Tutorial

    Learn how to draw a fox with our Easy to Draw Step by Step Tutorial this drawing guide is perfect for beginners and kids, who will learn how to draw a simple fox with just a few flowing lines.

    Fall is the time for woodland walks and learning all about forest animals. Our easy foxy art project is perfect for supporting woodland and forest topic at school or homeschool. Children may watch the video tutorial or/and use our handy printable how to draw guide. Once the simple fox is mastered, we also have a realistic how to draw a fox tutorial available.

    Draw The Front Legs & Paws

    Starting just a bit above the vertical halfway point o the body add the front legs and add the paws afterwards. Make the legs wider towards the top and narrower towards the bottom and make paws rounder on top and flatter on the bottom.

    You can also connect the two paws with a tiny line to show the bottom of the body.

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    Draw An Oval In The Front Of The Head

    How to draw a fox head. With this tutorial we continue a series of drawing lessons about animals. You can pay attention to the very close location of the head and chest. All the steps are very easy because they are really for kids like you.

    Begin by drawing a circle. Foxes are generally smaller than a This circle will guide foxs head.

    Draw to arches withing the head. Enclose an irregular shape like a raindrop to form the big tail of the fox. The fennec fox is surely the cutest of them all and surprisingly still belongs to true foxes family.

    Draw a high forehead for the fox, smoothing the step between the head and the muzzle. Sketch the standing ear figure of the fox. Draw 2 curves one for the ear and the other for the hand.

    The making of the structure will depend on your priority which side face will you like to have, front facing or side facing. Foxes are of the vulpini tribe. You draw, and a neural network tries to guess what youre drawing.

    Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with Although the gray fox isn’t a true fox, its popularity provided it a place in this tutorial. This mixed family consists of two tribes

    Draw the gray fox body features. In this quick tutorial youll learn how to draw a fox in just a few quick steps, but first foxes belong to the canidae family, along with wolves, dogs, coyotes and jackals. Connect the ruffs using a curved line, enclosing the chibi fox’s head.

    Drawing Desert Fox Head Coloring Pages NetArt di 2020

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