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How To Draw A Fox Step By Step

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Now Finish It Off With Some Color

DRAW A FOX step by step instructions

Now that the final details of your fox drawing are drawn in, its time for one more fun step, and thats coloring in your amazing fox drawing!

Foxes have distinctive and beautiful red and white coloring, so if you go for their normal coloring then this will be a beautifully vibrant picture!

You could also make it more stylistic by using your favorite bright colors, so you should really let your creativity run wild and express yourself!

It can also be fun to incorporate and experiment with different art mediums, such as acrylic paints, watercolors, colored pens and pencils.

The sky is the limit for your creativity, so I cant wait to see what you come up with for your picture!

Interesting Facts About Foxes

Foxes belong to the Canidae family, along with wolves, dogs, coyotes and jackals. This mixed family consists of two tribes the Canini and Vulpini. Foxes are of the Vulpini tribe.

Foxes are generally smaller than a medium-sized dog with a bushy tail and narrow, long snout and can be found living on most every continent.

Did you know?

  • Foxes hold a long-held and widespread reputation of being cute, yet misleading.
  • Foxes can live up to 10 years, but most live only 2 3 years because they are often hunted, easily diseased and killed on the roadways.
  • A female fox is called a vixen and male foxes are called dogs or reynards.
  • Foxes are meat and plant eaters, eating reptiles, berries, fruit, birds, eggs, fish and other small animals that are available.
  • Foxes are typically afraid of humans and rarely kept as pets. However, they do adapt to areas of human population and are often found roaming near or in cities.

The fox has been popularly depicted in folklore, many books and stories, anime, movies, television and video games often as a character that is a trickster or one that holds powers of magic.

Learn How To Draw A Fox For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

Hello! A beautiful inhabitant of forests, the heroine of many fairy tales around the world is a fox. Foxes are small to medium-sized omnivorous mammals. How to draw a fox for kids so that it is simple and beautiful enough?You will need to draw a fox many times, because this is one of the most popular and beautiful animals. Here we will present you with an easy lesson to draw a fox, using this method, you can get new skills and get a wonderful drawing.Now we will tell you how to draw a fox step by step.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Draw a Fox for Kids

  • Draw a fox head.

    The top of the head should be in the form of a semicircle, and the bottom should have a sharp angle.

  • Draw the body of the chanterelle.

    Lets draw the body of the chanterelle, also a semicircle, the bottom of the body must be made even.

  • Next, draw the ears and tail.

    Try to draw the ears in the form of symmetrical triangles. And the tail can be made in an arbitrary wavy shape.

  • Draw the eyes and nose of the fox.

    Draw the eyes of the fox using a circle, inside the eye draw the pupil of the fox as a thick point. Drawing the nose of the fox is quite simple, you need to draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the head, forming a triangle. Next, draw the foxs paws in the shape of a semicircle in the lower part of the body.

  • Color in the fox drawing.

    We used orange for the head and torso, the belly is light yellow, and the ears are pink. Feet can be made dark brown.

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    Draw The Front Legs & Paws

    Starting just a bit above the vertical halfway point o the body add the front legs and add the paws afterwards. Make the legs wider towards the top and narrower towards the bottom and make paws rounder on top and flatter on the bottom.

    You can also connect the two paws with a tiny line to show the bottom of the body.

    Way To Draw A Fox For Kids

    How To Draw a Fox | Step by Step

    It is very difficult to draw a fox for kids so today we will share some easy steps through which your children can draw fox in an uneasy way. So, lets learn to draw a fox step by step.

    Step 1: draw a circle which will be looked as slightly similar to squares shape.

    Step 2: draw the three triangles which will be in oval shaped. Draw Two triangles for the ears of fox and the one triangle for the muzzle of the fox same as shown in the picture.

    Step 3: draw a circle which will be going through the middle of nozzles of the fox as well as head of the fox as shown in the figure.

    Step 4: draw a big oval shape under the neck to make the body of the box as shown in the figure.

    Step5: draw the oval shape on the left lower part to make the left leg. You can draw the shape by viewing the below image.

    Step 6: draw the right leg same as left leg.

    Step 7: draw the long oval at the end of the body of the fox to make the tail of the fox.

    Step 8: now to complete the fox you can edit the unwanted lines which are occurred while drawing the fox.

    Step 9: now color the fox to complete your drawing.

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    How To Draw A Fox Step By Step Guide

    Drawing animals is not easy and can be quite challenging. In this guide, I will walk you through how to draw a simple drawing of a fox.

    I will guide you through each of the steps and in the end, you will have a good drawing, that you can be proud of.

    So let´s get started with drawing this fox!

    Lets Define The Form Of The Fox

    We will start by lightening up the underdrawing we did in the previous steps and then we will draw the forms more defined and we will start adding some details like fur.

    We will add some fur insight of the ears and on top of the head as well as on the forehead.

    Next up we will draw the lower part of the eyes right on the guideline of the head and a small cute nose with the mouth right underneath.

    The nose is a triangular shape with rounded corners.

    simple draw two oval-shaped eyes and add an iris to each of the eyes.

    We will just continue with defining the lines and adding more and more details like fur on its chest.

    Finally lets add the lines for the tail and we will erase the construction lines underneath the drawing.

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    Next We Will Add In The Legs And Nose

    Your fox drawing is beginning to take shape now! For this next step, we will be adding in the four legs of your fox.

    This is a step where referring to the reference image closely will be very helpful.

    I would recommend drawing in the front legs first, drawing them down from where the chest ends, and then drawing in a stomach going backward.

    Once you have the front legs in, you can draw in the thicker back legs. For this step, I also think that using a pencil first would be very helpful to get the look right.

    Once all of the legs and stomach are drawn, you can use a small line for the nose of your fox.

    Creating A Realistic Sitting Fox

    How to Draw a Fox Step by Step – Cute so easy Tutorial
  • 1Start with a circle and a curved line extending from its bottom left. It should look like a balloon on a string thats caught in a light breeze, or perhaps a lollipop with an arched stick. The circle represents the foxs head, and the curve traces the path of its spine.XResearch source
  • Make the curved line about 3 times as long as the diameter of the circle.
  • 2Sketch in the pointed ears and rounded snout on the circular head. Create a T shape that covers the bottom half of the circle. Double the length of the Ts vertical stem by extending it below the circle, then sketch in a U shape for the muzzle that surrounds the lower half of the Ts stem.XResearch source
  • Draw 2 tall, pointed arcsroughly the shape of wishbonesfor the ears. Imagine the circle as a clock face and place them at about the 10 and 2 oclock positions.
  • 3Add another circle and curved line to outline the foxs body and rear thigh. In basic terms, draw a reverse image of the circle and curve that you started with so that the 2 curved lines connect the 2 circles. The lines should curve a bit like a pair of parentheses while the lower circle should have a bit more of an oval shape.XResearch source
  • Dont center the rear thigh straight below the head. Rather, off-set it so its roughly centered under the left ear.
  • The two parallel lines establish the positioning of the foxs front legs.
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    By following the very simple step-by-steps in this fun drawing book you can draw dolphins diving in the sea, knights guarding a castle, monster faces, buzzing bees, and lots, lots more.

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    An excellent book filled with doodling, drawing and coloring activities. On some of the pages youll find ideas for what to do, but you can do whatever you like.

    Write and Draw Your Own Comics

    Write and Draw Your Own Comics is full of inspiring ideas for all kinds of different stories, with writing tips to help you on your way. for kids who want to tell stories, but gravitate toward pictures. It has a mix of partially-drawn comics and blank panels with intro comics as instructions lots of space for kids to draw their own comics!

    The Basic Shapes Of The Fox

    As in most drawings, it is worthwhile to start with the primary form of the fox.

    Depending on the perspective, these forms can differ considerably, as we want to transfer a three-dimensional object to a two-dimensional drawing surface.

    Therefore, you should take a picture of the animal as a reference, which has already documented the body of the animal in a two-dimensional snapshot.

    In our drawing, the three shapes of the head, trunk, and hind leg are the most important.

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    Draw The Nose & Cheek Fur

    With most of the foxs larger details outline you can add the cheeks and nose as these two will be pretty much tied into one another.

    Make the nose somewhat similar in shape to a triangle with rounded corners. Position it about a quarter of the way up on the head.

    Next define the cheeks by projecting a pair of curved lines from each side of the head to the nose . Afterwards add some fur clumps to each cheek to finish this step.

    Add In The Details Of Your Foxs Face

    How to Draw a Cartoon Fox – Step by Step Video

    Step seven will be to add the little details that make your fox, well, foxy! Add two angled lines like the ones shown above to the inner side of your foxs ears. Next, add two slanted straight lines to the outer ear.

    After, you will draw a line that starts from the side of your foxs head and dips down to the top of its nose. This line will intersect through the top third of the foxs eyes.

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    Lets Get Started How To Draw A Fox

    You will need to get your materials together for this drawing. Here is a list of everything that you will need.

    • A piece of paper to draw on
    • Crayons, color pencils, or markers

    There are only 10 easy steps in this how to draw a fox tutorial. The steps are broken down by 5 body parts.

  • Head
  • Legs
  • Tail
  • Once you learn how to draw a fox you will be able to doodle them just about anywhere at any time!

    Doodling triggers the creative part of your brain and causes you to think. This can be a great creative exercise to get the creative juices flowing for other projects.

    I personally doodle every single day, in my journal, on napkins, and anywhere that doodling is allowed.

    How To Draw A Fox: Finished Drawing

    How to draw a fox: finished outline drawing

    Here is the result of our “how to draw a fox” tutorial: a completed outline of a fox drawing once we have erased the sketch lines.

    This one turned out to be a very cheeky looking Mister Longnosed Fox. By the way, you can change the fox’s expression a lot by just playing around with the placement of the eyebrows and the two black pupils in the eyes.

    How to draw a fox: finished drawing coloured-in

    And here is the final coloured-in fox drawing. Real foxes have orangy-brown fur, which for our cartoon fox is simplified to a nice bright orange.

    Leave the chest, tail tip and the fur on the lower half of the head just plain white, or add just some light grey texture lines as we did.

    Finally, colour the paws dark brown with black “socks” on the foot part.

    Our fox is standing in the middle of the forest with a mushroom and some spruce trees in the background. And that is it – the very end of our “how to draw a fox” tutorial.

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Fox For Kids:

    Step 1: Begin by sketching a head and ending with a circle.

    Step 2: For the eyes, draw a U shape extending towards the circles outline and two little circles on either side.

    Step 3: Create two upright triangular ears.

    Step 4: Create a lengthy curve for the body.

    Step 5: As it sits, its time to sketch legs below the torso.

    Step 6: Draw another set of legs from the top of the body.

    Step 7: Draw a long fuzzy brush tail from the back of the body.

    Step 8: Create a background for your fox by drawing a mountain, cloud, and sun.

    Step 9: Color your fox with brown and black tones, then fill in the rest of the drawing with your favorite colors.

    How To Draw A Fox Step By Step

    HOW TO DRAW A FOX EASY STEP BY STEP FOR BEGINNERS: Graphite Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

    In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a realistic fox step by step, without any reference. You’ll learn how to sketch the pose to avoid proportion mistakes, how to add proper anatomy, and how to make it look real with details. You can also use this workflow to learn how to draw other similar animals.

    This is a tutorial for beginners with a single, simple pose. If you want to learn more about foxes, their species and their anatomy, try this tutorial instead:

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    How To Draw A Cute Fox

    This fox tutorial is one that I have very much been looking forward to. Who doesnt love foxes? Although there are many colors of foxes like amber foxes, gray foxes, white foxes, and black foxes, todays example will be the well-known red fox.

    To follow along with this tutorial, you can use the blues lines as a reference. Blue lines will indicate the drawing that needs to be completed in that step. For example, you will notice that the ears are blue in the second step. This means that you should be drawing fox ears in that particular step.

    How To Draw A Fox: An Easy Step

    Last Updated on September 18, 2021 by

    Want to learn how to draw a fox? Youve come to the right place! If you have never created a fox drawing before, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, drawing a fox is quite easy with the right guide.

    This step-by-step fox drawing tutorial will teach you how to make an easy doodle in no time. Each step is made short and simple so there is no confusion of how it is done.

    Before we begin the tutorial, be sure you have a few quality drawing pencils, a sketch pad, and erasers. These are the minimum required supplies for creating a cute little fox.

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    How To Draw A Realistic Fox:

    Step 1: To draw a fox, start by drawing a circle with a mark inside for the head and an oval for the body.

    Step 2: Draw two curving lines in the back and combine them at the end to form a tail.

    Step 3: On each sides of the top of the head, draw two pointed ears. For the guidelines, add four lines.

    Step 4: Draw a foxs nose from the middle of the head and define the former leg with additional basic lines.

    Step 5: Draw a curving line from beneath the nose to the former legs, extending an extra line from the end of the left ear.

    Step 6: Draw the second front let and add the foxs eyes and mouth to the head.

    Step 7: Shape the legs and toes, and define the eyes and ears.

    Step 8: Draw fur all around the body, paying great attention to the body line. You can use the hatching technique or basic lines for the fur, as shown in the figure below.

    Step 9: Remove all excess lines and define the detailed eyes, nose, and other features.

    A Super Simple Lesson On How To Draw A Fox Step By Step Is Ready For You Which Consists Of Only Nine Easy Steps

    How to draw a fox, easy step-by-step drawing lessons for kids

    I have prepared for you an exciting lesson on how to draw a fox step by step. This drawing will turn out to be very cute and cute for you. Follow the step by step, according to the instructions, then you will definitely cope with this lesson.

    Fox is one of the most popular characters in childrens fairy tales. The fox is considered a carnivorous mammal. The fox is often called cunning. In fact, this is how these animals began to be called due to the fact that foxes are excellent hunters and are very good at obscuring tracks and avoiding pursuit.

    I think you already want to start drawing a fox step by step as soon as possible. Then take all the necessary supplies and proceed with this lesson.


    How to Draw a Fox Step by Step

  • Draw the head of the fox.

    First of all, depict the animals head, pointed at the sides, using curved lines.

  • Depict the foxs ears.

    The foxs ears appear pointed at the top and stand upright.

  • Sketch out lines on the face.

    To separate the fur area along the sides of the head, draw two curved lines and draw the nose.

  • Draw the body of the animal.

    The body of the fox is similar in shape to an oval. Depict this with broken lines.

  • Add the tail of the fox.

    This part of the animals body looks large, lush and beautiful. Use flowing lines.

  • Draw the paws of the animal.

    Depict the foxs legs thin and small in the lower torso.

  • Add the eyes and the inside of the ears.

    Draw an outline inside the ears. Add fur between the ears, depict the eyes as dots.

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