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How To Draw A Ghost Easy

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How To Draw A Ghost: Finished Drawing

How to Draw a Cute Ghost Easy | Beanie Boos

How to draw a ghost: finished outline drawing

Here is the completed ghost drawing, after we have cleaned the sketch lines with an eraser.

How to draw a ghost: finished drawing coloured-in

As usual, we like to finish our drawing in colour. As ghosts are pale and semi-transparent, they do not have any colour. We are using our “snowman” trick to shade the pale white body with light blue, to give the ghost some volume.

That is the end of “how to draw a ghost” tutorial. Well, almost…

How to draw a ghost: finished drawing coloured-in with a castle background

Since the completed ghost drawing was a bit bare, here we have added a spooky background. Now our ghost is spending the nights floating along the old castle walls, being watched by a sinister moon.

It must be one of those old European ghosts, I’d say. Not many castles here in down under or in the States…

Ghost Drawing How To Draw A Ghost Easy

When I think of ghost drawings, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are scary characters. However, when we sketch anything, we are the masters of paper and pencil. Thats why we can make a very nice, cute, silly ghost drawing, or with the characteristic you want.

What do you think of this kind of animated ghosts? What does it look totally professional? Thats the good thing about making some drawings on the computer, that is, what is known as digital.

What you see is the ghost completely over, but Im going to tell you step by step how this image that seems to be of cartoon ghosts was made.

Next Draw A Face For Your Ghost

We shall be drawing a face for your ghost drawing in this next step. We will be showing you one way of doing this in our example, but this is a step where you can change things around a bit to suit your preference.

For example, you could change the eyes or add some eyebrows if you want to change up the facial expression.

You could make your ghost look angry, scared, happy or concerned just by using some simple lines!

You could also use a different shape for the mouth if you would like as well.

Whether you replicate the design in our reference image or use your own to make some new expressions, youre ready for the next step!

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First Step A Simple Ghost Guideline

The first thing to do is come up with a simple guideline from which you can use to keep proportion when drawing your cartoon ghost.

So, go ahead and draw a framework, one that takes the form of the top of a stick person. Keep the head bigger and keep the body and arms nice and simple three straight lines.

Because youre going for the whole bed sheet look, this framework is perfect because as you draw the sheet-like body of your ghost, it will be just like as if you were draping a sheet over an old piece of furniture just like something out of a haunted house! And speaking of haunted houses, that sounds like an excellent drawing lesson for the near future!

Now before you move on, dont forget to draw a cross over the circle. Itll help you keep proportion later on when you give your ghost a face.

Alright, once you get your framework drawn, lets move on to the next step

How To Draw A Cartoon Ghost

How to Draw a Ghost Super Easy

Heres a simple little drawing exercise, how to draw a cartoon ghost. Its perfect for the monster section, and maybe even more so for Halloween! Actually, this cartoon would make a great decoration around the house.

Ghosts come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Still, I really wanted to give you something basic to work with and so I decided to go with the classic bed sheet appearance.

By bed sheet Im of course referring to the traditional do-it-yourself Halloween costume where you take a white bed sheet, cut two holes in it for eyes and PRESTO! your costume is complete. Nice and simple, just like this lesson.

Well, lets get going then in time youll have a spooky little cartoon ghost of your own!

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How To Draw Ghost Eyes

To draw the face, well start with the eyes.

Draw a free hand circle on the left. Then draw another circle on the right.

To draw the mouth, well draw a circle below the first two.

Your ghost should now have a complete face.

The ghost drawing outline is complete and you can move on to coloring the outline.

How To Draw A Ghost: Base Sketch Step By Step

Step 1: Draw a base oval and outline for the ghost’s body

Our ghost drawing starts as usual with a simple shape. First, draw a slightly tilted oval – this will be the ghost’s base head-body shape. Then add two squiggly lines starting from each side of the oval – these will mark the outer shape of our ghost.

Step 2: Draw the ghost’s face

Next, add a few more simple ovals to build the ghost’s face. Start with the two long ovals at the top – these will be the ghost’s eyes. We have drawn very big eyes, sticking half-way up over the top of the head. These are definitely exaggerated cartoon eyes.

Next, add a small oval for the mouth under the eyes. Finally, draw two small circles – these are not for the eye pupils, rather they will mark the part to leave out when colouring the eye to add a manga-style shine into the eye.

Step 3: Draw the ghost’s arms

The final sketch step is to give our ghost some arms. These are again made from simple ovals. Draw two long ovals sticking from the sides of the body for the arms. Then add two small ovals folded back down – these will be the ghost’s hands.

That is it for sketching. So far, our ghost looks a bit like a Humpty Dumpty with massive arms and skinny legs. We will fix that shortly.

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How To Draw A Ghost Step By Step

To draw this Ghost Drawing, you will require some material. Which you can discover in the Description of the video instructional exercise of this drawing. Coming up next are a few stages to make this drawing. Where you can get a little help with making this drawing. There are some key amazing lights on the structures given underneath. Which is from an overall perspective to know to push this pulling. In the watch, you read the structures before making this drawing. By then, you can clearly make this Drawing of Ghost.

Step:1 Ghost Drawing

First of all, you need to draw a Body Shape of Ariel. perhaps easy to draw.

Step:2 Ghost Drawing

Now we need to draw full Body of Ghost. In center Parts, You need to do Face and Face Parts of Ghost. Beginning there forward, you have to draw reasonable.

Step:3 Ghost Drawing

So mates, In the last you have to light structure, the improvement of the last one is to pull in it. This is our last work which you can find in the video instructional exercise underneath. a touch at a time headings to cover in it.

After this part, I will give video instructional exercise of this drawing I believe you watch full video instructional exercise of the work this drawing.

Draw A Body And Arm For Your Ghost In This Step

How to Draw a Ghost – Easy step-by-step for Beginners

In this second step of our guide on how to draw a ghost, we will start drawing the body and first arm of the ghost.

The body is very curved and rounded, and will extend down from the front of the face and lower until it curves into another little tail at the back.

Before you draw the back of the ghost, you can draw in a wavy arm extending out to the side as it appears in the reference image.

Once the arm is drawn, you can finish drawing the back of your ghost.

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Now Draw Another Arm For Your Ghost

Youve already drawn one arm for this guide on how to draw a ghost, so this next step should be easy for you to do!

Simply draw in another arm on the other side of your ghost for this step. This is another part where you could change the position of the arm or add some fingers for an extra spooky look.

Learn How To Draw A Ghost With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial A Few Extra Details Will Make Him Look A Bit More Real

All young students most likely learn how to draw a ghost the same way as in the super simple Pac Man style one with a simple curved head and zig zag bottom. But heres an example of how a few more details can make your ghost have so much more personality, and spookiness, if that is what you are going for.

Draw the face with the simple eyes and mouth, but add some brows and curves to make them a bit more angry. Then add some draped arms on the side, dimension in the hem, and extra folds, and your ghost starts to look 3D, instead of like a cut out flat shape. See how easy that was?

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How To Draw A Ghost Step By Step Easy For Kids

Ghost Drawing:Howdy Friends, welcome to every one of you in the current blog a zone. In the streaming site page a zone, the full video instructional exercise gave a Ghost step by step Drawing simple to every one of you which will be Amazing. Picture of this Ghost Drawing. In this instructional exercise, reveal how to draw a Ghost step by step Easy. You will have the decision to see that unequivocally some Simple drawing. see all of you like this article. Amigos, strikingly. given a video instructional exercise of this Ghost. With the target that you wont have any adjustment in Drawing of Ghost.

How To Draw A Ghost Easy Tutorial

How to Draw Wacky Ghost – Halloween Drawings Easy

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Here is a real quick lesson on how to Draw A Ghost in easy simple steps. This tutorial is best for those who are at the beginner level in art, are kids or are looking for a simple ghost drawing to add to their Halloween cards. To draw a ghost is a really easy task, you just need some wobbly lines and a long white bedsheet, you will get your ghost.

Fact: Do you know that not even a single ghost has been captured till now? They sure are sneaky!

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How To Draw A Ghost: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

Step 1: Fill in the ghost’s eyes and mouth

Let’s outline the drawing and improve on our sketch next.

Start by simply colouring in the eyes and mouth. Remember what those two small circles in the eyes were for in the sketch? Just leave them blank!

Step 2: Draw the ghost’s arms

Next outline the sketched ovals for the arms and hands. Notice the hands are drawn with a small gap left out – that way they will look folded down as if our ghost is chasing someone.

Step 3: Finish drawing the ghost’s body

Now it is time to draw the outer shape of the ghost’s body. Notice we are not following the sketch perfectly, but rather we are joining the arms and body with a smooth curve. Looooong smooooooth curves – that is how to draw a ghost!

Step 4: Add final details

Our ghost drawing is done, but we can always add a few details to improve the plain look of the ghost.

Let’s draw a few squiggly lines down the ghost’s body, to suggest some folds. Next, add two eyebrows above the eyes – just two lines.

Finally – ghosts always make spooky squealing sounds. How do you draw a sound? Just write it out! Our letters are getting larger the louder the squealing gets…

How To Draw A Ghost Making Faces

September 29, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Halloween

This is a cute ghost, chubby, just like Baymax in “Big Hero 6”. It is making faces at us, it doesn’t look scary at all, but cute and funny!

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this funny ghost, very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps below to try it out!

1. Draw the ghost’s head, including cheeks and tongue.

2. Draw two ovals for the eyes, and a small oval inside each. Then draw a big hand.

3.Draw the other hand on the left. Then draw a curve down the bottom of each arm to get the body.

4.Paint your eyes black. Then draw curves at the bottom to get the ghost’s leg, or its tail.

5.Finally, simply paint your tongue red, and this funny ghost making faces is complete!

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Casper The Friendly Ghost

Within the cartoon ghost drawings, surely the best known is Casper, also known as the Gasparin ghost. This cartoon character is a very tender ghost, and thats why I wanted to put a section with some drawings of him. In the image above you have it flying and at the same time waving.

Now we see Casper very happy, laughing with desire for what is happening. Without a doubt, he is a very sweet character.

In this other image, we have Casper waving again and flying, although in this case he is doing it on a broom, to give a touch to the ghost combined with witch. It is a very funny drawing to learn to draw.

In this other image we have Casper a little thoughtful.

Coloring The Ghost Drawing

How to draw a cute ghost for Halloween – easy cartoon ghost drawing tutorial.

Youre ready to color your drawing of the ghost. If you prefer, you can leave him blank, and print your drawing as a coloring page.

Are you thinking about using this drawing to make a ghost svg? If so, then, you will want to color him to get the best results.

Otherwise, you will end up with a cut-out stencil outline instead of a filled-in ghost.

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How To Draw A Ghost Halloween Drawings

How to Draw a Ghost-Easy Things to Draw for BeginnersHalloween Drawings

The fun thing about drawing ghosts is getting to play with supernatural light sources and ambiance in your scene. This is particularly true of any painting set in a tomb, cave or another dark environment.

When considering how to draw a ghost rising from a tomb, you want to try to light the tomb or effigy as if its the ghost itself thats illuminating the stone. Try to light the tomb or effigy as if its the ghost itself thats illuminating the stone. With this in mind, choose a cool color such as green or aqua for your source light. The dark tomb will accentuate the spectral glow of your ghost.

When blocking in your painting, use a limited palette, focusing on saturation and value to define your shapes. This will help tie your picture together and make it look like your character is the solitary glowing light source in the scene.

The next stage is to add tendrils of color trailing from your ghostly figure to the stone effigy on top of the tomb, paying careful attention to the way that you place your brushstrokes. Try to always use your brush in the same direction that your ghost or object is moving, because this will make the motion in your image much more convincing.

Now will learn two methods of drawing a ghost. Here will draw a cartoon ghost.

Draw the left and right arms using curves.

Draw a teardrop shape in the center of the page.

By Step Instructions For Drawing Aghost Rider

1. Begin by outlining the head. Enclose an irregular shape, noting the bulge at the top of the pointed chin.

2. Outline the body and legs. For the body, enclose an irregular, rounded rectangle. Then, use straight lines to sketch roughly “S” shaped legs and feet. These will look like stick figure feet, but don’t worry – we’ll flesh them out in the next step.

3. Use slightly curved lines to enclose the legs and feet, noting the bend in the knee. Then, draw another line across the foot, differentiating the shoe.

4. Add detail to the clothing of the torso. Draw a curved line across the bottom of the torso, indicating a belt. Draw spikes on it by sketching small circles down its length. Then, draw a curved diagonal line across the torso. Allow another line on the opposite diagonal to meet it. Then, enclose the garment’s collar using a series of straight lines. The collar should resemble two connected triangles.


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Easy How To Draw A Scary Ghost Halloween

Are you Completely New to Drawing?

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