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How To Draw A Girl Head

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Draw Final Lineart Over Your Sketch

How to draw a Manga female head

In this final stage of our drawing, we will attempt to draw over our sketchy messy lines to complete our drawing of Anime girls face. Three things to focus on as you do this:

  • This is the step where you must try to draw with swift, beautiful lines. To achieve this, try to put down confident pencil strokes that come from the shoulder and the elbow, and less so from the wrist.
  • You must attempt to see not just the detail you are drawing but also the entire drawing of the face at once. Yes, focus on the detail, but try to draw it with the larger context of the face in mind.
  • Finally, attempt to do away with sketchyness of the previous step. In certain areas of the drawing, you will have multiple sketchy lines, you will have to exercise your judgment to find the best path for the line and draw the new, fresh, crisp line only in that one path.

With the above three ideas in mind, lets begin to draw over our sketch.

You should feel confident when drawing your lines. Anime and Manga art relies heavily on beautiful line art, and lines that dont carry some confidence dont appear beautiful to the eye.

If you are struggling with confident lines, try the follow techniques:

Once you try the above, come back to our drawing of the Anime girls face, and try to focus on producing confident, clean lines, akin to the ones you see in your favorite Anime and Manga art.

How To Draw An Anime Girls Head And Face

This tutorial explains how to draw a an anime or manga girls head head and face from the front and side views.

Before you begin drawing its a good idea to outline the defining features of the anime style.

Most female anime characters tend to have big eyes, a small mouth, nose and chin and a fairly round face. The lips are usually either very lightly defined or not drawn at all. The hair is usually drawn in clumps instead of individual strands and often tends to have a somewhat spiky look.

If drawing using pencil and paper be sure to make very light lines for the initial parts of the tutorial as you will need to erase some parts later.

If you would also like to try drawing a more realistic looking anime character check:

Brow Forehead And Top Of The Head

Now that were done with the guidelines, lets start drawing the top portion of the head. Where the CENTER LINE meets the face, draw a shallow curve.;Im trying to avoid a deep curve because I dont want to bring too much attention to the brow area. Just trying to keep it looking soft and subtle.

Once thats done, draw a slight bump for the brow and then use the oval as a rough guide to draw the forehead and rest of the upper head.

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Add A Blush To The Cheeks

A girls face wouldnt be complete without a hint of blush. A blush will make your drawing look more feminine and it will also add an emotion to your characters face.

In order to add a subtle blushing effect, simply draw two sideways oval shapes on both cheeks. Keep it a bit further from the nose to make it look more natural.

And there you have ita blushing cute girl! With that blush on her cheeks, she looks like shes either pleased or embarrassed. Who knows? Either way, she looks adorable and were certain your drawing looks even more beautiful!

How To Draw Anime Or Manga Faces

How To Draw A Female Head | Beginners Drawing Tutorial

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Anime and manga are popular Japanese forms of animation and comics that have a very distinctive art style. If you want to draw your favorite character or design one on your own, start by designing their head and face so you can sketch what they look like. When you first start the head, draw the outline and the basic shapes so you can properly place the features. Once you add the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, you can erase your guidelines and sketch in a hairstyle. With a bit of practice and patience, youll be able to design anime faces in no time!

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Place & Draw The Nose

When placing the nose you can again use the lines in the previous step. In this case its bottom will be on the same line as the bottom of the ears.

For drawing the bottom portion of the nose in the side view you can see the next step as its pretty much tied into drawing the lips.

When drawing the front view of the nose you can show it as two vertical lines. The little gap between these will indicate the tip. Make a shorter line for the bottom part of the nose and a longer one above it.

For more examples of anime noses see:

Drawing The Hair Details

To add detail to hair draw in some lines flowing from the parting line down along the shape of the hair. Add in some other lines that still follow the general direction of the hair in various places along the overall shape of the hair. Try and vary these in their length and distance from one another.

After you finish the hair the tutorial is pretty much but if you want to add some eyelashes you can follow the step below.

For more on drawing female hair see:

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Experiment By Drawing Many Unique Faces

When youre comfortable, try drawing some faces without the ruler on the side. The examples below have very rough guidelines. In fact, if you look closely you can see just how sloppy they are. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to draw realistic and unique female faces on the whim!

My challenge to you is to;fill an entire page in your sketchbook with rows and rows of faces. Make them small so you can fit as many as you can . It might take 5 or more tries to get the hang of it. If youve filled the entire page but your faces dont turn out quite right, come back and follow this tutorial again.

Like my teaching style and want to make a request? Drop me a comment below and Ill see what I can do for you 🙂

In the meantime, happy drawing and Ill see you again soon with another awesome tutorial!

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Falling Direction Of The Hair

How to draw a cartoon female head

This step is not about drawing slow cautious lines, but about drawing the hair in a sweeping and brisk manner. Of course, we don’t draw every single hair, but rather study the fall directions of the hair at the different places. Later we can define them with a few clear strokes. Hair grows in tufts, and within these tufts it all grows and falls in similar directions . I’ve created several tufts of hair and hairstyle areas in the image quite arbitrarily. There are no limits to your imagination. Hair is always the fun part.

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How To Draw Anime Fedora Hat Step By Step

This type of hat is usually worn by male characters especially gangsters. It can also sometimes be worn by female characters as well though this is usually as part of a costume.

Start by drawing a basic outline of the head/hair.

Draw the top portion of the head wider towards the bottom with slightly curved in sides.; Afterwards add medium sized brim around it.

Erase the parts of the head/hair covered by the hat once you are done drawing its main shape.

Finish the drawing by adding a stripe between the brim and the top part of the hat as a design element that fedoras often have. You can also add the details of the hair.

You can see a larger shaded drawing of the fedora hat above.

How To Draw A Girl

You’ll need: A paper, a pencil or mechanical pencil, and an eraser.

Sketch an outline of the head. Sketch lightly.

Draw the neck.

Sketch a quarter circle. lol. Like an afro.

Sketch something like this on the left side of the head.

Darken the line.

Draw another line. Draw it near the first line you made.

Draw bangs.

Draw a bang down on the right side of the face.

Darken the hair on the left side.

Erase the outline sketches that you made.

Add some lines on the hair.

Draw the ear.

Draw a mouth.

Draw the eyes. The eyes can be open or shut. I chose shut eyes because they look cute.

Aaand. You’re done! You can color it or add some finishing touches.

I added some shades. To make soft shades like this, rub your eraser lightly on the shaded portion, then erase the extra shades to make it perfect. Tadaa! Kawaii.

Come and follow me for more guides :))

  • 1.0 Medium-sized paper

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Create Expressive Faces Get Started With Wacom One

Wacom One is ideal for bringing facial features to life. The natural surface friction and minimal reflection creates a pen-on-paper feeling on the 13.3 screen. The pen feels light and natural in your hand and transforms into a pencil, paintbrush or chalk in your selected software. It can even be used as an eraser. Perfect for refining the details to create lifelike faces. Creative software comes included, along with the ability to connect to your Mac or PC, as well as certain Android devices.

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Drawing The Smaller Details Of The Face & Finishing The Line Drawing

How To Draw Faces | Female Heads: Downward Angle – Three Quarter View

At this stage you can erase the parts of the face that are covered by the hair and add the smaller details o the eyes such as the eyelashes, pupils, and highlights. You can also shade in the eyelashes and add some more details to the hair.

When drawing the eyes you can lightly outline the highlights with a very light lines so that if you shade the eyes you dont accidentally shade them in also.

Once you are done you should have a finished line drawing of an anime girls head and face.

This is technically a finished drawing and you can leave it as is but if you want to go a little bit further you can move on to the next step for the shading.

You can see the finished line drawing of the facial features without the hair in the way in the illustration above.

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How To Draw Anime Wolf Girl Step By Step

This tutorial shows how to draw anime wolf girl with animal ears. It includes step by step illustrations and drawing instructions.

There are many variations of animal like characters in anime and manga. This tutorial will focus on drawing a wolf like female anime character.

For drawing a cat girl see:

If you are going to be following this tutorial using pencil and paper be sure to draw light lines that you can easily erase. You will need to do so as you go through the various steps.

How To Draw Anime Newsboy Cap Step By Step

In anime newsboy caps tends to be a fashion variation of the actual thing that female characters sometimes ware when going out.

Draw a basic outline of the head and hair before drawing the hat.

Start the hat drawing by first adding its very top section of the hat. It should somewhat curve around the head with its sides being slightly farther away from it than the top. Afterwards draw the bill and the narrow strip that separates it form the to part of the head. Draw the bill with a curve that goes up around the forehead area and draw the strip between it and the hat pretty much tracing its shape. You will also notice a tiny fold added in the middle of the hat to help show that its made of fairly soft material.

Erase the parts of the head and hair covered by the hat after you are done drawing its main shape.

The only details added for this example will be a few curved lines to show the splits in the different panels of the hat. Draw these lines to make the front panel the widest with the other panels getting narrower as they move toward the sides.

To finish the drawing you can add the details of the hair.

You can see a larger drawing of the newsboy hat with some hair shading above.

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The Lower Eyelid And The Pupil

The lower eyelid describes a slightly flatter arc than the upper one. It does not start directly at the end point of the upper eyelid. The upper eyelid goes a little further outward. In addition, the lower eyelid can curve slightly upwards on both the outside and inside. In a laughing person, this outer curvature is particularly pronounced because the laugh muscles push the outer edges of the eyes upwards.

Depending on how important this facial characteristic is to us, we can draw this line several times.

Place the pupil so it lies against the upper eyelid. This creates the effect of the eye looking directly at us.

How To Draw An Anime Male Head

How to Draw Cute Girl Head Construction

Drawing a male anime head will be a piece of cake for you if youve already tried sketching the female anime head. Youll follow the same process you used when drawing the female character.

The only difference comes in when youre drawing the shape of the head because male characters have longer jaws. If you decide to sketch a neck, make sure you draw the neck closer to the jawline to make the character look muscular.

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Learn How To Draw A Girl With Some Very Simple Shapes This One Is Perfect For Those Just Learning How To Draw Bodies

Children learning how to draw, particularly when it comes to bodies, sometimes just need to see some an example of how clothes can look, and how arms and legs are attached to them.

You can also see;How to Draw a Boy which shows a child in shorts and tee shirt. Girls that prefer to draw themselves in shorts, but might want see how pigtails are added, could use a little of both projects.

This tutorial is targeted for those that want to go the dress route, which could be fun to customize and decorate too.

Drawing A Female Nose

A line drawing of a female nose can be a little tricky as the more you define its shape the less feminine the nose may appear.

Based on the earlier proportions sketch draw some lines to indicate the nostrils and sides of the nose. Afterwards draw a hint of the tip and the bridge.

For more on drawing noses you can see:

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How To Draw An Anime Girl Head

One of the things you should keep in mind is that anime proportions are somewhat close to those of real people. Youll have an easy time if you take that into consideration whenever youre working on your sketches.

  • The first thing were going to do is sketch the shape of the head. There are several ways to do this since anime heads vary in shape. But we prefer using an inverted egg shape because of its simplicity.
  • Make sure the bottom part of the shape is narrow. You can also sketch a neck for your character, but its entirely optional.

  • Next, make sure each side of the head is even by drawing a vertical line in the middle. This step is important because were drawing the character in the front view. The guideline will also help you position the facial features correctly.
  • Draw a horizontal line across the center of the head. And a second horizontal line slightly below it, near the bottom of the shape. These lines will be the guidelines for where you should place the eyes and the ears.
  • How To Draw A Female Face Step By Step For Beginners From Every Angle

    How to draw an anime girl head

    In the next tutorial you can find step by step tutorials on how to draw a female face from three different angles. These tutorials are pretty easy to follow and show in depth steps that you need to follow.

    How to draw a girl from every angle

    Now that youve learned how to draw a face from every angle, why not add a few touches. Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to draw a woman, looking off her shoulder.

    How to draw a face step by step

    ;Heres a tutorial on how to draw eyes

    Now, lets take it up a notch. Adding shadows to your drawing makes you a true artist. In this tutorial you can learn how to add shadows to your female face drawing.

    Add shadows

    You can try different hairstyles as well

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    On Frustration With Drawing An Anime Face Of A Girl

    As I mentioned in the beginning of this tutorial, we should be ready for minute changes and adjustments. Sometimes, this can turn into hours of tinkering to try to develop a drawing of a face you like best, these hours of tinkering can end up feeling very frustrating. Then the whole practice of drawing can end up frustrating, and then well you dont want to do it anymore or you want to do it less often.

    How do we battle that frustration? Well, first, if you really want to get better, you wont let that discourage you. However, there are some things we can do to help.

    First, go into the drawing expecting some level of tinkering. As I mentioned at the outset, drawing a beautiful face is not just a difficult task, it is a task where very small changes produce extremely visible results. Therefore, moving or redrawing the left eye 1 2 millimeters to the left , can be the difference between a drawing you are proud of, and a drawing that feels off in some way.

    That is okay, the minute details are just what it takes, get comfortable with it. Over time, you will learn systems that will help you with placement of features, you will get better at approximating where the eyes should be placed to get the result you want subconsciously , so just stick with it.

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