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How To Draw A Girl Step By Step Very Easy

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Draw The Top Of The Head

How to draw a girl step by step (very easy )

Before drawing any parts of the head or face it can be helpful to draw a straight vertical line through the middle of your page/drawing area. This line can act as a guide to help you see if both sides of the head/face are even in width. It can also help you center the drawing on page.

Towards the upper end of the line draw a circle that will represent the top of the head. Be careful not to draw it too high up though as you will need to leave some room for the hair.

Draw The Horn Of Unicorn Girl

Guys, first of all you have to draw the unicorn girls horn in this drawing. This horn is very easy to draw. Then you have to draw flowers underneath the horn. You have to do this drawing very carefully because if you make mistakes in this drawing then you may have to redo this drawing. I hope you understand this step.

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step: 1 Draw the girls hair and face

Guys, in this drawing you have to first draw its hair and face with a pencil. Maybe you are thinking that this drawing can be difficult, so in my opinion you are wrong because when watching this video tutorial to draw this beautiful Girl, you will be able to do this drawing very easily. I hope you all have understood this by now, if you have understood this until then, then you have to read all these steps.

Step: 2 Draw the girls eyes, nose and lips

Now you have to draw its eyes, nose and lips. Making this drawing is very simple guys. If you want, you can also make this drawing as you like, just you have to be careful while drawing its face shape, if the shape makes it bad, then the drawing wont be special whether Outline well. I hope you can understand my point.

Step: 3 Draw the hair

Guys, now you have to draw this girls hair. Very easily you can draw its hair. It is very important that while drawing hair, keep in mind that when drawing with a pencil, make the pencil very light so that when mistakes can be erased. If you leave the pencil dark then when you make a mistake, you may have trouble marking.

Step: 4 Now sketch in this drawing

So guys, now you have to do the last thing out of the way. We are still not sketching in this drawing. You must watch the sketching method in the tutorial video of this drawing to be able to know that the sketch was done the way. What you want to outline is more outlines on its hair.

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Extra Pro Tips To Improve Girls Drawing

  • Use a sharp pencil whenever you are drawing
  • If you want, you can also use glitter colours to give an excellent look to your drawing.
  • Whenever you are drawing, do it with a pencil so that if there is a mistake, you can rectify it immediately.
  • Always draw on white paper because the picture on white paper looks excellent compared to other papers.
  • Use Only A4 Size paper.

How To Draw A Girl Easy

How to draw a girl step by step (very easy )

In this simple art instruction the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw a girl easy. The principles of building a female figure are not much different from the construction of a male. There are a few differences that are due to evolution and physiology that you should be aware of. And in this lesson about drawing a girl, we will try to consider them all.

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How To Draw A Cute Girl

Hi Mofukawa Fans!

Today lets try learning how to draw a cute girl. This will be an easy, step by step guide designed for kids or beginners of any age. Like a lot of our other tutorials, we try to keep it to 12 or less steps.

This art style is surprisingly easy to draw, with the hands and front of hair being the most difficult. The body, arms and head are all very simple shapes. Add a little bit of color and this character ends up looking pretty impressive for how simple a lot of the steps are.


  • Are you interested in coloring more?
  • How To Draw A Girl

    Most students and children cant make drawings properly because they dont know how to draw correctly. If you also dont know, then do not worry Because now I will share step by step Tutorial On How to draw a girl. Follow all the steps given below thoroughly to draw a beautiful girl in just a few minutes.

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    How To Draw A Girl Step By Step

  • First of all, draw a round shape
  • After that, Draw a rod below the round shape
  • Now draw the head of a girl
  • After that, draw the body of the girl
  • Now draw the eyes and hairs of the girl
  • After that, draw the dress of the girl
  • Now draw the legs and shoes of the girl
  • After that, re-touch the head and dress of the girl
  • Now, draw raindrops in the background
  • Now colour your drawing using Water Colour.
  • How To Draw A Girl’s Face

    how to draw a girl step by step (very easy)

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    Drawing a girls face can be tricky, even for experienced artists. Fortunately, whether you want to draw a realistic girls face or a cartoon face, you can use reference lines and a step-by-step approach to help you succeed. Once you can successfully draw a girls face with guidelines, it will be easier to draw from photos and live models.

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    Draw The Bottom Of The Face

    Going down from the circle that represents the top of the head draw the bottom of the face similar to what is shown in the example. As this is a stylized cartoon character this part of the face will be drawn smaller than in real people with a pointier chin.

    Erase the bottom part of the circle after you are done so that the head looks like the example in the next step.

    How To Draw A Girl With Bun Step By Step For Kids

    October 29, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Girls

    This is a chubby little girl. She carries a small satchel, and has a bun hairstyle, very cute. Learning to draw a cartoon girl like this is a simple and fun thing, suitable for elementary school students. Its main difficulty steps in drawing is the details of the top, so come on.

    Step by step tutorials, teach you how to draw out the chubby girl, very simple. You can choose the color of her clothes and bag. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow these steps!


    How to draw a chubby girl

    1. Draw a bun first, as shown above.

    2.Draw the girl’s bangs. Then draw two curves on the left and right.

    3. Draw the hairstyle intact, and draw the face at the same time.

    4.Draw the ears. Then draw the eyebrows, eyes and smile.

    5.At the bottom of the head, draw the neck and neckline.

    6. Draw two sleeves. Then draw two small hands.

    7.Draw a satchel. Then complete the girl’s clothes.

    8.Draw your legs at the bottom. Then draw socks and shoes.

    9.Finally, color it carefully. This cartoon girl with bun is done!

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    Now You Have To Draw The Eyes

    Now you have to draw the unicorn girls eyes and ears. I will tell you how to draw its eyes. So guys, now first you have to draw a circle to draw its eyes. You can use any compass or protector to draw a circle. After drawing a circle, you have to draw two more circles at its eye. You can do this by viewing pictures of this drawing. Guys, if you have understood this step, you must read all the next steps.

    You Have To Draw Her Hand And Hair

    how to draw a girl step by step very easy

    So, we have come shoulder to shoulder in the last step. In this step, you have to draw the girls hand with caution. And according to the measured lines. The hand of the girls watch and the girls clothes must be made of good hands. The fingers will have to draw a transcript of the given image. Now after drawing your girls hand, draw the girl with long and beautiful hair with skillful hands. Girls who are done are very fond of their hair. Whose girl looks prettier.

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    How To Draw A Beautiful Girl Step By Step

    January 28, 2021Drawing Tutorial Category: Girls

    This is a cartoon girl. She has big eyes, long blonde hair, very beautiful. Learning to draw such a beautiful girl is a fun thing, suitable for elementary school students.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this beautiful girl. A bit difficult figure drawing. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow the steps below to try it!


    How to draw a beautiful girl

    1. Draw this girl’s eyes first. They are big and beautiful.

    2. Draw the nose and mouth. She’s in a good mood.

    3. Then begin to draw her hair.

    4. Outline the head. Then draw your eyebrows and ears.

    5. Draw the neck at the bottom. Then draw the shoulders and body.

    6. Continue to draw the hair, as shown above.

    7. Draw some curves on your shoulders. Then draw the arms.

    8. Draw your hair completely.

    9. Finally, color it carefully. This beautiful girl is done!

    How To Draw A Girl Easily

    The easiest way to draw a girl is to use a printer to print a girl picture and then put the print on the paper on which you want to draw a girl. Now take a pencil with a sharp tip And draw on the print with pressure. Now take that printout and Follow the marks that will be made on your paper. Now draw a girl with the help of these marks. Download Printable drawing of a girl from here.

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    How To Draw Girl Step By Step For Beginners

    Hello friends, welcome to all of you in todays blog post. You all must have known that what has been given in this article means that the drawing. Girl drawing has been provided in this article, in which you will explain how to draw Girl. It is very easy to make this drawing Just if you watch the video tutorial of this drawing. Then you will know how to make this drawing. This drawing is very easy to make. The video tutorial of this Girl drawing has been given in this article so that you can make this drawing easily.

    On the off chance that you need to have the option to make this drawing. At that point read this article. Cautiously and furthermore watch the video instructional exercise of this drawing. So, companions, we should begin in this progression beneath everybody has been advised how to make this drawing.

    Draw Lines To The Shape Of The Face

    How to draw a girl with beautiful Gown (Very Easy) – step by step || Pencil Sketch for beginners

    Friends, you have to first draw some lines to make this drawing so that we can get an idea of the shape of its face. I hope you understand. In this first you have to draw horizontal and vertical lines, you will be able to see that we have not interconnected both lines. We have kept both lines on the side.

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    How To Sketch A Girl Drawing Of A Girl Whole Body Step By Step

    So, you have already learned how to draw a face. Congratulations! It is time to move on to the body. In this next example, you are being shown how to add symmetry to the body and how to best outline it. First start off with lines of symmetry to determine the body type. Then start adding the details you wish to have in your drawing.

    How to draw a female body

    How to draw a girl step by step

    If you are looking to surprise your daughter or niece, a drawing of Rapunzel is a great option. Rapunzel is one of the best Disney characters and after the release of the 2010 movie Tangled, a whole new generation fell in love with this princess. Plus, drawing Rapunzel is not that hard, as it turns out.

    Drawing of Rapunzel

    Examples of beautiful drawings

    There are some very talented people out there. They are very creative and come up with different ways to surprise us and make us wonder how can someone be that talented. Like these examples of Tim Burton-inspired drawings of zodiac signs reimagined as girls.



    Other people find inspiration in their idols. Many talented artists draw their favourite celebrities, characters or people who inspire them and the results are rather breathtaking.

    A drawing of Audrey Hepburn

    Black Widow is one of the best Marvel characters

    Moana is the newest Disney princess inspiration

    Selena Gomez is an idol for many young women

    And so is Taylor Swift

    Wonder Woman took the world by storm in 2017

    Ariana Grande is the pop idol of a whole generation

    How To Draw A Sleeping Girl Step By Step For Kids

    November 02, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Girls

    This is a cute little girl. She seems to be lying on the grass, dreaming. Learning to draw a cartoon girl like this is a very simple and fun thing, suitable for preschoolers and kids of all ages. You can try to draw grass, or small flowers and butterflies in the blank space.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw the little girl sleeping, very simple. You can choose any color you like. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow these steps!


    Preschoolers and kids of all ages



    How to draw a sleeping girl

    1. Draw two braids first, including the head ropes. Then draw the top edge of the hair.

    2.Draw two cute ears. Then draw the hair completely.

    3. Draw a curve in each ear. Then draw the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth.

    4. At the bottom of the head, draw a small collar.

    5. Draw the little skirt the girl is wearing, as shown above.

    6. Draw both arms and hands at the same time.

    7.Draw a leg and a shoe at the bottom.

    8.Then draw the other leg and the shoe.

    9.Finally, simply color it. And that’s the end of this cute little girl who’s sleeping!

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    Watch In The Following Video

    lets finish todays topic here. Watch the video tutorial of this drawing and if you like this article, then please comment by telling it. If you have not yet approved the notification of our website, do it quickly because in this way the posts of Daily Drawings will continue to be published and after reaching you first.

    Add Some Shadows & Finish The Girl Drawing

    Easy Drawing // How to Draw a Girl Very Easy – step by step

    To make the drawing look a little less flat you can add some very basic shading by darkening some areas of the drawing. You can either do this by going over parts of the colored areas with a regular pencil or by using a darker shade of whatever color you chose.

    Generally the way shadows appear on anything is based on the lighting. To keep things simple the face of this girl will be shaded as though she is either outside on a sunny day or indoors in a well lit room.

    Add the shading in the following places:

    • Small shadows around the eyelid areas
    • Shadow in the inner parts of of the ears
    • Tiny shadow below the nose
    • Shadow on the entire upper lip
    • Large shadow on the neck shaped similar to the chin
    • Big shadow on the hair in the area between the sideburns hair and the neck

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    First Draw Shape Of Face And Nose

    To make this drawing, first, you have to draw the face of the girl and her nose. Many beautiful drawings have been made. to make this drawing, firstly you will need White Drawing paper Sheet. On which you have to make this drawing. After that, you have to start making this drawing, in which you have to first draw this girl using an HB pencil. First of all, we have to draw the shape of the girls face. By the way, you will find it very difficult to make this drawing, but when you watch the video tutorial of this drawing, you will understand how easy it is to make this drawing. Very easily you can make this drawing, if you read this article with full confidence then you understand more.

    How To Draw A Girl Face Step By Step For Kids

    Step 1:

    Start the girls face drawing with a circle. You must draw a circle of average size. Not bigger nor smaller.

    Step 2:

    In this part, make a rough sketch of girl ear and chin. You can trace the actual sketch after two or three attempts. But dont worry kids its your practice time.

    Step 3:

    Remove the intersecting lines and give it a proper outer lining. See the image below.

    Step 4:

    Step 5:

    After giving a final touch to hair you must keep in mind about the neck. Draw rough curves for neck and shirt V shape. While drawing this girls face you need to complete this just in a while.

    Step 6:

    Your work is great. Now, this step will cover its side hair along with pony. Make the rough curves to give them a proper look. Dont haste. Have some patience.

    Step 7:

    Make the rough sketch and complete its outer lining. You can trace every step after a rough sketch.

    Step 8:

    Its time to give life to this cute doll face. Draw a pair of eyes with eyelashes and eyebrows. Dont stress too much as you need to complete this in the upcoming step.

    Step 9:

    This is your last step for how to draw a girls face easily. Make a rough sketch of the nose and lip line. Dont forget to give the final touch to her eyes.

    Step 10:

    Congratulations! You have chased the drawing game. In your final step draw colors to its hair, shirt, and eyes. Fill the base pink color to its neck and face. Here you have done.

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