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How To Draw A Good Flower

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How To Draw Cosmos

how to draw a good flower

Cosmos is a beautiful and ancient constellation that can be seen on the celestial sphere. It has a beautiful, delicate blossom with petals that come in many different colors. There are many different ways to draw Cosmos, but this post will show you one of the easiest methods. Lets start to draw:

Step- 1

Create a smaller circle in the center of the original one.

Step- 3

In the larger circle all around, draw the petals. The shapes and sizes of all should be almost the same.

Step- 4

Referencing a line will help you draw the stem.

Step- 5

Draw the semicircles as you trace the smaller circle, forming a flower-like figure. In the center, you can put something if you want.

Step- 6

Identify the petals by tracing their outline. Petal in front of and petal behind need to be distinguished.

Step- 7

The larger circle and stem should be outlined to look good.

Step- 8

Now you have to add more details.

Step- 9

Fill in the flower with color.

Learn How To Draw Flowers That Have A Few Extra Touches With Layered Petals Fun Leaves And Cute Insects Too

Flower are probably one of the first things that kids learn how to draw, and who can blame them? They look cheery and colorful and can brighten anyones day. They also happen to be some of the easiest shapes to draw too, especially if you are talking about your generic daisy shape.

The problem is that most kids settle in on one type of flower drawing, and then just make variations of them over and over again for the rest of their life. Thats not necessarily a bad thing, any drawing practice will always pay off, but there are just so many other options out there.

For instance, if they usually have just one row of petals on their flowers, how about making two? Or how about a profile view? Or adding some fun spirals in addition to their leaves? Or some cute bugs? A nice new arrangement and careful coloring just might make a really adorable drawing for a special day or any day.

Flower Drawing Tutorial: How To Draw An Anemone Flower

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What can be more pretty than flower illustrations in your bullet journal? So today, Ive created a simple step by step flower drawing tutorial that anyone can do!

What is an Anemone flower? An Anemone flower is a wildflower that looks like a poppy and has a black center. They grow wild in the spring and summer and some varieties will come back year after year.

They seem like such a free spirited little flower and because the shapes of their petals arent all the same, you can be creative when drawing them.

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How To Draw A Tulip

Drawing tulips is a perfect way to spend some time with your loved ones. They are simple shapes, so they dont take too long to learn how to draw. With a little practice, youll be able to create beautiful flowers that bring joy and happiness into the world around you.

Tulips represent beauty in life just as they do on paper! Its important for everyone to stop every once in a while and admire all of the small things that make life worth living. Whether you want to draw it from scratch with pencils or crayons, we will teach you how to draw tulips in easy steps, we also provide a video tutorial. Lets start!

Pencil sketches are the best way to get started. Be careful not to press too hard at the beginning. When sketching, use smooth, light strokes.

Step- 1

The first petal of the tulip should be drawn in an oval at the top of the page. Create the oval by first drawing a U-shape, then closing off the top with a curved line.

Step- 2

Use a vertical line to draw 2 more petals to the left of the oval.

Step- 3

On the right side, add two more flower petals in a similar manner. The top of the line has two pointed tips.

Step- 4

For the stem of the tulip, draw two vertical lines under the flower. The right line should be slightly longer.

Step- 5

To draw the first part of a flowers leaf, trace a long line across the stem and slopes up. Finish the shape of the leaf by drawing a sloping line on the left side that creates a pointy tip.

Step- 6

Step- 7

Step- 8

Step- 9

Step- 10

Final Step

How To Draw A Daffodil Flower

How to Draw a Flower – Easy Drawings

From the front, it is much easier to draw. There is not much perspective that you need to keep in mind when the time comes to drawing the flowers.

;Just add in the rough folds at the end to make it look more closely realistic.;

After you follow the steps closely, you will get a beautiful drawing.

The final sketch might actually surprise.;

You do not have to stop just drawing the flower.;

If you have watercolor paints, you can color the flowers in and create beautiful flower paintings.;

After the initial trial flower drawing easy to color it in.;

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Well Go Ahead And Draw A Daisy Now

Daisies are quite easy to draw flowers, theyre similar to sunflowers in approach.

The thing with daisies is that theyre not symmetrical, so you have to be careful about the placement of your lines or else it wont look as good. This also makes them an easy to draw flower as you can make some mistakes and people will still recognize a daisy.

You start off by drawing two circles on top of each other as in step 1, one will be a guideline for the petals and the smaller one will be for the flowers disc.

Then add a row of petals as in step 2. Also add some roughly drawn circles in the centre of the daisy. We will make these look nicer in step 3.

In step 3 we will add the additional rows which will appear like a peekaboo behind the first row that we drew earlier.

Start shading some of the first row of petals little.

Now fill in the second and third rows using a lighter shade, add darker shades when needed. Smudge each petal as needed, making sure you start with a darker shade at the centre and ensure that it gets lighter the closer you reach the tip of the petals making sure theyre white at the tips.

For the centre disc of the daisy we will start to add some more tightly drawn circles and shade each one. This will give the centre a 3D effect.

Add some darker shading on the outer edge and smudge it out to blend it all in a little, just a little.

Shade in the stem and smudge and youre done. Another easy to draw flower completed.

Flower Drawing Tutorials To Decorate Your Bullet Journal Layouts

;Drawing flowers is one of my favorite ways to decorate my bullet journal spreads. As evidenced by social media, a lot of other people love decorating their bullet journals with flower doodles as well!;;Well, Im no expert artist, and for a long time, I actually avoided drawing flowers in my bullet journal because I never liked the way they turned out. Sometimes they looked too cartoony. Other times, the proportions and layout wouldnt pan out the way it did in my head.;;Right around the time I started Planning Mindfully, I followed this amazing woman named Liz on Instagram. ;and she keeps a very lovely feed full of bullet journal goodness.;;Liz is absolutely incredible at drawing sophisticated flowers. What makes Liz extra special, however, is her ability to break down her flower drawings into super easy steps. Its no wonder shes so popular because shes been able to inspire so many artists and bullet journal accounts alike.;;She has 105,000 followers on Instagram shes THAT good. Everybody loves her beautiful flowers and simple instructional posts! Its a large reason why shes one of the 18 most inspirational bullet journal accounts of 2018!;;With spring around the corner, I knew I had to ask Liz if I could share her amazing work with all of you! And thankfully, she said yes!

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Easy Tutorials On How To Draw Flowers

;;Drawing amazing flower doodles takes a little patience and a lot of simple technique. The best flowers often focus on creating the simpler shapes first, then adding the detail later.;;If youd like to follow the techniques that Liz uses to make her flowers, Id highly recommend investing in a high-quality pencilandan eraser. These particular bullet journal supplies help with fixing mistakes and drawing general shapes prior to going over them in pen.;;You may wonder why its even worth doing rough drafts of these doodles, but speaking from experience, it helps you develop a better eye for form and structure. Eventually, you may be able to ditch the pencil and eraser as you get better.;

  • Start with 3 curved triangles. Make them overlap a bit.
  • Add more curved triangles all the way around but have them point upwards a bit.
  • Keep adding more curved triangles around the image, this time the layers can point outwards radially.
  • Final step: Add thin lines to the leaves. Have the lines follow the curve, but dont connect them to the edges.
  • ;;While a succulent isnt necessarily a flower, it is a plant! Plus, I know how well-loved they are to draw in the bullet journal community!;

    How To Draw More Flowers

    How to draw a *good* flower

    Maybe you would like to draw a rose;or other spring flowers. Maybe you want to draw a whole bouquet of beautiful flowers and give them to your mom or grandma or teacher to hang on the fridge or display board.

    There are so many types of flowers, colors that you can use, and ways that you can blend them together. Its also fun to make flowers that arent real looking but that are still beautiful designs and colors. Think about patterns, shapes, and geometric designs when you are drawing.

    If you liked this drawing tutorial, let me know. I would love to share your drawings on my Instagram. Send me an email or leave a comment below with a link to a photo of your flower drawing.

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    Learn How To Draw A Flower With An Easy Tutorial

    January 17, 2019 by Rhoda Toynbee

    Kids love to draw and learning how to draw a flower is one of their favorite things. My students are always asking me to draw different elements for them. They also love using step-by-step tutorials to learn how to draw on their own.

    Drawing can be a great part of a STEM program and help your child or student add in an artistic component. Using a step-by-step drawing guide is also a great way for children to learn how to break objects apart into basic shapes like circles, ovals, squares, and lines. It also helps them to start to understand measurements and how objects take up space.

    The following tutorial can be used to learn how to draw a flower. You can follow it step-by-step here on the blog post or you download the free tutorial to add to your students drawing center or folder. They will love learning to draw this flower and you can check out other how to draw flower tutorials;to add to the collection.

    A Step By Step Flower Drawing Tutorial

    We all want pretty things. I mean, who doesnt? Having pretty things makes us feel just a little bit more elated about using those things.

    The same thing can be said about a bullet journal. Many people, myself included, picked up this planning system because it can help be more productive and creative. It allows us the opportunity to create something pretty.

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    Drawing The Stems And Leaves

    Flowers need water and sunlight to bloom, so we have to give our flowers a stem to draw water and nutrients from the ground and leaves so that the flowering plant can photosynthesize.Choose a spot where two petals meet on one of the flowers. Make sure that it is close to the other flower so that we can connect them together later. Draw a curved line that points into the ground. This is your main stem. Now Pick a similar point on the other flower. Again, make sure that this point is close to the other flower. Draw a curved like so that it connects with the main stem. You can connect them anywhere on the stem. If you wish to make flowers with separate stems, that is fine too.To draw a leaf, you only need to make two curves like the stems. Make the first one by drawing a line curving off the main stem. Then make another curve connecting the ends of the first curve. There you have a leaf.You can get fancier by adding more leaves and by drawing a little curve in the middle of the leaf. This little curve is the main vein of the leaf that helps deliver and distribute water to the leaves from the stem so that the leaves don’t dry out.

    Enter The Fox Den Resource Library

    How to Draw Flowers – Great Artist Mom

    Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription and get the password. Don’t see the email? Don’t worry, sometimes it takes a few minutes.

    Step 6

    Using a smaller tipped pen than the pen used to draw the flower, add shading to the tips of the petals. You can add shading in many different ways either by drawing strokes, stippling, or adding color.

    Here, I used strokes to add shading. To determine which direction to draw your strokes, you must first decide which direction you want your petals to flow.

    Draw the strokes in the same direction as the flow of your petal. Once youre done, use your eraser to erase all your pencil lines.

    Step 7

    As an optional step, you can further complete the look by adding leaves, a stem, or color to your flower. The final look of your flower will help determine whether you want to do this step or not.

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    How To Draw A Lily Flower

    Lilies are undoubtedly among the most favored flowers of all. Their beauty can easily catch the eyes of anyone. Moreover, they serve as symbols of peace and innocence that can also capture everyones hearts. Many people also love to give these flowers as a sign of a strong friendship or even a romantic bond.;

    Due to these, a lily flower drawing became one of the most common and favored illustrations that artists and even beginners love to try. A lily flower drawing may look complicated, but it is actually quite easy to learn.;

    Here are some steps to help you draw a beautiful lily flower:

  • A lily flower drawing for beginners starts with just a circle and a stalk. By placing a small circle at the end of a stalk that you drew, you can have an indicator of where the lily flowers bud will be later sketched.
  • For the second step, you will need to make a rough outline of the lily petals placements. Sketch around five to seven arched lines. Attach their ends to the small circle you initially drew. Take note that your lines do not have to be of the same length. This way, your petals placementscan eventually look more realistic.;
  • Next, start drawing the contours of the petal shapes. Look for a realistic flower drawing example so you can have a better idea of how you want to make the petal figures.
  • Lastly, erase all of the primary lines and guides that you drew and keep the final contour for your beautiful lily flower illustration.;
  • Easy To Draw Flowers Wrap Up

    I hope you enjoyed drawing 12 easy to draw flowers, as you have seen most are drawn using just a few steps.

    Flowers can be simple so we keep it simple. You dont need any advanced drawing skills because they can be done in such a basic fashion.

    The best part? They look great even if your artistic talent isnt that high level. Even beginners can enjoy some nice flower drawings that will make them feel accomplished as an artist.

    Unlike most articles on how to draw flowers where they used images from professional flower artists, all the examples shown are my own original drawings.

    If you do share this tutorial please provide proper attribution and link to my site.

    If you would like some tips on how to blend and layer pencil, especially color pencils so that you can color in your flower have a look at this post.

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    Let’s Gather Our Supplies:

    In order to be successful in the completion of the tutorials, you will need a few supplies.;

    There is an option to do a simple drawing of flowers or you can follow further along and actually color the flowers in using watercolor paints.;

  • Sketchbook: This is our favorite brands are;Canson and Arteza.
  • Pencils:;Arteza;has a great variety at affordable price. Artzmore also great.;
  • Eraser: As a beginner, it is crucial to have a good eraser to remove all of your mistakes.;Acurit;is a 4-in-1 eraser, it removes colored pencils, charcoal and is smooth. A must-have!
  • Which Pen To Use For Drawing Flowers

    (part one) how to draw a good flower

    While it is possible to draw or sketch with a regular pen, there are many advantages for using pens for artists.

    These pens are called fineliners or technical pens and their ink is usually black though some brands offer additional colors .

    Pens for artists create lines of uniform thickness and they come in different sizes, therefore enabling to draw thick contour lines or thin lines for details.

    The ink for these pens is made of pigments and therefore very durable.

    To learn more about which pen to use, visit my review for recommended pen brands for drawing.

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