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How To Draw A Hand Easy Step By Step

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Analyzing The Proportions Of The Hand


Study the proportions of the fingers.

The fingers and the palm of the hand should be roughly the same length. The tip of the thumb if drawn at a 45 degree angle to the hand should reach to just slightly below the knuckle bone of the index finger.

The fingers consist of 3 parts with the distance from the tip of the fingers to the top joint being the shortest and the distance from the knuckles to the bottom join being the longest.

Make Outlines Around The Hand

Make an outline around the structure. Increase the fat between each finger joint for chubby looking hands or decrease the fat while making the joints stick out for a skinnier hand. Humans have some webbing in between each finger, so make sure you connect each finger with webs. Make sure they are not too low. They should be well above the knuckles drawn in step 2. Now that we understand the proportions and how to construct a basic hand, lets practice drawing different hand gestures.

Bonus: How To Draw Hands Using Bridgman Construction

Lets now go through a six-line construction method for drawing the hand found in Bridgmans anatomy books.

This method of hand construction begins by drawing the inactive and the active sides of the hand. Depending on position, if the thumb side is the action side, the little finger side is the inaction side and the opposite is true. In this method of drawing the hand, the inaction side is drawn as a single line straight with the arm.

There are six lines total for construction in this type of drawing and three of these lines are always unchanged:

  • one from the thumbs metacarpal to the outer base of the index finger,
  • the second from that point to the top middle of the metacarpal of the second finger, and
  • the third line from that point to the base of the little finger.
  • There are 3 construction lines remaining. Two are attributed to the action side depending on the gesture, and only one to the inaction side. This is of course not the final drawing, but lines used to construct a believable gesture in hand drawing. See below diagram, notice how construction changes depending on the action side of the hand.

    Although this is a very simple method to construct the hand, the proportions in this method still have to be resolved, and it seems like Bridgeman only used it for the construction of the palm. Although at its simplest form I think you can use it to construct the back view as well as I did in the above example.

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    Find The Joints For Each Finger

    Now that we have all 4 fingers drawn, its time to locate each joint. Add 2 more ticks on the middle finger, each roughly 1 quarter of the way down. Using these ticks, draw 2 more curves. We now have reference points for joint placement! Wasnt so bad, was it? Please note that these are only loose measurements for simplicity sake.

    Drawing Thumb & Fingers

    How to draw a Hand Real Easy | Step by Step with Easy, Spoken Instructions

    For the purpose of the tutorial I will fully draw out the structure of all the fingers for you to use as a reference. You do not need to do this but you should be aware of the positioning of the invisible parts of the fingers to avoid mistakes when drawing that parts that are visible. For example if you can only see the tip of the pinky but you dont consider the length of the rest of the finger you can end up drawing the tip too far up or too far down the hand.

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    How To Draw Hand Sanitizer Easy Step By Step For Kids

    May 12, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Bathroom Supplies

    Many people’s daily activities are completed by two hands. In order to prevent the spread and infection of bacteria and viruses, it is necessary to wash hands frequently in daily life.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this bottle of hand sanitizer, very simple. If kids like it, let them try the following steps!

    1.Draw a rectangle first, the upper two corners are slightly curved. Then draw a nozzle on the left.

    2. Draw a rectangle just below it, with the bottom edge of this rectangle should stick out towards both ends. Then connect them with two vertical lines.

    3. Draw a horizontal line below, and then draw a curve on the left and right to get the bottle.

    4. Draw a curve on the bottle, as shown above.

    5.Finally, simply color it and the bottle of hand sanitizer is finished!

    Measure And Draw The Fingers

    To determine the length of each finger, measure the length from the wrist to the knuckles and duplicate that. The dotted line marks the maximum finger height. Our fingers vary in length and since the middle finger is the longest, we will use it as a reference to find the height of the other 3 fingers. To do that, draw a curved line that is similar to the first one drawn in step 1.

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    How To Draw A Hand Step By Step :

    You can be skilled in human anatomy after drawing perfect and flawless body parts. Among every part Hand is one the toughest to draw as its defines a persons postures.

    Hands impression always conveys to whom the person is talking, and also about the confidence and beliefs. So you should not take this tutorial lightly, maybe its too simple and easy to follow. keep on practicing to lead in direction of skilled.

    To draw this hand drawing just give yourself a hand and grab your paper. You can draw many postures of the hand as the human hand is able to perform many gestures. Using the techniques provided below you will learn to draw different hand gestures with little changes. Try any tutorial or all given below to start your drawing.

    How To Draw Palms

    How To Draw A 3D Hand | Easy Step By Step Ways To Learn Drawing

    In the figures presented above, pay attention to the fossa of the palm and how it is determined. Also, pay attention to how the back of the palm bends. Hands will never look natural until the artist understands the distinctive, special features of the hand.

    The figures show hands holding an object. A loud sound during applause is created due to the sudden air pressure between the palms, which are collected in a cup, or simply folded together. Hands that cannot be folded are hard to draw. Learn your own hands.

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    How To Draw Fingers

    The fingers have lots of details and different ways to draw them, depending on their position or how theyre flexing. And the thumb is a whole different shape and style!

    So lets see how to draw them in more detail.

    One of the best ways is to draw the finger flexing and extending.

    There are many stages for the flexing of a finger, lets go for the 3 main ones:

    Stretched Fingers

    We already went through this one in the steps above, but lets go through it again very quickly. Draw a horizontal line. Now lets add the joint circles. When all the shapes are done, we just need to connect them, with a single line.

    As you can see, we are viewing our finger from the side this time, so it looks a bit different. The top part of the finger is very straight, but the bottom is more rounded.

    Half Flexed

    Lets start again, with a line. Almost like a cane, but laying down. Afterward, we do our circles: one at the start of our line, one in the first corner and the last in the second corner of our line. Again, we just need to connect everything up!

    As you can see, the outside part of the finger has very straight lines, while the inside has lots of curves. This is the way your fingers will always behave, so remember these shapes!


    Alright, last position. The finger here will be completely flexed. We can draw a square shape or a square spiral. Now, as always, add the circles and join everything together.

    Thumb and the Circle in the Palm

    How To Draw Female Hands From Different Angles

    Step 1

    You can fit several options for turning the arm at once. Mark them with an oval base and a guideline.

    Step 2

    Start drawing individual fingers. The next step is to draw a more detailed outline. Erase unnecessary lines, mark small folds of skin and nails. How to draw hands. With a TM pencil, shade the shadow on the brush, just try not to darken immediately. The next brush is rotated a little differently. This view can be used quite often in drawings.

    Step 3

    Outline the general form. Refine the drawing of your fingertips Using a sharpened pencil to draw the nails. Use a soft eraser to delete all unnecessary construction lines. Feel free to proceed to the black and white study. Now you can try to draw horizontally placed hands. As in the previous drafts, start with a general layout.

    Work out the contours of the hands in detail. Using a soft pencil, you can emphasize the picture so that it looks natural. With a hard pencil, draw a shadow on the lower hand. Do the same with the top.

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    Creating Hand Drawings Step

    At this point, we looked at hand anatomy, specific landmarks, and proportions. Lets continue now to draw the hand step-by-step.

    I think the easiest way to draw the hand is first to observe your reference and note the outline or the shape you are about to draw. Really try to take it in and understand the spirit of that shape and have a plan as to what you plan to put on the canvas.

    Then armed with the knowledge that we have covered in this tutorial so far, identify the landmarks you are looking for. Depending on the reference you look at, some of the information may not be present in the image or in real life depending on lighting conditions, however having the knowledge of anatomy you should still know where the landmarks are. I created a checklist for reference when drawing hands that you can download by subscribing to my newsletter below.

    Once you check for the landmarks and identified their placement, now we can begin to actually draw the hans.

    Start by identifying the shape and the angle of the palm, and then attach the fingers to it. So lets do that now:

    In this drawing of the palm of the hand, I tried to identify the angle that we are looking at and the overall shape of the palm, and now I can start drawing the fingers. It is a good idea to indicate landmarks at this point, is the pisiform bone visible, which knuckles are visible and should they be made more prominent in your drawing depending on style or expression?

    Here is a video time-lapse of this hand drawing:

    Draw The Hand Outline

    How to Draw Hands Easy Step by Step Narrated Tutorial

    Using the guidelines youve initially sketched out, begin to draw the outline of the hand.

    The key to drawing a good hand outline is knowing where to use curves and where to use angled turns.

    If you look closely at these hand drawings and examples, wherever there is a joint, there will usually be a turn in the line rather than a gradual curve.

    Also, the skin on the top of a hand is more taut than the underside of a hand. Keep this in mind when drawing hand outlines There will be more curves when working with the underside of the hand than the top of a hand.

    The process of drawing the initial outline of a hand isnt always perfect so I always end up adjusting the hand shape accordingly. Sometimes Ill see that the thumb is not right or a finger needs to be longer.

    Feel free to change your hand to your own drawing preferences or according to the reference.

    Depending on the character you are drawing, you can adjust the hands to be small, large, slender, or wide.

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    Your Holding Hands Drawing Is Complete

    Hopefully, you have fun drawing holding hands with the help of this step-by-step tutorial.

    Now that you can draw holding hands, maybe you can draw a romantic couple holding each others hands next? Or perhaps a kid holding his or her mothers hand?

    Finishing a masterpiece like this is an achievement, so you should definitely feel proud of yourself!

    We cant wait to see your realistic holding hands drawing!

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    Draw The Folded Fingers & Smaller Bends Of The Hand

    Add the individual shapes of the two folded fingers as well as the smaller curves of the hand. These will be along the bottom of the palm and between the other two fingers. Erase the extra lines from the previous step so that your drawing looks similar to the example above.

    You can see the estimated placement of the joints for the peace sign pose above. The joints overlapped by other parts of the hand are not shown to avoid making the drawing too confusing.

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    Straight Lines Vs Curves

    The outside of the hand is usually straighter and harder so that hands can be used for combat and self-defense, while the inside of the hand is soft in order to hold tools and touch things.

    Summarising the shapes of the hand with bold straight and curved lines can make hand movements more dynamic and expressive.

    The more you see the palm side of the hand the softer the shapes become.

    Sometimes it can vary depending on the angle and hand shape.

    Shapes That Make Up The Hand

    How to draw hand/hands easy for beginners Hand drawing easy step by step tutorial with pencil.

    Look at your own hand. If you look at the basic shape of the palm, you’ll notice that it makes the shape of a square. This square can change a bit when the hand is in a different position, but it’s still there. You can almost think of the the square that makes up the palm as sheet of paper. A sheet of paper is rectangular in shape but it can be bent and can appear curved at certain angles.

    The shape that is created where the palm meets the thumb of the hand is a triangle. Here again, this triangle shape can change a bit when viewed from different angles, but it’s still there. You just have to know to look for that shape.

    Then it’s on to the fingers. The shape of a finger is simply a cylinder. The main fingers are made up of three small cylinders, while the thumb will only have two. Depending on the angle, the cylinders of the fingers may overlap, covering some of them from view. The cylinders may also taper or become larger depending if any foreshortening is involved.

    Remember, by changing the angle of the hand, the shapes may change a little- but they’re still there. You need only to train your eye to find the shapes that make up the structure of the hand. Fortunately, these shapes are easy to draw.

    Typically areas where the hand becomes larger will require thicker lines. Areas of shadow will also need thicker lines. Some areas may receive a very thin line, or maybe no line at all.

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    Six Steps To Realistic Hands

    A step-by-step approach can help demystify the process of drawing hands, as well as make sure your illustrations look anatomically correct at every stage. Comic book artist Megan Levens uses a six-step process for hand drawing, starting with basic bone structure and building up to details like fingernails and shading.

    Image by Megan Levens

    Step 1: Start with bone structure.

    Your first layer should be the bones of the hand, the carpals. Dont worry about making it pretty this step is about laying the foundation for an anatomically correct hand. Just as the bones are the framework of the body, bones will also be the framework of your drawing. Each finger radiates out at a different angle, notes Levens. They shouldnt all point straight ahead together. Daviscourt also recommends starting from the wrist at this step because the wrist is where the lines of the hand start to intersect visually.

    To make your hands look realistic, consider the height differences between your fingers. The middle finger should be the tallest, with the ring finger and index finger on the downward slope of the arch, and the little finger finishing out the line. The thumb is an outlier from the rest and should sit farther apart from the others.

    Image by Megan Levens

    Step 2: Mark your knuckles.

    Image by Megan Levens

    Step 3: Draw 3D finger shapes.

    Image by Megan Levens

    Step 4: Go over your lines with a darker pencil.

    Image by Megan Levens

    Step 5: Fill in the details.

    Image by Megan Levens

    How To Draw Downward Gesture Of A Hand:

    Step 1: For this start your drawing with a quadrilateral.

    Step 2: Below the shape depict the outline for the fingers as shown below.

    Step 3: In this step draw the thumb for the drawing, on the opposite side of each facing each other.

    Step 4: Finish it with the attention add lines on the folding of hand.

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    Drawing Hands With Basic Shapes

    Drawing hands is great way to practice your drawing skills in general. We’ve always got them with us, so we can look at them and use them as references at anytime.

    Let’s take another look at the process that we explored above. This time, we’ll highlight each of the shapes, making them a little easier to see. Take it a step at a time and pay close attention to each shape. Take note of how each shape can be used to draw a hand in any position.

    Begin by drawing a shape that represents the backside of the hand. Most likely, this shape will be rectangular, but it may curve slightly as we see below.

    Next, draw a triangle on the side of this shape. This shape will act as the connection between the thumb and the backside of the hand. On the lower portion, we’ll eventually add a thumb.

    Next, a few smaller cylinders can be drawn extending outward from the rectangular shape that was drawn for the backside of the hand. These shapes will become the lower portions of each of the fingers.

    A second set of cylinders are drawn to extend the fingers out further.

    The fingers can be finished off with yet another set of cylinders. Take note of how each cylinder becomes a segment of the finger.

    Outlines and shadows can be added to finish the drawing of the hand. Remember to consider the light source when you are adding the shading. It should be consistent for all of the parts of the hand and each of the fingers.

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