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How To Draw A Hand Step By Step

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Simplify The Thumb & Fingers


Next, Ill draw the basic shapes of the thumb and fingers. Pay particular attention to where the fingers attach to the palm. Before drawing the shapes of the fingers, you may want to mark where they connect to the palm. For example, look at line A to B. In this pose, the connection between the index and middle fingers is in the middle.

You can also see that each finger has its own unique character. For example, the straight segments of the index finger bend at an angle while the pinky has a subtle s-curve .

In this pose, the thumb appears to emerge out of a large ovoid and tends to be thicker than any of the fingers.

Pay particular attention to the length of each finger in relationship to the palm. I like to visualize an imaginary line that connects the fingertips to one another . This helps me draw the shapes of the fingers at the right sizes in relationship to the palm and to one another.

Once again, this step should be drawn lightly.

Finish The Casting Hand Drawing

Add the lines along the palm and the smaller wrinkles along the fingers and thumb. Keep in mind that as the thumb is pulled back some of the wrinkles on it will be smoothed out. To emphasize this you can even leave out some of the wrinkles that would naturally still be visible.

Once you finish adding all of the smaller details of the hand you can go over your drawing with darker more solid lines.

Four: Drawing The Finger Joints

Each finger must have joints, thats what makes it more real. But how do you add joints to the fingers?

First, add 2 ticks on the middle finger which are quarter of the way down. Using the ticks draw 2 more curves from the ticks to indicate joints for each of the 3 fingers.

Step Five: Draw Circles to Represent Each Joint

On each joint you have created, you should add new circles ranging from small, medium to large.

Step Six: Draw the Thumb

When drawing the thumb first draw a curved line coming from the bottom left of the circle. Depending on how the thumb is spreading out, you will consider the height of the thumb first. Ensure you have measured the height of the thumb then draw a circle at the halfway point then add another circle halfway for the joint.

Step Seven: Draw an Outline of the Hand

Once you have completed coming up with the sketch for the hand its time to draw the outline. You can start by increasing the fat between each finger joint to make it more chubby or decrease the fat and make the joints strick out to make it more skinnier. Incorporate some webbing between each finger to make it more human-like by connecting each finger with webs.

Once you have mastered this basic form of hand drawing, Then you are ready to advance to more complicated levels.

Using the techniques above you can draw different hand gestures and use them in your drawing to bring out a more realist structure of the hand.

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Way To Draw A Hand Holding Something

Step 1 First step is quite simple, we will start by drawing an outline looking similar to our fist.

Step 2 Draw 5 lines for the fingers, the distance should be equal and the line for the thumb will be different as shown. Draw small circles to mark the joints.

Step 3 Now we will draw the fingers using the outlines made in the earlier step, and bend the fingers at 2nd circle to mark that we are holding something. Keep in mind to draw some lines the palm also.

Step 4 Remove the outlines and darken the actual lines. Now draw the object above and below the hand to make it look that it is being held.

Step 5 Wow, it looks amazing. Now you can color appropriately or follow the colors we have used.

How To Draw Fingers

How to Draw Hands | Step by Step

The fingers have lots of details and different ways to draw them, depending on their position or how theyre flexing. And the thumb is a whole different shape and style!

So lets see how to draw them in more detail.

One of the best ways is to draw the finger flexing and extending.

There are many stages for the flexing of a finger, lets go for the 3 main ones:

Stretched Fingers

We already went through this one in the steps above, but lets go through it again very quickly. Draw a horizontal line. Now lets add the joint circles. When all the shapes are done, we just need to connect them, with a single line.

As you can see, we are viewing our finger from the side this time, so it looks a bit different. The top part of the finger is very straight, but the bottom is more rounded.

Half Flexed

Lets start again, with a line. Almost like a cane, but laying down. Afterward, we do our circles: one at the start of our line, one in the first corner and the last in the second corner of our line. Again, we just need to connect everything up!

As you can see, the outside part of the finger has very straight lines, while the inside has lots of curves. This is the way your fingers will always behave, so remember these shapes!


Alright, last position. The finger here will be completely flexed. We can draw a square shape or a square spiral. Now, as always, add the circles and join everything together.

Thumb and the Circle in the Palm

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Then Draw The Wrist Of The Hand In The Back

Going back to the hand in the back, draw two lines above the front hand. This forms the arm of the hand in the back. Afterwards, draw a curved line at the bottom to finalize the structure of the hand in the back.

As you can see, the figure of the two holding hands have finally come together! Now, all its missing are some essential details to finalize the drawing!

How To Draw Hands

The reason that drawing hands is so challenging is because there are so many forms that have to be drawn in perspective. Every finger is made up of multiple cylinders and the box of the central form also needs to be drawn in perspective.The only effective way of learning how to draw hands is to take it in 4 stages that will allow you the room to focus on one element at a time. This method of practice is perfect for people that want the ability to draw from imagination. Below I have created a free worksheet that can help you practice.

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Drawing Anime Hands Joint Divisions

We looked at the phalanges in the skeletal structure of the hand at the beginning of this tutorial. The phalanges define the separations or the joints between different parts of fingers.

Note that each finger has three joints, one starting at the knuckles and two more down the length of the finger. Indicating these joints in the correct place will provide solid structure to your drawing of anime hands.

Hand Images For Drawing Reference

How To Draw A 3D Hand | Easy Step By Step Ways To Learn Drawing

Feel free to download and use the hand images below for your reference! You may find that it is difficult to use the measurement system for certain gestures. In this case, eye the approximate measurements and remember to implement the use of curved lines when drawing fingers. If you practice enough, you should be able to sketch them without the use of guidelines or better yet, be able to visualize and draw any gesture! Understanding muscles, tendons and fat tissue will help add a layer of realism to your hands. Click here for an interactive 360 degree model. You can view different layers by clicking on the thumbnails at the top.

**Click here for the second part of this tutorial: How to Draw Hands Part 2: Beyond Structure

Have any questions or requests? Leave them in the comments below and Ill get back to you as soon as possible!

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Add Personality With Expressive Hand Poses

How to draw a hand? You can tell a lot about a person by the way they use their hands when theyre talking or contemplating something. Thats why I believe the quickest way to give my portraits or character illustrations personality and emotions is by using interesting hand poses and gestures. And, even though there are so many components of hands, Im here to demonstrate an easy process of making natural-looking hands.

I have always found that by taking a complex task and narrowing it down into separate segments, Im able to draw even the most complicated things, including hands. If youve struggled with hands that end up looking like claws, like I did, this tutorial should assist you with creating more real-looking ones. In this guide, I use the Arteza Professional Drawing Set. With this set, I achieve a wide range of lead hardness, which means I can go from the lightest pencil marks to the darkest with ease. I really recommend investing in true artist-grade pencils, because they can make a large range of values, which is important for a realistic result.

TIP: Snap a picture of your hand positioned the same as the one in the tutorial to see how the fingers are shaped as well as the joint sizes.

Sketch The Basic Shapes And Lines Of The Hand

Sketch the main shapes and lines of the hand first, using a hands reference photo.

From a reference photo, sketch the basic shapes and lines of the hand. Dont worry about the lines being perfect at this stagethe goal is to lay the foundations of your hand drawing.

Using digital drawing software can make this process a bit easier as you can draw directly on top of your reference photo first and then drag it to its own space for further development. This will help get the proportions right. You can follow a similar process with a pencil and sketchbook, though.

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How To Draw A Hand Step By Step :

You can be skilled in human anatomy after drawing perfect and flawless body parts. Among every part Hand is one the toughest to draw as its defines a persons postures.

Hands impression always conveys to whom the person is talking, and also about the confidence and beliefs. So you should not take this tutorial lightly, maybe its too simple and easy to follow. keep on practicing to lead in direction of skilled.

To draw this hand drawing just give yourself a hand and grab your paper. You can draw many postures of the hand as the human hand is able to perform many gestures. Using the techniques provided below you will learn to draw different hand gestures with little changes. Try any tutorial or all given below to start your drawing.

Draw The Three Fingers Of The Hand In The Front

How to Draw Hands Easy Step by Step Narrated Tutorial

Moving forward to the hand in the front, proceed by drawing its index, middle, and ring finger perched over the four fingers of the hand in the back.

When drawn correctly, it should look like the front hand is resting atop the back hand, as shown in the illustration above.

At this point, the holding hands should now be partially visible.

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Masculine Hands And Feminine Hands The Differences

There are many types of hands and each person is different. But generally speaking, when drawing hands, especially when going for a more cartoony style, we tend do draw hands differently.

Feminine hands tend to have elongated fingers, but more delicate and slim. When drawing men, however, we usually go for broader hands and very thick fingers.

The same goes for the nails. With women, we draw more stylized nails and even longer than normal. If the character were doing asks for it, we even add nail polish of different colors! For men, we usually go for very simple nails, sometimes very squared and big.

Your Holding Hands Drawing Is Complete

Hopefully, you have fun drawing holding hands with the help of this step-by-step tutorial.

Now that you can draw holding hands, maybe you can draw a romantic couple holding each others hands next? Or perhaps a kid holding his or her mothers hand?

Finishing a masterpiece like this is an achievement, so you should definitely feel proud of yourself!

We cant wait to see your realistic holding hands drawing!

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Add Detail & Complexity

A successful drawing creates the illusion of three-dimensional form. This is accomplished by successful shading and details that accentuate the volume of the subject. Take a look at the core shadow starting at the tip of the index finger. Follow it as it runs down the finger toward the palm. This core shadow appears more jagged than the core shadow drawn in step four. This finished core shadow includes the folds and textures of the surface of the finger. Despite more detail, the core shadow and reflected light are still distinct.

Next, look at the contours of the hand. The outer contour constantly dives inside the form creating overlaps. An overlap occurs when one line dives in front of another. This tells the viewer that one part of the form is in front of another. When an outer contour dives inside the form it becomes an inner contour. Inner contours can travel over the surface of the form.

For example, look at overlap B. It tells us that this segment of the finger is in front of the middle segment. Overlap C tells us the middle segment is in front of the base of the figure. When overlap C dives inside the form, you can see it rise and fall as it moves over the topography of the finger.

Overlaps also provide an opportunity for ellipses. Where one segment of the thumb overlaps the other the line travels up and over the thumb creating an ellipse. This ellipse was first established in step three.

This drawing contains dozens of overlap and ellipses. How many can you see?

Let’s Draw A Hand Step By Step

How to draw a Hand Real Easy | Step by Step with Easy, Spoken Instructions

Step 1. Draw the base of the hand with a triangle and rectangle. Show the direction of the fingers with the simple lines .

Step 2. Draw ovals over the lines . With theses ovals, it will be easier to draw the shape of the fingers

Step 3. We do the same with the thumb and add the extension of the arm, drawing a rectangle below .

Step 4. Start drawing the shape of the hand with smoother lines .

Step 5. Outline the shape of the fingers, repeating the bending of the ovals to draw the fingertips .

Step 6. Outline the shape of the thumb and erase the excess ovals .

Step 7. Erase all the construction lines, draw the remaining details , and make the contour more clear .

Step 8. Outline the light and shadow areas with a harder pencil .

Step 9. Start hatching with the fingers, since they are on top and the pencil won’t be shaded. Light falls on top, so all the shadows will be on the lower parts of the fingers, so do not forget that the stroke goes in the shape of a figure .

Step 10. Next, go down below and hatch the hand . To get a better shape, touch your hand and look at it from different perspectives.

Step 11. Now let’s draw a thumb. When hatching it, do not forget about the joints that need to be shaded.

Step 12. Draw shadow below and slightly brightens the rest of it, brighten the details. Add glare with an eraser .

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Three: Measure And Draw The Fingers

Each finger has a different height, which is what one must consider when drawing fingers. To determine the length of each finger, the measurement should be done for the wrist to the knuckles. The middle finger is the largest hence we can use it to find the height of the other three fingers beside it. Using the curve technique draw another curve from the tallest finger. It should resemble the one illustrated in step one.

Drawing Anime Hands Proportions

If youre familiar with my tutorials, you know that I am not a big proponent of learning exact proportions for everything. Proportions will change depending on what you want to draw. Proportions change given the perspective and foreshortening of the subject. Over time you must learn to gauge proportions and correct based on what you are drawing. However, there are a couple of rules that are very helpful in drawing the hand and we can use them for drawing anime hands.

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How To Draw Hands: A Step

Heres the simple truth about drawing: how you think about your subject is how you will draw it. If you see the hand as an impossible mess of muscle, bone, tendon, and flesh, thats exactly how youll draw hands on your paper.

Im going to teach you a step-by-step strategy that will help you simplify the forms of the hand. Youll begin by drawing the largest forms of the hand and work toward the smallest details.

This is the hand well be working with. Study it and refer back to it throughout the following six steps.

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