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How To Draw A Hockey Puck

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How To Draw A Hockey Stick And Hockey Puck

How to draw a hockey puck real easy

After almost 50 published how to draw tutorials, it occurred to me I didnt have any sport related topics! Were going to draw hockey a popular sports game played on ice with a stick and puck.

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Note: This tutorial and our many others are suitable for ages 3 to 10

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step 1

The first thing we do is sketch a regular oval like in our example.

Step 2

Draw another, identical oval shape just below the one we drew in the last step.

Step 3

Now join the ovals from the previous steps with the help of two short lines.

Step 4

A very simple step take an eraser and erase all unnecessary lines.

Step 5

Now lets add some shadows and highlights using the bloom feature.

Step 6

Finally add lines next to the cylinder. Then write the word Hockey on the top of the circle. Color it black.

Possibly the lesson on how to draw Hockey puck is the simplest lessons on our site. Despite the fact that this lesson is very simple, you may encounter some problems. In fact, it is very difficult to draw ovals completely smoothly. So pay special attention to the smoothness of the lines of the oval.

How To Draw A Cartoon Hockey Goaltender In Action

This drawing lesson will help you learn to draw a cartoon hockey goaltender. Ice hockey is not the most popular sport in the world. And it’s easy to understand! You need some ice to play hockey!;

But if you’ve ever seen a goaltender in action, you know that ice hockey is a fast sport! The puck can travel at 100 miles per hour and the poor goalie must make no mistakes if he wants to help his team win the game!

Step 1

Let’s start this lesson by sketching an oval shape to form the mask of the goalie. Next, draw a small circle under the head to illustrate the neck.

Step 2

Add a large rectangle to create the body of your character. For the left arm , draw it using two rectangles. We will draw the glove in the next step. For the right arm , add two rectangles over the body of the goalie. The last rectangle will be used to create the blocker.

Step 3

Sketch the hockey stick using three long and thin rectangles. For the glove, draw an oval shape and add a circle over it to illustrate the puck.

Step 4

Draw the pants under the stick using two rectangles . Then, create each pads using a big rectangle. On the bottom of each of these pads, add another small rectangle.

Step 5

Work on the outline of the mask and add the cage using a couple of curved lines.

Step 6

Next, refine the outline of the body, the stick, the blocker and the glove. Try to draw your goaltender in a dynamic position!

Step 7

Finally, make sure that the pads and the pants are clean and realistic.

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

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How To Draw A Hockey Puck

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Drawing an ice hockey puck is extremely easy as all that needs to be done is drawing two circles, one over the other, and connecting the sides with lines. This wikiHow article will guide you through the process of drawing one step-by-step.

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How to draw a hockey puck Easy

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How To Shoot A Hockey Puck

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OK, you’ve got the skating part down, but there’s another essential part of playing hockey: shooting. Here’s a few ways to give yourself the best chance of getting the puck in the goal.

Fun Hockey Facts For Kids

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How To Draw Crossed Hockey Sticks

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Hockey is a sport that can be played on ice, on the street, or on an outdoor field.

Ice hockey is the most popular version of this sport in Canada, the United States, the Czech Republic, Latvia, and Slovakia.

While outdoor hockey games are played with a ball, ice hockey uses a round, flattened puck.

Hockey sticks and pucks are quintessential symbols of the game. Hockey sticks that professionals use are unique, specially designed to meet the preferences and duties of the individual player.

In fact, Zdeno Chara, the tallest National Hockey League player to date, was given special permission to use a longer shaft than is usually allowed.

The goal tender’s stick is also different from that of other players. The blade, or toe, is wider and it is set at a different angle. This angle is referred to as the lie of the stick.

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Did you know? the Canadian Museum of History has the oldest known ice hockey stick. It was made of sugar maple wood during the mid-1830s. It may have been made by members of the Mi’kmaq, a Native American people, who were known to have been playing ice hockey for some time.

Today, hockey sticks are made out of other materials, such as aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. These modern sticks are lighter but less durable than their wooden predecessors.

In the early days, hockey pucks were also made of wood, and they were square instead of round.

How To Draw A Basketball

How to Draw a Hockey Puck – Easy Drawings

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This is a tutorial that teaches you how to draw a basketball. You will learn how to draw a simple basketball icon design and a more realistic basketball. Lets begin!

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How To Draw A Puck

Hello dear artists and welcome to a very simple drawing lesson about how to draw a puck.;This lesson is so simple because the subject itself is very simple, since in fact it is just a flat and round object, we will draw it with a few very simple lines.

The first thing we do is outline;a;usual oval as shown in our example.

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How To Draw A Graph

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 148,930 times.Learn more…

A graph is a diagram that represents the variation of a variable in comparison with that of one or more other variables. In other words, values displayed on a Cartesian coordinate system in various ways depending on what you are trying to demonstrate or determine. Discrete data, such as the average price of cars from year to year, would be a represented as single points on the graph. The calculation is made only once for each year thus the data is discrete. The x axis would denote each year and the y axis would represent the average cost of cars for each year. A line graph would be useful for representing continuous data where every possible value on the x axis has a corresponding value on the y axis. For instance you might want to chart temperatures over time. You can take the temperature at any time so the data is continuous. When trying to calculate slope area, minimum and maximum of a function it is very helpful to draw a graph.

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How to Draw a Hockey Stick Hitting a Puck

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