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How To Draw A Hopscotch Board

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How Is Hopscotch Useful For Kids

How you draw a hopscotch board

Hopscotch is a great way to incorporate a little exercise regime into your childs life. But is it just a silly game for children?

No, hopscotch is more than just a hopping game. Read on to know why it is suitable for kids to play hopscotch .

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  • Hopscotch is a complex game of skills that can be learned and mastered through practice. The thinking involved in playing this game could stimulate the childs cognitive development.
  • Hopscotch is designed to help players master their gross-motor skills by developing a keen sense of balance and footwork.
  • The game also improves balance, body control, and strength in children as they lift themselves with every jump and hop to land in the right squares.
  • Hopscotch trains a childs proprioception and spatial awareness. Children become more aware of their actions and movements during the game.
  • Throwing the markers into the designated square, hopping around, and retrieving the marker could help exercise a childs hand-eye coordination. This would help them drastically in activities that require complex movements.
  • Bilateral coordination is an activity that is necessary for everyday activities like eating and dressing. Hopscotch helps children coordinate both sides of their body.
  • Children get more familiar with numbers, and their mathematical skills are triggered with the ascending and descending order of numbers written in the squares.

What Do You Need To Play Hopscotch On The Sidewalk

What it takes to touch the classics Sidewalk, driveway or any other concrete surface to paint the playing field. sidewalk chalk. Small stones or boulders for children to use as markers. Object of the game To move from the starting square and vice versa. Get started. Draw the outline of a jumping game on the concrete with chalk.

Hopscotch Rules For Dummies

Believe it or not, but hopscotch does actually have quite an interesting and long history, dating back to the Roman empire. But dont worry, Im not going to go into that now.

Before we begin, please note that Im going to describe the traditional and most common form of hopscotch in this article, the one we typically see in the schoolyards.

As you might know, there are many variations to this game, and more on that later, but for now lets stick with the most common variant.

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Basic Rules Of Hopscotch

The first player lines up at the starting line and throws a small stone, bean bag, small rock, bottle cap, or other small object in the first square of the hopscotch grid.

The player hops on one foot into the first empty square, and keeps going from there. At the pairs , you can jump with both feet. Do NOT hop into the square your marker is on. Hop all the way to the end of the court. At 10, hop with both feet, turn around, and start your return trip.

When you get back to the square with the rock in it, pick up the rock and hop out.

If you finished perfectly, pass the rock to the next player. Now its their turn!

On your next turn, throw the rock into the next number and repeat.

If a player steps outside of the line, lose their balance and falls, jump outside the line, misses a square, or hops into the square with the marker, they lose their turn and have to repeat the same number on their next turn.

Whoever reaches 10 first wins!

Encouraging Creative Play With Sidewalk Chalk Games And Ideas For Kids

How to Play Hopscotch : How to Draw the Full Court for Hopscotch

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Remember playing sidewalk chalk games as a kid? Hours and hours of fun creating chalk art and the best part? All that you need is a piece of chalk! Of course, more chalk is better and its so affordable to purchase a diverse range of colors to create colorful murals and large handwritten messages to decorate the sidewalk or driveway with.

The thing that I love most about sidewalk chalk is that it is a fun activity for all ages. Both young children and adults burst out in creative expression when you arm them with a stick of chalk. Give sidewalk chalk to an adult and they instantly become a kid again. Imaginative play and endless creative ways to draw and play games using chalk drawings.

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What Does A Hopscotch Board Look Like

hopscotch boardsboard

How do you play hopscotch?


  • Draw a hopscotch design on the ground.
  • Throw a flat stone or similar object to land on square one.
  • Hop through the squares, skipping the one you have your marker on.
  • Pick up the marker on your way back.
  • Pass the marker on to the next person.
  • how is the game of numbers hopscotch different from the normal Hopscotch?games


    Draw A Mancala Board With Chalk

    Sidewalk chalk games dont just have to be fun, they can also be educational!

    Try some fun games like Mancala to help kids work on their counting skills. Not only is this a fun game for the whole family, but its also a really neat way to incorporate learning with fun!

    You can also work on letters, colors and shapes by drawing these things in chalk. My kids always loved playing school with chalk. The possibilities are endless!

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    Create A Bike Or Scooter Race Track With Chalk

    Have kids draw out a race or obstacle course with chalk.

    Dont forget to include pit stops and even gas stations. Little artists will have so much fun using a variety of colors to make a raceway on driveway surfaces. Use different colors of chalk to create a wonderful racetrack course.

    Get out a timer and have kids race through the course trying to beat their best times!

    How Does Hopscotch Look Like

    How to Draw Hopscotch for Kids

    A hopscotch course typically looks like a series of numbered squares. The first player tosses a marker into the first square it must land within the confines of the square without bouncing out or touching a line.

    Is Hopscotch a traditional game?

    Hopscotch. Hopscotch is a traditional childrens game in which one or more players hop over a series of squares drawn on the ground.

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    Make A Hopscotch Board With Chalk

    A classic hopscotch board with chalk is always a hit, but the excitement might wear off quickly after a few games. Level up your Hopscotch coolness with a Snail Hopscotch Board or even a tic tac toe board.

    Add in a pair of dice and kids can take turns hopping their way through to the end. Little hands will have a blast helping your draw out these designs with their own sidewalk chalk.

    You could also incorporate a bit of Chutes and Ladders into this game and have certain numbers mean certain things, or even have treats sitting on individual squares.

    Remember, the whole point of creating with sidewalk chalk is to have kids use their imagination, so encourage them to create games and rules for each other!

    How Do You Play The Game Hopscotch

    So, how do you play Hopscotch, step-by-step? These are the basic rules you need to follow in order to play this classic game. Any number of players can play, but its best to start with just 2 until your child learns the game.

    1. Draw a Hopscotch court with 10 squares .

    2. One player goes at a time.

    3. Start in front of square 1 and throw the stone/beanbag into square 1.

    4. Jump over square 1, landing in square 2, and continue jumping along the squares.

    5. Hop on one leg on a single square and land with two feet where two squares are next to each other .

    6. When you reach the number at the end, turn around and continue hopping back in the same way.

    7. When you get back to square 2, bend over to pick up the marker on square 1, and jump over square 1 to finish the course.

    8. If you touch a line at any point, your turn is over and the next player goes.

    9. If you did not touch a line, continue onto the next round by then throwing the marker into square 2 and hopping through the course again .

    10. The winner is the first player to complete all the courses in one round.

    11. Each player must place the marker in square 1 at the start of each new turn.

    Here is a quick video of the basic rules if you prefer to hear and see them.

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    Hopscotch Game For Preschoolers

    Hopscotch is traditionally played outside. You grab a piece of chalk and draw the hopscotch on the sidewalk. If you have a cement basement or indoor garage chalk also works. Youll simply need to mop it up when youre finished playing.

    You can also use masking tape to create an indoor hopscotch for your kids. Use masking tape to put number or letters inside the squares. You can also fill in the square with masking tape and use a marker to write inside the squares.

    1. Numbers

    Numbers from 1-10 are traditionally written in each square. Do the same initially with your child, but have your kid yell out the number the rock lands on. It wont be long before your child knows their digits from 1-10.

    Theres no reason to stop with 1-10. Once those digits are mastered, write the digits from 11-20 in the squares. Encourage your kid to yell the numbers as loud as possible. I dont know about your children, but mine love to yell.

    2. Addition and Subtraction

    As your child becomes adept at counting, begin putting simple addition and subtraction in each square. You or your child tosses the rock onto the hopscotch.

    Before you begin hopping, have your child answer the problem. Hopscotch is a fun way to drill addition and subtraction facts with preschoolers.

    3. Alphabet

    4. Simple Words

    5. Names

    With a bit of ingenuity you can have a blast teaching your preschooler their numbers and to read using the simple game of hopscotch for kids.

    Sidewalk Chalk Games: Make A Twister Board

    How to play HOPSCOTCH

    Have the sprinkler ready after this activity because kids are sure to get chalky but thats what makes it fun! Have mom or dad call out Twister moves while kids twist and stretch to hit all the called colors! Lots of laughs and some good old fashioned fun!

    So many other favorite games could be created with chalk. What about Chutes and Ladders? Or even Hangman?

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    How To Draw The Hopscotch Squares

    Drawing hopscotch squares doesnt need any artistic skills. Here are a few ways you can draw the chalk grid.

    Image: Shutterstock

    Younger children may need some time to get used to the eight-grid or ten-grid hopscotch. Let them start with smaller grids and let them master it before trying the bigger ones.

    What’s The Best Way To Play Hopscotch With A Preschooler

    Preschoolers find it easier to handle beanbags because the bricks can jump out of the square, and a rule of thumb is that the marker should land on the square and not touch the sides. For simplicity, you can start with squares up to 8 and add 9 and 10 later. The classics are usually played with 10 pitches.

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    Draw A Hopscotch Grid

    • A concrete pavement, patio or driveway, or a an area of dirt or beach sand
    • A chalk stub or a stick to mark out the grid
    • A marker like a small stone or pebble

    What You Do

    • Draw a hopscotch grid like the one above on the ground
    • The first person throws the marker into the first square.
    • They hop through the grid, landing on one foot in single squares and with both feet in double squares, then turn around and come back.
    • Pick up the marker on the way back. Stepping on a line or out of the grid ends your turn.
    • If you get through, throw the marker into the second square. Keep this up until you are out, or you mark every sqaure!
    • To make it harder, make a rule that any square with a marker in has to be skipped.

    Is The Hopscotch App Free

    Mrs. Wagner teaches us how to play hopscotch!

    Hopscotch is a free iOS app designed to teach kids the mechanics of programming so they can: create games, turn drawings into animations, and create anything they can imagine. Post ready-made games for family and friends. Explore projects other kids have made for fun and inspiration. Find out how the software is made.

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    How Do You Draw A Hopscotch Court

    There are several ways to draw the squares known as a court.

    Here is a simple outline for a preschooler to start with:

    Hopscotch is a simple game to set up and play. It can also be adapted to your childs age. Draw a smaller, simpler court for a young child and try one of the variations for older children.

    All you need to play the game is some large sidewalk chalk and a marker such as a stone or a beanbag.

    Beanbags are easier for preschool children to handle as stones could jump out of the square and one of the rules is for the marker to land in the square and not touch the sides.

    To make it simpler, you could start with just the squares up to 8 and then add 9 and 10 later. Hopscotch is usually played with 10 squares.

    Dont forget to let your child help you draw the court as this is an excellent motor activity!

    How To Play Hopscotch: Rules Drawing The Board & Variations

    Image: Shutterstock

    Hopscotch was initially played by Roman soldiers in ancient Britain during the reign of the early Roman Empire. The foot-soldiers drew out squares that were over 100 feet wide and ran through the course with their heavy armor. This was originally a way to practice and improve on their footwork.

    Eventually, younger children in the region were fascinated by the game and started drawing smaller squares to create their version of the game.

    The term scotch means to scratch, indicating the lines scratched out to form the squares, and hop means jump. Together, they form the word hopscotch.

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    Prepare To Stencil The Hopscotch Court

    Remove the Frog Tape painters tape and let the paint dry.

    Once the paint has dried fully place the hopscotch stencil over the painted background. The lines of the hopscotch stencil should overlap slightly the colors of the background. When painted white, these lines will outline the blue and red sections and turn the background colors into perfect boxes.

    Before you start stenciling the lines and numbers white, be sure to tape off any numbers you will be stenciling in a different color. In our example, we covered the numbers in the red boxes with green frog tape. These numbers will be stenciled in a second color.

    What Do You Need To Play Hopscotch

    How to Play Hopscotch
    • Big sidewalk chalk to draw the hopscotch board.
    • The spacious area like backyard, patio, terrace, or playground.
    • For markers, you can use small flat stones, flat beanbags, or pebbles that the children can step on without hurting the feet.


    • Make sure to choose a safe and free traffic area for the kids to play.
    • Ensure that all the markers are small to fit within the squares.
    • Find the objects which are sharp and safe for children to throw and hold.
    • If you are playing with children, then the beanbag is the best choice because stones tend to roll or bounce when being thrown.

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    Draw The Hopscotch Court Outline

    Lay the stencil on the ground where you want the hopscotch court to be.Trace the stencil outline with chalk and then remove the stencil.

    You can use painters tape to cover the lines between the hopscotch boxes ensure crisp lines between the two background colors.

    You will paint the background within these chalk markings, and then replace the stencil to paint the borders of the hopscotch boxes . Try to paint the background within the chalk outline, but do not worry if some paint crosses the lines. Any messy edges will be stenciled over later.

    Is Hopscotch A Sport

    Hopscotch is the developer of the most versatile mobile platform for interacting with sports, live events, venues and universities. The Hopscotch platform combines a feature-rich content management system with an open API architecture, integrating several mobile technologies into a single goal to engage with fans.

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    Benefits Of Playing Hopscotch

    Okay, hopscotch is a ton of fun, I can guarantee you that. Its a great game to play with a group or otherwise simply by yourself. Its super easy to set up, and because there is no equipment required, you can start playing right away.

    But there are many more benefits of playing hopscotch for kids than just plain fun, as I have happily discovered myself. Lets explore some of these benefits.

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