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How To Draw A Horse Head

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Lightly Sketch The Basic Shapes

How to Draw a Horse Head: Narrated

Just like we did for the head of the horse, you’ll want to begin by drawing the basic shapes of the horse’s body. Lightly sketch a circle for the head, and long oval-like shape for the nose. Connect the head to a thick neck which continues to the large circle of the chest. This will connect to a smaller circle by way of two gently sloping lines. Consult your reference photo to see if you have the basic proportions more or less in place, but don’t worry too much if it isn’t perfect.

Learn How To Draw A Horse Head From 3 Different Angles

Stock Photos from Grigorita Ko/Shutterstock

Almost everyone remembers going through a horse phase. Whether it was sparked by a live encounter or from watching animal documentaries, it often leads to magical reveries of your own horse companion. So, why not put those fantasies to paper and practice drawing the horse of your dreams?

In this tutorial, we will go through the steps of drawing a horse head from three different anglesprofile, three-quarter, and from the front. Then, for those ready to try something more advanced, there will be instructions on how to draw a full horse body. Want to give it a go? Then pick out your favorite horse pictures and grab your drawing supplieslet’s draw some horses!

Stock Photos from Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock

How To Draw Horse Head Muscles

You can draw a horse head without any muscles, but they make a drawing more realistic. Lets learn how to simulate some anatomy in a simple way.

Outline the cheek. Theres a bony protrusion on top of it, very important for a realistic look.

Draw an oval between the cheek and muzzle. Its a complex of various muscles, but it usually looks like one thick muscle and its easier to remember this way.

Connect each nostril and the eye with two interconnecting muscles.

Draw two stretched muscles under that oval in the middle.

Accentuate the flat forehead. Theres no muscles here, so its form should be very clear.

Close the outline of the head.

If you want, you can add more details to the muscles this way:

You can now finish the drawing! Keep in mind that horses have a horizontal pupil in their eyes just like goats. In most cases its not visible because the eyes are brown or black, but remember it if you want to give your horse blue eyes!

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Who Is Big Charlie

Big Charlie is a large mammal like creature, it resembles some sort of cattle, yet, at the same time, it has a beak-like protrusion on the tip of its mouth. Its body is skinny, skinny to the point that you can see its bones sticking out. It also has a thick dark mane that goes from its head to the back of the creature.

The General Outline Of The Horse

How to Draw a Horse head!

Check carefully that all horse proportions are respected. Are the head too big and short legs? Hind legs bent back? Check the distance between the hooves, the front legs are almost closed, and the rear legs are as if the horse was preparing to run. If you are sure that you drew everything accurately, then move on to the next step.

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How To Draw Realistic Horse Head

How To Draw Realistic Horse Head?

Will long horse kill you? Is horsemeat safe for human consumption? No. U.S. horsemeat is dangerous to humans because of the unregulated administration of numerous toxic substances to horses before slaughter. In the U.S., horses are raised and treated as companion animals, not as food-producing animals.

Is long horse a boy or a girl? A mare is an adult female horse or other equine. In most cases, a mare is a female horse over the age of three, and a filly is a female horse three and younger.

Does endless horse end? endless. horse is a website featuring a horse with infinite long legs. The secure web version has an infinite tree and the horse. It has been coded in such a way that, no matter how far you scroll down the page, the legs of the horse and the log of the tree never comes to an end.

Understand The Main Skeleton

A horses rib cage has a similar shape to a humans, but remember ribs dont extend to the bottom of the belly. Also, muscle, fat and skin can make the rib cage look bigger than it really is.

What about a horse’s head? Well, a horses skull is triangular, with a large jaw that has a wide area for muscles to attach to. Meanwhile, a horses pelvis is flatter than a humans because a horse doesnt stand upright, so its pelvis doesnt bear weight.

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Sketchbook Original: How To Draw Horses

This post has been originally commissioned for SketchBook Blog in 2016. After the sites migration, the original is no longer available, but you can still access the content here. Enjoy!

In SketchBook Original: How to Animate Horses I showed you how to create a horse silhouette with a few simple lines plus how to create a moving horse out of them. Today, Ill show you how you can expand your skills to make that simplified horse look real. Youll learn advanced anatomy, the coat colors, breeds, and a method to draw the hooves and head. Ill also show you how I drew these horses step by step, along with coloring and shading them in SketchBook.

Add Context With Secondary Action

How to draw a Horse Head Front View

The final step in how to draw a horse is to add secondary actions, such as the mane and tail hair blowing in the wind. These elements add dynamics to our drawings, and are vital for showing motion in action scenes.

When showing secondary action, remember to consider line weight and where shadows will fall. Secondary action can also refer to external elements that are affected by the horse, like a cloud of dust that the horse kicks up as it gallops.

That’s it! You should now know how to draw a horse. But if you’d like more tips, you’ll find some fantastic additional tutorials to help you draw better horses on the next page.

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Can You Follow This Tutorial With Something Other Than Pastels

Of course. This tutorial is designed for oil pastels, but if you are an accomplished pencil artist or you prefer to work on a graphic tablet, you can definitely adapt the process and achieve stunning results.

Alina Fuchs

Living in Dortmund, Alina Fuchs has worked in the Mettmann district since 2017. In 2010 she finished high school and went on to study social work. In 2014 she completed her bachelors degree and then continued to study, this time in the public administration sector. Alina has loved art and animals for her whole life and as a child, would always choose nature or drawing over watching television shows like her peers.

Alinas aunt, Silke, was a huge inspiration for her as she loved to draw horses. Alina would then trace or color the pictures in. She was the kind of child who would bring home every animal if she could! She also grew up around horses and canines and thanks to that early exposure to them, she is now able to draw them beautifully.

Alina’s father fully supported her passion and realized she needed better art supplies, giving her a pastel chalk box as a Christmas gift back in 2011. This gift was the true key and she has ever since been in love with art. While Alina never attended any formal art classes, her work speaks for itself!

“Go ahead and dare to form your own style!”

Alina Fuchs

It Remains To Draw A Few More Details

The first steps of the drawing are very simple but require attention so that the initial contours are precisely located concerning each other. The proportions of the horse depend on their location. The following steps require attention to small details. It is necessary to carefully draw the eyes, nostrils, ears of the horse. To draw small details, the pencil should be sharp. Remember to draw a tail.

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Draw Everything From The Horses Head To Its Hind Legs

You can learn to draw a horse by employing the same methods as professional artists do: begin your sketches by using reference images and then simplifying a horses features into basic shapes. Taking a step-by-step approach will allow you to make the complexity of a horse more manageable. Lets get started.

Look At The Subtle Angles Of Your Horse

How to Draw a Horse’s Head

Perfect profile or head-on drawings can feel graphic and staged. Think about subtle angles: for example, the horses eyes and the position of its head could be almost in profile, with a hint of the other eye is visible to add more life. It’s also important that the positions of the front and back pairs of legs are subtly different from one another making them identical makes the horse look very robotic.

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Are All Horse Heads Drawn The Same Way

Well, of course, they are not! There are so many different horse breeds and they all come in many many colors as well! Just like dogs or cats, there are many different kinds to choose from. You even get longer coated horses another skill you can develop as you learn and practice. The horses size also varies, as do the horses mane and tail length and so forth.

To answer this in one sentence: No, of course not. There are many different horse breeds. What is different from drawing dogs is that the coat length remains almost always relatively the same. Remember that during winter, even shorter coated horses often grow a thicker coat, so, should you wish to draw a horse with such a coat. It means you will have to adjust your hair length while drawing horses like this.

To make horse drawing easy and until you feel more confident, it is better to find those with short summer coats. It is also simpler to draw only the horses head or the body while the animal is standing still when starting out, as once you begin to draw the body in motion it can become more complicated.

When a horse moves, muscles change, as do the tail, the mane, and many other factors. You will have to use a lot more lighting and shading when drawing a horse that is in motion or it will not look realistic. And while the standing horse still has muscle definition, it is far more complex when moving!

How To Draw A Horsewithout Frustration

Horses are incredibly fun to draw and at the same time theycan be incredibly maddening. Its pretty common to have some body parts that comeeasily and then other body parts that just seem so difficult. This is wherelots of doodle practice comes in handy.

How do you eat anelephant? One bite at a time.

Instead of trying to draw a whole complete horse and gettingfrustrated, break it down into its parts. If you find hoofs challenging justgrab a piece of paper and draw hoofs. Side views, front views, back views, backhoofs and front hoofs.

When first learning how to draw a horse, I found this practice to be very useful. Do this focuseddrawing with each body part.legs, eyes, head and so on. Once you are producinggood looking parts put them all together and draw the whole horse. You willfind yourself confidently drawing a horse without struggling on one challengingbody part.

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How To Draw A Horse’s Head

In order to draw a Horse or Pony, you need a lot of practice and a good sense of proportion. If you are a beginner, however, perhaps it’s a good idea to start with perfecting drawing the horse head. It is important to pay attention to its exact shape to convey the beauty and grace of this animal. It might also help you to refer to the actual photo of a horse’s head as you draw. There is a separate lesson to drawing the entire horse though.

Video with tutorial how to draw a horse step by step for kids and beginners.

Selecting The Perfect Template

Easy HORSE HEAD for beginners pencil drawing

Before you can start your drawing of a horse you will need the perfect horse template. Try to keep simple and do not get too ahead of yourself. Especially because you are still learning how to draw horses! You need to determine where the horse is looking, or its gaze as well as the horses coat and even the eye reflections. If you are able to see these things, your template should be good to use and work from.

Never use a blurry image and ensure they are crisp and clear or you will have much frustration trying to figure things out and soon lose your motivation. Always find an image that is complete so you do not end up needing to improvise for what the image is lacking. Remember, the sharper and detailed images are going to be the easiest for you to be able to draw.

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Horse Drawings Step By Step Easy For Beginners 2020

Learning to draw a horse is a rather difficult task since it requires the accurate representation of the proportions of this most beautiful and graceful animal. But, if you draw a horse in stages, then it is quite possible to draw it correctly even for children. In this lesson, we will learn how to draw a standing horse, step by step, drawing its outlines.

Even an artist is hard to draw a picture of a running horse, so first, make the drawing of the horse standing motionless, and after this lesson, you can try to draw other drawings of horses, including a running horse. The most difficult elements of a horses drawing are the hind legs and the horses head pay special attention to these details. The site has a lesson on how to draw a horses head in stages with a simple pencil. Look at it too, it will help you draw the horse correctly.

Measure And Indicate The Horses Head

Start by measuring the length of the horse’s head from the poll to the bottom of the muzzle in the reference photo using either a drawing compass, ruler, or a pencil. See how many times this measurement goes into the length of the horse from the poll to the back of its rump, just below the dock. Do not include the tail since its not part of the essential anatomical structure of the horses body.

Depending on the type of horse and its pose, the head-length will go into the length of the neck and body just slightly over three times. While this does not give you an exact measurement, it gets you close enough to be able to eyeball the rest.

Now on your drawing paper, very lightly draw a slanted line to indicate the top of the horses forehead, from the poll to the bottom of the muzzle. Try to get is as close as possible to the slant of the horses’s head in your reference photo. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it should be close.

Now measure the length of this line with a drawing compass, ruler, or pencil. Using this measurement, repeat the length of this line until you get to the dock area of the horse. Basically you are just repeating on your drawing paper what you did with the photo. This will tell you how long the overall body will be in comparison with the length of the line you drew for the horses head.

In my reference photo, the length of the horse’s body, minus the tail, is about 3 and 2/3 the length of the head.

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Draw The Forehead To Muzzle

You are now going to join the upper circle with the left-hand lower one. Start a little behind the circle and draw a curve upwards to meet it this is the top of the horses skull.

When you reach the circle, follow its curve until about the halfway point of the circle, and then turn and begin a diagonal line straight down to meet your lower circle. You are drawing the horses nose at this point, so the line can be quite straight.

Create A Horse Head Drawing Easy To Follow Instructions Begin Here

How to draw a Horse Head with Pastel pencil

If you want to create a horse head drawing using one of the easiest techniques available, you’ve come to the right place.

Many people would like to re-create the head or face of their cherished equine friend, but find it more difficult than they thought.

  • Today you can learn how!

I have broken out the how-to into bite sized chunks that will be easy for you to follow.

Remember, drawing takes lots of practice, so try this and the other tutorials I offer more than once.

An overview of this step-by-step process follows.

  • To start at the beginning for step one details, click “learn more” under that section, or “get started” at the bottom of the page.

Alrighty then, lets get you going!

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Adding Shading And Setting Accents

Once you are done blending everything in, you can set your accents on the lighter and darker areas in your horse image. You will be able to see that your color use is starting to look a lot more like the originals. Your image will nicely match the template image.

You may notice a few little gaps showing the white paper beneath, just use your finger to work the color in a bit and blend. Use a blending stump if the area is too small.

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