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How To Draw A Horse Video

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Optional: Add Extra Elements To The Composition

How To Draw A Cartoon Horse

Since you’ve already drawn the sketch of the horse, why not take one more step and make it a complete illustration? An easy way to do this is to fill the empty space with foliage like trees, bushes, and flowers to the background. These extra elements will ground your horse and give the composition a sense of space and perspective.

Focus On Sketch Language

Sketch language lets us take visual notes so that we can effectively finish our work later. In this case, we want to indicate landmarks where the horse’s bones influence the skin surface the most, such as at the joints.;This is where the indications of bones are clearest and lead into the muscular areas. We can use these indications to suggest the directions of the bones as well.;

Draw Everything From The Horses Head To Its Hind Legs

You can learn to draw a horse by employing the same methods as professional artists do: begin your sketches by using reference images and then simplifying a horses features into basic shapes. Taking a step-by-step approach will allow you to make the complexity of a horse more manageable. Lets get started.

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How To Draw Horse Breeds

Ive shown you how to draw a general horse, but horses come in many shapes. Lets learn how to modify that general recipe to create a few different types of a horse. Keep in mind that my diagrams are slightly exaggerated to accentuate the differences between breeds. You need to study the breed using photos, videos, and real horses if you want to create a perfect image.

Quarter Horse

This is typical horse number one. Harmoniously built and visibly strong; this is a horse you would imagine working on a farm or carrying a knight to war. Quarter horses come in almost all available colors.

Thoroughbred Horse

This is typical horse number two. You can imagine it as a quarter horse modified for racingits silhouette is slimmer, with longer legs and sharper muzzle. Thoroughbred horses are usually chestnut, bay, black, or gray .

Arabian Horse

These beautiful horses look like an even slimmer, more elegant version of a thoroughbred horse. They have a characteristic round forehead and large eyes, and keep their tail high, even when relaxed. This makes the rump look flatter than in other horses. The neck is arched, though its not visible in every pose. Arabian horses can be gray, bay, chestnut, roan, or black.

Shire Horse

Shetland Pony

How To Draw Horse Eyes

How to Draw a Horse: Step by Step

Start with an oval placed quite close to the forehead.

Cover the oval with an eyelid. This shape is very characteristic for a horse.

Add the lower eyelid.

As I mentioned before, the eyes are protruding, so add some form above them. It should look like excessive skin folded over the eye.

Add the curtains of eyelashes.

Finish by defining bone structure over the eyes.

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It Remains To Draw A Few More Details

The first steps of the drawing are very simple but require attention so that the initial contours are precisely located concerning each other. The proportions of the horse depend on their location. The following steps require attention to small details. It is necessary to carefully draw the eyes, nostrils, ears of the horse. To draw small details, the pencil should be sharp. Remember to draw a tail.

How To Draw A Horses Legs

Contrary to popular belief, horses do not have ‘backward knees’. Their knees are just not as obvious as those of a human. It’s the same with a horses shoulders: its not immediately obvious that the shoulders of a horse are actually more front-facing, rather than being positioned at the top of the horses back.;

The hoof of a horse is structurally similar to our middle finger or toe. Once you understand these key points, the process of drawing horses will start to make a lot more sense.

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Sketchbook Original: How To Draw Horses

This post has been originally commissioned for SketchBook Blog in 2016. After the sites migration, the original is no longer available, but you can still access the content here. Enjoy!

In;SketchBook Original: How to Animate Horses I showed you how to create a horse silhouette with a few simple lines plus how to create a moving horse out of them. Today, Ill show you how you can expand your skills to make that simplified horse look real. Youll learn advanced anatomy, the coat colors, breeds, and a method to draw the hooves and head. Ill also show you how I drew these horses step by step, along with coloring and shading them in SketchBook.

How To Draw A Horse Easily: Step By Step Guide

How to Draw a Horse Head Step by Step – Easy – Narrated

Imagine drawing a bag of groceries: paper or plastic, you choose.;Now, draw a plastic grocery bag containing five oranges, a bag of chips and a jar of peanut butter. Much easier, right? Why? Because knowing whats inside gives you a better understanding of your subject.

The same goes for drawing horses: if you understand horse anatomy, then sketching a horse becomes much easier. When you understand the mechanics of a horse, your drawing will naturally look more mechanically sound and real.;For that reason, our first tips explore a horse’s skeleton.

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How To Draw A Horses Head

From the Artists Network, this short and simple demonstration is about the easiest tutorial for drawing the head of a horse that Ive found.

The lesson is by artist David Sanmiguel and is an excerpt from his book Drawing Horses: Basic Drawing and Painting Techniques. The illustrations are clear and easy to follow.

Draw The Main Shapes Of A Horse

We’re now ready to put pen to paper and draw a horse. Start with the front half of the torso, which is kind of bean-shaped. Then we have the front and back sides of the horse, which feel like padding around the bean.

The neck has to be thick because of the muscles required to hold the head up. For the horse’s head, we can follow what we did previously with the skull and add some big muscle shapes towards the back of the jaw.;

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Add Context With Secondary Action

The final step in how to draw a horse is to add secondary actions, such as the mane and tail hair blowing in the wind. These elements add dynamics to our drawings, and are vital for showing motion in action scenes.

When showing secondary action, remember to consider line weight and where shadows will fall. Secondary action can also refer to external elements that are affected by the horse, like a cloud of dust that the horse kicks up as it gallops.

That’s it!;You should now know how to draw a horse. But if you’d like more tips, you’ll find some fantastic additional tutorials to help you draw better horses on the next page.

Sketching A Horse Step

How to draw a Horse – Spoken Tutorial

Written by artist Sandy Sandy and hosted by Art Instruction Blog, this tutorial explains how to sketch a horse step-by-step. Sandy walks you through the process of drawing beginning with basic shapes and building on that foundation to a finished drawing.

The method she uses is ideal for all kinds of life drawing and sketching, as well as for portrait work. The tutorial concludes with basic shading with watercolor.

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Think About Line Weight

Line weight can communicate many things. We can use it to emphasise the size of the horses torso. Line weight can also separate one element from the other, like in the front legs.;Areas where bones are indicated are harder, which gives them sharper shadows, which can be represented with stronger line weight. For more subtle lines such as muscle definition, draw a few thin lines side by side to indicate a softer line.;

How To Draw Animals: Horses Their Anatomy And Poses

Running horses are beautiful and graceful creatures. However, they can be one of the hardest animals to draw. I will show you how to draw this majestic creature, referencing their basic anatomy to make sure you create a natural pose. You’ll also learn about horse gaits to draw realistic and dynamic poses.

Feel free to check some reference images of horses on Envato Market.

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How To Draw A Horse Head

Start with a shape of a flattened teardrop. No matter what perspective you use for this drawing, you need to be able to visualize this form in your head.

Draw a line to the mouth, and end it with a sphere. The space between both forms should be roughly smaller than the sphere.

Connect both forms with another line to create the lower part of the head.

Create the sides of the head with two lines. This side line should be placed roughly in two-thirds of the heads height.

Draw space for the eyes and nose over these lines.

The top of the head is flattened and it has a certain shape. Draw it, connecting eyes and nose with it.

Draw a smaller sphere inside the mouth sphere. This will be the space for the actual muzzle.

Cut the sphere in thirds and draw the mouth line, finishing it with round corners.

Eyes should be slightly protruding, so add humps behind them.

Draw two spheres on the top of the head to create the space for ears.

The ears should be shaped like narrow ovals stuck to the spheres.

The ears have pointed tips directed towards the middle.

OK, the general shape of the head is done! Lets draw the details now, one by one.

How To Draw A Horse

How to Draw a Horse – Step by Step for Kids

ByBobby Chiu11 November 2019

Learn exactly how to draw a horse with this step-by-step guide, plus video tutorials to take things further.

We looked at how to draw a horse easily on the first page of this article. Here, we bring you a selection of additional tutorials that will help you fine-tune different aspects. We’ll start with some basic tutorials, for those that prefer to non-written instructions. Then we’ll go on to some more specific guides, including how to draw a horse’s head, tips for sketching manes, horses in motion and more.;

If you’re looking to draw better horses, these resources will have you covered…

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Begin By Sketching Simple Shapes

In your reference, youll see that every horses body is made up of similar shapes. The sketched framework of a horse is built of circles, curved lines, and the straight lines of slanted squares like upside-down teacups. In a few simple steps, using simple shapes, youll have a handle on the basic structure of a horse.

Start with the horses body.

Draw two circles connected by sloping lines. In most horses, the top line slopes gently down toward the ground with the curve of the spine. The bottom line also curves in the same direction, filling out the rib cage and belly.

Focus on the head.

A horses head can be roughed out with two circles connected by a line. A gently curved triangle makes the ear. Changing the shape of the lines and distance of the circles is how you can make your horse look like a specific breed. These subtle shifts can have a huge effect on your final drawing. For instance, a larger draft horse head will have bigger circles that are closer together. A more lightweight horse, like an Arabian, will be constructed of circles that are smaller and farther apart.

Give the horse legs.

Begin drawing both the front and the back legs with two circles connected by sloping lines, using inverted teacup shapes as the hooves. You can move the circles around as needed to bend or reposition the legs. The front legs of a horse move differently from the back legs, so pay close attention to your reference for how both sets look in motion and standing still.

The Final Touches Of The Picture

You now know how to draw a horse, but you still need to learn how to apply shadows. This is a complex technique, but use a simple rule for lighting an object. The light falls on the right, so the areas on the left will be darker. Try creating shadows on the horse by copying them from my drawing. You can try to draw a horse with colored pencils and even paints.

In this lesson, we used techniques for drawing a horse that stands motionless. If you want to draw a running horse or even a few running horses, you can use the photographs of horses for this, using this lesson as a basic material for other horse drawings.

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Understand The Main Skeleton

A horses rib cage has a similar shape to a humans, but remember ribs dont extend to the bottom of the belly. Also, muscle, fat and skin can make the rib cage look bigger than it really is.;

What about a horse’s head? Well, a horses skull is triangular, with a large jaw that has a wide area for muscles to attach to. Meanwhile, a horses pelvis is flatter than a humans because a horse doesnt stand upright, so its pelvis doesnt bear weight.

How To Start Your Horse Drawing

How to Draw a Horse [Narrated Step by Step]

To begin with you want to start to define the major areas of the head like the nose, mouth ears and eyes of the horse along with the general shape of the head.

At this stage keep your lines loose and light so that if you make any mistakes they will be easy to erase later.

Next you will want to start defining some of the shapes, but again, remember to keep your pencil loose on the page. The goal here is not to get things perfect at this point. Keep your strokes light and quick as you begin to define the major features.

When I do my drawings I like to try and keep an overall level of detail that is consistent across the entire image rather than spend time detailing out one entire section of the drawing before moving on. How you approach your drawing is up to you, so experiment with both ways of working and seeing what works for you.

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How To Draw A Horse The First Step Of Drawing

All the lessons on our website are based on the use of geometric shapes, as the initial forms of the drawing of any animal. Horse drawing is made in the same way. Using three circles, draw the main parts of the body and connect them with lines, as in my picture. Drawing these shapes is easy, but its important to precisely position them on a piece of paper concerning each other. Try to make this step of drawing the horse as accurate as possible.

Drawing The Head And Neck

  • 1Create a diagonal U shape with 1 flat edge for the snout. Center the U-shape on the left one-third of a piece of paper. Make the snout as large as you want it to be depending on the desired size of your horse. Angle the U-shape so that it is turned at about 45 degrees with the open edge of the U-shape facing upwards.XResearch source

    Tip: Try tracing around your index finger to get a good curve at the end of the U-shape.

  • 2Add a curved line extending from the bottom of the snout for the jaw. This will be the horses jaw. Start the line at the end of the U-shape and curve it upwards. Make the line about half the size of the snout.XResearch source
  • Imagine youre drawing a wide, shallow bowl thats tilted at the same angle as the U-shape.
  • 3Draw a small triangle on top of the head for the front ear. This will be the horses front ear, so make it about one-fourth of the size of the snout and jaw. Start the triangle at the top edge of the U-shape and then draw a 45-degree angle for the point. End the triangle at the same level as the beginning point. Leave the bottom edge of the triangle open.XResearch source
  • Make sure that the top point of the triangle is pointing up towards the top edge of the paper.
  • Another option is to make ears that are diamond-shaped. Draw diamonds extending up from the top of the horses head, but leave the pointed edges off the base of the ears.XResearch source
  • Make this line about twice as long as the horses snout.
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    How To Draw A Horse Portrait In Colored Pencil

    This excellent step-by-step demonstration is by equine artist Janet Griffin-Scott. The tutorial is presented in eleven steps beginning with a basic drawing, then walking you through the line drawing, initial color, and finishing with the braided mane and bridle.

    The images are large and clear to begin with, but if you want a closer look at the details, all you have to do is click on the image and an even bigger version opens.

    Optional: Add A Border And Decorative Elements

    How to DRAW a HORSE Step by Step Real time

    Even if you’re only drawing this horse head for practice, why not take one more step and make it a complete illustration? To make an easy border, all you’ll need is a ruler or protractor. For a square border, measure a box around the horse’s face. Alternatively, use the protractor to draw a circle. You can then draw small dots along the curved line for a more delicate effect.

    If you want to fill in the empty space, consider adding some flora, like wheat, trees, or another animal.

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