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How To Draw A Human Eye Step By Step

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Blend It With A Clean Stump

How to Draw a Realistic Human Eye | Step by Step

Blend what youve just drawn with a clean stump. Do not use the one you smudged the darker part with!

The cast shadows should be blended in the same manner as they were drawn with strokes starting at the upper lid. Make sure to lower the pressure on a stump as you go away from the lid, so the transition from a shadow to a white-ish sclera is smooth.

Move Onto The Eyelashes

After this is completed, were going to go straight to the eyelashes, but first, lets look at some eyes again and really observe whats going on there . The hairs are swooping up from the lids in all different directions. And if you look closely, each individual hair is gathered into small clusters around the eye.

The Pupil Is Not On The Surface Of The Eye

The iris is the colored circular area of the eye and takes up a large portion of the part of the eyeball visible between the eyelids. While it is commonly believed to, the pupil does not sit right on the surface of the eyeball, but is actually recessed into the iris, under the surface of the translucent cornea. This is important to remember when drawing eyes from the side. Placing the pupil underneath the outer line of the eyeball will increase the realism in your drawing.

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Add Realistic Shading To The Pupil And The Iris

Now that you have all the major features correctly placed you can begin to add realistic tones and shading. Using a 5B pencil, begin with the pupil since this is nearly pure black and is usually the darkest value in the eye. Having this dark value in place will help you to gauge the other values in your drawing. Draw quick lines from the pupil to the outer rim of the iris to suggest the patterns seen in most eyes. Don’t forget to leave a white area for the highlight.

Sparse Out Some Individual Hairs Around The Eye

How to draw human eye step by step tutorial for beginners

This helps to set up the framework and general angle of your eyelashes. Just make sure you start with the upper eyelashes, then move onto the lower lashes. This is the easiest way to complete the drawing. Remember, you never want to focus on too many different aspects at once. Take things one step at a time. It might make your drawing take longer, but it will also make it come out better in the end.

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How To Draw The Human Eye By Faith Te

Here is the first tutorial from Art Studio a female eye. My method in graphite pencil drawing aims to render subjects as realistically as I can. The following is a step-by-step demonstration of how I draw eyes. While I very much hope that it helps you in drawing realistic eyes, do experiment and develop your own way of drawing. I myself sometimes do not follow some of the steps exactly as I like to experiment and try to find better ways of achieving a specific texture or effect. Before I begin, many thanks to Toni-Marie Hudson for the use of her picture. Toni-Marie does animal paintings in mixed media. Visit her web site to view her extremely realistic paintings.

Drawing Highlights In Eyes

Depending on the light source that is illuminating your subject, the eyes in your subject may have some type of highlight. If the light is a soft, weak light you may not notice any highlight at all. If it’s a strong light source then you should see some type of highlight in the eye.

Highlights are useful in that they help your subject look alive. They take on numerous shapes, usually replicating the shape of the light source that is producing them. And they will have different levels of size and brightness.

When drawing highlights remember that they are an enhancement, and should never dominate the eye or become a distraction. Always make sure that they serve the artistic purpose of your drawing. If, once drawn they look too big, or the shapes are just awkward, change them. Don’t be afraid to depart from a literal interpretation in order to end up with a better drawing.

Many highlights are not squares, they can take on all kinds of shapes and have a variety of edges and even lost edges.

Also, even if it doesn’t appear like this in your subject, make the highlight in one eye slightly darker or less dominant than the other eye. Logically you will want the highlight that is closest to the light source to be brighter or more dominant. This will give your eyes more a sense of realism. If you are drawing or painting in color, don’t make the highlights white. Try to determine the color or temperature of the light source and paint the highlights accordingly.

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How To Draw An Eye

Imitating the eye is not as easy as that of the apple! It is not like we are ruling out your courage but it is the reality. Even the master of artists finds it difficult to emulate the eye. It is so because when someone is trying to draw an eye, he is not just portraying the physical appearance of it. Considering the emotions and feelings behind the viewable curtain of eyes is also important as to make the drawing expressive.

Copying down line-to-line and curve-to-curve and every single detail wont youre your portrait look real. Emotions are endless. You become happy and sad and happy with tears and sad with fake smile and angry and calm and so on and so forth! Tell me if still anyone thinks it is no big deal to draw an eye. However, after learning so much about the different types of shapes of eyes you will find it easy to recognize the characteristics of eye and impersonate it on a paper.

Function Of The Human Eye

How to draw a Human Eye Real Easy | Step by Step with Easy – Spoken Instructions

As we mentioned earlier, the eye of a human being is like a camera. Much like the electronic device, the human eye also focuses and lets in light to produce images. So basically, light rays that are deflected from or by distant objects land on the retina after they pass through various mediums like the cornea, crystalline lens, aqueous humor, the lens, and vitreous humor.

The concept here though is that as the light rays move through the various mediums, they experience refraction of light. Well, to put it in simple terms, refraction is nothing but the change in direction of the rays of light as they pass between different mediums. The table below shows the refractive indices of the various parts of the eye.

Having different refractive indexes is what bends the rays to form an image. The light rays finally are received and focused on the retina. The retina contains photoreceptor cells called rods and cones and these basically detect the intensity and the frequency of the light. Further, the image that is formed is processed by millions of these cells, and they also relay the signal or nerve impulses to the brain via the optic nerve. The image formed is usually inverted but the brain corrects this phenomenon. This process is also similar to that of a convex lens.

In any case, now that we have learned something about the human eye, each eye is very important, and they play a distinct part in helping humans to see.

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Shade The Upper Lid And A Brow Ridge

First step here erase the gridlines that cover the upper lid area. I didnt and you can see them showing from under the graphite layer. Its usually possible to blend them with the rest of the image, but sometimes they do stay visible. So dont follow my example here. Erase the hell out of them.

Next, refine the crease line make it really dark and rather thick.

Fill the whole area the way I did. Start in the inner corner and finish at the line connecting the crease with the brow. Remember to wear out and tilt your pencil for that.

Looking at our reference photo youll see that you should make the left side a bit darker. Same with the area above the crease-brow line. Follow my sketch along with the shadows you can see in the original picture.

Lets also begin shading the crease. You should add a gradual dark shade below the crease on the left and above it on the right. Look at the picture to see where the switch actually happens.

Fill In The Second Half Of The Sclera

Fill this part with light pressure. Add a bit more shadow in the corner .

As you can see in our picture, lashes can cast shadows on the eyeball. Include them in your eye drawing by throwing in a few darker lines with a worn out pencil.

Start them at the upper edge of the eye outline. Make their length irregular, so the shadow looks realistic. Remembering the three-dimensional shape of the eye, curve these strokes slightly in line with the roundness of the eyeball

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Fill In The Darker Half Of The Sclera

Good news were back to simpler things!The iris parts the eye in the middle. One of the halves is usually darker than the other, depending on the direction of light.

I like to draw whatevers on the left first because Im right-handed and I dont want to smudge my drawing. Thats why were starting with the darker, left part its not some important rule established by Da Vinci, no.

Tilt the pencil and fill in the sclera.

The light source is on the right, so the left corner will obviously be darker.

How To Draw Characters With Different Ethnicities

How to draw realistic human eye | Step by step tutorial | Anza Artworks

As we near the end of our cartoon face drawing tutorial, Id like to encourage you to keep experimenting with facial expressions and, whenever possible, to invest more time in studies of the face. Learn how the eyes and mouth react in various situations. Look at different ethnicities and the key features. For example, those of African ethnic origin tend to have a slight chin.

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The Eyes And Other Facial Features

With the eyes established correctly on the head, you can now move on to indicating the other facial features in comparison to the eyes. If you haven’t yet, you can indicate the upper and lower eyelids and the eyebrows. If done correctly you should begin to see a likeness of the person you are drawing.

With the eyes properly established you can use the eyes to determine the location of other facial features. Once again, looking at the front of the face, vertical lines drawn straight from the tear ducts will give you the outer edges of the nose.

Vertical lines drawn straight down from the inner edges of the irises will show you the width of the mouth.

Once again, these measurements are averages and you will always find faces that do not conform to these rules. It’s precisely these exceptions that help make us all unique in appearance.

Drawing The Human Eye From The Side

Drawing the human eye from the side is relatively simple. The eye itself can be represented by a somewhat isosceles triangle with one side having a convex curve. In actuality, the eyeball is a sphere, and this sphere is what gives you the convex curve that you see when looking at the eye from the side. The thing you as the artist need to be aware of is the characteristics that are unique to each individual person’s eyes. These characteristics will be created by the bunched-up eyelids, the eyebrow, eyelashes, eye color, and most importantly the expression of the person at that time.

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Complete That Tear Duct

You never know when youre going to need a good cry! Thats why you need to add the tear ducts to your drawings. Remember, if you want your drawing to be realistic, then you cant forget the tiny details. The little things are what make your drawings feel real. This is what will set you apart from other artists who rush through the process.

How To Draw Human Eyes

How to draw human eye for beginners easy and step by step video

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The human eye is an interesting subject to draw and essential to get right when drawing human faces and human subjects. It can take some time to master all the elements of the human eye but for the beginner, the following basics will get you started in the right direction.

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How To Draw Eyelashes

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Eyes are one of the most finicky and detailed areas of the face. Drawing eyelashes can be especially tough, using hundreds of lines with slight variations. As always, your best weapons for this mission are close observation and plenty of practice.

Eye Drawing Tutorial For Beginners

We start things off with a simple, yet beautiful and realistic looking eye drawing. This tutorial is quite easy to follow, and doesnt require any prior experience with drawing or sketching. The steps here are very simple, and although the drawing isnt that detailed, it still manages to land a realistic look.


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How To Draw Eyes

In this drawing guide, I will tell you how to draw eyes easy. This will be a pretty simple drawing guide. I did my best for you to create a very cool drawing.

Scroll down the page to get the PDF version of this eyes drawing tutorial with all the extras for free.

This drawing lesson is very important because the ability to draw eyes is very important for any artist.

Knowing how to draw eyes, a young artist will be able to create portraits of a wide variety of people.

At first, young artists should learn how to draw the eyes themselves. That is their outlines, eyelids, pupils, and eyelashes.

Then the artist should learn how to draw emotions. That is, to make the eyes kind, evil, sad, cheerful, etc.

Start Off With A Circle

How to draw realistic human eye | Step by step | Time lapsed

A realistic eye drawing starts off with a circle, which isnt as simple as it seems! However, if you want to be an artist, you need to learn how to make basic lines and basic shapes. Thats why its a great idea to practice your circles.

Youre going to need this basic shape for almost every drawing that you complete. They might end up in the finished product, or they might simply be a reference point for you. Either way, you want to make sure youre able to draw a pretty perfect circle.

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How To Draw Realistic Human Eyes

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Do you enjoy drawing faces but have trouble making the eyes look realistic? Read on to learn how to draw a realistic human eye.

Apply More Skin Texture

As a final touch, lets add more skin texture.

Do it with a tip of a blending stump and a pen eraser . Just bump them into the surface of your eye drawing. This way youll create pores and tiny skin reflections. Just be gentle with the dark spots, if you make them too dark, the skin will end up looking dirty.

Et voilà! Your realistic eye drawing is done!

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Shade And Add Final Details

In the final step you want to add in some detail to the eyebrow. Draw some individual lines for the eyebrow hairs. Add some shading around the eye, making some areas darker than other. Use your reference to guide you. I used a blending stump to soften my lines on the skin. For the upper eyelid I made the line a little darker and thicker. You should add a little bit of a shadow on the upper part of the eyeball where the upper lid casts a shadow. Heres my finished eye drawing.

Generic Proportions Of The Eye Area

How to draw a human eye(Step by step narrated)

In this article I am only mentioning the very basics of facial proportions, rather than every single line-up of every detail of the eye with other facial features. Remember that these guidelines are for a generic face and they will differ slightly from subject to subject.

But it’s still helpful to have a basic idea of the rough position of the eyes when beginning a drawing. And itll come in super handy when you notice something is off in your sketch, but you can’t quite figure out what exactly it is .

Generic proportions of the eyes relative to other parts of the human face.

In an adult human the eyes are usually either on or slightly above the vertical middle of the head. They sit a little lower on children. We tend to draw them much too high, because we confuse the entire head with just the facial area .

In many cases both eyes are around one eye-width apart and a bit less than an eye-width away from the sides of the head.

The corners of the mouth tend to line up with either the inner edge of the iris or the pupil. In a side-view its the front of the cornea, as seen above.

And finally, the cornea would be slightly angled, if seen from the side. However, this is a point youll only need to remember for a very large or very detailed drawing, in a rough sketch it will hardly be noticeable.

Armed with this new knowledge lets draw some eyes, step by step.

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