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How To Draw A Human Eye

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Drawing Highlights In Eyes

Drawing 14 EYES: How to draw a human EYE

Depending on the light source that is illuminating your subject, the eyes in your subject may have some type of highlight. If the light is a soft, weak light you may not notice any highlight at all. If it’s a strong light source then you should see some type of highlight in the eye.

Highlights are useful in that they help your subject look alive. They take on numerous shapes, usually replicating the shape of the light source that is producing them. And they will have different levels of size and brightness.

When drawing highlights remember that they are an enhancement, and should never dominate the eye or become a distraction. Always make sure that they serve the artistic purpose of your drawing. If, once drawn they look too big, or the shapes are just awkward, change them. Don’t be afraid to depart from a literal interpretation in order to end up with a better drawing.

Many highlights are not squares, they can take on all kinds of shapes and have a variety of edges and even lost edges.

Also, even if it doesn’t appear like this in your subject, make the highlight in one eye slightly darker or less dominant than the other eye. Logically you will want the highlight that is closest to the light source to be brighter or more dominant. This will give your eyes more a sense of realism. If you are drawing or painting in color, don’t make the highlights white. Try to determine the color or temperature of the light source and paint the highlights accordingly.

Add A Pop Of Contrast

Considering that all the wrinkles and texture are indentations in the skin, you should pair each highlight with a shadow. Do it with a worn out pencil or with a tip of a blending stump.

The light source is on the upper right, so all the notches should have a shadow on top or on the right.

I overlayed this picture with the one from the previous step to help you see the changes I applied.

How To Draw Eyelashes

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Eyes are one of the most finicky and detailed areas of the face. Drawing eyelashes can be especially tough, using hundreds of lines with slight variations. As always, your best weapons for this mission are close observation and plenty of practice.

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Correct The Contrast In The Eye

Last step before we proceed to draw the eyelids:

Look at your picture from a distance and see if it needs any fixes. Add more shadows/highlights where you think the drawing could use more contrast.

I made the shadows on the left side more prominent to increase depth on my drawing. I also added a shadow below the upper lid. If you hover over the image, you should see a photo from step 14 overlaying the current progress use that to see the changes I applied.

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Lightly Sketch The Iris Pupil And Eye Brow

How to Draw a Human Eye

Once you have determined that the outlines of the eyelids are correct, lightly sketch the iris, then the pupil. Also, block in the general shape of the eyebrow with some light scribbles. You can also lightly indicate some eyelashes. Don’t move onto shading or tone until you are certain that everything is the correct shape and size. Light, sketchy lines are much easier to erase and correct than dark ones.

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Blend For The Last Time

Blend the skin on the forehead first. As you can see, I was a little too sloppy with my cross-hatching, and now the strokes are pretty visible. Feel free to do a better job than I did I managed to fix it later with a brush but why go to so much trouble.

Next, blend the eyebrow so that its smooth but still has some texture. Thats a trick I use to create enough thickness without having to draw every single hair.

If youre drawing a thinner or brighter eyebrow, your blending should be more gentle than the one I did on my eye drawing.

Additional Knowledge About Drawing The Eye

The front view is the most common angle from which to draw the human eye. It gives us the classic two arched lines with a circle in the middle.

We find this symbolic representation of the eye everywhere, from the Eye of Providence on the American dollar bill to the Eye of Horus in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. And frankly, its not too far off course when it comes to a realistic representation of the human eye. Yet to draw a realistic human eye you have to go a bit further.

While the basic outline of the human eye is comprised of two concave curves, they are rarely ever perfect curves. In most cases, the top curve, which in geometrical terms would be called concave downward, usually has the apex, or highest part of the curve not in the middle, but about two-thirds toward the center of the face.

This apex is fairly subtle and the part of the curve from the apex to the tear duct in some cases can almost be a straight line rather than a curve. You can even see this in the Eye of Horus hieroglyphic. In some eyes, this apex may be barely visible and in some eyes you may not see it at all. But knowing it exists can help you avoid an unnatural, perfect curve.

The bottom curve, or concave upward, is usually comprised of a more typical curve. Yet upon close examination, in many cases this curve, moving from the tear duct to the opposite end, starts out somewhat straight and has a more abrupt curve upwards as it reaches the outer edge.

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How To Draw Eyes For Beginners

Step 1: Lets begin with drawing the outline for the eye which of kite shape but not pointed. Keep the left side lower than the upper part.

Step 2: Now draw a circle inside it to show the eyeball.

Step 3: Draw the pupil at the centre along with the highlight.

Step 4: Darken the pupil with your pencil.

Step 5: Draw the upper and lower eyelid by following the upper and lower line of the eye.

Step 6: Draw few eyelashes in the upper and lower eyelid and darken as shown.

Step 7: Now draw more eyelashes and fill lines inside the eyeball connecting it with the pupil.

Step 8: Fill more lines inside it and darken it a bit.

Step 9: Shade the inner edges of the eyeball.

Step 10: Darken the outer edges of the pupil and give more lines.

Step 11: Darken the upper eyelashes.

Step 12: Now shade inside the eye and use your fingers to smoothen it.

Blend It And Refine The Dark Edges

How to Draw a Realistic Human Eye | Step by Step

Take your stump and blend what youve just drawn. Begin with the brighter parts and continue towards the dark corner. This way you avoid dragging graphite residue to the areas that dont need it.

Keep in mind that youre currently shading a ball. Think of how the shadows and lights behave on round objects. If you find it hard to imagine, I highly recommend reading this article on how to shade. Itll help you understand how light behaves.

Dont forget to refine the outline of the eye, where the lids cast a small shadow on the eyeball. Blend it too, especially the lower one. The upper one is not a big deal at this moment later well be covering it with more shadow.

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Get Started Drawing Eyes Digitally In Adobe Fresco

With digital programs like Adobe Fresco, once you get the eye shape down its easy to select and move the eyes in your drawing to get the size and position how you want it. Working digitally allows you more creative freedom to add new layers and to draw the same eye over and over and over again, says Elliott. See how you can create your first illustration in Adobe Fresco. Once youre set up with the tools you need to make beautiful sketches of eyes and faces, explore how you can easily transform different elements of your drawings.

Remember, behind any illustration that seems like natural talent or even magic, theres a lot of hard work and practice. Its cool when you see it done and realize drawing eyes isnt an innate gift from the gods, Elliott explains. Its all about breaking down the pieces to understand depth and form. The more eyes you draw, the more confident youll get in their anatomy, and the more youll be able to experiment with different styles.;

Collect All The Necessary Tools

Here is a list of tools I used:

  • Good quality paper

If youre here to practice, feel free to use your sketchbook. If youre creating a legitimate drawing I recommend working with better quality paper. I use Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper for most of my drawings. Its very popular among pencil artists. And affordable!

  • 4B and 6B pencil

My favorite pencils are Faber Castell Goldfaber 1221. What I like about them the most is that I have around 50 of them and not a single one ever broke. I keep dropping them, they keep keeping their leads in

  • Mechanical pencil with a 2B lead

Thats the one I use most often. I could create a whole drawing with it, but I think its smarter to use softer pencils mentioned above for shading. So well use a mechanical pencil for details.

  • Blending stumps

For blending, of course.

  • Makeup brush

Another tool I use to blend. It works wonders with bright shades, where the stump could cause too much smudging. I use a makeup brush instead of a paintbrush because its softer.

  • Kneaded eraser

The most important thing in every pencil artists toolset. Use it for erasing, shading, highlighting, you name it. This eraser can be molded into any shape. It picks graphite off the paper, in layers, without leaving any mess. I recommend getting a couple of those, as youll use them often and theyll get dirty pretty quick.

  • Pen or pencil eraser

I have both. Pencil eraser for its convenience and pen eraser for the finest lines.

Now, to the actual tutorial!

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Drawing The Human Eye From The Side

Drawing the human eye from the side is relatively simple. The eye itself can be represented by a somewhat isosceles triangle with one side having a convex curve. In actuality, the eyeball is a sphere, and this sphere is what gives you the convex curve that you see when looking at the eye from the side. The thing you as the artist need to be aware of is the characteristics that are unique to each individual person’s eyes. These characteristics will be created by the bunched-up eyelids, the eyebrow, eyelashes, eye color, and most importantly the expression of the person at that time.

Function Of The Human Eye

How to Draw a Human Eye

As we mentioned earlier, the eye of a human being is like a camera. Much like the electronic device, the human eye also focuses and lets in light to produce images. So basically, light rays that are deflected from or by distant objects land on the retina after they pass through various mediums like the cornea, crystalline lens, aqueous humor, the lens, and vitreous humor.

The concept here though is that as the light rays move through the various mediums, they experience refraction of light. Well, to put it in simple terms, refraction is nothing but the change in direction of the rays of light as they pass between different mediums. The table below shows the refractive indices of the various parts of the eye.

Having different refractive indexes is what bends the rays to form an image. The light rays finally are received and focused on the retina. The retina contains photoreceptor cells called rods and cones and these basically detect the intensity and the frequency of the light. Further, the image that is formed is processed by millions of these cells, and they also relay the signal or nerve impulses to the brain via the optic nerve. The image formed is usually inverted but the brain corrects this phenomenon. This process is also similar to that of a convex lens.

In any case, now that we have learned something about the human eye, each eye is very important, and they play a distinct part in helping humans to see.

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How To Draw Eyes

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This tutorial will teach you how to draw realistic eyes and anime eyes. Remember, eye styles vary vastly. Depending on whether your expertise is anime, realism, comics, doll eyes, or even just doodle, use this article as a general guide. It will take a bit of practice to get a good handle on drawing eyes.

The Pupil Is Not On The Surface Of The Eye

The iris is the colored circular area of the eye and takes up a large portion of the part of the eyeball visible between the eyelids. While it is commonly believed to, the pupil does not sit right on the surface of the eyeball, but is actually recessed into the iris, under the surface of the translucent cornea. This is important to remember when drawing eyes from the side. Placing the pupil underneath the outer line of the eyeball will increase the realism in your drawing.

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Reviewing The Generalized Locations Of Facial Features

  • The eyes are found in the middle of the head.
  • The corners of the inside of the eyes generally line up with the edges of the nose.
  • The âmouthâ line is about one-third below the ânoseâ line and the bottom of the chin. This line represents where the top lip meets the bottom lip.
  • The inside portions of the pupils or the iris generally line up with the corners of the mouth.
  • The ears are usually found between the âeyeâ line and the ânoseâ line, but extend up to the brow line.

When drawing faces, use these standards to help you get your facial proportions correct. Remember, you must look and study your subject. While these standards apply to most of us, they do not apply to all of us.

Add Layers Below The Eye

Drawing Tutorial: How to Draw a Human Eye (1/3)

Again, erase unnecessary gridlines.

Add a few dots on the lower rim line, so that you can still see where it should be, even after you blend the lower lid area. Dont worry about their visibility well grow eyelashes out of them later!

Fill the remaining skin with gentle strokes. Continue adding layers in the areas that need more shade. Play with some cross-hatching here o ensure better coverage change the direction of strokes in each layer by 90 degrees.

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How To Draw A Female Face From Side

Step 1 Draw a circular outline at the center for the face.

Step 2 Now draw a X shaped outline within the face.

Step 3 A reverse E is drawn for the mouth.

Step 4 Draw a C in the lower sector for the ear and a S for the chin within the E shape.

Step 5 Within the ear draw a heart like shape and V for the mouth.

Step 6 Connect the C with the upper half of E and draw curved line in V to show the lips.

Step 7 Draw a curved line for the earlobe and an S to mark the beginning of the nose.

Step 8 Draw the nose and curved lines as shown.

Step 9 Draw a curved line above the nose for the eye.

Step 10 Draw a curved line in the ear. Mark the nostrils and eyelashes.

Step 11 Draw a semicircle for the head and a curved line for the neck.

Step 12 Draw lines for the hair and small lines for the eyebrows.

Step 13 Shade the picture.

Blend It With A Clean Stump

Blend what youve just drawn with a clean stump. Do not use the one you smudged the darker part with!

The cast shadows should be blended in the same manner as they were drawn with strokes starting at the upper lid. Make sure to lower the pressure on a stump as you go away from the lid, so the transition from a shadow to a white-ish sclera is smooth.

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Draw The Eyes And Eyebrows

On the line labelled eyes, split the face into 5 equal sections. Make sure you take the entire width of the head into account.

Note: Thanks to Pranab Mahajan for reminding me to add this little detail If you find it difficult to split the face into 5 equal sections, measure the width of the head using a ruler and divide your number by 5.

Example: If the widest part of the head is 6cm, divide it by 5 to get 1.2cm. Then split the head into sections of 1.2cm each.

Draw your eyes in the appropriate spaces. for a detailed tutorial on drawing eyes.

Eye Drawing Tutorial For Beginners

How to draw a Human Eye Real Easy | Step by Step with Easy – Spoken Instructions

We start things off with a simple, yet beautiful and realistic looking eye drawing. This tutorial is quite easy to follow, and doesnt require any prior experience with drawing or sketching. The steps here are very simple, and although the drawing isnt that detailed, it still manages to land a realistic look.


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