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How To Draw A Jaguar Easy

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How To Draw A Cartoon Jaguar

How To Draw A Cartoon Jaguar

So the inspiration for this cartoon jaguar or panther if you like, as a panther with its dark black fur , is actually the same animal

Came from the upcoming movie After Earth.

Well, it came more so from the “idea” behind the movie.

And that is

1000 years have gone by on Earth, and humans have since long gone. In that time, as climate, weather, environment, food sources, etc. have changed so have the animals!

And so yes, heres a fun look at how this cat “could” look although really, Im just tapping into the imagination, and having some exaggerated fun with the animal, in the form of a cartoon.

OK lets draw!

Next Draw The Next Two Legs For The Jaguar

Youve drawn one leg, so now we shall add two more to the front of your jaguar drawing. The first one will connect to the belly that you just drew.

It will curve a bit more than the back leg, but will also be thicker at the top than the lower sections. The other leg will extend from the bottom of the head and also connect near the top of the other leg.

How To Draw A Jaguar

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The jaguar is a big cat native to Central and South America. It typically inhabits a tropical habitat, but sometimes this animal ranges as far north as the United States. An individual was known in Arizona from 2011 to 2016. It is the third-largest cat in the world only the lion and tiger are larger. Its name means “real beast of prey” in the Tupi language.

Jaguars are not to be confused with their similarly spotted cousins, the leopard and cheetah. These smaller cats are native to Africa, while the jaguar lives in the Americas.

Jaguars have long played a role in popular culture. They featured prominently in the mythologies and art of many peoples in the Americas. A British luxury car brand uses the jaguar as its logo, and the cat is also the mascot of numerous sports teams. Jaguars also feature in children’s stuffed animals and other merchandise.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Would you like to draw a fearsome cartoon jaguar? This easy, step-by-step cartoon cat drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

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How To Draw Animals: Big Cats Their Anatomy And Patterns

In our first tutorial, we looked at drawing lions, tigers, cheetahs and snow leopards. Today we’re going to take care of the other wild cats, like leopards, jaguars, mountain lions and lynx. Once again I’ll show you what makes the cats so different and how to draw their patterns.

Your Jaguar Drawing Is Complete

How to Draw a Jaguar Face | Easy Drawing

You should be very proud of yourself for completing this guide on how to draw a jaguar!

This more intricate drawing required a lot of patience and care, but it was all worth it now that you have this incredible picture in front of you.

We hope that this guide made it easy and fun for you to complete this drawing.

Now that you have learned to draw this big cat, you can continue the fun with some extra touches!

You could create a background, add some more animals to the picture or experiment with some amazing art mediums. We cant wait to see what you do!

Our website is full of many more drawing guides for all tastes and skill levels, so we hope you will join in the fun there!

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You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step 1

First draw the head, mouth and muzzle. U-shaped bumpy. Make the jaw a separate line along the bottom of the muzzle.

Step 2

At the end of the snout add a rounded nose. Immediately after the nose add a round eye.

Step 3

Starting from the top line of the snout draw a short triangular ear. Draw the triangular nose of the second ear at the top of the muzzle. Draw a straight line back from the muzzle to make the back of the neck.

Step 4

Continue the neckline to create the back road. It slightly curled up and then back down again.

Step 5

Draw the front of the neck at a diagonal down from the bottom line. Continue down to do the front leg. Make head wide. Do not forget to do a leg at the bottom. Draw the back leg almost back to the line with a slight bump about halfway.

Step 6

Starting from the small bump in the line draw back the belly to the hind legs. The hindlegs bend right down just above the hind legs. Make the back of the curve slightly curved up towards the rump line.

Step 7

Between the rump and the top of the hind leg there are two straight lines that form the long and thick tail. Finally, add a front leg just in front of the front leg first. Add one hind leg just behind the first hind leg. No legs, just a line for the back of the leg.

Drawing An *evolved* Cartoon Jaguar

Well first things first

Go ahead and sketch out or imagine anyways a simple framework of basic shapes, from which to draw our feline around.

Below, as you can see our cat will be sitting upright. A few circles and some lines, help to bring this position into view before we even lay down any lines

And next some green for emphasis on other parts of our cartoon jaguar this helps to show where the ears, legs and tail will be relatively anyways.

Heres how it looks

Fading our framework out next

Go ahead and begin drawing your feline starting with the nose, and upper-mouth area. Just like this

And then changing our lines to grey, so we can more easily recognize the new ones in the following step

Go ahead and sketch in the eyes, teeth, and part of the perimeter of the head.

Oh, and notice how the teeth are kind of large? This is one of the “evolved” ideas I had. Maybe its prey is much bigger, now. Large incisors almost like a saber-toothed tiger

Theyll come in handy for piercing through an animals skull just as jaguars are famous for, in the wild

So keep right on going then.

Sketch in the ears, and then working on down the drawing sketch in the upper arms/shoulders and also the inner forearms, just like so

Next up

A tuft of fur around the chest area and then

Go ahead and complete the from legs, just like this

Down again and now its on to the back legs and tail.

Heres how mine looks

Looking good.

And yes

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How To Draw A Jaguar Clipart Made From Basic Shapes

Enjoy a simple drawing lesson featuring a jaguar clipart that can be made in just three easy steps . If you can draw a simple circle, then you can definitely create a simple cartoon character like the one found on this page.

Jaguars are big felines mostly found in North America and South America. This solitary animal is a cruel predator with a powerful jaw and strong legs. It can run at high-speed while looking for small animals or other preys. It’s a dangerous animal to be around of so better be careful!

Fortunately, the version found below is docile and friendly. Using only basic drawing skills, you can duplicate this cartoon jaguar in just a few minutes. Ready? Let’s draw this fun cartoon animal now!

Step 1

You can start with the creation of the body using a large rectangle made with a bold outline. On top of this new shape, you can draw two circular shapes to illustrate the ears of the cartoon jaguar. Then, draw two large circular shapes to form the eyes of the character.

Inside the eyes, draw two additional circular shapes to illustrate the pupils of the jaguar. Finally, you can draw a large oval shape to represent the nose and add a mouth using small pointed lines.

Step 2

On the bottom of the character, you can sketch a large tail using mostly curved lines. The arms are done with straight lines and the feet are also made from curved lines. When you are done, you can proceed with the third step.

Step 3

Step 4

These are the steps needed to create a jaguar clipart!

How To Use Ringtone Maker For How To Draw A Jaguar With This Easy Jaguar Drawing Step By Step Sketch For Beginners

How to Draw a Jaguar in 5 MINUTES (Easy, Step by Step)

1. Use the range slider to choose the range of your scene

2. Select file format you want to download from video, audio, tabs

3. Please wait a short time – the server will do the rest

4.Download ringtone to your device or save to your Dropbox

Let try to make your own ringtone now!

Lyrics for How to Draw a Jaguar With This Easy Jaguar Drawing Step by Step Sketch for Beginners: Updating…

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Next Draw The Eyes And Mouth

Your jaguar drawing needs a ferocious face, so we shall add it now! The eyes are quite small, and have thin, cat-like pupils. The nose is part of a long, thin shape that sits above the mouth.

The top of the mouth is divided into two sections under the nose, and as you might imagine it has a row of sharp teeth inside of it!

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If Youre Serious About Making Cartoon You Can Be A Fantastic Cartoonist

How to draw a jaguar laying down. If you are searching for a free and simple to use cartoon making software program Pencil may be a superior program to start off with. Instructions on How best to Write Calligraphy Although calligraphy is a diverse area and based on what kind of calligraphy you choose to practice some important instructions are common. Draw two circles overlapping the body indicating the location of the shoulder and hip.

How To Draw A Cat Laying Down How To Draw A Cat Sleeping Video Step By Step Pictures. The beauty of tiger markings and sheer physical size. Monday May 20 2019.

Draw a large horizontal oval for the body and a small circle for the head. The less you are going to need to take advantage of a framework. Use light smooth strokes to begin.

Theres equally as much to understand about drawing the body. Commonly cartoon heads arent always circular. Most important point to remember while drawing a cartoon head is the form of the head.

1 a tigers head 2 a profile and 3 a tiger laying down but at the point when some unfortunate creature has caught its gaze and the tiger doesnt appreciate it. How To Draw A Cat Laying Down Best Cats How To Draw A Cat Laying Down. How to draw tiger step by step laying down.

How to draw a realistic baby jaguar cartoon head step by youtube f type cat laying down logo e. Write Clearly and Concisely Grammarly. You should have the ability to draw any kind of cartoon body you would like with the info Ive given to you.

How To Draw A Sloth

How to draw a car Jaguar easy step by step | Easy Drawing Tutorial

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Sloths represent five to six mammal species that live in the trees of South and Central America. They are known for moving very slowly. While they may resemble monkeys, they are not considered primates.

They are actually considered close relatives of anteaters.

Why do sloths move so slowly? They have a very slow metabolism, meaning they digest their food slowly and use little energy.

Interestingly, sloths are very good swimmers and can often be found swimming between tropical islands in order to find a mate.

Thanks to their metabolism, sloths can hold their breath underwater for up to forty minutes.

Scroll down for a FREE PRINTABLE PDF of this tutorial.

A species of moth known as the sloth moth depends on the sloth’s fur to provide it a home.

Some of the most memorable sloths in popular culture were Flash and his friends in Disney’s Zootopia.

The sloth’s slowness was used to satirize complaints against the Department of Motor Vehicles. Sid, a favorite character from the animated Ice Age series, represents an extinct species of prehistoric ground sloth.

Sloths can also be found in artwork, on clothing and accessories, and even as decorative tea infusers.

If slow and steady wins the race, we think the sloth’s a winner. Would you like to draw a slow and steady sloth?

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Now Finish It Off With Some Color

This picture is already looking amazing, but we will make it look even better in this step of our guide on how to draw a jaguar!

You can really bring your drawing to life when you incorporate some beautiful colors into the mix, so thats what we can do now!

Jaguars have a beautiful golden brown coloring, so it should make for a beautifully striking image.

If you stick to this realistic coloring, then you could bring in some color variation with some colors for the background or by using some fun art mediums.

How To Draw A Jaguar Video & Step

Please PAUSE the “How to Draw a Jaguar” video after each step to draw at your own pace.

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 1: Draw two circles near the middle of the paper as guides for the first part of the jaguar’s body. First draw four small marks for the height and width of the circle, then connect the marks using curved lines. Sketch lightly at first so that it’s easy to erase if you make a mistake. But the circles don’t have to be perfect. They’re just guides. If you do want a perfect circle, trace the outer rim of a glass, a lid or any other object with a circular edge. The circle on the right should be a bit smaller. Don’t draw them too far apart, otherwise your jaguar will end up too long.

Step 2: Draw another circle on the top, left side of the body as a guide for the jaguar’s head. This circle should be smaller, about one-third the size of the first one. Don’t place it too far away from the first circle. Their edges should almost touch.

Step 3: Draw a curved horizontal line across the head. This is a construction line that will help you place the jaguar’s facial features later. Add a short, curved vertical line on the top left side of the head for another construction line.

Step 5: Draw two small arcs on top of the head as guides for the ears. Jaguars don’t have huge ears, so don’t draw these arcs too big.

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Now Draw The First Leg Of Your Jaguar Drawing

In this step of our guide on how to draw a jaguar, we will be drawing the first leg. The leg will extend down from the end of the line that you drew for the back in the previous step.

The leg will be thick where it connects to the body and will get thinner the further it goes down. It will end in a curved angle and three-toed paw, as shown in the reference image.

Finally, draw a curved line for the belly of the jaguar

Drawing Jaguar Simple Easy Drawings

How to Draw a Jaguar In 7 EASY Steps – GREAT for Kids & Beginners

How to draw a jaguar jumping. To 7 jaguar how draw. Jaguar 7 How To Draw. We have collect images about Jumping jaguar drawing easy including images pictures photos wallpapers and more.

Draw jaguar 5 how to. Such as png jpg animated gifs pic art logo black and white transparent etc. In this video well show you how to draw a person jumping with a raised hand.

Learn how to draw a monkey with us a cartoon monkey swinging from a vineEMAIL A PHOTO OF YOUR ART. Jaguar 7 How To Draw. March 31st 2020 212833 PM Animals Admin.

Use your creativity to finish your drawing by adding a backgroundJoin our monthly membership and dow. This will be done in a real-time format. First lets draw the zebra spiders head.

Draw two circles overlapping the body indicating the location of the shoulder and hip. Learn and follow along. In these page we also have variety of images available.

Free Printable Coloring Pages. Pause as you n. Jaguar 5 How To Draw.

Begin by drawing guide lines which will help you to give your jaguar accurate proportions. In this lesson were learning how to draw a simple cartoon jaguarJoin our monthly membership and download our app. Add a zigzagging line around the rectangle that is smaller on one side than the other.

Add a curved line with an indent at the front end of the head. Its simpleSimply Subscribe us for more drawing tutorial. Draw a large horizontal oval for the body and a small circle for the head.

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