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How To Draw A Laughing Emoji

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By Step Instructions For Drawing A Crying Emoji

How To Draw Laughing Emoji ð

1. Begin by drawing a circle to outline the emoji’s round face.

2. Draw two small circles within the original circle, and shade within each shape. These circles form the emoji’s eyes.

3. Draw a curved line above each eye to indicate the eyebrows. Notice that the curve is in the opposite direction from those featured in most drawings. This gives the face the expression of concern, anxiety, or sadness.

4. Use a straight line and a curved line to enclose the shape of the mouth. Notice that the straight portion is on the bottom of the mouth, forming a frown. Draw a small curved line beneath the mouth to indicate the chin.


How To Draw A Laughing Emoji With Tears

The tutorials made by Rob and Jack are both informative and very entertaining to watch. In the video below you will learn how to draw laughing emoji with tears. The tears of joy emoji might seem like a difficult one to draw. However, with Robs easy step-by-step tutorial and clear explanations anybody can draw them

How To Draw A Crying Laughing Emoji

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Emojis – small cartoon characters that illustrate emotions or common objects – are abundant. Since 1999, we’ve used emojis to add flavor to our text messages and emails. They are featured on branded products, such as t-shirts, buttons, and school supplies. In 2017, they even starred in their own movie.

The first smiley face designs date back thousands of years. Patterns resembling a smiley face can be seen on a clay pot that may be 4,000 years old. In past centuries, smiley faces were at times drawn on correspondence. A poem published in 1648 even includes a smiley emoticon consisting of a colon and parenthesis – :).

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

The modern yellow smiley face was developed in the 1960s, and has since taken on numerous forms and uses – including the ubiquitous emoji. The original emoji “alphabet” had 180 different characters, but has since grown to include cultural items from around the world. When a smile alone just isn’t enough, there’s the tears of joy emoji.

Would you like to draw an emoji that is laughing so hard it is brought to tears? Doing so is easier than ever with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing guide. You will need only a sheet of paper, a pencil, and perhaps an eraser. You may also wish to color your finished character.

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Happy Face Emoji, Tongue Out Emoji, and Wink Emoji.

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How Do You Draw The Laughing Emoji

How to Draw a Laughing Emoji

  • Step 1: Create the Face. Draw a perfect circle like so.
  • Step 2: Eyes. Now you will draw in the squinted eyes which are closed from the hard laughter, then draw two big tear drops from the eyes and then empty eyebrows.
  • Step 3: The Laugh.
  • How To Draw A Fear Emoji

  • Step 1: Start your drawing by sketching the basic circle shape for the face.
  • Step 2: Draw curved cones with curved corner on each side of the face for the arms and hands.
  • Step 3: Add a curve at the top portion of the circle.
  • Step 4: Make two oval shapes at a slanting angle for the eyes.
  • Beside above, how do you draw faces?

  • Step 1: Start with a circle. Draw a large circle and make a horizontal line below it for the chin.
  • Step 2: Draw guidelines on the face.
  • Step 3: Draw eyes in the right spot.
  • Step 4: Draw a proportionate nose.
  • Step 5: Add the eyebrows.
  • Step 6: Use a triangle shape to draw lips.
  • Step 7: Add the ears.
  • Step 8: Draw the hair.
  • In respect to this, how do you draw a mad Emoji?

    How to Draw Angry Emoji

  • Draw a simple circle like so.
  • Next, draw in the mean expressive eyebrows and color them in. Then draw the eyeballs which are small oval shaped colored in.
  • Lastly, draw a frown for a grin and then you have completed this task of drawing a mad Emoji.
  • Now that you are done you can add some color. Comments.
  • What does ?? mean in text?

    How To Draw Cool Emoji With Laughing Face:

    How to Draw Laughing Tears of Joy Emoji Easy

    Step 1:

    Step 7:

    Learn how to draw a laughing cool emoji!

    Its always fun and easy to draw Emojis. For tracing, we have used a bowl, but you can also draw the circle free-hand. Also, at the end of the lesson, I added color to emoji, but to keep the lesson easier you can leave this step off.

    If you and your kids had fun drawing this emoji, also check out easy drawings for more fun. In other words its appreciation for my work.

    Emoji have some interesting facts as:

    In the world, the Emoji language is the fastest-growing among languages. Bove all, it makes life easier.

    Japan is the first to launch phone with emojis.

    17th July is world emoji day.

    Face with a tear of joy is one of the most used emojis as it represents laughing in tears.

    Weather, traffic, technology, and time are the first emoji to be created.

    Emojis made it easy to express your feelings to others as well as easy to use.

    Thus, I hope you enjoy drawing emojis images with these easy steps. Please refer to the following links for more easy drawings:

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    Type Rolling On The Floor Laughing Emoji In Windows

    First, let us explain how to type ROFL emoji in Windows.

    1. Alt Code Shortcuts for ROFL Emoji

    In Windows based computers, you can make all Unicode emoji symbols using alt code shortcuts. You can use Alt + 129315 to insert ROFL emoji in Word, Outlook and PowerPoint documents. However, you need to have a keyboard with separate number pad to type the numbers in shortcut.

    If the above method did not work, you can try 1F923 + Alt + X method. This method will work only on Microsoft documents.

    2. Use Windows Emoji Keyboard

    Press, Win + Dot keys to open emoji keyboard in Windows 10. There you can search under Smiley faces and animals category for the ROFL emoji to insert on your documents and emails. You can also type ROFL to filter the emoji symbol quickly.

    3. Type ROFL Emoji in Mac

    On Mac, you cannot use alt code for this emoji as it has 5-digit hex code. However, you can easily insert ROFL emoji using Character Viewer app. Press Command + Control + Space shortcut keys to open Character Viewer app. Type ROFL in the search box to filter the emoji. Alternatively, you can search under Smileys section. Double click on the emoji to insert on your document.

    By Step Instructions For Drawing A Crying Laughing Emoji

    1. Begin by drawing a circle to outline the emoji’s face.

    2. Draw the squinting eyes of the emoji. For each eye, draw two curved lines, connected on each end at a sharp point. The eyes should resemble crescent moons turned on their sides.

    3. Next, draw the eyebrows by placing a curved line above each eye. Notice how the line is slightly thicker in the middle.

    4. Draw a large teardrop shape at the corner of each eye. Allow the pointed tip of the teardrop to overlap the corner of the eye. Erase guide lines as necessary.


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    Emoticons: How To Make Faces Things And Animals With Your Keyboard

    Monday, November 4, 2013414 CommentsShare This:

    Want to learn more about tech? ;Senior Planet offers other feature articles on technology tips, plus free online classes on everything from how to Zoom to;on-line banking ;and more. ;Subscribe now and get The Weekly Orbit, our newsletter with features about personal finance, health and fitness, technology tips, an online book club, sex and relationships and more! ;

    Emoticons those smileys and other faces made out of letters and symbols on your keyboard are a great way to inject a little fun into your emails, online messages and text messages.

    Learning them is also a great way to get very familiar with your keyboard!

    I showed you how to make some smiley faces and other basic emoticons with your keyboard;in a previous Tech Tip thats a good place to get started. If youre having a blast with emoticons and want to learn a more, then here are animals, expressions and other fun ones to liven up your emails and messages!

    A couple of quick tips before we get started:

    • When youre typing emoticons dont type spaces between characters.
    • Some of the examples below call for an underscore it is made by holding down the shift key and the hyphen key at the same time.
    • Some call for a bullet. On a PC, make a bullet by holding down Alt+7; on a Mac, make a bullet by holding down option+8.

    Details Of How To Draw The Laughing Emoji

    How to Draw Laughing Crying Emoji Step by Step Tutorial for Kids. Guided Drawing

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    How To Draw A Tongue Out Emoji

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    You see it in your text messages, in your emails, and on your social networks. At your local store, you’ll likely find candy, throw pillows, toys, and t-shirts featuring its likeness. It even has its very own;animated movie. What is it? It is the ubiquitous;emoji.

    What is an emoji? Emojis are small pictures that arose in 1999 as a way of communicating emotions easily via text messages and emails. They were the descendants of the classic smiley face, which has appeared in art since ancient times.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    The Tongue Out Emoji is a variation of a smiley face. It includes the gesture of;sticking out one’s tongue;at someone, which “is considered a childish gesture of rudeness and/or defiance in many countries.” But did you know? Sticking out the tongue is considered a greeting in the country of Tibet. No doubt the Tongue Out Emoji is popular among texters there.

    There are, in fact, three different “tongue-out” emojis, each with a different intended meaning. The winking, tongue-sticking out emoji featured in this tutorial is officially called the “silly wink emoji.” It says to the reader, “I’m being silly” or “I just told a joke.” The tongue-out emoji with open eyes is called “panting” – you know, breathing heavily as if you’re tired from a jog. The third has tightly closed eyes, and is called “poison control;” it means “extreme distaste,” as if you’d just eaten something disgusting.

    How To Draw A Crying Emoji

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    In this electronic age,;emojis;are everywhere, from text messages and emails to clothing, jewelry, school supplies, home furnishings, candies, and more. In 2017, the characters even starred in their first feature film,The Emoji Movie.

    What is an emoji? The small cartoons were first introduced by a Japanese cell phone company in 1999, and they generally represent emotions, places, or common objects, such as pets, clothing, and food. The smiley face on which the emoji was based, however, has a much longer history. The earliest smiley face design in art can be seen on a 4,000 year old clay pot recently unearthed by archaeologists. The classic yellow smiley face emerged in the 1960s, during three unrelated advertising campaigns.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    The emoji in this tutorial is not smiling, however. He’s displaying one of the most universal signs of unhappiness – he’s shedding a tear. Crying can result from anger, fear, pain, sadness, and sometimes even joy. It is a form of non-verbal communication that allows us to share our feelings with others – just as the crying emoji allows us to share our feelings in a typed message.

    If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Happy Emoji, Wink Emoji, and Crying Laughing Emoji.

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    Learn How To Draw A Laughing Emoji Quickly

    You might think that the guy in this picture is crying, but those are actually tears of joy. Start this how to draw a Laughing Emoji tutorial with creating a half-circle in the middle of the paper . It should be pretty big and cover the upper half of the drawing. Once its in place, move on to the eyes they should be nice and in-your-face .

    Dont forget to color the eyes black. They are identical in shape and placement, by the way. The huge tears follow . They go beyond the bottom of the circle we drew in the very beginning and cover a lot of space. But technically speaking, they are quite easy. After this, youll need a bunch of horizontal curvy lines to cover the bottom of the paper .

    This step of the how to draw a Laughing Emoji tutorial includes four lines in total, and they sit on top of each other. Start at the top and make your way to the last one that completes the shape of the Emoji. The brows are the final stage . Did you notice that they are not above the eyes, but rather next to them? Make sure you do the same.

    Cool Emoji Drawing Step By Step For Kids

    How to Draw The Laughing With Tears Emoji – For Beginners

    Drawing and using emojis are always fun. therefore, for drawing a cool emoji smiley face you have to follow the below steps:

    Step 1:: Draw the circle with a plus sign inside it, similarly as shown in the image below.

    Step 2: For the lens of glasses draw letter D with blunt edges rotated 90clockwise in the same way shown in image below.

    Step 3: Now draw the sunglasses frame in W shape below the eyes. Draw a curve inside the upper outline of the emoji and highlight it during coloring. In addition, follow the below image.

    Step 4: To complete the outline of the frame follow the image given below.

    Step 5: To complete the smiling mouth of the emoji draw a small curve after that draw a curve below the head. It will give a 3d effect after coloring.

    Step 6: Then finally color the emoji according to the below image and your cool emoji ready. Moreover, you can also leave it plain, to make it easy.

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    How To Draw Emojis

    0 1044

    With the rise of social media, emojis has become an easy way to communicate our feelings. Sometimes it is hard to write about our emotions in words. Small pictograms help us visually communicate that we are happy, sad, afraid or disgusted. Anyone can read emojis, as they speak beyond any verbal language, they speak our emotions the language we all understand.

    I think at some stage of our lives we all tried to draw smiling and sad faces. Modern emojis look a bit more complex than just a circle, two dots and an upward or downward facing curve. These days there are thankfully many video tutorials on the internet that help us learn how to draw emojis.

    Emojis are actually one of the simplest things you can draw even if you are a complete beginner.

    In this article you will find three step-by-step tutorials on how to draw the most popular emojis in the world:

  • The tears of joy face emoji
  • The kissing face emoji
  • The in love face emoji
  • A quick tip: for creating a perfect circle you can use any round object you can find in your household. It can be for instance a plate, a glass, a bowl, a drawing compass or a protractor. Anything round will do, really.

    How To Draw In Love Emoji With Heart Eyes

    Rafael from the Learn Step By Step YouTube channel makes drawing and coloring emojis look easy. His tutorial on how to draw emojis with heart eyes is easy to follow and slow-paced. In other words, just what you need if you are learning how to draw. He also colors it very carefully. I personally find it almost therapeutical to watch how Rafael is drawing. It is amazing how he manages to draw such a perfect circle free hand! The hearts he draws are also very cute.

    If you tried drawing an emoji, feel free to share your drawings with us. We are looking forward to seeing your creations.

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    How To Type Emojis On Your Computer Keyboard

    Emojis are all over our smartphones.

    These little icons have become an integral part of how we use mobile technology. From text messages to posts, they spice up our everyday digital conversations.;But if you’re an emoji aficionado, you’ve probably pondered this question at some point:;Is there;a simple way to use emojis on my laptop, too?;

    Indeed, there is. Little-known fact: both;Mac and Windows support emoji keyboards within their system, which means you can easily type your favorite pictographs on your Macbook or PC, no copy-pasting required.;And we promise it’s shockingly, ridiculously easy.

    Here’s how you do it.;


    If you’re a Mac user, you can type any emoji with;a simple keyboard shortcut.;

    Go to any text field and press the following keys at the same time:;Command; +;Control;+;Space bar.;This will open a small input panel with all your favorite emojis. It will look just like this:

    You can scroll up and down the panel, or click any of the categories listed at the bottom of the panel.;When you find the right emoji, simply click on it.

    Pro tip: if you click and hold on certain emojis, you can even pick;different hair and skin;tones. Unfortunately, this is only available for a limited number of emojis .


    If you use Windows 8 or Windows 10, using emojis on your device is as simple as ever.

    When you spot the right emoji, click on it and it will appear in your text field.

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