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How To Draw A Laughing Face

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Draw The Eye On The Left Side

How to Draw Laughing Tears of Joy Emoji Easy

Draw a standing oval shape right underneath the left eyebrow. This creates the outline of the left eye of your smiley face.

Then, draw two small circle shapes within the eye. Now, add shade to the entire eye while leaving out the two tiny circles unshaded. This creates an illusion of glimmer in the eye.

Take note that the circle on the upper part of the eye should be a bit bigger than the one at the bottom.

Color The Smiley Face

To color the smiling face make it yellow and slightly shade the inside of the mouth to be darker than the rest of the face. Simply go over the mouth with orange or brown to do this.

You can use pretty much anything you like for the coloring method such as paints, markers or colored pencils.

Once done coloring you should have a finished drawing of the smiley emoji.

Drawing The Laughing Mouth

In this image you can see that the mouth has been drawn in. The upper lip is going to rise up and stretch out to the sides. This will reveal the upper teeth and cause the creases on the sides of the nose to appear.

The jaw is going to open, so you will need to draw in the chin a little lower than in the neutral pose seen in the beginning of this video.

Another little thing added in this image is that you can see a small crease just below the closed eyes. Drawing in this line shows the crease that becomes more visible right at the bottom of the lower eyelid, or eye bag, as the cheeks push upward.

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Drawing Tips For Beginners

I couldn’t resist drawing some other happy faces. In this scribbling, I have compiled a bunch of happy faces on some of the characters I draw every day.

I want you to know that drawing comes very easy to me now because I have more than 50 years of daily practice and learning under my belt. The best part: I don’t have any more drawing ability than you. I just worked very hard at it and developed the ability. You can do this as well. You can learn to draw if you commit to learn and practice daily. Here is a great product to get you started.

I’d love to know how your drawing turned outwon’t you leave me a comment below? Also, be sure to take a look at some of my other drawing tutorials listed below. Good luck!

How To Insert Smiley Faces In Outlook Email Message

How to draw laughing emoji face

Sometimes, inserting smiley face can directly express your emotion in an email message. For how to insert smiley face in Outlook email message, please follow the below tutorial.

    Insert smiley faces with hotkeys in Outlook emails

    When composing new email or replying/forwarding emails in Outlook, you can insert smiley faces in the message body and subject line quickly with hotkeys.

    Place the cursor where you will insert a smile face, and press Win + keys simultaneously to open the Emojis menu, click to insert any emoji you want to insert, and then close the menu. See screenshot:

    Save smiley faces as Outlook AutoText entries for easily reusing with only one click in future

    Normally we insert the smiley faces by Insert> Symbol. But, if you have Kutools for Outlook installed, you can save the inserted smiley faces as Outlook AutoText entries, therefore you can reuse these smiley faces with only one click in other email messages quickly.

    Insert smiley face in Outlook email message with Symbol

    1. In the composing email message window, please go to the Insert tab, and then click Symbol> More Symbols. See screenshot:

    2. In the Symbol dialog box, click Symbols tab, then select Wingdings in the Font drop-down list, and then choose the smiley face you need. Finally click Insert button to insert the selected smiley face to the email body where your cursor places on.

    3. When finish inserting smiley face, please click the Close button to close the Symbol dialog box.

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    How To Do An Evil Laugh

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    Doing a great evil laugh requires more than just letting out a cackle. By getting in an evil mood, using your body language to enhance your laugh and manipulating your voice, you can sound truly evil.

    How To Draw A Laughing Cartoon Character

    How to Draw Emoji Laughing Face with Tears of Joy

    Learn how to create a simple laughing cartoon character that is visually adorable and loaded with emotions and expressions. For this lesson, instead of drawing a whole man laughing, let’s concentrate on the face and the head. Our goal is to make this character as expressive as possible without using hands, feet or the body to put emphasis on this fun expression. Ready? Let’s draw … and laugh! 🙂

    step 1 – drawing the head and some of the facial features

    First, we can work on creating a nice shape for the head as well as adding some important elements on the face. Eyes are made from circular shapes and the nose is done using a long pointed lines with small curved on the bottom. Another line is used to form the ear. Don’t forget to draw large lips and a long tongue. For now, the hair is done using a couple or curved lines that are not connected to each other.

    step 2 – adding more details like eyebrows and teeth

    On top of the head, you can draw line to create more hair. Eyebrows are also sketch using long and thin rectangles. Eyelids are made from curved lines and teeth are created using small squares. We are creating cartoon images, so don’t hesitate to draw a large mouth, long teeth and curved eyebrows. Exaggeration is the key!

    step 3 – a few more details to complete the picture

    step 4 – colors to make the whole drawing visually more attractive

    step 5 – playing with color gradients to give depth

    step 6 – shadows to make this laughing cartoon man … more intense!

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    Draw The Eyebrows & Finish The Line Drawing

    Finally add another pair of curves above the eyes for the eyebrows. Draw these with their inner corners higher up than their outer corners to emphasize that the face is smiling.

    Once done you should have a pencil line drawing of the face. At this point make sure you are happy with your drawing and if you are trace over it with a black pen or marker.

    If you dont have one handy you can also simply darken your lines with the pencil.

    History Of The Iconic Happy Face

    The creator of the iconic happy face was a man named Harvey Ross Ball, co-owner of a public relations and advertising firm in Massachusetts. Harvey took about 10 minutes to design this classic symbol for an insurance company back in 1964. The smiley face logo was designed to get employees at the insurance company to smile when they filled out forms, answered the phone or paid claims.

    Harvey made about $45 for designing the smiley face. Neither the insurance company nor Harvey and his firm trademarked the now-famous symbol. That $45 would be the only profit Harvey would receive from creating the smiley face.

    In September 1970, the phrase “Have a Nice Day” was added by Bernard and Murray Spain. It was at this time that the smiley face caught on and became one of the most recognizable images in the United States. The Spain brothers were in the business of creating fad items. This time, the Spain brothers copyrighted both the smiley face and the “Have a Nice Day” phrase.

    It wasn’t long before the smiley face caught on and appeared on just about everything from buttons and greeting cards to cookie jars and keychains. Like most fads, this one would only last for a short time. By 1972, the smiley face “fad” was declining. In that year, about 50 million smiley face buttons were produced.

    So, there it isthe short and sweet history of the smiley face. Now, let’s get on with this tutorial…

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    Now Add A Blushing Effect

    Add more emotion to your smiley face by making the cheeks appear flushed. Proceed by drawing a small sideways oval shape on each cheek to create a dramatic blushing effect.

    Now that weve successfully drawn a smiley face, its time for the part youre probably most excited about, which is coloring your drawing.

    As you can see in the illustration, we colored the smiley face using the same colors of an emoji. We used a vibrant yellow color for the entire face and a hint of pinkish hue for the blushing cheeks.

    You can opt to color your smiley face similar to how weve done ours or you can use a unique set of colors.

    We recommend doing the latter so you can have fun playing with colors and customizing your artwork!

    How To Draw Laughing Face Emoji

    How to Draw and Paint a Laughing Cartoon Face

    Jack and i are learning The sketching to draw the laughing emoji. Semicolon keys simultaneously to open the emojis menu 2 click to insert any emoji you want to insert and then 3 close the menu.

    Learn The sketching To Draw The Laughing To Tears Emoji That You See All Over The It Is Pretty Easy To Draw F Drawing Lessons The sketching To Draw Steps The sketching To

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    Laughing Hard Face Drawing

    Finish Drawing The Laughing Expression

    To finish this drawing you can draw in the upper and lower rows of teeth. Remember from the previous lesson about how to draw an opened jaw that the upper row of teeth never actually moves because its fixed to the skull.

    Draw in some shading on the sides and back of the mouth and indicate the tongue and shade it in with a lighter tone.

    The last bit of shading that you can add to this expression is along the corners of the mouth to really show that this is a wide and natural smile.

    Do you feel like youre getting the hang of how to modify these expressions yet?

    We hope you enjoyed learning how to draw a laughing face. In the next lesson you will learn how to draw the surprised expression.

    Go to the How to Draw Expressions Video Course

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    How To Draw A Laughing Face

    Just like with anything else, becoming proficient at drawing takes practice. Capturing human expression can be difficult, especially if you are just starting out. There are no shortcuts, but the thing that will make your drawing as convincing as possible is observation. Drawing what you actually SEE as opposed to what you think you see is so important to capturing anything accurately on paper.

    Before you start try to capture complex expressions like laughter, it is a good idea to fully understand how to draw a relaxed face. Understanding the anatomy of the face in terms of bone structure and the way certain muscles move to create expression is also fundamental to understanding how to draw any kind of expression. This does not mean studying the minutia of human anatomy. There are a number of anatomy books specifically designed for artists which just explain what you need to know in order to render faces and expressions accurately.

    Look at your best friend, child, parent or partner when they are laughing. Really pay attention to the way their faces move and make a mental note. This will help you when it comes to capturing a laughing face on paper.

    What Happens To A Laughing Face Observations

    How I Draw A Anime Face In 2020 Laughing Hysterically – Detail geek art

    Obviously everyone is different! But for the most part, when people laugh, very similar things happen to the face.

    Laughing Eyebrows

    Starting at the top of the face, the eyebrows usually move up the forehead. When someone is really laughing hard, sometimes the eyebrows move down.

    Laughing Eyes

    At the same time as this happens, the eyes close significantly. Sometimes they close completely. They look a bit like crescent shapes with the arch at the top.

    Laughing Cheeks and Mouth

    This happens because the corners of the mouth turn up, forcing the cheeks to rise up and stick out, partially or completely closing the eyes.

    Laughing Nose

    As you laugh, the movement of your mouth causes your nose to widen slightly and move up a bit.

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    How To Draw A Crying Laughing Emoji

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    Emojis – small cartoon characters that illustrate emotions or common objects – are abundant. Since 1999, we’ve used emojis to add flavor to our text messages and emails. They are featured on branded products, such as t-shirts, buttons, and school supplies. In 2017, they even starred in their own movie.

    The first smiley face designs date back thousands of years. Patterns resembling a smiley face can be seen on a clay pot that may be 4,000 years old. In past centuries, smiley faces were at times drawn on correspondence. A poem published in 1648 even includes a smiley emoticon consisting of a colon and parenthesis – :).

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    The modern yellow smiley face was developed in the 1960s, and has since taken on numerous forms and uses – including the ubiquitous emoji. The original emoji “alphabet” had 180 different characters, but has since grown to include cultural items from around the world. When a smile alone just isn’t enough, there’s the tears of joy emoji.

    Would you like to draw an emoji that is laughing so hard it is brought to tears? Doing so is easier than ever with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing guide. You will need only a sheet of paper, a pencil, and perhaps an eraser. You may also wish to color your finished character.

    If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Happy Face Emoji, Tongue Out Emoji, and Wink Emoji.

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