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How To Draw A Leaf Easy

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Using Leaves As Illustration In Your Lettering

How to draw a LEAF Easy

Ill show you two examples of lettering work Ive done that utilize leaves to fill in space.

Leaves make great embellishments, whether you use just one type or a combination in your designs.

In this colorful Fall piece, Ive added leaves to give the piece a more Fall-like feeling, despite my rainbow color palette.

In this Its the Will, Not the Skill piece, the leaves help create more overall interest and a sense of balance.

How To Draw A Maple Leaf

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The maple leaf is the symbol of Canada and also the fall season. Learn how to draw one with these steps.

Drawing A Bur Oak Leaf

The bur oak leaves are roughly obovate in shape, with many lobes, about 6 to 12 inches long. The two middle sinuses nearly reach the midrib dividing;leaf;nearly in half. The lobes near the tip resemble a crown, in the summer they are green above and paler, fuzzy below.

  • Step 1: The very definition of a lobed leaf, the bur oak is a fine example of softly rounded lobes and sinuses. First, draw your vertical line and add the demarcated horizontal anchor points .
  • Step 2: From the vertical line, add the branched vein structures, curving them in sweeping lines outwards. Create dotted guidelines.
  • Step 3: Add more outward sweeping branch lines, making the leaf skeleton look like an elaborate candelabra.
  • Step 4: Create flowing lobe lines from the leaf tip to the leaf base, using the dotted lines and branch lines as a guide, remembering to taper it into the iconic bur oak obovate shape.
  • Step 5: Duplicate the flowing, sweeping curved leaf margin on the other side.
  • Step 6: Remove the guidelines and add color or venule texture lines as you like.

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Drawing A Sugar Maple Leaf

Both the;sugar;maple and the Norway maple are large, 5-lobed leaves, with the;sugar maple leaf;having a few large teeth and rounded spaces. Green during the summer, turning golden reddish in the fall.

  • Step 1: Draw out the standard vertical line, but this time section it into 5 horizontal lines, with 4 guidelines and 1 leaf base line. Next, create structure anchors with dotted lines, as shown.
  • Step 2: Using the leaf base guideline as an anchor, draw 2 curved, branching lines at the bottom and 2 arching lines up to the horizontal line at the top.
  • Step 3: Create the structure for the leaf lobes by crossing the top diagonally branching lines with an x.
  • Step 4: Remember those join the dots puzzles kids like to draw? Now its time for you to connect the dots, only this time youll be creating the leaf margin on the right side by drawing sweeping lines from the leaf tip to the leaf base, moving from point to point.
  • Step 5: Repeat joining the dots on the left side to complete the leaf margin.
  • Step 6: Remove lines you no longer need and color or add venules for texture.

Draw The Small Veins & Finish The Line Drawing

How to draw an easy Oak Leaf step by step

Coming out of the larger veins draw the small veins. Try and keep these somewhat random in their bends and curves but overall make them shorter as they go towards the tips.

Once done adding the veins trace over the entire drawing with a black pen or marker. If you dont have one simply darken the line by pressing harder on the pencil.

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Then Draw A Leaf And Vines

How to draw a daffodil bud. Begin drawing the large blossoms erasing as necessary. Use two curved lines allowing them to. Now you can learn how to draw easy cartoon flowers for every occasion.

Daffodil drawing – step 7. Finally simply color it. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

Learn how to draw a Daffodil Real Easy for with Shoo Rayner the author of Everyone Can Draw – the book that teaches you how to draw Real EasyMake sure you. First draw the outline of a morning glory like a cartoon cloud. Weather Extreme hot or cold weather after a daffodil blooms can cause bud blast in the next years batch of flowers.

Draw the remaining part of the morning glory at the top. Would you like to learn to draw a daffodil. Use a V shaped line and a short line to create another smaller twig.

Cutting foliage Daffodils need time to gather energy in their bulbs after blooming is finishedCutting off spent flowers or leaves too soon can cause bud blast the next year. All you need is a pencil and paper. Drawing tutorials for kids and beginners.

Easy simple daffodil drawing. Then draw two curves to get the stem. I will be showing you how to draw a daffodil step by step.

Erase the inside circle. Draw a leaf extending from the stem. Draw the core of this morning glory flower as shown above.

For each petal use two curved lines that meet at a gentle point. Draw two curves to connect the bud to the morning glory. How to Draw a Daffodil.

Start With A Basic Leaf Shape

To choose your basic leaf shape, you can gather inspiration from nature, or you can go abstract and pick a shape that speaks to you.; Snap pictures on your next outing to the park, or in your own back yard or garden.; You will start to notice similar shapes showing up again and again.; Take note of the outer shapes as well as the inner shapes that make up the leaf texture.; ;Below I have two examples of common leaf shapes you can start with.

NOTE:; I suggest you draw all of these steps in pencil, as you will want to erase all these guide lines when you are finished with your final leaf sketch.

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Drawing A Red Oak Leaf

The red oak leaves have point edges, if you are interested in learning more about oaks and how to differentiate them, the Forest Service has this great Field Guide to Native Oaks.

  • Step 1: Using a vertical line as your basic leaf structure, demarcate it into horizontal sections as above. Once you have the horizontal lines in place, add your dotted anchor guidelines.
  • Step 2: Add short lines to denote the points where the red oak leafs lovely serration and curves are indicated. Next, add the branch veins, slightly curving out to the corner points of the dotted anchor lines.
  • Step 3: This is the fun part; begin adding the anchor curves. They will look exactly like lobes, sweeping u shapes flowing from point to point.
  • Step 4: A bit more intricate, but still fun; join the sweeping lobe u shapes by adding more curves. First do one side, and then duplicate it on the other.
  • Step 5: Remove the guidelines you dont need.
  • Step 6: Add texture venules or color to your liking. The structure of the red oak leaf may be a little challenging at first, but the beautifully serrated lobes are well worth the effort.

How To Draw A Simple Leaf

How to draw a LEAF easily

Now that we know how to doodle very simple leaves, we are going to step it up a bit and actually look at nature to draw our leaves, I like doing this when I work on botanical line drawing of flowers and other elements because to me there is no more beautiful reference than looking at what mother nature has created.

But because we still want to make them simple, I will be modifying the final shape a little. So we will not go into the details and finishing that make them look more realistic.

The process will be that I will show you a picture of the leaf we are going to draw and then I will show the steps we will take to achieve something as close as possible to the shape of the original leaf, but SIMPLIFIED so it’s not too hard for beginners.

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Lets Talk About Leaf Drawing Easy

So Guys, The strategy for making this Leaf drawing Easy is straightforward. This drawing is uniquely accommodated, Beginners. In the following section, whatever material you need to utilize is told, at that point, you should peruse the following passage. I expect all of you like all the articles given to us. Coincidentally, it is anything but difficult to make this drawing, you will discover it by taking a gander at the video instructional exercise of this drawing. On the off chance that you have any sort of disarray in creation this drawing, at that point you can ask by posting the video instructional exercise and remark on this blog entry. In the event that you need that we continue posting routinely thusly, at that point you should share our post to an ever-increasing extent.

How To Draw A Leaf

Another tree-focused lesson here lets learn how to draw a leaf. And if youve seen the Seasonal section of the site youll notice I kept the design of this particular one similar to the introductory image on that page.

Instead of a symmetrical logoish look here were going to come up with a unique, stylish-looking maple leaf. So yes do use these examples to help you progress but also, keep in mind that youre free to go your own route with respect to the variation in its size, shape and color.

Lets get drawing!

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How To Draw Leaves: 21 Best Tutorials For Beginners

    When youre only a beginner, drawing leaves are one of the best ways to brush up on your skills. It gives you the freedom to explore different styles, shapes, and sizes which will benefit you in the long run. So, if youre looking to learn how to draw leaves, well show you step by step tutorials on drawing each and every leaf.

    Starting at the basics will eventually help you become more comfortable with drawing.

    Even if youre not aiming to become a pro artist and youre just interested in drawing leaves or maybe you just want an easy way to fill a notebook with cute doodles, these designs are the best way to do so.

    Weve put together a combination of different leaves you can draw in a minute . Theyre incredibly quick and extremely easy to draw.

    Trust me, youre really going to love this!

    You dont need any fancy supplies. Just grab a pen and paper and lets get on with drawing these amazing leaves.

    Before we head over to the tutorials, here are a few autumn leaves you can draw:

    Choose Your Fill Shape

    How To Draw A Beautiful Maple Leaf – Autumn Leaf – Easy Drawing Lesson – Thanksgiving – Fall

    Up to this point you have been creating a grid or framework that you will use to draw your leaf.; Now you want to choose a shape that will make up the detail in your leaf.; Depending on your design, this shape may be the small petals that make up your leaf, or it may create detail inside your larger leaf shape.; The shape you choose can be the same or similar to your original outer shape, or it can be completely different.

    Using the segments you created as a guide, start drawing in your shapes.; I will draw one shape into each section, using it just as a guide.; The shape does not have to touch all edges of the section, just use the section as a guide for placement.; Make your shapes flow together in the same direction as they would on a real leaf, as though they are growing.; In most leaves, they are larger at the bottom and smaller at the top as the new growth is always forming at the top of your leaf.; This is mostly the case, but if you take a look at nature there are always exceptions.; Use your photos as a guide to help you with the flow and placement or just draw what feels right to you.

    In the two examples above, my outer shapes are different, but the inner ones are the same.; I used a wavy diamond shape to fill the sections in both examples.

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    How To Draw Maple Leaves Easy Leaf Step By Step Drawing Lesson

    First, take a look at the maple leaf that is illustrated above. Decide what the basic shape is. Look at the stem. See how it continues to the tip of the leaf. Look at the ribs of the leaf.; Think of the angles where they meet at the stem. Now you can put he big shapes in. Now the details! Always try to see the big shapes first; leave the details to the last. Look at the step by step instructions below.

    Draw The Outline Of The Leaf

    Begin by making an outline of the main shape of the leaf. Make this narrower towards the base and wider towards the middle ending with a pointy tip.

    Next add the petiole/midrib running through its center. The petiole should be thicker near its base and get slightly thinner as it changes into the midrib. The midrib should then continue getting thinner as it goes up.

    Also try and draw the overall shape of the leaf so that it has a bit of a curve. This will make it look more natural.

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    Drawing A Red Maple Leaf

    The leaves of the red maple are lobed with 3 to 5 lobes depending on the age of the leaf. The leaves are green in summer and yellow/reddish during the fall. The margin of the leaf is serrated.

    • Step 1: Draw an elongated vertical line with a shorter horizontal line transecting it a little less than midway from the top. Add the connecting petiole/leaf base line a short way into the vertical line. Just under the horizontal line, demarcate a dotted line to use as an anchor.
    • Step 2: ;Draw 2 connecting lines, from the right and left sides of the horizontal line to join with the petiole/leaf base line. You will now have a facsimile of an upside-down triangular shape with slightly curved sides.
    • Step 3: Using the dotted line for an anchor, connect it to the leaf tip, creating a slightly curved-sided triangle. Using the upside-down triangle as a base, draw 2 sweeping curved lines to the leaf base.
    • Step 4: Using the leaf framework you have created, begin serrating the right side of the leaf margin, from the tip to the base. Duplicate serration on the left side of the leaf.
    • Step 5: Remove your anchor guidelines with an eraser.
    • Step 6: Add custom venule texture and color if you like.

    Draw A Simplified Outline Of The Grape Leaf

    How to Draw a Leaf Easy Step by Step

    Begin by making a simplified drawing of the grape leafs shape without any of the smaller details. Keep the pencil lines for this step as light as you can.

    The reason for starting in this way is because it allows you to more quickly get down the overall form of the leaf and requires a lot less backtracking if you make a mistake.

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    Drawing A Silver Maple Leaf

    The silver maple leaves are 5-lobed more than halfway to the midrib. Margins are irregularly double-toothed. The leaf surfaces are light green above and white to silvery below, giving it the common name silver maple. Fall coloring is light green to yellow-brown.

    • Step 1: Now that have mastered the complexities of the serrated, multiple lobes of the oak, its time to revisit the maple leaf. Beginning with the vertical line, add 4 anchor lines at horizontal points. Then its time to add the dotted guidelines for the structure. You can use a ruler or other straight edge drawing tool to do this or try freestyling it.
    • Step 2: Next, join the top horizontal line to the guideline denoting where the leaf connects to the petiole, and then using sweeping down lines, creating an upside-down triangle.
    • Step 3: You might need to keep an eye on the illustration here. Create the leaf tip by drawing an upside-down v-shape with slightly curved sides. Next, add a truncated upside-down v-shape from the top horizontal line to the middle. Draw 2 sweeping arcs on each side, under the upside-down triangle.
    • Step 4: Its join the dots time. Create the serrations by following your guidelines in the leaf shape shown above.
    • Step 5: Further enhance the serration by creating more detail along the leaf margin. Remove anchor lines.
    • Step 6: Color your leaf as you like, according to season.

    Your Drawings Are Complete

    Congratulationsweve created four beautiful graphite pencil sketches! I hope you were inspired by the leaves and enjoyed the process of drawing.

    For practice, I recommend that you try getting some real leaves and making your own sketches. It will help you to develop your observation skills and understand the principles of shading with graphite pencils much better.

    Let your creative journey be fruitful and full of joy!

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    How To Draw Simple Leaves

    If youre looking for small doodle leaves, then youve found it. These adorable leaves can be used to fill up blank space and they literally can be drawn in seconds.

    In fact, theyre sort of a smaller version of the dogwood and redwood leaves. One being an upside-down heart and the other that curves in a half circle at the bottom.

    So here you have slanted leaves which can be done in two steps. For number 3, all you have to do is draw a slanted line and curve the leaf from the bottom while narrowing it down as it reaches the tip and then curves the line down as it reaches the bottom.

    You can leave a gap open like how I did or you can close it off.;Number 4 is basically the same thing but all we did was add some extra detail by drawing mismatched branches.

    Learn how to draw clover leaves in just 3 steps with this tutorial. The first tutorial will show you a 3 leaf clover tutorial while the once below is a 4 leaf clover.

    These leaves are incredibly fun to draw where youll need to join two heart shapes vertically and then process to draw another heart shape, joining the previous two together. Then you can go ahead and draw the stem.

    Heres a great filler leaf you can draw to fill any blank space. These two leaves are perfect if you want to create a border or just add additional detail to a drawing.

    1. Start by drawing a slanted line.

    2. Then add another line halfway down from the first.

    3. Finish it off by drawing an oval shape with a pointed tip for the leaves.

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