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How To Draw A Line Segment

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Draw A Line Parallel To A Given Line Through A Point Outside It

How to draw Perpendicular bisector of a Line segment

A line \ is given, and \ is a point outside it. Draw a line through \ parallel to \

Steps of construction:

Let \ be the given line, and \ be a given point outside it.

  • Take any point \ on \
  • Join \
  • Draw \ such that \ as shown in the figure.
  • Extend \ on both sides.
  • Then, the line \ passes through the point \ and \

    Sum Of The Angles In A Quadrilateral

  • Add up the four angles of each quadrilateral on the previous page. What do you notice about the sum of the angles of each quadrilateral?
  • Did you find that the sum of the interior angles of each quadrilateral equals 360°? Do the following to check if this is true for other quadrilaterals.
  • On a clean sheet of paper, use a ruler to construct any quadrilateral.
  • Label the angles A, B, C and D. Cut out the quadrilateral.
  • Neatly tear the angles off the quadrilateral and fit them next to one another.
  • What do you notice?
  • We can conclude that the interior angles of a quadrilateral always add up to 360°.

    How To Draw A Line Segment By Using Ruler And Compass

    Constructing a line segment using a ruler and compass gives exact length and it is an accurate approach for students to learn and construct different line segments with exact lengths. The following three steps involve how to construct a line segment by ruler and compass.

    Step 1: Draw a line of any length on empty paper and place a ruler below the line drawn. Label one point as P on the line and another endpoint as Q after the arc drawn of length, we get as follows

    Step 2: By using a ruler, let us open the two arms of a compass. Place the one arm or pointer at the starting point zero of the ruler and widen the compass until the length you want to draw. After that then label that arc is drawn as Q, we get:

    Step 3:; Now, lift the compass carefully from the ruler without moving the arms and place it on the line you drawn and mark both the ends with a pencil and label one point as P and another endpoint as Q. So, the required line segment PQ of length is as follows.

    Do Refer:

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    Constructing Parallel Lines To Draw Quadrilaterals

  • Read through the following steps.

    Step 1

    From line segment AB, mark a point D. This point D will be on the line that will be parallel to AB. Draw a line from A through D.

    Step 2

    Draw an arc from A that crosses AD and AB. Keep the same compass width and draw an arc from point D as shown.

    Step 3

    Set the compass width to the distance between the two points where the first arc crosses ADand AB. From the point where the second arc crosses AD, draw a third arc to cross the second arc.

    Step 4

    Draw a line from D through the point where the two arcs meet. DC is parallel to AB.

  • Practise drawing a parallelogram, square and rhombus in your exercise book.
  • Use a protractor to try to draw quadrilaterals with at least one set of parallel lines.
  • Do the following construction in your exercise book.
  • Use a compass and ruler to construct equilateral \ with sides 9 cm.
  • Without using a protractor, bisect \. Let the bisector intersect AC at point D.
  • Use a protractor to measure \. Write the measurement on the drawing.
  • Name the following types of triangles and quadrilaterals.
  • Which of the following quadrilaterals matches each description below?

    parallelogram; rectangle; rhombus; square; kite; trapezium

  • All sides are equal and all angles are equal.
  • Two pairs of adjacent sides are equal.
  • One pair of sides is parallel.
  • Opposite sides are parallel.
  • Specify The Corner Radius Of Arounded Rectangle

    Geometry – Constructions (1 of 15) How to Draw Line Segments of the Same Length

    Thecorner radius determines the roundness of the rectangles corners.You can change the default radius for all new rectangles, and youcan change the radius for individual rectangles as you draw them.

    • To change the default corner radius, choose Edit;>Preferences;>General or Illustrator;>Preferences;>General , and enter a new value for Corner Radius. Alternatively, select the Rounded Rectangle tool, click in the document window, and enter a new value for Corner Radius. The default radius applies only to new rounded rectangles you draw, not to existing rounded rectangles.

    • To change the corner radius while dragging with the Rounded Rectangle tool, press the Up Arrow key or Down Arrow key. When the corners are the desired roundness, release the key.

    • To create square corners while dragging with the Rounded Rectangle tool, press the Left Arrow key.

    • To create the most rounded corners while dragging with the Rounded Rectangle tool, press the Right Arrow key.

    You can’t change the corner radius after youve drawn a rounded rectangle. If you feel that you might need to change the corner radius, draw a normal rectangle and choose Effect>Convert to Shape>Rounded Rectangle and specify the rounded rectangle parameters. To change the corner radius or other parameters, modify the effect parameters in the Appearance panel.

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    S To Draw Or Construct Line Segments

    A line segment is the shortest path that joins two given points, but a line has indefinite length and has no endpoints. The points that join A and B can be written as line segment AB and denote as \. To construct a line segment we have two different methods as follows:

    • Constructing a line segment by the ruler
    • Constructing a line segment by ruler and divider or compass

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    Draw A Line Perpendicular To A Given Line From A Point On It

    A line \ is given, and \ is a point on it. Draw a line through \ perpendicular to \;

    Step of construction:

    Let \ be the given line, and \ be a point on it.

  • With centre \ and any radius, draw a semicircle to intersect \ at \ and \
  • With centre \ and any radius more than \ draw an arc.
  • With centre \ and the same radius, draw another arc, cutting the previously drawn arc at \
  • Join \
  • Verification: Measure \ and \ You would find that \

    Command Options Autocad Segment

    How to draw the Square root of a line segment

    line in AutoCAD system is simplest primitive object, so “Line” command, during execution, contains minimum of options. functionality of this tool includes two standard options:

    • “Cancel” – cancels setting of last point of AutoCAD segment;
    • “Close” – closes construction of line consisting of several segments, connecting last specified point of extreme segment with first point of first segment.

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    Edit Points In A Shape

    You can edit the points of most shapes. For example, you edit points when you need to lean a triangle over to the right.

  • Select the shape that you want to edit.

  • On the Format tab, click Edit Shape , and then click Edit Points.

  • Drag one of the vertexes that outline the shape. A vertex is the point, indicated by a black dot, where a curve ends or the point where two line segments meet in a freeform shape.

  • Working with editing points

    Bisecting A Line Segment With A Ruler

  • Read through the following steps.

    Step 1: Draw line segment AB and determine its midpoint.

    Step 2: Draw any line segment through the midpoint.

    The small marks on AF and FB show that AF and FB are equal.

  • CD is called abisector because it bisects AB. AF = FB.

  • Use a ruler to draw and bisect the following line segments: AB = 6 cm and XY = 7 cm.
  • In Grade 6, you learnt how to use a compass to draw circles, and parts of circles called arcs. We can use arcs to bisect a line segment.

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    What Are The Methods To Draw A Line Segment

    A line segment is a part of a line with a beginning point and an endpoint. It has a definite length and is denoted by a bar on top which is the line segment symbol. To draw a line segment of a given length, we can follow;any;of the following;methods:

    • Drawing a Line Segment using a Ruler
    • Drawing a Line Segment using Ruler and Compasses

    S To Draw A Line Segment

    Geometry – Constructions (6 of 15) How to Draw the Bisector of a Line Segment

    A line segment, as the name says,;is a part of a line with two endpoints. It is amongst;the essential elements of practical geometry,;facilitating;the construction of geometric shapes and figures. A line segment is a part of a straight line that connects two points.; A line segment with two endpoints, A and B, is written as;AB. But how to draw a line segment? Do we use a similar tool to draw a line segment as what is used to measure it?;

    FAQs on;Methods to Draw a Line Segment

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    Lines Segments And Rays

    Although we all know intuitively what a line is, it is actually difficult to give a good mathematical definition. Roughly, we can say that a line is an infinitely thin, infinitely long collection of points extending in two opposite directions. When we draw lines in geometry, we use an arrow at each end to show that it extends infinitely.

    A line can be named either using two points on the line or simply by a letter, usually lowercase .

    A line segment has two endpoints. It contains these endpoints and all the points of the line between them. You can measure the length of a segment, but not of a line.

    A segment is named by its two endpoints, for example, A ¯ .

    A ray is a part of a line that has one endpoint and goes on infinitely in only one direction. You cannot measure the length of a ray.

    A ray is named using its endpoint first, and then any other point on the ray (for example, B

    What Are Lines Line Segments And Rays

    Lines, line segments, and rays are found everywhere in geometry. Using these simple tools, you can create parallel lines, perpendicular bisectors, polygons, and so much more. In this lesson, you will learn the definitions of lines, line segments, and rays, how to name them, and few ways to measure line segments.

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    Measuring A Line Segment

    Follow the given steps to measure the length of a line segment:

    Step 1: Pick up a scale to measure the length of a line segment. Generally smaller line segments are measured using a centimeter scale.

    Step 2: Identify the line segment you want to measure.

    Step 3: Place the tip of the ruler at the starting point of the line segment.

    Step 4: Read the number on the scale where the line segment ends. In this case, it is 5. So, the length of the given line segment is 5 cm.;;

    Drawing A Line Segment Using Ruler And Compass

    Constructing the perpendicular bisector of a line segment

    Another method to draw a line segment is by using;a ruler and compasses. This can be considered a more accurate method but requires more attention.

    • Step 1: Draw a line of any length.
    • Step 2: Mark the starting point of the line segment as;point A.
    • Step 3: Take;a ruler and;place the pointer of the compass at A, open the compass, say 6;cm apart from the pencils lead.
    • Step 4: Mark an arc on the line with the pencil point.
    • Step 5: Mark the intersection point of;the arc and line as;point B.
    • Step 6: AB is the required line segment of length 6;cm.

    Tips and Tricks

    • Look straight down at the ruler while drawing the line segment, to avoid errors.
    • Don’t forget to check if the hinge at the top of the compass is tightened so that it may;not slip.
    • Tighten the hold for the pencil so that it;should;not slip but do not apply any pressure to the pencil otherwise the width of your circle will change.
    • Ensure that you align the pencil lead with the compass’s needle.

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    Dividing A Given Line Segment In A Given Ratio

    Divide a line segment of length \ internally in the ratio \ We follow the steps for the construction:

  • Draw a line segment \ by using a ruler.
  • Draw any ray making an acute angle \ with \
  • Along \ mark off \\) points \ and \ such that \
  • Join \
  • Through \ draw a line \ parallel to \ by making an angle equal to \ at \ intersecting \ at a point \ The point \ so obtained is the required point, which divides \ internally in the ratio \
  • Construct A Perpendicular Bisector Of A Line Segment

    Draw the perpendicular bisector of a given line segment \ of length \ and the steps of construction are given below:

  • Draw the line segment \
  • With \ as centre and radius, more than half \ draw arcs, one on each side of \
  • With \ as a centre and the same radius as before, draw arcs, cutting the previously drawn arcs at \ and \
  • Join \ meeting \ at \ Then, \ is the perpendicular bisector of \
  • Verification: Measure \ and \ You would find that \;Also, on measuring, we find that \

    Hence, \ is the perpendicular bisector of \

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    Ways To Choose Option Of Spacing Command In Autocad

    To select Split tool options you can:

    • Use context menu command. Click right mouse button anywhere in graphic area of drawing and select option from it using mouse.
    • In options of tool, some letters are in capital letters , Close “. You should not call context menu or list of option of dynamic input of “Segment” command to select option, just look at command line. From AutoCAD 2013 version, command line options have become hyperlinks and you can see which letter in upper case option.
    • Use dynamic input. Selecting command option in AutoCAD, as well as opening / closing list with options of “Segment” command in program is made by pressing “Up” and “Down” keys.
    • Use command line hyperlinks in command line. Hyperlinks are marked with gray background and blue uppercase letters of options. Select by clicking.

    Bisecting Angles Without A Protractor

    Draw a Line Segment
  • Read through the following steps.

    Step 1

    Place the compass on the vertex of the angle . Draw an arc across each arm of the angle.

    Step 2

    Place the compass on the point where one arc crosses an arm and draw an arc inside the angle. Without changing the compass width, repeat for the other arm so that the two arcs cross.

    Step 3

    Use a ruler to join the vertex to the point where the arcs intersect .

    DB is the bisector of \.

  • Use your compass and ruler to bisect the angles below.

    You could measure each of the angles with a protractor to check if you have bisected the given angle correctly.

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    A Perpendicular Line From A Given Point

  • Read through the following steps.

    Step 1

    Place your compass on the given point . Draw an arc across the line on each side of the given point. Do not adjust the compass width when drawing the second arc.

    Step 2

    From each arc on the line, draw another arc on the opposite side of the line from the given point . The two new arcs will intersect.

    Step 3

    Use your ruler to join the given point to the point where the arcs intersect .

    PQ is perpendicular to AB. We also write it like this: PQ ⥠AB.

  • Use your compass and ruler to draw a perpendicular line from each given point to the line segment:
  • Measuring And Classifying Angles

    In the figures below, each angle has a number from 1 to 9.

  • Use a protractor to measure the sizes of all the angles in each figure. Write your answers on each figure.
  • Use your answers to fill in the angle sizes below.
  • Next to each answer above, write down what type of angle it is, namely acute, obtuse, right, straight, reflex or a revolution.
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