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How To Draw A Lips Easy

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How To Draw Lips Step By Stepstep : Analyzing Edges

How to Draw Lips Easy

Notice that the lips consist mostly of various degrees of soft edges, which makes this a trickier drawing scenario.

Fortunately, we can make out the sharpest edge quite clearly: it’s along the left side of the line where the lips meet . Test it yourself! Squint at the image and check to see which edge remains the sharpest.

The next sharpest edge after that is perhaps the right corner of the mouth, or the overlapping line that separates the ridge of the upper lip from the philtrum

And the softest edges are … essentially everywhere else!

I want to point out the differences in edge quality in the line where the lips meet. This is not a simple, solid line with a single edge quality! If we travel along this line from left to right, it first begins with what we’ve identified as the sharpest edge. The edge softens as it approaches the tubercle. The line is then interrupted by the tubercle slightly overlapping the lower lip.

Notice that this line actually has two edges! This is most visible at the right corner of the mouth: do you see that the line at the corner of the mouth has a slightly softer top edge, and slightly sharper bottom edge?

How To Draw Lips Step By Stepstep : Drawing The Value Extremes

As I build up the values, I’ve been keeping the drawing very ‘open’ – malleable and easy to change – by keeping the edges fairly soft and not adding any of the darkest accents yet. When dark accents are very obvious and easy to locate, I like to start with them and draw them as soon as possible. However, when they are more subtle, as they are here, I prefer to build up to them.

Notice that the lightest values in this subject are found in the ridge of the upper lip, the highlights in the lower lip, and the ridge of the lower lip .The darkest values in this subject are found where the upper and lower lips meet. However, the upper and lower lips don’t meet in a simple, dark line. Notice that there are areas where it is darkest , and areas where it lightens slightly. These differences are important to notice and indicate in our drawings for them to ‘read’ as realistic and naturalistic.

Notice that the top planes of both ridges are catching light, while the front planes of both ridges are in shadow.

Here I have more specifically drawn the line where the lips meet. I’m paying close attention to its angle changes, value and edge shifts. I have also started defining the ridges of the upper and lower lip.

How To Draw Lips Step By Step

A good way to start learning to draw lips is by doing your own. Just take a picture and use the steps that are shown in this tutorial to reach a complete drawing. Recheck the steps if you want to review some particular points and keep practicing.

To summarize, learning to draw lips can be done by any artist that is ready to dedicate some time to it. There are a lot of resources that can be used and for sure your portrait drawings will get better if you study this.

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Realistic Lips Drawing In Pencil

Whenever youre creating a realistic portrait, one of the most important features will be the lips outline. Theyre an interesting part of the face because they are a huge part of our expressions and can help define how a portrait looks. You always want to make sure that while youre drawing your portrait that your lips are at the proper angle. For example, if youre drawing a portrait at a ¾ view, youll need to make sure your lips are at the appropriate angle as well. Well show you how to draw 3 different pairs of lips step-by-step so you can follow along and use this guide to help you with your next portrait. Grab some sketching supplies, get comfortable and keep reading to see how we draw realistic lips.

How To Draw Teeth And Lips

How to draw Lips for Beginners / Easy Way

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“Lips, however rosy, must be fed.” – Ovid, Roman poet, 43 BC to 18 AD

Lips have long featured in popular culture. Since time immemorial, poets have waxed romantic about the fleshy protuberances surrounding the mouth that form the smile. William Shakespeare cast young Romeo to swoon over his Juliet: “Thy lips, two blushing pilgrims ready stand.” Love letters are sealed with a kiss, and school supplies, clothing, and everything in between may be emblazoned with puckered lips, especially near the romance-themed holiday of Valentine’s day. They also represent iconic logos, such as the tongue and lips logo of the Rolling Stones.

Lips, however, have many important uses besides kissing. Lips are a tactile organ, meaning they have nerve endings that are sensitive to touch, heat, and cold. Babies and small children thus use their lips to learn about their world. Lips are also forming the smile, a form of non-verbal communication.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Lips are also important in speech and food intake. We use our lips to articulate different sounds when we talk. People with hearing loss can even increase their understanding of a conversation by lip-reading, or watching the shapes made by the mouth. Our muscular lips also enable use to keep food inside our mouths and create the airtight seal necessary to draw liquid through a straw.

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By Step Practice Sheets To Learn Drawing With Ease

You dont need to learn how to draw lips step by step, as this grid method helps you to learn to draw lips by practicing. All mouths are different and unique to each individual, so once youve practiced and learned lip drawing skills, youll be able to get creative by changing them to look different each time you draw them and theyll all look realistic.

When you use the included practice sheets, youll be able to draw realistic lips soon enough from memory.

Weve included different types of mouths for you to learn to draw so you can pick your favorite and practice. As well as learning how to draw lips, youll also learn how to draw teeth too and youll have a good understanding of how to draw a mouth which is a skill youll be able to keep for life.

Youll then be able to get creative and draw lips in different styles that are unique to you. When youre finished you can add a touch of color to the lips for an even more realistic finish.

Youll learn how to draw lips easily with these free drawing activities.

So print these drawing activities, look out some pencils and start practicing drawing lips. Its a relaxing activity and one that helps you develop a new skill.

How To Draw A Mouth: Simplified Structures

First, let us analyze the mouth without the lips, to better analyze its structure.

To understand the mouth, think about a sphere. The mouth would be half of it. This is a simple exercise that shows that the mouth is not exclusively a straight line when it is closed and a crescent when it is open, but that it has its own volume.

In this example, you can see a mouth in its simplest form without perspective and how it can be imagined with ¾ perspective .

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Guidelines For Drawing Lips

Ready to learn all about drawing lips? Lets go!

First, draw in the middle line between the two lips. Remember to add a slight curve to this line, because the mouth is sitting on the rounded structure of the skull and the teeth sit below it.

Add a little bump in the middle of the upper lip just like in the example image above. If you look closely at your own lips in the mirror, you will probably notice this same little bump on the bottom of the upper lip, right in the middle.

Begin drawing lips by adding in two large ovals to form the lower lip. Then, draw a circle in the middle of the upper lips and add in another two thinner ovals on both sides of the upper lip.

This will give you a good base to begin drawing the lips from.

Add some additional guidelines to the middle of the circle that you drew on the upper lip to create a rounded heart shape. These guides will give you everything you need to start drawing in the outer edges of the lips.

In this example. you can see a line has started to be drawn on the upper lip, running from the corner of the mouth towards the heart shape in the middle.

Finish drawing the lines that will form the outside edge of the lips.

When you are drawing in the lower lip, make sure to include the slight indentation right at the middle. This indent should form naturally between the two guide ovals that you drew to create the lower lip.

How To Draw Lips Step By Stepstep : Starting To Add Values

How to Draw Shade Lips in Pencil

I begin adding values to my drawing by filling in the darkest, most obvious shadow shapes. I’m using light values so that I can check the accuracy of the shadows shapes before committing to them .

Because the values in these lips are quite subtle, I’m going to build them up in layers. This gives me more time to adjust proportions and value relationships, and gain confidence in my drawing before adding any dark accents that may be difficult to erase.

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Tutorial To Draw Anime/cartoon Lips

Step 1 As the lip gets down further, it gets more defined. The figure below explains it all.

Step 2 The next figure shows the difference between wring and right lips.

Step 3 We can draw a variety of anime lips according to the character we like. Below are few simple and attractive anime lips.

Step 4 The anime lips look best when the lower lips are more defined. I am giving you an example below for your better understanding.

How To Draw Lips Step By Stepstep : Drawing Overlapping Lines

Overlapping lines are an essential part of a convincing block-in. They start creating depth and dimension in your drawing before you even add tone, by showing what form is in front of another form. Watch Lesson 4 of my free mini-course to learn about this essential drawing concept.

A few of the essential overlaps I’ve pointed out in the image above:

  • The tubercle is in front of the right side of the lip.
  • An overlap occurs between the left pillowy form of the lower lip and a portion of the ridge of the lower lip that is slightly visible behind it. Important note: the line between these two forms is a soft edge! I’ll discuss edges later in the tutorial.
  • In area 3, the peaks of the lip are closest to us. Behind it is the ridge along the upper lip, and behind that is the philtrum.
  • Notice that I don’t draw any sharp, dark lines where there are soft edges. If you don’t see a sharp line, don’t draw one! You will only add work for yourself, since you will have to soften the line later on, once you start adding values to your drawing.

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    Draw The Boundary Of The Lips

    The next step to follow is to draw the boundary of the lips. See the following picture where I have drawn the upper and lower lips.

    Here also use only HB pencil to draw the boundary of lips.

    Always keep a reasonable length to breadth ratio for the lips. The shape of the lips varies from person to person. We would see how to draw different types of lips later on.

    In step #2 itself, we can refine the boundary of lips as follows.

    To Draw Lips From The Side


    Step 1 The first stroke determines the position of the lip. Draw a straight line which shows normal bite i.e. the line passes through the edges of the upper and lower lip.

    Step 2 The second stroke is drawn almost perpendicular to the first line whose angle tells us about the thickness of the upper and lower lip.

    Step 3 Now draw a line using the lines. Height of the triangle is directly proportional to the width of the lip.

    Step 4 We then give a small dot at the end of the triangle to show the corner of the mouth.

    Step 5 Draw curve starting from the top left corner of the triangle within the half triangle to form the top lip.

    Step 6 Continue the line in curved manner along the middle line top divide the upper and lower lip.

    Step 7 Similarly now start from bottom left corner to form the lower lip.

    Step 8 Now we draw the upper and lower lip by extending the lines in curvy shape but not too far.

    Step 9 Draw the rims of the lip by following the sides of the triangle till you reach the corner of the mouth. Erase the outlines.

    Step 10 Draw faint vertical lines within both the lips and shade them to complete your lips. Remember to soften the edges.

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    Block Out The Shadows

    With the shape of your lips refined, its time to start thinking about the shadows. Because its harder to erase areas of pencil shading than it is some light pencil lines, observe where the shadows fall and their general shape. Mark it on your drawing. You might see a highlightprobably in the center of the bottom lipso mark that on your paper, too.

    Three Quarter View Lips Outline Drawing

    As already mentioned in the front view drawing of the lips the bottom lip is actually two parts. This becomes more evident when you look at the lips in the three quarter view. You can see that the bottom lip drawing is actually two small curves with the middle being a sort of indent.

    There is also a bit of a bump in the middle of the top lip.

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    How To Draw Lips From The Side View

    The middle part of the upper lip sticks outward, and the same underlying oval shapes that you used to make the front view of the lips can be used here again as your guidelines. When learning about drawing lips, try and think of these ovals as little inflated round balloons with real depth to them.

    In this image you can see the differences between thefront and side view drawings of the lips.

    Heres another example of the lips, but this time the oval guide lines have been made bigger to give the lips a thicker appearance.

    Also notice how the upper lip naturally forms an M shape that has been stretched out and smoothed on both the top and bottom part of the upper lip. Though it may seem quite simple to think of the upper lip as an M it just might be the visual that you need to keep in mind to help you easily understand exactly what you are trying to draw.

    Even when you are drawing thin lips the same guidelines and rules still apply. First create your middle line which is curved around the teeth, and then go in and start to add the guide ovals to draw the upper and lower lips.

    Finally connect everything together with a defining line along the top and bottom lip to finish them off.

    And that, it youre done! In the next lesson on drawing lips, youll learn about the differences between the male and female lips and how to draw each of them.

    Draw The Left Side Of The Bottom Lip

    DO’s and DON’Ts // How to Draw Realistic Lips // Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners!!

    After completing the outline of the upper lip, we will now be moving on to the bottom lip.

    Beginning from the left endpoint of the upper lip, draw a downward curved line until youre aligned with the cupids bow on the upper lip.

    Remember, the further you go down when drawing the bottom lip, the more plump your lips will look. If you want to draw thin lips, the line should only be slightly curved.

    But if you want a fuller lips like the one shown in the illustration, draw a downward sloping curved line.

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