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How To Draw A Man Easy

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How To Draw A Person

How to draw a man (EASY to follow)

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Drawing a person can be challenging, even for experienced artists. Getting the proportions of the human body right can be tricky, and sometimes its just hard to know where to start. Fortunately, whether you want to draw a realistic person or a cartoon, there are some simple tricks you can use to sketch the basic outline of a person. Then, you can make minor adjustments depending on what kind of person you want to draw.

Your Man Drawing Is Complete

We hope you learned how to draw a man with the help of this step-by-step tutorial. Were sure you can incorporate what you have learned in your future drawings.

Now, you can draw a beautiful natural scenery with a man standing in the middle or perhaps a man swimming in the ocean. The possibilities in drawing are endless once youre capable of drawing a man.

Come on, dont be shy! We know how youve worked hard for it so we can already tell that it looks incredible. Be proud of yourself for finishing a masterpiece and let the world appreciate your talent!

We cant wait to see your cool and colorful man drawing!

Drawing A Realistic Person

  • 1Draw a vertical line and divide it into 8 equal sections. Each section will be equal to 1 head length, which is the length of your persons head from top to bottom. Generally, adult figures are 8 head lengths tall, so marking this on your paper at the beginning will help you keep the proportions of your drawing right.XResearch source
  • Draw horizontal lines to divide up the vertical line, and keep in mind that the top horizontal line will be the top of your persons head and the bottom line will be the bottom of your persons feet.
  • If you want to draw a child, divide the vertical line into fewer head lengths since children are generally shorter than adults. For example, use 3 head lengths for a toddler, or use 6 for a 10-year old.
  • 2Sketch rough outlines of the different parts of the body. Use the head lengths you marked on the paper to help you with the proportions. Make sure you include rough outlines for the head, arms, body, and legs. Dont worry about making the shapes precise yet since this is just a rough sketch.XResearch source
  • The outline of the head should fall within the top head length section.
  • The outlines of the persons body and arms should start in the second head length section and extend down to the fourth section.
  • The outlines of the legs should take up the lower 4 head length sections.
  • To draw a person with feminine features, narrow the shoulders and chest area, and broaden the hips and thighs. Try to use rounder, softer lines to outline your figure.
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    Second Step Simple Hands And Feet

    Now that youve got a near-perfectly symmetrical and proportionate stick person to work from, lets add the extremities hands and feet.

    Honestly, when learning how to draw people, drawing hands and feet can be a difficult task with or without a guideline. It takes practice. No worries though, were only drawing a stick person to start. And keeping with the overall simplicity of any stick person, lets keep the hands and feet simple too!

    Using circles just like with the head, map out the hands and feet keeping with the overall symmetry and proportion of the stick person.

    Done? Good stuff. You now have a near-perfect framework from which to draw your cartoon person. Its simple, its symmetrical, and from a cartoon-point-of-view, its relatively proportional for what we want at this point!

    Next, lets take things a step further and see how we can go about turning this “stick person” into an actual cartoon person!

    Third Step Bring Out The Body

    Easy Cartoon Drawing : How to Draw a Cartoon Man

    Well, at this point weve got circles for the head, hands and feet but only lines for the arms, legs and mid-section. Lets change this!

    Go over each of the four lines that make up the body of your stick person by drawing rectangles of equal size and position directly over each line.

    Interesting thought similar to how our skeletons are the frameworks for our human bodies, the “sticks” in a stick person make up the framework for a cartoon person. In this way, a stick person is actually the skeleton of a cartoon person!

    With this thought in mind, drawing the rectangles or any other shapes over the lines of the stick person.. is the equivalent to adding the skin and other organs to a human skeleton. Creepy thought yet relevant when learning how to draw people!

    OK got your rectangles all drawn out? Next, lets jump into “cartoon mode” and come up with something that looks more like the cartoon person we are trying to draw.

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    Draw A Proportionate Nose

    Extend the 2 lines where the inner corners of each eye are located. These guidelines will determine the noses width. Now that we have a box, its time to draw the nose.Start with a circle, resting it anywhere between line 1 and 2. You can give your male character a more chiseled appearance by drawing the nose using very angular shapes.

    Add Facial Features To Finish The Look

    Complete your drawing by adding the facial features. Start by drawing a pair of arched eyebrows.

    Men naturally have thicker and fuller eyebrows than women, so make sure to keep that in mind when drawing the eyebrows.

    Afterwards, draw two standing oval shapes right underneath each eyebrow. Then, draw a small circle within each eye to highlight the glimmer. Dont forget to shade the entire eyes except for the tiny circle inside! This creates a dramatic gleaming eyes effect.

    To create the nose and the mouth, simply draw a small upward curved line for the nose and a bigger and wider one for the smile.

    At this point, your drawing should now be finished! Now all its missing is a splash of colors to make your character look dashing. So, lets go ahead and color it!

    After completing the man drawing, its now finally time for the most enjoyable part, which is picking a unique set of colors and coloring your character! In this step, you can showcase your artistic skills as well as your ability to mix and match colors.

    Lets start by coloring the skin. To create the skin tone color, combine the colors red, yellow, brown, and white.

    Depending on the complexion youre aiming for, you may want to add more of a specific color than the rest.

    After coloring to the skin, move on to its hair as well as the clothes your character is wearing. You can opt to color your drawing similar to our illustration or using a unique set of colors.

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    Drawing The Detail Of The Head Shape

    Refine the shape of the top of the head based on the above example. In this case we will crop some of the circle around the sides of the head and make the top area a little less curved. Afterwards draw in the outer shapes of the cheek bones.

    You can erase the circle guidelines after you are done with this step.

    Sketch Head Torso And Limbs

    How To Draw a Cute EASY Lego Man – EASY Chibi – Step By Step – Kawaii

    Sketch the head as an oval shape in the first segment in the middle of the first and second lines.

    The neck and shoulder slopes go a half a HH in the second block. Next, from the center axis, go out a full HH and place a mark. This indicates shoulder placement.

    TIP: An average width for male shoulders is two head heights or sometimes a bit less. Womens shoulders are usually one-half the heads height, although they can be wider or narrower.

    The waist and elbows are three head heights from the crest of the head. Make marks here.

    I also place some marks to indicate the bodys midsection at the hips, four head heights from the top. This is also where to put marks to indicate the location of the wrists. The palms length is about three-fourths a HH below the wrist mark.

    TIP: A mans hips are one and a half head heights, while a womans tend to be wider about 2 head heights, although it varies with each person.

    I put a mark for the knees either a bit higher than the 6th line or at this exact level. Once again it varies with each individual.

    Now I place another mark for the feet at the 8th line with the foot width about half of a head height.

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    Afterwards Draw The Right Leg

    Right underneath the upper body, draw two parallel curved lines forming the right leg. Make sure that the lines are slightly curved outwards to make the structure of the leg appear natural and realistic.

    Afterwards, finalize the right leg by drawing a short horizontal line connected to both end points of the parallel vertical line. This outlines one leg of the pants.

    Sketch Downwards From The Centre Point In The Oval Body To Add Legs And Feet

    Simple person drawing. One of the best easy sketches to draw is a key part of winter fun. This is a game built with machine learning. How to Draw a Female Face.

    Muscles and Other Body Mass. Learn step-by-step drawing easy to follow and fun drawings. But the more you play with it the more it will learn.

    Go for this tutorial if you want to want to discover how to draw a person easy. These drawing tutorials are designed for kids of all ages even the. You will learn to draw all kind of cute cartoon like and even realistic characters and our collection of lessons is always growing.

    Free online drawing application for all ages. We Have got 5 pics about Person Cool Drawings Easy Step By Step images photos pictures backgrounds and more. All that you need is paper pencils and crayons.

    The tutorial shows more details about face drawing but also offers useful techniques to draw a person. You draw and a neural network tries to guess what youre drawing. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a snowflake step by step and how to use the same method to draw your own unique snowflake.

    Here youll find plenty of fun things to draw flowers dragons dogs people and more. Our easy drawing ideas are based on simple and easy strokes. Kidsdrawing easydrawings drawinginspiration howtodraw fundrawing freeprintables.

    You should use quality drawing supplies to get the reward of your work. The basics of drawing people realistically. If so Easy Drawing Guides is the perfect place to start.

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    How To Draw A Man For Beginners

    How to draw a Bald Man – Easy for kids and beginners

    In todays drawing tutorial we are going to draw a man. This drawing lesson is simpler than previous tutorials, because it is very basic, contains no complicated parts, shadows, and created by us for you to have fixed proportions of the human body.To the lesson was most informative for you, we have decided to draw a man from three different angles. Lets get down to the tutorial on how to draw a man for beginners

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    How To Draw A Horse

    Horses are notoriously difficult to capture. There’s no mass of fur to hide behind, there are all kinds of difficult angles on the head, and the skeleton works differently to what we’re typically used to. Plus, get it wrong and your steed will quickly start to look comical. Find out how to draw a horse that looks realistic in this easy to follow tutorial, which comes with a helpful video.

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    First Step Symmetry And Proportion

    When youre first starting out drawing people, its an excellent idea to use some sort of guideline to ensure you keep both symmetry and proportion. This is especially true for drawing people.

    Why? Well, eventually youll be drawing people of different shapes and sizes, and in different positions too. It can be quite frustrating when drawing people if you havent first established and afterwards maintained these two key components symmetry and proportion.

    Unlike animals and other things, people all have the same basic shape. But when starting out, its important that you get the shape right! Its got to be bang on. Then, later on when everything is just right you add the details and create a very convincing cartoon person. Its an excellent way to go about it!

    Alright then, using a center line, go ahead and draw another stick person. Keep it simple. Make sure that everything is in line and whatever you do to the left side, do the same to the right.

    Now Draw Your Characters Ears And Hair

    How to Draw a Scared Person – Easy Drawings

    Draw a semicircle on each side of the mans face. This outlines the pair of ears. Remember, since the man is slightly facing towards the left, the left ear shouldnt be as visible as the right ear.

    Then, starting from the top of both ears, draw the hairline and the top of the hair. Dont forget to add thick pointed clumps of hair to add texture, making your drawing look more realistic!

    As usual, feel free to draw any hairstyle you like!

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    Materials For A Gingerbread Man Drawing

    • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand are the most reliable, make nice dark lines when you need them, and are the easiest to erase. Buying the pre-sharpened ones will save busy teachers a lot of time.
    • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tip erasers, especially when erasing leftover pencil lines after tracing.
    • BlackSharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
    • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
    • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.

    Drawing People In A Scene/background

  • 1Sketch a scene. Don’t be too focused on how it looks, but make sure it matches what your people are wearing and style.
  • 2Sketch the wireframes and positions for your characters . Remember that this is not the flesh, but just a kind of skeleton. Don’t forget to add ovals to bends.
  • 3Sketch the body shapes needed to help you build the figures’ bodies.
  • 4Sketch the details for the faces, clothes, shoes, features, etc. Don’t forget to match the weather in your scene! Keep it simple, but not too simple. Changes are made for women and men. Women have thinner hips, but bigger torsos and waists. Men have more angular faces and features, while women’s are more round. Women also tend to have thinner necks.
  • 5Refine the sketch using a smaller tipped drawing tool. Smooth out each straight line to be more curved and humane. You don’t need a square-bodied person walking around! Make sure to add creases or lines coming out from the joints for more depth.
  • 6Draw the outline over the sketch. You can use a marker, pen or just push harder with the pencil.
  • 7Erase and remove the sketch marks.
  • 8Add color to the drawing. Sign your name if you wish. Keep true to your shading and scene. Make sure to sign your name on the bottom right and not anywhere else!Advertisement
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    How To Draw A Dog

    Kate Oleska offers a simple step-by-step guide to how to draw a dog, covering the key rules to follow to ensure your dog drawing is realistic and anatomically correct. Different breeds of dog may look very different, but beneath that fur they’re structurally similar. So even if your chosen pooch isn’t like the one in the drawing above, this step-by-step guide will come in handy.

    Drawing A Cartoon Person

    How To Draw Iron Man | Easy Iron Man Drawing
  • 1Draw an oval and divide it into 4 equal sections. This will be the head of your cartoon person. Make the head bigger than you would for a realistic-looking person since cartoons usually have exaggerated proportions. Use a horizontal and vertical line to divide the oval into 4 equal parts.XResearch source
  • The horizontal and vertical lines in the oval will help you draw the face on your cartoon person later on.
  • 2Draw a cylinder for the neck and a rectangle for the torso. Draw the neck so its coming out of the bottom center of the oval. Then, draw a rectangle coming off the bottom of the neck to make your cartoon persons torso.XResearch source
  • If you want to draw a cartoon person with feminine features, make the top of the rectangle narrower and the bottom of the rectangle wider.
  • To draw a cartoon person with masculine features, broaden the top of the rectangle and make the bottom narrower.
  • 3Draw cylinders for the arms and legs and circles for the knees and elbows. You should draw 2 cylinders for each arm and leg and have 1 circle in between each pair. The circles will be the outlines of the joints in your drawing. You can position the arms and legs depending on what your cartoon person is doing, but generally, the arms should extend out of upper corners of the torso and the legs should extend down off of the bottom.XResearch source
  • Use straight, angular lines if youre drawing a masculine cartoon person and round, soft lines if youre drawing a feminine cartoon person.
  • 8
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